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<ul><li><p>Steel Drill Collars</p><p>SB Darron Drill Collars are manufactured from Chromium, Molybdenum Alloy Steel conforming to AISI 4145 H Modified. Fully heat treated and supplied in accordance with A.P.I. Specification 7. An H2S resistant steel is available on request. </p><p>Quality Control and Ultrasonic InspectionState of the art measurement and ultrasonic techniques are used to ensure that the highest control standards within the industry are maintained. </p><p>Every SB Darron Drill Collar is subject to full length, full section ultrasonic examination. Thread connections machined and gauged in accordance with A.P.I. Specification 7 and RP7G are individually examined within our own inspection department as an integral part of final inspection procedures. </p><p>Individual characteristics of each thread such as stand off, taper, pitch, etc., are fully documented on in-house documentation. </p><p>Thread Connections All connections are machined to the highest possible accuracy and conform to the requirements of A.P.I. Specification 7. </p><p>To improve fatigue resistance all connections are cold rolled and to prevent galling during make up all connections are phosphated. Connections are coated with a thread compound conforming to the requirements of A.P.I. and for protection against mechanical damage thread protectors are fitted. </p><p>Precision BoringDrill Collars are deep precision bored to ensure tight tolerances that eliminate wall thickness variation along the bar length and drifted to A.P.I. Specifications. In addition to the standard ranges shown on Sheet 1a special sizes, bores, connections and lengths can be made to meet customers specific requirements. </p><p>Surface Finish The surface finish, linear straightness, roundness and O.D. tolerances conform to A.P.I. Specification. </p><p>Identity Markings Licensed to apply the A.P.I. monogram SB Darron also mark the Drill Collars unique identification serial number, O.D., I.D., size and style of connections. </p><p>Customers own identity markings and additional identity slots can be machined on request. </p><p>Standard ranges and sizes of Drill Collars are shown on Sheet 1a. </p><p>Details of Spiral Drill Collars, Hardbanding and Stress Relief can be found on Sheets 2 and 2a. </p><p>12</p></li><li><p>Steel Drill Collars</p><p>13</p><p> DRILL COLLAR SPECIFICATIONS </p><p>BORE CONNECTION STYLE AND SIZE </p><p>Standard Bore Optional Bore SIZE O.D INS. </p><p> Standard Ins. </p><p>Optional Ins. A.P.I. No. Other A.P.I. No. Other </p><p>APPROX WEIGHT </p><p>(30FT LONG) LB. </p><p>APPROX WEIGHT </p><p>(3FT LONG) LB. </p><p>3 1 NC26 2 IF NC26 2 IF 1012 1045 </p><p>4 2 1 NC31 2 IF NC31 2 IF 1045 1078 </p><p>4 2 1 NC31 2 IF NC31 2 IF 1122 1155 </p><p>4 2 1 NC31 2 IF NC31 2 IF 1298 1342 </p><p>4 2 2 NC35 NC38 3 IF 1412 1463 </p><p>5 2 2 NC38 3 IF NC38 3 IF 1606 1659 </p><p>5 2 2 NC38 3 IF NC38 3 IF 1793 1848 </p><p>5 2 2 NC38 3 IF NC38 3 IF 2046 2112 </p><p>5 2 213/16 NC40 4 FH 4 FH 2253 2328 </p><p>6 2 213/16 NC44 NC40 4 FH 2486 2570 </p><p>6 2 213/16 NC46 4 IF NC46 4 IF 2728 2816 </p><p>6 2 213/16 NC46 4 IF NC50 4 IF 2761 2851 </p><p>6 2 213/16 NC46 4 IF NC50 4 IF 3025 3124 </p><p>7 213/16 2 NC50 4 IF NC50 4 IF 3304 3412 </p><p>7 213/16 3 NC50 4 IF 5 FH 3586 3705 </p><p>7 213/16 2 NC50 4 IF 5 REG 3885 4013 </p><p>7 213/16 3 NC56 6 REG NC56 6 REG 4191 4327 </p><p>8 213/16 3 NC56 6 REG NC56 6 REG 4514 4653 </p><p>8 213/16 3 6 REG 6 REG 4840 4990 </p><p>8 213/16 3 6 REG 6 REG 5181 5337 </p><p>8 213/16 3 6 REG 6 REG 5416 5577 </p><p>9 3 213/16 NC61 7 REG NC61 7 REG 5786 5973 </p><p>9 3 213/16 NC61 7 REG NC61 7 REG 6182 6369 </p><p>9 3 213/16 7 REG 7 REG 6538 6750 </p><p>9 3 213/16 NC70 7 REG NC70 7 REG 6930 7154 </p><p>10 3 213/16 NC70 8 REG NC70 8 REG 7260 7480 </p><p>11 3 213/16 NC77 8 REG NC77 8 REG 9020 9295 </p><p>11 3 213/16 NC77 8 REG NC77 8 REG 9460 9768 </p><p>12 3 213/16 NC77 8 REG NC77 8 REG 10868 11187 </p><p>14 3 213/16 NC77 8 REG NC77 8 REG 14949 15400 </p><p> SB Darron Drill Collars are available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 31 and 32 feet and in nominal sizes ranging from 3 to 14. Common sizes are listed here. Other sizes are available upon request. Connections comparison chart. </p><p>NUMBERED CONNECTIONS STYLE OTHER </p><p>NC 26 NC 31 NC 38 NC 40 NC 46 NC 50 </p><p>2 IF 2 IF 3 IF 4 FH 4 IF </p><p>4 IF </p><p>- - - - </p><p>4 XH 5 XH </p><p> On enquiring, customers should specify : 1. Type (slick or spiral grooved) 2. Outside and inside diameters </p><p>(O.D., I.D.) 3. Length 4. Connection size and type 5. Stress Relief Groove on pin </p><p>and box ends 6. Special features i.e.; hard- </p><p>banding (band location and width) slip and/or elevator recesses, fishing neck </p><p>7. Type of thread protector </p><p>With 2 ends 11 O.D. NOTE: H90 and X hole connections are supplied on request. </p></li><li><p>Steel Drill Collars</p><p>Spiral Grooving To avoid differential pressure sticking, the surface of the Drill Collar can be spiral grooved, typically with three right hand spirals. </p><p>Drill Collar cross sections shown below show the reduced contact area with the wall of the hole. </p><p>SPIRAL GROOVED DRILL COLLAR SPECIFICATIONS Size O.D. Depth of Cut Spirals Direction Pitch Type </p><p>41/2 - 51/8 7/32 1/32 3 R.H. 38 1 A </p><p>57/8 - 63/8 9/32 1/16 3 R.H. 42 1 A </p><p>61/2 - 67/8 5/16 1/16 3 R.H. 46 1 A </p><p>7 5/16 1/16 3 R.H. 64 1 A </p><p>71/8 - 77/8 11/32 1/16 3 R.H. 64 1 B </p><p>8 - 87/8 3/8 1/16 3 R.H. 68 1 B </p><p>9 - 97/8 13/32 3/32 3 R.H. 72 1 B </p><p>10 - 103/8 7/16 3/32 3 R.H. 76 1 B </p><p>11 - 12 15/32 3/32 3 R.H. 80 1 B </p><p>The weight of a Slick Drill Collar will be reduced by approximately 4% if spiral grooved. </p><p>HardbandingApplied by the metal arc gas shielded consumable electrode process, incorporating granular tungsten carbide, fed automatically into the molten weld pool to obtain uniform distribution. </p><p>Precisely controlled pre-heating interpass and post weld heat treatment ensure that only weld overlays of optimum integrity are applied. The deposit is made flush to + 1/32 above the O.D. of the collar. </p><p>Please see Sheet 2a for stress relief information and details of slip and elevator groove specifications. </p><p>14</p></li><li><p>Steel Drill Collars</p><p>Stress Relief Features Downhole tools subject to bending and subsequently cyclic fatigue have been shown to have their connections mechanical characteristics improved by the application of A.P.I. Stress Relief Grooves and Bore Backs. As shown in the illustration below Bore Backs and Stress Relief Grooves are machined in accordance with A.P.I. Specification (Latest Edition). </p><p>STRESS RELIEF GROOVE FOR CONNECTIONS </p><p>Number or Size and Style of Connection </p><p>Length, Shoulder Face to Groove of Box Member, Tol. +0, -1/8 </p><p>LX </p><p>Diameter of Pin Member </p><p>at Groove, Tol. +0, -1/32 </p><p>DRG </p><p>NC44 41/8 43/16 NC46 (4 IF) 41/8 421/64 </p><p>NC50 (41/2 IF) 41/8 43/4 NC56 45/8 519/64 NC61 51/8 555/64 NC70 55/8 647/64 NC77 61/8 727/64 </p><p>41/2 FH 35/8 415/64 51/2 REG 43/8 455/64 65/8 REG 45/8 527/64 75/8 REG 47/8 613/32 </p><p>SLIP AND ELEVATOR GROOVE SPECIFICATIONS Groove Dimensions </p><p>Based on Drill Collar O.D. Drill Collar </p><p>O.D. Ranges Elev. Groove </p><p>Depth A* R C** Slip Groove </p><p>Depth B* D** </p><p>4 - 45/8 7/32 1/8 4 3/16 31/2 43/4 - 55/8 1/4 1/8 5 3/16 31/2 53/4 - 65/8 5/16 1/8 6 1/4 5 63/4 - 85/8 3/8 3/16 71/2 1/4 5 </p><p>83/4 &amp; larger 7/16 1/4 9 1/4 5 </p><p>* A and B dimensions are from nominal O.D. of a new drill collar </p><p>** Angle C and D dimensions are reference and approximate </p><p>NOTE: These dimensions are not to be construed as A.P.I. Standard. </p><p>15</p></li><li><p>Drill Pipe </p><p>SB Darrons supplier in India offers a complete range of Drill Pipe with Tool Joints attached from 2.3/8 OD to 5.1/2 OD according to API Specification 7 and guidelines presented in API RP7G and Premium Specifications. </p><p>Drill Pipes with 95% Remaining Body Wall and Extra Long Tool Joints and Extra Long Internal Taper and Special Grades are also offered upon customers request. Holiday Free Internal Plastic Coating is also offered upon customers request. </p><p>Drill Pipe and Tools Joints are manufactured from the finest quality steel available. Each step of the manufacturing process is performed with the highest degree of accuracy to meet or exceed API Specifications as well as the Industry Standards. </p><p>Plain End Pipes and Tool Joint Forgings are procured to specific metallurgical chemistries and are matched for physical properties, welding compatibility, weld strength and product integrity. </p><p>Plain End Pipe is upsetted and heat-treated full length by the Quench and Temper process to achieve uniform mechanical properties. The upset profile is designed to blend with the inside diameter of the pipe body with a generous radius giving a smooth transition from the thicker cross section of the upset to the pipe body. The smooth transition minimizes the stress concentrations. </p><p>The heat-treated pipe is tested for tensile and impact properties and are 100% non-destructively inspected for possible longitudinal and transverse defects, wall thickness and grade verification. Dry magnetic particle inspection of the upset ends is done to ensure that the upsets are free from defects. The OD &amp; ID and face of the upsets are CNC machined for a clean surface as part of pipe preparation prior to welding. </p><p>16</p></li><li><p>Drill Pipe </p><p>Tool Joint Forgings are turned, bored and faced prior to heat treatment by the Quench and Temper process to produce a uniform microstructure, high ductility, and other mechanical properties in accordance with API Specifications. The heat treatment is done under controlled atmosphere for consistent quality. The hardness of every tool joint is checked by Brinell Hardness Tester and recorded. The tensile and impact properties are verified by destructive testing of a tool joint representing each process batch. Every tool joint is subjected to wet magnetic particle inspection, both transverse and longitudinal, to insure the absence of defects. </p><p>Threads are precision machined on CNC lathes. All connections are 100% inspected for thread parameters and phosphatized either with Zinc or Manganese for antigalling treatment. </p><p>Tools Joints are attached to the drill pipe tube by friction welding to produce a high integrity solid state weld connection between the tool joint and the upset drill pipe tube. The process involves the rotation of one surface against a second surface at a relatively high speed and under heavy pressure. The friction between the tool joint surface and the pipe surface generates heat, causing the contact surfaces to reach a high temperature, below the melting temperature, at which they are forged together, producing the weld. Every weld is monitored and recorded in a strip chart. </p><p>17</p></li><li><p>Drill Pipe </p><p>The OD and ID weld rams are removed by shearing and machining. Post weld heat treatment of the heat-affected zone between the drill pipe upset and the tool joint is carried out to restore the properties of the weld zone. The post weld heat treatment is a Quench and Temper process by which the weld zone is first brought to its austenitizing temperature, and then polymer quenched. An area wider than the weld zone is then re-heated by induction to tempering temperature. Every post weld heat treatment is monitored and recorded in a strip chart. </p><p>Each weld is 100% inspected for hardness to confirm that they are adequately tempered. The post weld heat treatment process consistently produces stronger, tougher, and more uniform weld properties and a desirable microstructure, which maximizes the resistance to stress and fatigue. </p><p>Surfaces adjacent to the weld line are smooth finished on both the OD and ID. Precision machining and grinding provides a surface finish that is free of stress risers. Each weld area is 100% inspected using wet magnetic particle and ultrasonic inspection techniques. Destructive testing of the weld covering tensile, yield, impact and bend tests are carried out for every defined lot and are documented. </p><p>The Quality Control involves sampling at defined and random intervals for process control. </p><p>All the tests and inspection results and product traceability data are fully documented and maintained in a computerized data base. At any time, the Customer can be provided with a comprehensive account of his product. </p><p>TraceabilityFor each drill pipe component, complete product and process traceability is maintained from the raw material to the completion of all the manufacturing. For the pin and box tool joints, the mill test certificates are confirmed by incoming testing and each tool joint is provided with a unique product number and this product number gives the traceability through out the manufacturing process. The same procedure is applied to the pipe for its traceability. </p><p>Complete documentation is provided with each shipment detailing the full Quality Control records like : </p><p> Quality Clearance Certificate Length Tally Sheet Drill String Assembly Data, which includes the product number of each component (Pin and Box and Pipe), </p><p>heat numbers of each component, finished length, upset to upset length &amp; weight of each pipe. Mill Test &amp; Inspection Certificate that includes chemical analysis for all pipe and tool joints, mechanical </p><p>results of pipe and upset and tool joints, and mechanical results of test welds. Non Destructive Test Certificate Any other documentation per Customers request can also be provided. Options available on customers request : </p><p>Extra Long Tool Joints : to provide increased space for connection rework and for tong handling </p><p>Make and Break of Tool Joints : break the joints in by making up three times to their recommended make-up torque. This option ensures proper initial make-up of tools joints, which affects the life of the tool joint connections. Saves rig time. </p><p>18</p></li><li><p>Drill Pipe </p><p>Cold Rolling : of thread roots to create a pre-stress compression loading condition which increases fatigue life by increasing resistance to crack initiation. </p><p>Hardfacing of Tool Joints : ARNCO 200XT : Provides low coefficient of friction to reduce casing wear, as well as provide </p><p>a high resistance to rapid abrasive wear on the tool joint. </p><p>ARMACOR M : Provides a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance to prevent casing wear as well as abrasive wear on the tool joint. </p><p>Internal Plastic CoatingInternal Plastic Coating of Drill Pipe improves the performance and life of the drill pipe. </p><p>The Drill Pipe is thermal cleaned and the internal surface is blasted with grit for a good anchor pattern preparatory to Coating. A two stage application of phenolic / epoxy liquid coatings is sprayed on to the internal surface of the drill pipe in a controlled manner and thermal cured at each stage. This ensures uniform coating thickness and Quality throughout the length of the Drill Pipe. </p><p>The finished Drill Pipe is externally coated with rust preventive varnish, attached with Thread Protectors and Skid Bundled with utmost care. </p><p>Our supplier integrated facility in India gives us the Competitive Edge to manufacture and supply Drill Pipe to your complete satisfaction. </p><p>19</p></li><li><p>Drill Pipe </p><p>TOOL JOINT (forgings) </p><p>GREEN PIPE TT</p><p>INSPECTION </p><p>NDT INSPECTION </p><p>THREADING </p><p>PIPE PREPARATION </p><p>HARD FACING* </p><p>STRAIGHTENING </p><p>INSPECTION </p><p>HEAT TREATMENT </p><p>HEAT TREATMENT </p><p>UPSETTING </p><p>MACHINING </p><p>TT</p><p>TT</p><p>TT</p><p>TT</p><p>TT</p><p>T</p><p>TPHOSPHATING </p><p>T</p><p>*Optional : Hardfacing, Internal Plastic Coating </p><p>XT</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>FRICTION WELD </p><p>FLASH REMOVAL </p><p>POST W...</p></li></ul>