dw-class-the-silent-protagonist-v1-2 ??Web view(e.g. using a reach weapon to keep them at bay, a ranged weapon to attack from safety, a piercing weapon to ignore their armor, etc),

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You are Good. Choose how you defend the cause of good.



Defeat an enemy of a Good civilization


Protect the innocent from monsters or marauders


Throw a wrench in the plans of an Evil tyrant


You are human. Start with this move:


When you meet a member of another race or culture, ask their player one question about how theyre different from you.

You may discover during play that youre actually not human at all. When you discover your true heritage, gain a second racial move based on your newly-discovered race.


Fill in the names of your companions in at least one:

____________ is my constant companion during difficult times.

I could learn a lot from ____________ about other places.

I need to prove myself to ____________.

____________ has a good heart but needs some help showing it.

The Upper Hand

When you change weapons to outwit your opponent (e.g. using a reach weapon to keep them at bay, a ranged weapon to attack from safety, a piercing weapon to ignore their armor, etc), you take +1d4 damage forward to your attack against them.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

When you prove your strength of character to a potential ally or benefactor through combat, generosity, wit, or sacrifice, that person will see your pure heart and trust you fully. Theyll do whatever they can to help you as long as it doesnt cost their life or livelihood. When you Parley with such a person, you succeed as if you rolled a 10+; youve already proven that you honor your word. Hirelings who join you this way have +1 Loyalty.

Child of Destiny

You likely dont know it yet, but you have an incredible destiny ahead of you. Choose one of the following hints at greater things to come:

Protection: You have an unexplained immunity to _____________. Youll discover the secret behind this ability during your journey.

Wielder: You dont know it yet, but youre the destined wielder of the __________. You might decide to fill that blank in later during play.

Outsider: Something about you was different from the rest of your village. Decide what it was, but not what it means youll discover that later.

Devastation: Your village was razed by someone hunting you. Describe the evil that ruined your home. Youll learn why they were after you someday.

Power: You have a strange, unexplained power (e.g. talking to animals, no need to sleep, visions of the future, etc). Describe it. What that power really means will be revealed as you play.

Once youve realized your destiny, you may very well find that a new one begins to manifest.

The Secret to My Success

You wouldnt be here today if it werent for your friends. When someone rolls to Aid you, they take +1 to the roll.

Undiscovered Power (Con)

You wield magic that is neither arcane nor divine, but instead comes from within yourself. It is simple now, yet could grow into something truly incredible when you realize the breadth of your power. You know and have access to all Silent Protagonist spells equal to your level or lower. When you get a good few hours rest, restore any spells that have been exhausted. To cast a spell, roll +CON. *On a 10+, the spell is cast successfully and you retain your power. *On a 7-9, choose 1:

You draw unwanted attention or put yourself in a spot

You tax yourself; take -1 ongoing to Undiscovered Power until you rest for a few hours

You exhaust this spell until the next time you rest for a few hours

Note that maintaining spells with ongoing effects will sometimes cause a penalty to your roll to cast a spell.

The Silent Protagonist v1.2

Caring Eyes, Curious Eyes, or Intense Eyes

Spiky Hair, Windblown Hair, or Stylish Hair

Practical Clothes, Inherited Clothes, or New Clothes

Skinny Body, Lean Body, or Tough Body

Hero, Luke, Crono, Link, Bartz, Terra, Emily, Alena, Ashleigh, Jamie, Peter, Tetra, Lloyd


Your load is 12+STR. You start with dungeon rations (rations, 5 uses, 1 weight) and adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight).

Choose three weapons:

Simple Dagger (+1 piercing, hand, precise, 1 weight)

Short Sword (close, 1 weight) and Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Staff (close, reach, two-handed, 1 weight)

Hunting Bow (near, far, 1 weight) and Bundle of Arrows (3 ammo, 1 weight)

Boomerang (thrown, near, 1 weight)Choose up to two:

Bag of Books (5 uses, 2 weight)

Healing Potion (0 weight) and bandages (slow, 3 uses, 0 weight)

Poultices and Herbs (slow, 2 uses, 0 weight) and antitoxin

Choose your defenses:

Working Clothes (worn, 0 weight) and Makeshift Shield (+1 armor, 1 weight)

Leather Armor (1 armor, worn, 1 weight)

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves.


When you discern realities about something totally foreign to you, you may ask +1 questions, even on a 6-.

You Got the _____________!

When you obtain a new weapon, tell the GM what weapon tags you are missing (e.g. reach, ammo, forceful, piercing, etc). If it is remotely possible, your new weapon will have one of those tags.

Inventory Slots

The weight of the armor and weapon you currently have equipped does not count towards your total Load.

Good with Animals

Animals both domestic and wild sense your purity and goodness. Actions Speak Louder than Words works on natural animals just as well as on people. When you Recruit, animals might answer your call in addition to people.

One Step Closer

At End of Session, if you have made a concrete step towards unveiling your destiny, you may mark XP.

Country Charm

When you do or say something quirky or backward in front of city-folk, they are charmed by your antiquated sensibilities and you take +1 forward against them.

Eager to Learn

When an ally successfully discerns realities, you may ask one question off of the list in addition to their questions. When an ally successfully spouts lore, you may ask the GM a question based on the information the ally provided. The GM must answer that question honestly.

Close to the Earth

Choose one move from the Ranger or Druid class list.


When you deal damage with a weapon, you may choose to roll your damage a second time. You must keep the second roll, even if its worse.

Cat Nap

One uninterrupted hour of sleep counts as a good few hours rest for the purposes of Undiscovered Power.


When you defy danger against an effect that would lead you to immoral action, you treat a 6- as if you rolled a 7-9.

Foolhardy Courage

When you defy danger by moving towards that danger, take +1 armor forward.

When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves.


When you cast two spells simultaneously using Undiscovered Power, roll +CON.*On a 10+, both spells are successful and you retain them both. *On a 7-9, choose one:

One of the spells backfires with unpredictable consequences you choose the spell, the GM chooses the consequences

You drain yourself both physically and mentally; take -1 ongoing until you rest for a few hours

You exhaust both spells until you are able to rest for a few hours

The two spells must be able to affect the same target you cant cast Thunder on a monster and Force Field on an ally at the same time, for example.

Monster Tamer

Requires: Good with Animals. Actions Speak Louder than Words and Recruit now work on even unnatural wildlife, the monsters of the world. Your pure heart can truly win over anything.

Party Inventory

When you dip into the partys inventory, roll +Bonds with the person who has what you need. *On a 10+, yeah, they gave it to you for exactly this situation, and its in your hand right now! *On a 7-9, you traded for it and whatever you gave away would have been pretty useful right about now the GM will tell you what it was.

Symbol of the Hero

You gain a marking of some kind (e.g. your hair changes color permanently, a golden triangle forms on the back of your hand, your aura becomes visible, etc) that proves your courage and heroism to everyone who sees it. Those who respect such courage will honor you, and those with evil hearts will hesitate to cross you.

One with Nature

Choose one move from the Ranger or Druid class list.

Falcon StrikeReplaces: Feint. When you deal damage with a weapon, roll twice and take the best result.

Quick Draw

Items seem to just appear in your hand. You dont have to make any physical motion to take out or put away items they swap places with no clear explanation why.

Pure of Heart and Mind

Replaces: Innocence. When you defy danger against an effect that would lead you to immoral action, you succeed as if you rolled a 10+.

True Courage

Replaces: Foolhardy Courage. When you defy danger by moving towards that danger, take +2 armor forward.

Simple Spells

Silent Protagonist Spells


You place a glowing beacon in the air in front of you. The beacon is attuned to your magical energy and it is locked in that location until you form a new beacon. You always have an innate sense of what direction your beacon is in.


Choose an object you can see. You can move that object about as if you were touching it with your own hands. This spell cannot apply any m