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<ul><li><p>bridging the gap</p><p>media planning and buying for technology companies</p><p>between you and your audience</p></li><li><p>whatwe dowho we are</p></li><li><p>Welcome to DWA,the leading globaltechnologyspecialist mediaplanning andbuying agency.</p><p>In todays increasingly complexmedia market, there are anabundance of opportunitiesavailable to both the business and consumer advertiser. And with this, comes an abundance of questions. What mediaplatform best suits an individualcampaign? Should I be turningspend to online? Do multi-tieredcampaigns achieve better results?How do I know I am getting themost for my money? How longshould I run my media campaignfor? How do I know my chosenmedia is achieving results?</p></li><li><p>This is whereDWA comes in.</p><p>Our specialist mediaknowledge and expertiseallows us to help technologymarketing professionalsdirectly reach their targetaudiences accurately and cost effectively throughcarefully researched, wellchosen media. </p><p>By working only withtechnology companies we stick to what we know and do best - targeting people who make the purchasingdecisions for IT products. We know what works and we ensure it works well.</p></li><li><p>Whether you are planning a leadgeneration campaign, thoughtleadership drive, product launch,awareness push or a pay per clickstrategy, we will guide you from theinitial planning stages, through to themanagement and execution of yourcampaign.</p><p>Let DWA help bridge the gapbetween your company and your audience. </p></li><li><p>building successfrom strong foundations</p></li><li><p>Media Planning</p><p>As a specialist agency, DWA has unrivalledexperience in media planning for the technologysector. DWA plans all forms of media, fromprint to online and outdoor to broadcast. </p><p>Our Account Management teams take aholistic approach to planning, which ensuresthat each media platform is manipulated tobest suit your goals and is optimised formaximum cost effectiveness. </p><p>At DWA we have the tools available to access a wide and diverse range of industry data. We partner with many of the worlds largestresearch organisations, allowing us to providethe latest information on media trends relevant to the technology buying decision maker.</p></li><li><p>Whether we are looking at printcirculation data or the developmentof online formats, we understand howIT purchasers use different media tomake informed decisions. Ourunderstanding of changing markets,emerging communication channelsand how these impact advertising, is crucial to the success of our clientsmedia campaigns.</p><p>In addition to this, all of our clientsbenefit from our industry knowledgeand the success of previous mediacampaigns. Throughout our history we have planned and executedcampaigns for a huge range ofcompanies within the technologyindustry, covering software,networking, telecoms, storage,security, wireless, PC and consumer</p><p>electronics. The results of thesecampaigns are comprehensive andunique to DWA and in areas of mediathat have very little quality researchavailable, they are invaluable. </p><p>Every client is assigned theirown dedicated Account Directorand Account Management team,to administer the day-to-dayrunning of each campaign andprovide continual updatesthroughout its duration. </p></li><li><p>our clientsbenefit from our industry knowledge</p></li><li><p>Media Buying</p><p>Our Account Managementteams know the importance of ROI and have exceptionalbuying power across allrelevant forms of media. Yourreturn on investment is ournumber one priority and wecontinue to deliveroutstanding results. </p><p>We pride ourselves on themedia relationships we haveestablished with internationalmedia owners over manyyears. This ensures that ourrates are unbeatable and wehave proved this time andtime again. </p><p>DWA is a key agency withinthe IT market and as a resultwe invest significantly acrossa range of technology mediarelevant to both B2B and B2C companies. Due to ourcontinual spend in this sectorwe achieve economies of scalethat our clients benefit from.</p><p>Not only do we negotiate thebest rates for your budget,the agency commissionstructure means that wedont charge you for ourservices. You simply pay foryour media and we are paidby the media owners.</p><p>It couldnt be simpler.</p></li><li><p>bridging the gap</p></li><li><p>Lead Generation</p><p>At DWA we have embraced the migration oflead generation campaigns from traditionalchannels towards digital media vehicles and are producing outstanding results for our clients.Working for a large base of IT companies wepride ourselves on the success of the manyinternational lead generation campaigns werun at any one time.</p><p>Our Account Management teams arecontinually involved in delivering exceptionalresults for our clients across a range ofrelevant digital media, which means that we are continually up-to-date with what isworking and what isnt. We know what media generates leads across a range of tech products and services. </p></li><li><p>Understanding where technology buyingdecision makers look for information toaid their purchase is vital to the successof any campaign. There is rarely onemedia source and a typical leadgeneration plan could include a mixtureof different media. We target thedecision makers across all relevantchannels to maximise your budget andtailor each campaign accordingly to thespecific lead requirements of each client.</p><p>We also manage the entire leadgeneration process, collate all yourleads and deliver them to you in anorganized and timely manner in theformat specified by you at the startof your campaign.</p><p>weknow what mediamedia generates leads</p></li><li><p>10goodreasonsto work with dwa</p></li><li><p>1. DWA are technology specialists producing tailored media campaigns to target the IT decision maker. Our experience in this sector ensures we provide our clients with first class solutions and results.2. We understand the IT buying chain. As a specialist technology agency, we understand how the IT decision maker consumes media and how they make purchases. This is vital to the success of our clients media plans.3. We plan and buy all forms of media from print and online to outdoor and broadcast, producing integrated and targeted media campaigns specific to our clients brief. 4. We have tremendous buying power. DWA has long-established global relationships with media owners. This means we negotiate the most cost efficient rates available for your budget. 5. We understand the importance of ROI and ensureour clients budgets are spent to produce the most measurable results. </p></li><li><p>6. We have access to all major media research. DWA isable to provide clients with up-to-date internationalmedia research and historical data from the manyintegrated campaigns we have run. 7. We have full time resources in worldwide critical timezones. This allows us to successfully create globalmarketing campaigns tailored to local markets.8. We provide in-house tracking and reporting for digitalcampaigns, allowing us to monitor campaigns from theoff-set and provide up to the minute results to ensureeach campaign is optimised to its full potential. 9. We work for many of the worlds leading technologycompanies. From our many years experience, we knowwhat is required to target the IT decision maker. </p><p>10. We can save you time and money by managing variousproduction elements for your media plans, includingtranslations, ad re-sizing and delivery. </p></li><li><p>we know what mediagenerates </p><p>leads</p></li><li><p>If we have left you wanting to find out more</p><p>Please visit us at www.dwamedia.com where you will find a full list of contact details for each of our regional offices. </p><p>Or alternatively, if you want to be one step ahead of the competition, why not take advantage of a freemedia audit? DWA is able to prepare a detailed audit of your media plans and spend over the last five years,along with your competitors if you wish. </p><p>Not only will this help evaluate the success of yourprevious media but it will also highlight the areas whereyou should be spending and those which have not been cost effective.</p><p>Let DWA help bridge the gap between your company and your audience.</p></li><li><p>24 7</p><p>365</p><p>global media support</p></li></ul>