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DWR Highlights and Information - · PDF fileDWR Highlights and Information 2015 Floodplain Management Association Conference September 8-11, 2015 . ... Jason Sidley [email protected]

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  • DWR Highlights and


    2015 Floodplain Management Association Conference

    September 8-11, 2015

  • Tuesday, Sept. 8

    1. Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) Examination Review

    Workshop (10:30am 5:30pm)

    2. DWR Meet and Greet (3:30pm 4:30pm)

    Wednesday, Sept. 9

    3. Plenary II: Introduction to R.I.S.K (10:45am 12:05pm)

    4. R.I.S.K.: Resiliency, Integration, Sustainability, Knowledge

    (2:30pm 3:50pm)

    5. SFMP Developing a Flood Management Investment

    Strategy: An Interactive Presentation and Discussion

    (2:30pm 3:50pm)

    6. Executive Order Update Flood Risk Management Standard

    Why, What & How (4:00pm 5:30pm)

    7. General Plans, Zoning Ordinances, and the Central Valley

    Flood Protection Plan HELP! (4:00pm 5:30pm)

    DWR Presentations

  • Thursday, Sept. 10

    8. Central Valley Regional Flood Management Program

    Overview (9:00am 10:30am)

    9. To Multi Benefit and Beyond: Planning and Implementing for

    Sustainable Outcomes (9:00am 10:30am)

    10. Enhancing National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

    Resources to Support Coastal Community Efforts to Plan

    for and Adapt to Sea Level Rise (9:00am 10:30am)

    11. Toward a Robust Flood Emergency Evacuation: Integration

    of 2D Hydraulic Modeling and Dynamic Evacuation Routing

    (11:00am 12:30pm)

    12. DWR Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (2:00pm


    13. Drought to Flood: Impacts of Extreme Weather Conditions

    (4:00pm 5:30pm)

    14. Two Dimensional Modeling for the Basin-Wide Feasibility

    Study (4:00pm 5:30pm)

    DWR Presentations

  • Friday, Sept. 11

    15. CFM Examination (8:30am 12:00pm)

    16. California Silver Jackets Team Meeting Working together to

    reduce flood risk in the State of California (9:00am


    17. Development of Stage Frequency Curves in the Sacramento

    San Joaquin Bay Delta (9:00am 10:30am)

    18. Addressing RISK in a Changing Watershed Understanding

    Model Calibration before Model Use (9:00am 10:30am)

    19. Central Valley Flood Risk, Basin-Wide Feasibility Study

    Nonstructural Actions Pilot Study (9:00am 10:30am)

    20. Improving Flood Stage Forecasting at Key Locations in the

    Feather River Watershed (9:00am 10:30am)


    DWR Presentations

  • Amy Bindra [email protected]

    Brian Walker [email protected]

    David Pesavento [email protected]

    Devinder S. Dhillon [email protected]

    Eric Tsai [email protected]

    Jason Sidley [email protected]

    Jeanine Jones [email protected]

    John Paasch [email protected]

    Lauma Willis (Jurkevics) [email protected]

    Maria Lorenzo-Lee [email protected]

    Mary Jimenez [email protected]

    MD Haque [email protected]

    Michael Mierzwa [email protected]

    Mitch Russo [email protected]

    Romain Maendly [email protected]

    Ray Lee [email protected]

    Rummy Sandhu [email protected]

    Salomon Miranda [email protected]

    Terri Wegener [email protected]

    Yiguo Liang [email protected]

    DWR Presenters

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • More Information

    DWR Website

    California Water Plan eNews

    More questions? Contact us at [email protected][email protected]

  • Preseason Flood Coordination


  • CA Flood Preparedness Week

    2013 & 2014 Local Partners (see


    Alameda County

    Butte County

    Colusa County

    Contra Costa County

    County of San Diego

    Del Norte County

    Fresno County

    Humboldt County

    Los Angeles County

    Merced County

    Mendocino County

    Napa County

    Nevada County

    Orange County

    Sacramento County

    San Joaquin County

    San Mateo County

    Tehama County

    Ventura County

    Yolo County

    Yuba County

    Federal Partners






    NOAA - National

    Weather Service

    U.S Army Corps

    of Engineers

    State Partners

    Central Valley

    Flood Protection


    Delta Protection






  • Anticipated Participating


    Alameda County

    County of San Diego

    Del Norte County

    Humboldt County

    Marin County

    Sacramento County

    San Joaquin County

    Santa Barbara County

    Tehama County

    Ventura County

    Participating Organizations

    Central Valley Flood

    Control Association

    Central Valley Flood

    Protection Board

    Delta Protection


    Department of Water


    Floodplain Management


    NOAA National Weather

    Service (all CA offices)

  • 2013 Flood Future Report

  • Flood Future Recommendations 1 Conduct regional flood risk assessments to better understand statewide flood risk

    2 Increase public and policymaker awareness about flood risks to facilitate informed decisions

    3 Increase support for flood emergency preparedness, response, and recovery programs to reduce flood impacts

    4 Encourage land use planning practices that reduce the consequences of flooding

    5 Implement flood management from regional, systemwide, and statewide perspectives to provide

    multiple benefits

    6 Increase collaboration among public agencies to improve flood management

    planning, policies, and investments

    7 Establish sufficient and stable funding mechanisms to reduce flood risk

  • Division of Flood

    Managements Annual Report

    10/12/2015 12

  • California Water Action Plan 1. Make conservation a way of life

    2. Increase regional self-reliance and

    integrated water management across all

    levels of government

    3. Achieve the co-equal goals for the Delta

    4. Protect and restore important ecosystems

    5. Manage and prepare for dry periods

    6. Expand water storage capacity and

    improve groundwater management

    7. Provide safe water for all communities

    8. Increase flood protection

    9. Increase operational and regulatory


    10. Identify sustainable and integrated

    financing opportunities

  • California Water Action

    Implementation Report

    10/12/2015 14

  • 10/12/2015 15