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-- 22 April 2010. E-Learning Environments. Personalized Service-Oriented E-Learning Environments. Is E-Learning Really Working? The Trillion-Dollar Question. Mario Munoz-Organero, Pedro J. Munoz-Merino, Carlos Delgado Kloos · Carlos III University of Madrid. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-Learning Environments

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J will present1E-Learning EnvironmentsStephen Ruth George Mason University

Anton Imhofaaimhof@mtu.eduJ. Colejacole@mtu.edu-- 22 April 2010Is E-Learning Really Working?The Trillion-Dollar QuestionPersonalized Service-Oriented E-Learning EnvironmentsMario Munoz-Organero, Pedro J. Munoz-Merino, Carlos Delgado Kloos Carlos III University of Madrid2AntonOutlineAmericas EducationQuality of E-LearningCost BenefitsDem Playas (Online Learning Providers)Learning Management Systems (LMS)Personal Learning Environment (PLE)ImplementationAnton3Americas Education1 trillion dollars annually27% of High School Students Fail to Graduate75% are unable to serve in the Militarydue to academic ineligibility U.S. has lowest percentage of graduatesamong industrialized nationsCollege tuition increases inflation ratesTechnology is part of the solutionJ

4Roughly 1 in 20 are taking online coursesGeorgia has 440 high schools, only 88 qualified physics teachersK-12 E-LearningPost-Secondary Education1 in 4 college students are taking an online courseAnton5Quality of E-LearningStudents learn better in classroomsResearchers have conducted thousands of studiesno significant differenceon average students in online learning conditions perform better than those in classroomsAnton6Cost BenefitsIT Interventions produce significant reductions in unit costs

J7Dem PlayasUniversity of Maryland's University College (UMUC)worlds largest provider of online educationforty bachelors and masters programs availableUniversity of MassachusettsUniversity of Phoenixlargest private university in North Americafour billion dollars in annual revenuetwice the budget of the entire University of VirginiaKaplan, Laureate, Strayer among top e-learning providers

Anton8Learning Management System (Monolithic LMS)Instructor-provided knowledgeModular designUses self-service and self-guided servicesAssembles and delivers learning content rapidlyA scalable web-based platform Personalizes contentSuch as Blackboard

Anton9Learning Management SystemsMOODLESakaiATutorProprietary ModelsWeb CT, Blackboard, GradePoint Blackboard and MOODLE most widely usedJ10Where Its GoingTwo familiesService oriented LMS or Personalized learning environmentDifference is central management systemMash-up of the two makes third optionJ11Future LMSSeparation of LMS and LCMSProvides greater interoperabilityStandards currently being definedNew services can be added and used dynamicallyCode can be reused across system by developers

J12Personal Learning Environment (PLE)Set your own learning goalsIntegrated LMS-type serviceUses available internet services

Anton13Mash-upPeer-to-peer systemsMore flexible than LMS

Anton14ImplementationLearning Scenario:AnytimeAnywhere

J15Problems PresentedRequires devices to have web service server capabilities

Several middleware solutions have been designed


J16Solution ProposedWeb Service Development Middleware

J2ME MIDP Profile based on simple servlet API implementation


J18ConclusionTwo Architectural Possibilities

E-Learning Continuing to Evolve

KBC Anyone?Anton19Questions?