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  • E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles


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    Wendy Enelow &

    Louise Kursmark

    February 14, 2013

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 2

    LinkedIn Fact Sheet

    LinkedIn operates the worlds largest professional network on the Internet with more than 200 million members in more than 200 countries and territories.

    Sixty-four percent of LinkedIn members are located outside of the United States, as of January 9, 2012.

    LinkedIn members conducted 5.3 billion professionally oriented searches on the platform in 2012.

    LinkedIn is currently available in 19 languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

    If you received a notification about how frequently your profile was viewed in 2012:

    If in the top 1% you are in the company of 2 million other members in the top 1%

    If in the top 5% 10 million other members

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 3

    LinkedIn Profile Field Limits Compiled by Jason Alba, January 2013 First Name: 20 characters Last Name: 40 characters Professional Headline: 120 characters Custom/Vanity URL: 30 characters Website (OTHER option): 30 characters Summary: 2000 characters Specialties Section: Going away cant add, edit, delete. If you merge with

    Summary you may have to trim so combined total is under 2000 characters

    Experience Company Name: 100 characters Job Title Name: 100 characters Location: 80 characters (this shows up after the Dates... great place to

    put more branding/value prop) Description: 2000 characters

    Interests (become hyperlinks in a weird way): 1000 characters

    Advice for Contacting: 2000 characters

    Education Description: 1000 characters Project Description: 2000 characters (doesnt all show until you click for more) To see some creative uses of some of these fields (like Location), check out Jasons Profile: www.LinkedIn.com/in/JasonAlba.

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 4

    Incorporating Keywords When your client has relevant experience: Incorporate appropriate keywords naturally into all sections of the LinkedIn profile.

    When your client does not have relevant experience: Find creative (yet honest and legitimate) ways to use the right keywords to be found in a search for target positions and to position your client as knowledgeable about the field or industry.

    EXAMPLE: Headline

    Honors Graduate Seeking Professional Opportunity in Retail Sales & CRM

    EXAMPLE: Summary

    Honors Graduate from Loyola University with a BS Degree in Business Administration, Minor in Marketing, and 4.0 GPA. Completed more than 40 coursework hours in Sales, Marketing, Retail Operations, Customer Service, and Product Management in preparation for professional career in Retail Sales Management.

    (Summary then continues with more info about extracurricular activities, work experience, volunteerism, leadership whatever is most relevant to clients goal.)

    Where to Find Keywords

    Job Postings

    Company Websites

    Thought Leader Blogs

    Performance Evaluations

    Industry Association Websites

    O*Net (http://www.onetonline.org)

    Resume Books (http://www.wendyenelow.com/bookstore)

    Keyword Books (http://www.wendyenelow.com/bookstore)

    Industry Conferences Presentation Titles, Speaker Titles, Industry Buzzwords

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 5

    HEADLINE SECTION: 12 EXAMPLES 1. Hard-Skill Keywords Technology Sales Professional | 14 Years Selling Enterprise Systems, Telecommunications, Networks,

    Software, New Media [118 CHARACTERS] 2. Soft-Skill Keywords Graphic Artist whose strengths include details, verbal & written communications, organization, and

    optimism! [108 CHARACTERS] 3. Job Titles Communication Professional | Writer-Editor | Creative Writing Instructor | Reading Specialist

    [93 CHARACTERS] 4. Job Titles Positioned for Promotion COO-ready with strong portfolio of qualifications in multi-site operations management, HR, supply chain,

    and finance [117 CHARACTERS] 5. College / University Harvard University Graduate with BS in Mechanical Engineering. Minor in Systems Technology. Top 5% of

    Class. 3.9 GPA. [118 CHARACTERS] 6. Location Tokyo-based Marketing Director: 15 years experience building new markets & new clients in China, Japan,

    Korea, Thailand [120 CHARACTERS] 7. Foreign Languages Trilingual Archeologist leading digs in North & South America, Europe, Asia. Fluent English, Spanish &

    Mandarin Chinese. [120 CHARACTERS] 8. Client Names Management Consultant (OD/HR/Change Management) to J&J, P&G, Kelloggs, Gerber, PepsiCo in locations

    worldwide [110 CHARACTERS] 9. Branding Statement Strategic global CEO/COO who turns around operations to deliver improvements in process, cost, quality &

    productivity [117 CHARACTERS] 10. Key Accomplishment Top-performing key account/sales professional with a record of ALWAYS exceeding sales, profit, and market-

    share goals [117 CHARACTERS] 11. Tell A Story / Create A Vision Family Nurse Practitioner Contributing to a positive, optimistic, and holistic health care environment

    [104 CHARACTERS] 12. Jason Albas Headline Formula I help job seekers by writing resumes that open doors, generate interviews, and outperform the

    competition. [107 CHARACTERS]

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 6


    Felipe Diaz Communications Professional | Writer-Editor | Creative Writing Instructor | Reading Specialist [95 CHARACTERS]

    Summary [1690 CHARACTERS] My background uniquely combines experiences as a writer, a journalist, a creative writing teacher, a reading specialist, and a communications professional. Ive worked in a variety of mediafrom writing a blog for 2 years to creating feature articles and short stories, several of which have been published. JOURNALISM Write well and write on deadline. Create articles for specific audiences. Capture nuances and unique content through strong interviewing abilities and empathetic communication

    style. Apply keen research and analytical skills to thoroughly explore issues and master new material. CREATIVE WRITING Write stories in a succinct yet compelling narrative style that resonates with authenticity. Have compiled a portfolio that spans multiple media from literary journal publications (short stories, feature

    articles) to social media/blogs. Attended intensive week-long Creative Writers Conference at Dartmouth College. TEACHING & TUTORING Teach numerous creative methods for writing content specifically tailored to variety of audiences. As AmeriCorps volunteer, tutored and mentored youth (grades 15), boosting English language proficiency

    and fostering love of learning by linking subject matter to individual interests. GLOBAL EXPERIENCE & LANGUAGES Proficient in Spanish with strong verbal and written communication skills. Able to read in French. Spent 6 months studying/traveling in Spain and 3 weeks in China. PUBLICATIONS & HONORS Contest Winner, Silent Witness, a travel-writing piece, featured in Students Abroad magazine (Fall 2010). Featured Writer, Who Am I?, short story published in Musings, Penn States online literary magazine

    (Spring 2011).

    Contributed by Jan Melnik ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE CompSPJan@aol.com

  • RWA E-Summit: Writing LinkedIn Profiles 2013 Louise Kursmark & Wendy Enelow Page 7


    Stephen Gordon Top-performing key account/sales professional with a record of ALWAYS exceeding sales, profit, and market-share goals [118 CHARACTERS]

    Summary [1583 CHARACTERS] Ten years of sales success in competitive industries (building products, electronics): XYZ CORPORATION, 2009Present: Grew sales from $1.9M to $8.4M in 3 years. Achieved both sales and margin growth EVERY YEAR in a downward-trending economic cycle. NORTHWEST FOREST PRODUCTS, 20072009 Overachieved sales goal by 47% and profit goal by 75%. Named #1 nationwide in new-product sales competition. SYSTEMS PRODUCTS, 20062007 Influenced and captured more than $500K in new business in 1 year. Introduced new technology products into hard-to-penetrate accounts, including Starbucks and Sea-Tac

    Medical Center. GEORGIA-PACIFIC, 19992006 Delivered double-digit growth in both sales and profits. Played a key role in elevating team to #3 nationwide among 20+ sales teams. STRENGTHS Consultative and solution selling expert with proven ability to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities. Dedicated planner and goal setter, persistent prospector and cold-caller, effective presenter, keen closer. I was first called a natural salesperson when I was 10 and created a small business helping neighbors with household projects. I soon had more work than I could handle because I kept proposing new projects when I saw things that needed fixing, doing, or updating!