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Eagle Tutorial 1. 555 ALL THE THINGS. Dane Kouttron 10.26.2012. 555 timer you say?. Quick Recap from last time. Super useful for: Pulse generation Servo Frequency Low component count dubstep ?. Starting a new project. Create a project. Create a schematic. Grab an existing library. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eagle Tutorial

Eagle Tutorial 1555 ALL THE THINGS

Dane Kouttron10.26.2012555 timer you say?

Quick Recap from last time

Super useful for:Pulse generation Servo Frequency Low component count dubstep?

Starting a new project

Create a project

Create a schematicGrab an existing libraryAdafruit super awesome library of parts:https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-Eagle-Library/zipball/masterOrhttp://goo.gl/QEFvm

Extract zip file, copy adafruit.lbr -> your eagle library directory

[Windows = \Program Files\Eagle-6.3.0\lbr][Mac = /Eagle-6.3.0/lbr]

What's a parts library?!?Pre-built libraries from vendors* Generally useful as a time-saver. Complex hundred pin components are slow to generate, but easy to copy-paste in.* Can be troublesome if theres an inherent error / part deviation

Add 555 Timer to your schematic

Add 2X Coin Cell Battery to your schematic!

Add the output LED!Add a 3mm led

(not a giant 10W arc reactor)

More Components!

Duplicate This!

Youre a Lizzard Harry

Start layout!

Maximum dimensions 2 x 3!Email Your Layout!

Email your .brd file AND NAME to: