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Early Records of the Kimball Family of Andover The KIMBALL FAMILY of ANDOVER. RICHARD (1) KIMBALL came here in the It Elizabeth", Wm. Andrews,rnas- ter, April 10, 1634. He was then

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Text of Early Records of the Kimball Family of Andover The KIMBALL FAMILY of ANDOVER. RICHARD (1) KIMBALL...


    OF THE






    of ANDOVER.

    RICHARD (1) KIMBALL came here in the It Elizabeth", Wm. Andrews,rnas-

    ter, April 10, 1634. He was then said to be 39 years old. With him v. came his brother Henry. They went first to atertown. In 1637, Richard,

    called a wheelwright, got 40 acres of land in Ipswich near Robert

    Scott. In 1639 he is recorded as having free pasture for tV'fO cows; was

    one of seven men, between 1645-47, who killed foxes and got bounties.

    In 1649 he was permitted to cut down vlhite oaks. He was taxed 3 she

    annually, in 1648, which tax was to sUPI,ort the military service.

    In 1653 he was apPointed fence surveyor. Thomas Scott was called a

    brother-in-law, and at his death,Feb.1654, Ht1chard Kimball and Edward

    Bridges were executors.

    ~Lehani(l) came from the parish of Rattleden, Suffolk, ~ngland.

    He was evidently married to Ursula Scott, as henry(2) Kimball, son

    of Richard and Ursula(Scott) was baptized there 'Aug. 12,1615. Ursula's her mother Martha---.~ILa[~

    father was Henry S~ott of Rattleden,IIn his wIli, made sept. 24, 1623,

    he named his grand-ch11dr~n:Abigail Klmball,nenry Kimball,Elizabeth

    Kimball and Hichard Kimball, each of whom is to receive 20 shillings •

    .i:'eor. O1.a Martha came ov~r her~ with her son, 'J:nornas ::>cott, and her

    son-in-Law, H~cnard K~rnba.LL. Ursula's death 1s not yet found. iUchard

    Kimball married second, Margaret Dow, a w'dow of henry Dow of Hampton,

    Oct.23,1661. She owned a home of her own, and also lived ( as a widow

    of K1rnball,)in her third'share of his house. Richard{l) died June 22,

    1675; Margaret died March 1, 1676. He left to son, Ben (2), 2 oxen and

    had given him b25 previously. Each o~her child had b5. The inventory

    valued estate at b 737.

  • ! I The KIMBALL FAMILY -2-

    Richard(l) Kimball and 1st wife, Ursula Scott, had:-

    ~ tlenry(2), b.16l5;m; Mary Wyatt,ualilgnter of JOM and. Mary, about 1640;

    she a.~~12; ne m. "2na.,~~izabe~n,daugnter of humpnrey ana / I

    ~lizabeth Gilbert,-wido, of W. Raynor.Henry d. in Wenham~

    l670;left 12 children.

    Elizabeth(2), b. 1621; alive 1675.

    Richard (2), b. 1623; of Wenham, 1676; served with the troops 1683-4,

    under Apl::leton; had two wives, both named MARY;2ndi sd. to

    be Mary Gott;one wife d. 1672-mother to 8.

    Mary (2), b. l625;m. Robert Dutch.

    Martha (2), b. 1629; m. Joseph Fowler, son cf Philip and lJiartha, b.

    1622; killed at Deerfield,1676.

    John(2), b. 1631; vias a wheelwright of Ipswich; m. Mary Bradstreet,

    l655;she was b. 1633; he d. 1698.

    Thone.s (2 ), b. l6~:S3; ill. Mary 8mi th, daughter of Thomas Srni th and w. Joana

    of Ipswich, about 1658. See account of the Indian raid, on

    page 42 of ~imball Book. Tom was killed and his wife and 8

    children were taken captive. Tom was killed,May 3,1676.

    Sarah (2), b. 1635; in Watertown; m. 1658 Bdward Allen of ~pswich;

    she d. 1690.

    Ben(2), b. 1637; m. April 16(31, Marcy Hazeltine,daughter of Robert and

    'wife Ann, b. in .tiaverhill 1642; Ben was a cornet; in Mili tis

    serving 1683-4; Had land' in Exeter,1659;to Salisbury 1662; .

    was Rep. of Rowley Village-later Bradford, l663J was ove~.

    seer of the smithy; d. 1697.

    Caleb (2), b. 1639; m. l6(;0,Ann iIazeltine,daughter of Robert and Ann;

    he lived in Ipswich; she was b.1640; d.1688;he d.1682.

    Abigail (2), b.1658;in ~6~~.John Severance of Salisbury; he m. 2nd.,

    Susanne, widow of Henry Ambrose.


    l1enrll2 )Kimba.Ll l rticnardl.L1 ana wii'e, Mary Wya'tt, had:-

    Mary (3), b. 1641.


    Hichard(3), b.1643;lived in Vienha.m; m. 1667 Rebecca Abbey,daughter of'

    In. of' Wenham;she d. 1706; he m. 2nd., a widow Ford, of Ip-

    swichjhe d.1715.

    Jobn(3), b. 1645;m. 1665, Mary Jordan,daughter of Francis and wif'e Jane;

    his 2nd wif'e was Mary Pressy of' Amesbury;his 3rd wif'e,~ebora

    OVeed) daughter of' John and widow of a Bartlett; he d. 1726.

    Ua leb(3), b.1747; killed 1676 at Bloody Brook; unm.

    Dorcas (3 ), b .1649; m. 16(j8 Thomas Dow.

    Abigail (3), b. 1652; m. 1673,John Wicomb.

    Sarah (3), b. 1654; m. 1675 Daniel Gage.

    llenry (3), b. 1655; m. I~nnah hlarsh, 1677; she was dau. of' Oneriphomer;

    she was killed with their only son,John(4), in 1697; he d.


    mehitabel(3), b. 1658; m. Thomas Stickney,son of' ;1m. and El1sabeth,in

    BradforO.;she d. l689;he d.1714-b.1646, 1 child.

    Ben(3), b. 1659.

    Joseph (3), b. 1661; rn. Elizabeth Needham, in Lynn; she was b.1674;d.

    1708; he was a mariner of' Boston; he d.17l3.

    ifiartha (3), b. 1664; m. 1683 Daniel Chase of Newbury.

    DebQrah(3), b. 1668.

    Richard(2) Kimball(Richard(l) and 1st wif'e, Mary---, had:-

    Johnl3), b. 1650; m. Ist,Sarah -, who d. l706;he m. 2nd.,Hannah Burton,

    b. 1686,daughter of IsaQc of Topsfield and Boxford;she d.1786;

    he d.1721.

    Sam (3), b.1651; • 1676 Mary Witt,daughter of John and Sarah of Lynnjliv-

    ed in Wenham; he was an EnsignJ d. 1716.


    Children of Richard (2) Kimball and 1st wife, Mary---, ( cont.):-

    1nomas(3), b.L657; m. ~iizabeth ~otter,aaugnter of An~nony of IpswiCh;

    bought land in Anuover, i716ju. i732.

    Epnra1m\3), b.i660j m. L685,hlary Friena, aaugnter of ueacon 1homas,b.

    L666j they i1vea in Wenham; She a.1741; he 0..1732.

    vaLeb(3), b.1665; m. Sarah--- wno d.1732j he iivea in ~eter and Wenham;

    he d. 1726.

    Cnristopner (3), b. and d. unknown; m.170l,Sarah Jo1k of BostonJhad

    2 cnilaren b. tnere before 1704.

    Ricnard (3), b.167- d. 1672.

    cnild (3), b. i672jpernaps aied.

    by 2nd wife,Mary Gott:-

    NathanieL(3), b.1676;a. 1735.

    Jonn(2)Kimball(Hichard~1) and Wife, Mary Braastreet, had;-

    Jonn(3), b. L657ja. i658.

    Mary \0), b. l658jm. i682, 'J.'nos • .Kimball of IpswiCh.

    Sarahl3), b.i661j m. John ~otterj d.i7i4.

    Hannah l3), b. and d.

    rtebecca \3), b. 1664jm. 1689 'l'nomas .Luil.

    Rll.cnard\3), b. i6t5; a vorporal; m. i61:$1:$ Lydia Welis of ipswichjshe d.

    be~ore L'105j he m. 2nd. l.705,Saran W'aite of Ipswich;she d.

    1725T he a. i716.

    ~Lizabeth (3), b. L668.

    Abigail (3), b.i667; m.i689 Isaac ~asty of ~opsfieid; m. 2nd.,1718,

    Wm. Pooie, son of .}Jonathan.

    ~ Jottn(3), 2nd.,b. 1668; m. i692,Saran Go~ue,dau.or Joseph ana Wife,

    .~. ~arah (WnippLe); was a wheelwr1gn~ and farmer;went to Ston'ng-

    ton Ct.,1726; aLso same year to .Preston; d.i'l6l..

  • -5- Tne Kimba~l Fami~y.

    Cni~dren of Jonn (2) Kimba~l and wi~e, Mary Hraastreet, ( cont.):-

    Ben (3), b.~670; m. Mary Kimba~l,daugnter of Jonn(3) ana w1fe Oarah,

    of Boxforo., b. in 'l'opsfie.ld,1671; they livea in Ipsw1cn;ne


    ['/lOSes (3), b.1672; m. ~6~6 ~usanna Goodhue,dau.of Joseph and ~aran;

    ne was a tal~or of Ipswicn. d. in hi s snop, r'780.

    Aaron(3), b.1674jnot mentionea 1n will.

    Josepnl3), b.~675j m. ~aran (Deane?) of ipswicnja. ~761.

    'l'hOmas\2) is.1mballlrticnard(i) and v/1f'e,~ri.ary Smitn, nad--

    ~11zabetn~3), b.and a. ~658.

    HiChard{3), b. i6CO in nampton; OaptJainj m. Sept. J.682,~aran Spoffora,

    aau. of Jonn ana ~lizabetn of' Boxf'ord,b.J.661;u.Feb.14,~714;

    ne m. 2nd., ruen1tabJ.e ~ay,w1aow of' his couson,Ricnardl3) Kim-

    ba.ll; ne d. 1n Bradford,Jan.21, i733.

    Josepn(3), b.J.662; bound out to Zaccneus Austin of noxford to learn

    carpentry at 17;impressea 1n war in the ~690 exped1tionjd. 1~699 •.

    .rtlary(3), b.J.663; m.Tnos.!i.eadington of Boxfora,1683,Marcn 22. ,..,

    hannan (3),b.J.66~; a. J.699.

    'l'nomas (3), b.~665j b. 1n .t\ow~ey; m. 1n MaJ.den, ..... ec.22,1686,Deborah " ~ I'Y'O

  • The K~MBALL FAMILY -6-

    Hen(2}Kimba~1 (Ricnard(l) and wife, Mary Haze~t~ne, nad:-

    ~ Anne(3}, b.Hec.23, ~66~;m. H~cnard BA~R of Andover,Apri1 2~,~6e2;ne

    was son of Ricnard and w~fe, Joanna;sne a. van.2, ~744.

    ~ercy (3), b.~663;d.~664.

    R1cnard(3), b.1664;m. 1692,men~tahe~ Day,aaugnter of John uay and wife

    ~aran(~ingrey); be d. 1711; she m. 2nd., his cousln,Hlcn-

    ara,son of 1'om\2 J.

    ~~izabetn\3}, b.Ju~y 24, ~669;m.~dward uar1eton of ~radford •

    uavld\3), b. ~6?~; m • .l::!:~izabeth Oage,daugnter of Jonn of Ipswicn,b.

    L674; nis 2nd wife was Rutn---, b.~6e2;d.1770;ne d. 1743.

    Jonathan (6), b.~673; m. ~696 Ly4ia Day, aaugnter of .JOiln and t>arah;

    his 2na wife was Jane .t'~ummer, m.~739; sne 0.1764. Tney e~-

    oped ana sne got a pair of g~oves anu 5 snilU.ngs from him-

    aemanded b50 and got tnat also. he held ~ots in Vnester,

    N.n. he u. ~749 in Braaford.

    Robertl3), b.~676; m. Susan Atwood,aau.of ~nd~~p and ~aran,of Malden,

    b. 16e6;ne d. ~744.

    Abranaml3), b.~678; m. 1700,li'lary Green; ne a. in Bradford,~70e;she m.

    1e09,James ~71er.

    Sa,n (3), b.~6eO; m. ~unlce Cnadw~ck,June 21, l?ll;ne.ld rights in .l:"enna-

    cock,now Concord, a