Easy Ways to Bring Technology to your Classroom!

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Easy Ways to Bring Technology to your Classroom!. Resources to Implement into your Classroom and Curriculum. Easy Ways to Bring Technology Into your Classroom. Why Incorporate Technology?. Technology is everywhere! Creates high-interest lessons your students will love - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Easy Ways to Bring Technology to your Classroom!Resources to Implement into your Classroom and CurriculumMarriott Chicago Schaumburg Schaumburg, ILIEA Professional Development Center Springfield, IL1Easy Ways to Bring Technology Into your Classroom

2Technology is everywhere!Creates high-interest lessons your students will lovePrepares students (and you!) for the future while staying up-to-date

Why Incorporate Technology?3TrackstarWordleImage ChefWordPressPowerPointLab Time

Todays Session4http://trackstar.4teachers.orgTrackstar # 432009 for all of todays websitesIdeal for:ResearchProjectsWebQuestsQuick Links ListPractice/Review

TrackstarCGolebie@psd202.org 5http://wordle.net/createIdeal forIntroduction to a UnitSummariesInferencingPredicting

Wordle6http://wordpress.comIdeal for:Group ResponsesReactionsTeacher WebsiteRegion/Local Website

WordPress7Part of the Microsoft Office PackageIdeal forA LOT!!!OverviewBook ReportsResearch ProjectsPresentationsReview GamesNEW! Mouse Mischief

Microsoft PowerPoint8Free Software Download from MicrosoftLink available on TrackstarAllows multiple mice to be used during a PowerPoint presentation. Great for interactive lessons!

Mouse Mischief9Example of a Mouse Mischief Slide: Whats your favorite piece of technology that you learned today?WordleImage ChefWordPressPowerPoint10Choose your own adventureKentucky DerbyJeopardy (template available)Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (template available)Who wants to be a Millionaire? (template available)Show MeTake Off, Touch Down

Additional Ways to Use PowerPoint11Link text to websites or files:Highlight part of your textSelect the Insert tabSelect hyperlink Type in Web address or select file/program you would like to openOperations within PowerPoint

12Link to another slide (ideal for choose your own adventure research projects)Highlight text or a photoClick insert tabSelect Place in this Document Select the slide you want to leap toOperations within PowerPoint

13Insert Image Chef image or Clip ArtSelect the Insert tabSelect Picture if from a file or Clip ArtAdjust the Picture using the Picture Tools red tab (must click on the picture to edit it)

Operations within PowerPoint

14Try oneor more!Trackstar and Wordpress require you to register a username.

Hands On Session15Any questions, feel free to e-mail me at c.golebiewski@gmail.comGood luck!Thank you for Coming!16


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