Easy Ways to Create Info-graphics

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<ol><li> 1. Easy Ways to Create Info-graphics Info-Graphics are a Great Traffic Source Info-graphics are one of the best ways to present information in an easy to understand way. They are some of the most shared content on the Internet and can give an instant traffic boost to any blog. Because of their popularity there are entire blogs that talk about info-graphics. Most people understand the importance of info-graphics and the traffic and authority benefits it can bring, but they never try to create them thinking that they are very hard to do. But there are plenty of software that helps you do this without spending hours on it. What is an Info-Graphic ? Before creating an info-graphic it is important to understand what is an info-graphic. It's not aBeautiful image filled with charts and quality design element. An info-graphic is a visual representation of information. A flowchart, network diagram, logic gate or even a Venn diagram is an info-graphic. Creating an Info-Graphic As I mentioned in the above section any graphical representation is an info-graphic. So you have almost limitless ways to create them. If you are new to creating info-graphics,one of the easiest ways to start this is by creating an info-graphic using Venn diagrams. They are easy to create because you just have to draw some connecting circles. Most people understand what a Venn diagram is so there wont be a confusion about the message. And there are plenty of ideas suited for Venn diagrams. Info-graphic created using Venn diagram </li><li> 2. Credit: http://creately.com/diagram-community/examples/t/venn Info-Graphic Using Flowcharts Flowcharts are another great way to create info-graphics. Anyone can understand flowcharts, especially if they follow basic flowcharts standards like adding arrows and keep the arrow flow to one direction etc. Because they are easily understandable they are some of the most shared info- graphic types. In fact people actively search for things like "epic flowcharts","funny flowchart","flowchart info-graphics" etc. Flowcharts are easy to draw and most word processors support drawing of flowcharts. You can also use some flowchart software which gives more advanced features. Most of them offer a trial download or a free limited edition which is more than enough for a simple flowchart. Simple Flowchart Info-graphic </li><li> 3. Credit: http://www.thevisualeverything.com/2012/01/prayer-flow-chart/ </li><li> 4. Diagrams are an Easy Way to Draw Info-Graphics As shown from previous two sections, standard diagrams offers you the best way to draw info- graphics. They offer many advantages compared to creating an info-graph from scratch. Because most people are familiar with diagram they understand it much easily. You don't have to create from scratch because there are many diagram templates available for you to reuse and there are many free and open source software available for drawing diagram types. More Easy Ways to Create Info-Graphics If you are not satisfied with diagrams and want much cooler looking info-graphics there are few ways to do that too. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Google public data explorer. Google public data explorer is a place where worlds leading organization have uploaded their research data. You can use this data and present them asBeautiful charts. You can even embed them as a player and let the users see the changes happening overtime ( Your blog or website should support iFrame to embed the player ). With hundreds of data sets available it wont be that hard to find something suitable for your blog or website. You can upload your own data, but you need to prepare them in a specific format. Plenty of Options When it Come to Creating Info-Graphics As you can see there are plenty of options available to you when it comes to creating info-graphics. It is not a hard task and there are many tools available for you to do this. You just need to have some creativity and someCool/a&gt; data set or an idea to work with. Most importantly unless you actually start doing it you will never know whether you can do it or not . </li></ol>