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  • www.easy3d.bg

    Who we areeasy3D was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping Bulgarian small businesses and enterprises integrate one of the leading production technologies of our times: Additive manufacturing.

    We have set out on a mission to inspire and enkindle innovation and creative thought in one of the most fundamental areas of human de-velopment that of Building Things. We have seen many challenging industrial and intellectual revolutions, each brighter and more wide-spread than the former, each one affecting and changing the lives of more and more people. And now we believe it is time for the world to take a step forward once again, this time guided by a new method of building. It is with immense pride that we reach out to you today, through this informational booklet, and bring to you our vision of the world of tomorrow. Only that, at easy3D, we strive to make it happen today. Through 3D printing.

    Our aim is nothing less that reaching out to companies and individuals and working with them to determine the specific approach to 3D printing which can help them secure a competitive advantage. We offer a wide array of services: from 3D printing, 3D modelling and 3D scanning services all the way to lectures and courses on 3D printing technology, enter-prise consulting services, integration of additive manufacturing and showcase events.

  • Our companyWe are a team of 10 people (and growing) based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We began our work by introducing Bulgarian enterpris-es to 3D printing and have been developing our knowhow from the start. We now have a team of highly skilled engineers and designers, ready to service an even more demanding market the UK. We have a representative in the UK who can be contacted at any time on the mobile number and email found on the business card attached to this booklet and who will provide any information you may require. We are currently working on a two-year government project and expanding by hiring new professionals and purchasing new, top-of-the-line equipment.

    Our team is composed of curious, talented and innovative experts, who expand the frontiers of their knowledge and abilities on a daily basis. We hire exclusively quick learners and proper doers. Whether they are working on a big and complicated modelling project, or just helping a client put that personalized touch on a gift, our designers and engineers always use the most appropriate technology and software to ensure the successful completion of a project. They adhere to the wants and needs of our clients closely and without compromise.

    3D printing, modelling and scanningWhen it comes to 3D printing, we apply our combined experience and knowledge about additive manufacturing technology to bring you a manufacturing service of flawless quality unlike any other. We have at our disposal professional expertise in 3D printing, modelling and scanning technology, alongside a wide array of soft-ware and technical knowledge used to operate the hardware. We are confident that 3D printing is riding on one of the strongest innovation tidal waves of our generation, and that as such it is an ideal direction for the future development of our clients looking for a competitive edge on a European and global level.

    Lectures and 3D technology and consulting servicesA significant part of our efforts are directed towards partnerships and collaboration with various UK businesses from different areas, requirements and needs. A common trait of many of our partners is the desire to make progress, to innovate, to search for and to find the new methods and technology, which would open for them the opportunity to grow in new directions. Our educational efforts are directed towards students, enthusiasts and company professionals. Through courses and lectures we aim to lower the barrier of innova-tion for everyone and demonstrate what can be achieved through additive manufacturing. Our consulting services are directed to-wards enterprises and small businesses and are essentially split into two: We consult businesses on the direct advantages of implement-ing a 3D printing approach, and we consult them on how to achieve that. Essentially, through sharing our knowhow and experience, we strive to better the understanding of this new technology among our clients and of how they can use it to their advantage effectively.

    www.easy3d.bg3A Moskovska Str., floor 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel.: +359 2 426 0049, fax: +359 2 423 1131 e-mail: office@soeasy3d.com, skype: easy3d

  • www.easy3d.bg

    About additive manufacturing3D printing is ever expanding. Innovate and be a part of it.Todays world is largely built upon manufacturing principles, progress and innovation. As the next 10 to 20 years roll out, that statement will become more and more true. UK businesses need not only to satisfy market demand, but also to develop and innovate, so that they may become and remain competitive in the dynamical-ly changing world of manufacturing technology.

    The most successful companies are those which can be fast and flexible in responding to the changes and devel-opments in market demand, and the various opportuni-ties which such changes may spur. The indisputable lead-er and the manufacturing technology which established itself firmly in the course of the past decades is none other than additive manufacturing and the technologies developed around it.

    Additive manufacturing is a group noun for every man-ufacturing technology which creates objects from a ma-terial (plastic, dense metals, dust-like particles, liquids) from the ground up, instead of chiselling, milling or turn-ing the object from a larger block of material. With the development and gradual integration of the technology into many core businesses, 3D printing has become its well-known alias.

    Many technologies for 3D printing have sprung up over the past 5 years, every one of which is developing on its own as a separate technology branch of additive manufacturing and has, in turn, many sub-technologies which build on top of it.

    The most widely used 3D printing technology is FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). Put simply, a 3D printer lays down material (most often plas-tic) layer on top of layer, effectively building an object from the ground up. Since there is no ma-terial lost in the process and the object is made of many layers added on top of each other, the technology is called additive manufacturing.

  • 3A Moskovska Str., floor 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel.: +359 2 426 0049, fax: +359 2 423 1131 e-mail: office@soeasy3d.com, skype: easy3d


    The advantages of additive manufacturingAdditive manufacturing allows for excellent opportunities for:

    Local manufacturing for actual demand

    Additive manufacturing allows us to manufacture locally. This relieves us of the risky business of trying to estimate demand and lets us produce only for whatever customer interest there actually is. Now we can manufacture fast and cheap in small and medium-sized batches.

    Cutting off resource spending

    In additive manufacturing, compared to traditional methods, we can use only as much material as we need when creating an object. With good design and production architecture, the material lost is cut down to a bare minimum of just a few grams.

    Rapid prototyping, creation and modification

    The rapid prototyping process is incredibly well applicable to 3D printing technology. When corrections need to be made, easy3D s designers can quickly modify the model and print it again, ready for the next check-up stage. This allows us to provide our clients with a fast and flexible alternative to the otherwise costly business of moulding prototypes.

    Effective manufacturing

    Intelligent design in arranging the objects to be printed makes manufacturing effective and allows us to make many objects at a time without interrupting the work of the printer and with even smaller material losses.

    Spare parts

    In the case of machine malfunction and damage of parts, additive manufacturing allows you to produce a reliable replacement on the spot, so that work may resume uninterrupted.

    Freedom of design and personalization of manufacturing

    With big batches and pricy shipping from abroad, personalized manufacturing never got a chance to develop. Local manufacturing using 3D printing technology allows us to produce every object in a unique, personalized way for and even by the particular clent. With easy3D, manufacturing is personal again.

  • www.easy3d.bg

    At easy3D we aspire to provide the best innovative manufacturing, designer and consulting services to help UK businesses develop in the future field of manufacturing at an unrivalled cost. We want to be the stepping stone of companies who want to take a step forward into the global manufacturing markets and secure a competitive advantage through additive manufacturing.


    Our culture is formed by the synergy between rich experience and knowhow in additive manufacturing and various professional areas surrounding it. For every part of the project, we adhere strictly to our clients needs and wants, and we deliver the best, most innovative and most efficient conceivable solution.

    Our services vary from 3D modelling, scanning and printing to edu-cational efforts, consulting, integration of digital manufacturing and open industry events. We are constantly developing our expertise and skills with the advance of the technology, software and needs of our clients, so we may always live up to the highest of innovation expec-tations.

  • 3A Moskovska Str., floor 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel.: +359 2 426 0049, fax: +359 2 423 1131 e-mail: office@soeasy3d.com, skype: easy3d


    3D Printing

    3D printing is our flagship service. We take pride in the technical and creative skills of our designers and engineers, who keep providing it at a world-class level.

    Open industry eventsExperiencing 3D printing first hand can be a wondrous and exciting experience. It is our pleasure to be able to reach out and give a chance to anybody who is interested to come face to face with the technolo-gy of the future.

    3D Modelling and analysis

    When you have an idea, we help you give form to your vision. Our designers use modern software and keep track of the latest trends and innovations to provide you with the best of the industry.

    Educational efforts

    We organize lectures, courses and seminars for technology enthusiasts and professionals alike, who would like to know more about additive manufacturing and what its capable of.

    Consulting and integration of digital manufacturingWe offer our industry experience to help you find exactly how additive manufacturing can provide you with a competitive advantage, as well as consult enterprises on how to best integrate it into their business.

    3D Scanning

    If you already have an object which you want to digitalize and modify, or manufacture by using a 3D scanner, our engineers will fulfil the task with a staggering amount of precision and detail.


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