Economic Statistics in India - National Statistics in India 1 National Statistical Website: Population (millions, 2014): 1,2672

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  • Economic Statistics in India1

    National Statistical Website: Population (millions, 2014): 1,2672

    World Bank Economic Grouping: Lower middle-income GDP per capita (2005 PPP, 2012): 3,3412


    Agencies involved in economic statistics: Central Statistics Office Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics National Sample Survey Office Office of Economic Adviser Reserve Bank of India NSO Strategic Plan is being implemented No Statistical law indicating distribution of responsibilities for producing official statistics in existence Decentralized statistical system Responsibilities are clearly defined for agencies involved in the production of the Core Set Plans are currently being implemented to improve coordination of production of economic statistics

    Advocacy Publication policies in place and available to users/staff Contact points publicized for each statistical subject area User consultations are organized by producers of economic statistics Awareness of relevance, among users, of official statistics to economic policy making is considered sufficient and there are activities in place to improve upon it

    International Collaboration

    Interested in participating in RPES as both a provider

    and a recipient of technical assistance Not currently involved in any international cooperation projects to build capacity for economic statistics* Participant in International Comparison Programme for calculating purchasing power parities since 1970

    Statistical Infrastructure

    Key Collections/Compilations Frequency Timeliness


    - SNA 1993 (2008 planned) - ISIC Rev. 4 - NPCMS/NPCSS - COICOP - COFOG - BoP coherent with BPM6

    National Accounts Quarterly 2 months Balance of Payments Quarterly 3 months Labour Force Survey Annually 12 months Household Income/Expenditure Survey Every 5 years 12 months Enterprise/Establishment Survey Annually 12 months Population Census Every 10 years 1 month Economic Census Indefinite 12 months Agricultural Census Every 5 years 6 months

    No quality assessment framework is available nor is implementation planned No centralized national metadata repository is available, but metadata accompanies statistical releases No centralized business register is currently used, but one is planned Established methods for identifying births and deaths of businesses IT systems are considered adequate for producing the Core Set of Economic Statistics

    1 This national summary was prepared by ESCAP Statistics Division in November, 2013. Results of the Capacity Screening questionnaire were received in November, 2013 from 50 of the 58 member countries who were contacted. Further information on RPES and the Core Set is available here: 2 ESCAP Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2014:

  • Technical Skills

    Human resources are not considered adequate for producing the Core Set Documentation of internal processes and staff manuals are available Reported frequencies for indicators in the Core Set compared to RPES recommendations

    Core Indicator Reported Freq. RPES recommendations

    Price and Costs

    Consumer price index (CPI) Monthly Quarterly

    Producer price index (PPI) Monthly Quarterly

    Commodity price index Monthly Monthly

    External merchandise trade price indices Quarterly Monthly

    Wages / Earnings data Other Quarterly

    Labour costs index / Wage index Annually Quarterly

    Demand and Output

    GDP (production) nominal and real Quarterly Quarterly

    GDP (expenditure) nominal and real Quarterly Quarterly

    External trade merchandise Monthly Monthly

    External trade services Monthly Quarterly

    Short-term indicator (STI) - industry output Monthly Quarterly

    STI services output Other Quarterly

    STI consumer demand Unavailable Quarterly

    STI fixed investment Unavailable Quarterly

    STI inventories Unavailable Quarterly

    Economy structure statistics Other Every 5 years

    Productivity Other Annually Income and Wealth

    Integrated national accounts Annually Annually

    Institutional sector accounts Annually Annually

    Balance of payments (BOP) Quarterly Quarterly

    International investment position (IIP) Quarterly Annually

    External debt Quarterly Quarterly

    Income distribution Other Every 5 years

    Money and Banking

    Assets / liabilities of depository corporations Monthly Monthly

    Broad money and credit aggregates Monthly Monthly

    Interest rate statistics Weekly Monthly

    Government General government operations Annually Quarterly

    General government debt Annually Quarterly

    Labour Market

    Labour supply and demand Other Annually

    Hours worked Other Quarterly

    Natural Resources and Environment

    Natural resources Annually Annually

    Summary of Responses to all 31 Indicators in the Core Set (comparison of two columns in the table above)

    17 11 3

    Meet or Exceed Recommendations Below Recommendations Unavailable or No Response

    Table Legend

    Meet or Exceed Recommendations Below Recommendations Unavailable or No Response


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