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  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Goldby

    Edgar Rice Burroughs

    CHAPTER ONE SAVAGE QUARRY.Down out of Tigre and Amara u!on Go"am and Soa and #affa $ome te rain% from &une toSe!tem'er( $arr)ing %i*t and !ro%!erit) from A')%%inia to te ea%tern Sudan and to Eg)!t('ringing mudd) trai*% and %wo**en ri+er% and deat and !ro%!erit) to A')%%inia.Of te%e gift% of te rain%( on*) te mudd) trai*% and te %wo**en ri+er% and deat intere%ted a *itt*e'and of Sif*a% tat e*d out in te remote fa%tne%%e% of te mountain% of #affa. Hard men werete%e mounted 'andit%( $rue* $rimina*% witout e+en a +e%tige of $u*ture %u$ a% o$$a%iona**)*ea+en% te a$ti+itie% of rogue%( *e%%ening teir rut*e%%ne%%. #afi$o and Ga**a te) were( te off%$ouring% of teir tri'e%( out*aw%( men wit !ri$e% u!on teir ead%.,t wa% not raining now( and te rain) %ea%on wa% drawing to a $*o%e( for it wa% te midd*e ofSe!tem'er. -ut tere wa% %ti** mu$ water in te ri+er%( and te ground wa% %oft after a re$entrain.

    Te Si"ta% rode( %eeing *oot from wa)farer( $ara+an( or +i**age/ and a% te) rode( te un%odoof% of teir or%e% *eft a !*ain %!oor tat one migt read u!on te run.

    A %ort di%tan$e aead of tem( in te dire$tion toward wi$ te) were riding( a unting 'ea%t%ta*ed it% !re). Te wind wa% '*owing from it toward te a!!roa$ing or%emen( and for ti%rea%on teir %$ent %!oor wa% not 'orne to it% %en%iti+e no%tri*%( nor did te %oft ground gi+e fortan) %ound 'eneat te feet of teir wa*ing mount%.Toug te %ta*er did not re%em'*e a 'ea%t of !re)( %u$ a% te term $onnote% to te mind ofman( e wa% one ne+erte*e%%( for in i% natura* aunt% e fi**ed i% 'e**) ') te $a%e and ') te$a%e a*one. Neiter did e re%em'*e te menta* !i$ture tat one migt o*d of a t)!i$a* -riti%*ord( )et e wa% tat( too 0 e wa% Tar1an of te A!e%.

    A** 'ea%t% of !re) find unting !oor during a rain( and Tar1an wa% no e2$e!tion to te ru*e. ,t adrained for two da)%( and a% a re%u*t Tar1an wa% ungr). A %ma** 'u$ wa% drining in a %treamfringed ') 'u%e% and ta** reed%( and Tar1an wa% worming i% wa) u!on i% 'e**) troug %ort

    gra%% to rea$ a !o%ition from wi$ e migt eiter $arge or *oo%e an arrow or $a%t a %!ear. Hewa% not aware tat a grou! of or%emen ad reined in u!on a gent*e ri%e a %ort di%tan$e 'eindim were te) %at in %i*en$e regarding im intent*).U%a te wind( wo $arrie% %$ent( a*%o $arrie% %ound. Toda)( U%a $arried 'ot te %$ent and te%ound of te Sifta% awa) from te een no%tri*% and ear% of te a!e 0 man.Te $ir$um%tan$e% tat 'rougt Tar1an nortward into #affa are not a !art of ti% %tor). Pera!%te) were not urgent( for te 3ord of te &ung*e *o+e% to roam remote fa%tne%%e% %ti** un%!oi*ed ')te de+a%tating and of $i+i*i1ation( and need% 'ut trif*ing in$enti+e to do %o.

    At te moment( owe+er( Tar1an4% mind wa% not o$$u!ied ') tougt% of ad+enture. He did notnow tat it *oomed treatening*) 'eind im. Hi% $on$ern and i% intere%t were $entred u!on te'u$ wi$ e intended %ou*d %ati%f) te $ra+ing of i% ra+enou% unger. He $re!t $autiou%*)forward.5rom 'eind( te wite 0 ro'ed Sifta% mo+ed from te *itt*e ri%e were te) ad 'een wat$ingim in %i*en$e( mo+ed down toward im wit %!ear and *ong 0 'arre**ed mat$*o$. Te) were!u11*ed. Ne+er 'efore ad te) %een a wite man *ie ti% one( 'ut if $urio%it) wa% in teir mind%(tere wa% on*) murder in teir eart%.Te 'u$ rai%ed i% ead o$$a%iona**) to g*an$e a'out im( war)( %u%!i$iou%. 6en e did %o(Tar1an fro1e into immo'i*it). Sudden*) te anima*4% ga1e $entred for an in%tant u!on %ometing inte dire$tion of te a!e 0 man/ ten it wee*ed and 'ounded awa). ,n%tant*) Tar1an g*an$ed'eind im( for e new tat it ad not 'een e wo ad frigtened i% 7uarr)( 'ut %ometing'e)ond and 'eind im tat te a*ert e)e% of 6a!!i ad di%$o+ered. Tat 7ui$ g*an$e re+ea*ed aa*f0do1en or%emen mo+ing %*ow*) toward im( to*d im wat te) were( and e2!*ained teir!ur!o%e. #nowing tat te) were Sifta%( e new tat te) $ame on*) to ro' and i** 0 new tat

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    ere were enemie% more rut*e%% tan Numa.6en te) %aw tat e ad di%$o+ered tem( te or%emen 'roe into a ga**o! and 'ore downu!on im( wa+ing teir wea!on% and %outing. Te) did not fire( e+ident*) o*ding in $ontem!tti% !rimiti+e*) armed +i$tim( 'ut %eemed to !ur!o%e riding im down and tram!*ing im 'eneatte oof% of teir or%e% or im!a*ing im u!on teir %!ear%.-ut Tar1an did not turn and run. He new e+er) !o%%i'*e a+enue of e%$a!e witin te radiu% of i%+i%ion for e+er) danger tat migt rea%ona'*) 'e e2!e$ted to $onfront im ere( for it i% te'u%ine%% of te $reature% of te wi*d to now te%e ting% if te) are to %ur+i+e( and %o e newtat tere wa% no e%$a!e from mounted men ') f*igt. -ut ti% now*edge trew im into no!ani$. Cou*d te re7uirement% of %e*f 0 !re%er+ation a+e 'een 'e%t a$ie+ed ') f*igt( e wou*da+e f*ed( 'ut a% te) $ou*d not( e ado!ted te a*ternati+e 7uite a% a matter of $our%e 0 e %toodto figt( read) to %ei1e u!on an) fortuitou% $ir$um%tan$e tat migt offer a $an$e to e%$a!e.Ta**( magnifi$ent*) !ro!ortioned( mu%$*ed more *ie A!o**o tan *ie Her$u*e%( gar'ed on*) in a *ion%in( e !re%ented a %!*endid figure of !rimiti+e manood tat %ugge%ted more( !era!%( tedemigod of te fore%t tan it did man. A$ro%% i% 'a$ ung i% 7ui+er of arrow% and a *igt( %ort%!ear/ te *oo%e $oi*% of i% gra%% ro!e *a) a$ro%% one 'ron1ed %ou*der. At i% i! %wung teunting nife of i% fater( te nife tat ad gi+en te 'o) 0 Tar1an te fir%t %ugge%tion of i%$oming %u!rema$) o+er te oter 'ea%t% of te "ung*e on tat far 0 gone da) wen i% )outfu*and dro+e it into te eart of -o*gani te gori**a. ,n i% *eft and wa% i% 'ow and 'etween tefinger% four e2tra arrow%.

    A% Ara te *igtning( %o i% Tar1an for %wiftne%%. Te in%tant tat e ad di%$o+ered andre$ogni1ed te mena$e $ree!ing u!on im from 'eind and nown tat e ad 'een %een ') teor%emen( e ad *ea!ed to i% feet( and in te %ame in%tant %trung i% 'ow. Now( !era!% e+en'efore te *eading Sifta% rea*i1ed te danger tat $onfronted tem( te 'ow wa% 'ent( te %aft%!ed.Sort 'ut !owerfu* wa% te 'ow of te a!e 0 man/ %ort( tat it migt 'e ea%i*) $arried troug tefore%t and te "ung*e/ !owerfu*( tat it migt %end it% %aft% troug te touge%t ide to a +ita*organ of it% !re). Su$ a 'ow wa% ti% tat no ordinar) man migt 'end it.Straigt troug te eart of te *eading Sifta dro+e te fir%t arrow( and a% te fe**ow trew i%arm% a'o+e i% ead and *unged from i% %add*e four more arrow% %!ed wit *igtning0*iera!idit) from te 'ow of te a!e 0 man( and e+er) arrow found a target. Anoter Sifta dro!!ed toride no more( and tree were wounded.On*) %e$ond% ad e*a!%ed %in$e Tar1an ad di%$o+ered i% danger( and a*read) te four

    remaining or%emen were u!on im. Te tree wo were wounded were more intere%ted in tefeatered %aft% !rotruding from teir 'odie% tan in te 7uarr) te) ad e2!e$ted %o ea%i*) too+er$ome( 'ut te fourt wa% wo*e( and e tundered down u!on te a!e 0 man wit i% %!ear%et for te great $e%t.Tere $ou*d 'e no retreat for Tar1an/ tere $ou*d 'e no %ide 0 %te!!ing to a+oid te tru%t( for a%te! to eiter %ide wou*d a+e $arried im in front of one of te oter or%emen. He ad 'ut a%ing*e %*ender o!e for %ur+i+a*( and tat o!e( for*orn toug it a!!eared( e %ei1ed u!on witte $e*erit)( %trengt( and agi*it) tat mae Tar1an Tar1an. S*i!!ing i% 'ow%tring a'out i% ne$after i% fina* %ot( e %tru$ u! te !oint of te mena$ing wea!on of i% antagoni%t( and gra%!ingte man4% arm %wung im%e*f to te or%e4% 'a$ 'eind te rider.

    A% %tee* 0 tewed finger% $*o%ed u!on te Sifta4% troat e +oi$ed a %ing*e !ier$ing %$ream/ tena nife dro+e ome 'eneat i% *eft %ou*der '*ade( and Tar1an ur*ed te 'od) from te %add*e.Te terrified or%e( running free wit f*)ing rein%( tore troug te 'u%e% and te reed% into te

    ri+er( wi*e te remaining %7ta%( di%a'*ed ') teir wound%( were g*ad to a'andon te $a%e u!onte 'an( toug one of tem( retaining more +ita*it) tan i% $om!anion%( did rai%e i% mat$*o$and %end a !arting %ot after te e%$a!ing 7uarr).Te ri+er wa% a narrow( %*uggi% %tream 'ut dee! in te $anne*( and a% te or%e !*unged into it(Tar1an %aw a $ommotion in te water a few )ard% down%tream and ten te out*ine of a *ong%inuou% 'od) mo+ing %wift*) toward tem. ,t wa% Gim*a te $ro$odi*e. Te or%e %aw it too and('e$oming franti$( turned u!%tream in an effort to e%$a!e. Tar1an $*im'ed o+er te ig $ant*e ofte A')%%inian %add*e and un%*ung i% %!ear in te rater futi*e o!e of o*ding te re!ti*e at 'a)unti* i% mount $ou*d rea$ te %afet) of te o!!o%ite 'an toward wi$ e wa% now attem!tingto guide im.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Gim*a i% a% %wift a% e i% +ora$iou%. He wa% a*read) at te or%e4% rum!( wit o!ened "aw%( wente Sifta at te ri+er4% edge fired wi*d*) at te a!e 0 man. ,t wa% we** for Tar1an tat te woundedman ad fired urried*)( for %imu*taneou%*) wit te re!ort of te firearm( te $ro$odi*e do+e( andte fren1ied *a%ing of te water a'out im e+iden$ed te fa$t tat e ad 'een morta**)wounded.

    A moment *ater te or%e tat Tar1an rode rea$ed te o!!o%ite 'an and $*am'ered to te%afet) of dr) *and. Now e wa% under $ontro* again( and te a!e 0 man wee*ed im a'out and%ent a !arting arrow a$ro%% te ri+er toward te angr)( $ur%ing 'andit% u!on te o!!o%ite %ide( anarrow tat found it% mar in te tig of te a*read) wounded man wo ad unwitting*) re%$uedTar1an from a %eriou% %ituation wit te %ot tat ad 'een intended to i** im.To te a$$om!animent of a few wi*d and %$attered %ot%( Tar1an of te A!e% ga**o!ed toward anear') fore%t into wi$ e di%a!!eared from te %igt of te angr) Sifta%.

    CHAPTER T6O THE 6H,TE PR,SONER.5ar to te %out a *ion ro%e from i% i** and wa*ed ma"e%ti$a**) to te edge of a near') ri+er. He$a%t not %o mu$ a% a %ing*e g*an$e at te $ir$*e of )ena% and "a$a*% tat ad ringed im andi% i** waiting for im to de!art and wi$ ad 'roen and retreated a% e ro%e. Nor( wen te)ena% ru%ed in to tear at wat e ad *eft( did e a!!ear e+en to %ee tem.Tere were te !ride and 'earing of ro)a*t) in te mien of ti% migt) 'ea%t( and to add to i%im!re%%i+ene%% were i% great %i1e( i% )e**ow( a*mo%t go*den( $oat( and i% great '*a$ mane.

    6en e ad drun i% fi**( e *ifted i% ma%%i+e ead and +oi$ed a roar( a% i% te a'it of *ion%wen te) a+e fed and drun( and te eart %oo to i% tunderou% +oi$e( and a u% fe** u!onte "ung*e.Now e %ou*d a+e %ougt i% *air and %*e!t( to go fort again at nigt and i**( 'ut e did not do%o. He did not do at a** wat migt a+e 'een e2!e$ted of a *ion under %imi*ar $ir$um%tan$e%. Herai%ed i% ead and %niffed te air( and ten e !ut i% no%e to te ground and mo+ed to and fro*ie a unting dog %ear$ing for a game %$ent. 5ina**) e a*ted and +oi$ed a *ow roar/ ten( witead rai%ed( e mo+ed off a*ong a trai* tat *ed toward te nort. Te +ena% were g*ad to %eeim go/ %o were te "a$a*%( wo wi%ed tat te aena% wou*d go a*%o. Sa te +u*ture( $ir$*inga'o+e( wi%ed tat te) wou*d a** *ea+e.

    At a'out te %ame time( man) mar$e% to te nort( tree angr)( wounded Sifta% +iewed teirdead $omrade% and $ur%ed te fate tat ad *ed tem u!on te trai* of te %trange wite giant.Ten te) %tri!!ed te $*oting and wea!on% from teir dead fe**ow% and rode awa)( *oud*)

    +owing +engean$e %ou*d te) e+er again $ome u!on te autor of teir di%$omfiture and%e$ret*) o!ing tat te) ne+er wou*d. Te) o!ed tat te) were done wit im( 'ut te) werenot.Sort*) after e ad entered te fore%t( Tar1an %wung to an o+eranging 'ran$ 'eneat wi$i% mount wa% !a%%ing and *et te anima* go it% wa). Te a!e 0 man wa% angr)/ te Sifta% adfrigtened awa) i% dinner. Tat te) ad %ougt to i** im anno)ed im far *e%% tan te fa$ttat te) ad %!oi*ed i% unting. Now e mu%t $ommen$e i% %ear$ for meat a** o+er again( 'utwen e ad fi**ed i% 'e**) e wou*d *oo into ti% matter of Sifta%. Of ti% e wa% $ertain.Tar1an unted again unti* e ad found f*e%( nor wa% it *ong 'efore e ad made i% i** andeaten it.Sati%fied( e *a) u! for a wi*e in te $rot$ of a tree( 'ut not for *ong. Hi% a$ti+e mind wa%$on%idering te matter of te Sifta%. Here wa% %ometing tat %ou*d 'e *ooed into. ,f te 'andwere on te mar$( e need not $on$ern im%e*f a'out tem( 'ut if te) were !ermanent*)

    *o$ated in ti% di%tri$t( tat wa% a different matter. Tar1an e2!e$ted to 'e ere for %ome time( andit wa% we** to now te nature( te num'er( and te *o$ation of a** enemie%.Returning to te d)er( Tar1an $ro%%ed it and too u! te !*ain trai* of te Sifia%. ,t *ed im u! anddown a$ro%% %ome *ow i**% and ten down into te narrow +a**e) of te %tream tat e ad$ro%%ed farter u!. Here te f*oor of te +a**e) wa% fore%ted( te ri+er winding troug te wood.,nto ti% wood te trai* *ed.,t wa% a*mo%t dar now/ te 'rief e7uatoria* twi*igt wa% ra!id*) fading into nigt. Te no$turna* *ifeof te fore%t and te i**% wa% awaening( and from down among te dee!ening %adow% of te+a**e) $ame te $ouging grunt% of a unting *ion. Tar1an %niffed te warm air ri%ing from te+a**e) toward te mountain%/ it $arried wit it te odour% of a $am! and te %$ent %!oor of man.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    He rai%ed i% ead( and from i% dee! $e%t rum'*ed a fu** 0 troated roar. Tar1an of te A!e%wa% unting( too.,n te gatering %adow% e %tood ten( ere$t and %i*ent( a *one*) figure %tanding in %o*itar)grandeur u!on tat de%o*ate i**%ide. Swift*) te %i*ent nigt en+e*o!ed im/ i% figure merged witte darne%% tat made i** and +a**e)( ri+er and fore%t one. Not unti* ten did Tar1an mo+e/ tene %te!!ed down on %i*ent feet toward te fore%t. Now wa% e+er) %en%e a*ert( for now te great$at% wou*d 'e unting. Often i% %en%iti+e no%tri*% 7ui+ered a% te) %ear$ed te air. No %*igte%t%ound e%$a!ed i% een ear%.

    A% e ad+an$ed( te man %$ent 'e$ame %tronger( guiding i% %te!%. Nearer and nearer %oundedte dee! $oug of te *ion( 'ut of Numa Tar1an ad *itt*e fear at !re%ent( nowing tat te great$at( 'eing u!wind( $ou*d not 'e aware of i% !re%en$e. Dou't*e%% Numa ad eard te a!e 0man4% roar( 'ut e $ou*d not now tat it% autor wa% a!!roa$ing im.Tar1an ad e%timated te *ion4% di%tan$e down te +a**e) and te di%tan$e tat *a) 'etweenim%e*f and te fore%t( and ad gue%%ed tat e wou*d rea$ te tree% 'efore teir !at% $ro%%ed.He wa% not unting for Numa te *ion( and wit te natura* $aution of te wi*d 'ea%t( e wou*da+oid an en$ounter.Te ming*ed odour% of a $am! grew %tronger in i% no%tri*%( te %$ent% of or%e% and men andfood and %moe.To )ou or to me( a*one in a %a+age wi*derne%%( engu*fed in darne%%( $ogni1ant of te neara!!roa$ of a unting *ion( te%e odour% wou*d a+e 'een mo%t we*$ome. Tar1an4% rea$tion to

    tem wa% tat of te wi*d 'ea%t tat now% man on*) a% an enem) 0 i% mu%$*e% ten%ed a% e%motered a *ow grow*.

    A% e rea$ed te edge of te fore%t( Numa wa% 'ut a %ort di%tan$e to i% rigt anda!!roa$ing( %o te a!e 0 man too to te tree%( troug wi$ e %wung %i*ent*) to te $am! ofte Sifta%.-e*ow im e %aw a 'and of %ome twent) men wit teir or%e% and e7ui!ment. A rude 'oma of'ran$e% and 'ru% ad 'een ere$ted a'out te $am! %ite a% a !artia* !rote$tion again%t wi*d'ea%t%( 'ut more de!enden$e wa% e+ident*) !*a$ed u!on te fire wi$ te) e!t 'urning in te$entre of te $am!.,n a %ing*e 7ui$ g*an$e te a!e 0 man too in te detai*% of te %$ene 'e*ow im( and ten i%e)e% $ame to re%t u!on te on*) one tat arou%ed eiter intere%t or $urio%it)( a wite man wo *a)%e$ure*) 'ound a %ort di%tan$e from te fire.Ordinari*)( Tar1an wa% no more $on$erned ') te fate of a wite man tan ') tat of a '*a$ man

    or an) oter $reated ting to wi$ e wa% not 'ound ') tie% of friend%i!. -ut in ti% in%tan$etere were two fa$tor% tat made te *ife of te $a!ti+e a matter of intere%t to te 3ord of te&ung*e. 5ir%t( and !ro'a'*) !redominant( wa% i% de%ire to 'e furter a+enged u!on te Sifta%/te %e$ond wa% $urio%it)( for te wite man tat *a) 'ound 'e*ow im wa% different from an) tate ad %een 'efore.Hi% on*) garment a!!eared to 'e a a'ergeon made u! of i+or) di%$% tat !artia**) o+er*a) oneanoter( un*e%% $ertain an*e( wri%t( ne$( and ead ornament% migt a+e 'een $on%idered to!o%%e%% %u$ uti*itarian !ro!ertie% a% to entit*e tem to a %imi*ar $*a%%ifi$ation. E2$e!t for te%e(i% arm% and *eg% were naed. Hi% ead re%ted u!on te ground wit te fa$e turned awa) fromTar1an %o tat te a!e 0 man $ou*d not %ee i% feature% 'ut on*) tat i% air wa% ea+) and'*a$.

    A% e wat$ed te $am!( %eeing for %ome %ugge%tion a% to ow e migt mo%t anno) orin$on+enien$e te 'andit%( it o$$urred to Tar1an tat a "u%t re!ri%a* wou*d $on%i%t in taing from

    tem %ometing tat te) wanted( "u%t a% te) ad de!ri+ed im of te 'u$ e ad de%ired.E+ident*) te) wi%ed te !ri%oner +er) mu$ or te) wou*d not a+e gone to te trou'*e of%e$uring im %o $arefu**)( %o ti% fa$t de$ided Tar1an to %tea* te wite man from tem.To a$$om!*i% i% de%ign( e de$ided to wait unti* te $am! %*e!t( and %ett*ing im%e*f $omforta'*)in a $rot$ of te tree( e !re!ared to ee! i% +igi* wit te tire*e%% !atien$e of te unting 'ea%te wa%. A% e wat$ed( e %aw %e+era* of te Sifta% attem!t to $ommuni$ate wit teir !ri%oner('ut it wa% e+ident tat neiter under%tood te oter.Tar1an wa% fami*iar wit te *anguage %!oen ') te #afi$o% and Ga**o%( and te 7ue%tion% tatte) !ut to teir !ri%oner arou%ed i% $urio%it) %ti** furter. Tere wa% one 7ue%tion tat te)a%ed im in man) different wa)%( in %e+era* dia*e$t%( and in %ign wi$ te $a!ti+e eiter did not

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    under%tand or !retended not to. Tar1an wa% in$*ined to 'e*ie+e tat te *atter wa% true( for te%ign *anguage wa% %u$ tat it $ou*d %$ar$e*) 'e mi%under%tood. Te) were a%ing im te wa)to a !*a$e were tere wa% mu$ i+or) and go*d( 'ut te) got no information from im.8Te !ig under%tand% u% we** enoug(8 grow*ed one of te %tifta%/ 8e i% "u%t !retending tat edoe% not.88,f e won4t te** u%( wat i% te u%e of $arr)ing im around wit u% and feeding im98 demandedanoter. 86e migt a% we** i** im now.886e wi** *et im tin it o+er tonigt(8 re!*ied one wo wa% e+ident*) te *eader( 8and if e %ti**refu%e% to %!ea in te morning( we wi** i** im ten.8Ti% de$i%ion te) attem!ted to tran%mit to te !ri%oner 'ot ') word% and %ign%( and ten te)%7uatted a'out te fire and di%$u%%ed te o$$urren$e% of te da) and teir !*an% for te future.Te !rin$i!a* to!i$ of teir $on+er%ation wa% te %trange wite giant wo ad %*ain tree of teirnum'er and ad e%$a!ed u!on one of teir or%e%. After ti% ad 'een de'ated toroug*) and indetai* for %ome time( and te tree %ur+i+or% of te en$ounter ad 'oa%ted %e+era**) of teirdeed% of +a*our( te) witdrew to te rude %e*ter% te) ad $on%tru$ted and *eft te nigt toTar1an( Numa( and a %ing*e %entr).Te %i*ent wat$er among te %adow% of te tree waited on in !atien$e unti* te $am! %ou*d 'e%un in dee!e%t %*um'er and( waiting( !*anned te %troe tat wa% to ro' te Sifta% of teir !re)and %ati%f) i% own de%ire for re+enge.

    At *a%t te a!e 0 man fe*t tat te time ad $ome wen e migt tran%*ate i% !*an into a$tion/ a**

    'ut te %entr) were wra!!ed in %*um'er( and e+en e wa% do1ing 'e%ide te fire. A% noi%e*e%%*)a% te %adow of a %adow( Tar1an de%$ended from te tree( ee!ing we** in te %adow $a%t ')te fire.5or a moment e %tood in %i*en$e( *i%tening. He eard te 'reating of Numa( in te darne%%'e)ond te $ir$*e of fire*igt( and new tat te ing of 'ea%t% wa% near and wat$ing. Ten e*ooed from 'eind te great 'o*e of te tree and %aw tat te %entr)4% 'a$ wa% %ti** turnedtoward im. Si*ent*) e mo+ed into te o!en/ %tea*ti*)( on %ound*e%% feet( e $re!t toward teun%u%!e$ting 'andit. He %aw te mat$*o$ a$ro%% te fe**ow4% nee%: and for it e ad re%!e$t(a% a+e a** "ung*e anima*% tat a+e 'een unted.C*o%er and $*o%er e $ame to i% !re). At *a%t e $rou$ed dire$t*) 'eind im. Tere mu%t 'e nonoi%e( no out$r). Tar1an waited. -e)ond te rim of fire waited Numa( e2!e$tant( for e %aw tat+er) gradua**) te f*ame% were dimini%ing. A 'ron1ed and %ot 7ui$*) forward/ finger% of %tee*gri!!ed te 'rown troat of te %entr) a*mo%t at te in%tant tat a nife wa% dri+en from 'e*ow i%

    *eft %ou*der '*ade into i% eart. Te %entr) wa% dead witout nowing tat deat treatenedim.Tar1an witdrew te nife from te *im! 'od) and wi!ed te '*ade u!on te on$e wite ro'e of i%+i$tim/ ten e mo+ed %oft*) toward te !ri%oner wo wa% *)ing in te o!en. 5or im( te) ad not'otered to 'ui*d a %e*ter. A% e made i% wa) toward te man( Tar1an !a%%ed $*o%e to two ofte %e*ter% in wi$ *a) mem'er% of te 'and( 'ut e made no noi%e tat migt awaen tem.6en e a!!roa$ed te $a!ti+e more $*o%e*)( e %aw in te dimini%ing *igt of te fire tat teman4% e)e% were o!en and tat e wa% regarding Tar1an wit *e+e*( toug 7ue%tioning( ga1e.Te a!e 0 man !ut a finger to i% *i!% to en"oin %i*en$e( and ten e $ame and ne*t 'e%ide teman and $ut te tong% tat %e$ured i% wri%t% and an*e%. He e*!ed im to i% feet( for tetong% ad 'een drawn tigt*)( and i% *eg% were num'.5or a moment e waited wi*e te %tranger te%ted i% feet and mo+ed tem ra!id*) in an effort tore%tore $ir$u*ation/ ten e 'e$oned im to fo**ow( and a** wou*d a+e 'een we** 'ut for Numa

    te *ion. At ti% moment( eiter to +oi$e i% anger again%t te f*ame% or to terrif) te or%e% into a%tam!ede( e e*e$ted to +oi$e a tunderou% roar.So $*o%e wa% te *ion tat te %udden %attering of te dee! %i*en$e of te nigt %tart*ed e+er)%*ee!er to waefu*ne%%. A do1en men %ei1ed teir mat$*o$% and *ea!ed from teir %e*ter%. ,nte waning *igt of te fire te) %aw no *ion( 'ut te) %aw teir *i'erated $a!ti+e( and te) %awTar1an of te A!e% %tanding 'e%ide im.

    Among to%e wo ran from te %e*ter% wa% te *ea%t %eriou%*) wounded of Tar1an4% +i$tim% ofte afternoon. ,m%tant*) re$ogni1ing te 'ron1ed wite giant( e %outed ,ud*+ to i% $om!anion%(8,t i% e; ,t i% te wite demon wo i**ed our friend%.88#i** im;8 %$reamed anoter.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Com!*et*) %urrounding te two wite men( te Sifta% Ad+an$ed u!on tem( 'ut te) dared notfire 'e$au%e of Te fear tat te) migt wound one of teir own $omrade%.Tar1an $ou*d not *oo%e an arrow or $a%t a %!ear( for e ad *er a** i% wea!on% e2$e!t i% ro!eand i% nife idden in te tree a'o+e te $am!.One of te 'andit%( more $ourageou%( !ro'a'*) 'e$au%e *e%% inte**igent tan i% fe**ow%( ru%edto $*o%e 7uarter% wit mu%et $*u''ed. ,t wa% i% undoing. Te man 0 'ea%t $rou$ed( grow*ing(and( a% te oter wa% a*mo%t u!on im( $arged. Te mu%et 'utt( urt*ing troug te air to%trie im down( e dodged( and ten %ei1ed te wea!on and wren$ed it from te Sifta4% gra%!a% toug it ad 'een a to) in a $i*d4% and%.To%%ing te mat$*o$ at te feet of i% $om!anion( Tar1an *aid o*d u!on te ra% Ga**a( %!unim around( and e*d im a% a %ie*d again%t te wea!on% of i% fe**ow%. -ut de%!ite ti% re+er%ete oter Sifta% ga+e no indi$ation of gi+ing u!.Two of tem ru%ed in 'eind te a!e 0 man( for it wa% e te) feared te more/ 'ut te) were to*earn tat teir former !ri%oner migt not 'e $on%idered *igt*). He ad !i$ed u! a mu%et and(gra%!ing it $*o%e to te mu11*e( wa% u%ing it a% a $*u'.

    A 7ui$ 'a$ward g*an$e a%%ured Tar1an tat i% $om!anion wa% !ro+ing im%e*f a wort) a**)('ut it wa% e+ident tat te) $ou*d not o!e to o*d out *ong again%t te %u!erior num'er% !ittedagain%t tem. Teir on*) o!e( e 'e*ie+ed( *a) in maing a %udden( $on$erted ru% troug tetin *ine of foemen %urrounding tem( and e %ougt to $on+e) i% !*an to te man %tanding 'a$to 'a$ wit im. -ut toug e %!oe to im in Eng*i% and in %e+era* $ontinenta* *anguage%( te

    on*) re!*) e re$ei+ed wa% in a *anguage tat e im%e*f ad ne+er 'efore eard.6at wa% e to do9 Te) mu%t go togeter( and 'ot mu%t under%tand te !ur!o%e animatingTar1an. -ut ow wa% tat !o%%i'*e if te) $ou*d not $$mmuni$ate wit one anoter9 Tar1an turnedand tou$ed te oter *igt*) on te %ou*der/ ten e "ered i% tum' in te dire$tion eintended going and 'e$oned wit a nod of i% ead.,n%tant*) te man nodded i% under%tanding and wee*ed a'out a% Tar1an %tarted to $arge.U%ing te man in i% gra%! a% a f*ai*( Tar1an %ougt to mow down to%e %tanding 'etween imand *i'ert)( 'ut tere were man) of tem( and !re%ent*) te) %u$$eeded in dragging teir$omrade from te $*ut$e% of te a!e 0 man. Now it %eemed tat te %ituation of te two wite%wa% o!e*e%%.One fe**ow in !arti$u*ar wa% we**0!*a$ed to fire witout endangering an) of i% fe**ow%( and rai%ingi% mat$ 0 *o$ to i% %ou*der e too $arefu* aim at Tar1an.

    CHAPTER THREE CATS -Y N,GHT.A% te man rai%ed i% wea!on to i% %ou*der to fire at Tar1an( a %$ream of warning 'ur%t fromte *i!% of one of i% $omrade%( to 'e drowned ') te troat) roar of Numa te *ion( a% te %wiftru% of i% $arge $arried im o+er te 'oma into te mid%t of te $am!.Te man wo wou*d a+e i**ed Tar1an $a%t a 7ui$ 'a$ward g*an$e a% te warning $r) a!!ri%edim of i% danger. 6en e %aw te *ion( e $a%t awa) i% rif*e in i% e2$itement and terror( i%terrified %$ream ming*ed wit te +oi$e of Numa( and in i% an2iet) to e%$a!e te fang% of teman 0 eater e ru%ed into te arm% of te a!e 0 man.Te *ion( momentari*) $onfu%ed ') te fire*igt and te %wift mo+ement of te men( !au%ed($rou$ing( a% e *ooed to rigt and *eft. ,n tat 'rief in%tant Tar1an %ei1ed te f*eeing Sifta( and*ifted im into te fa$e of Numa/ ten e motioned to i% $om!anion to fo**ow im( and( runningdire$t*) !a%t te *ion( *ea!ed te 'oma at te +er) !oint tat Numa ad *ea!ed it. C*o%e at i%ee*% wa% te wite $a!ti+e of te Sifta%( and 'efore te 'andit% ad re$o+ered from te fir%t

    %o$ and %ur!ri%e of te *ion4% une2!e$ted $arge( te two ad di%a!!eared in te %adow% ofte nigt.&u%t out%ide te $am! Tar1an *eft i% $om!anion for a moment wi*e e %wung into te tree weree ad *eft i% wea!on% and re$o+ered tem/ ten e *ed te wa) out of te +a**e) u! into tei**%. At i% e*'ow trotted te %i*ent wite man e ad re%$ued from $ertain deat at te and% ofte #af*$o and Ga**a 'andit%.During te 'rief en$ounter in te $am!( Tar1an ad noted wit admiration te %trengt( agi*it)( and$ourage of te %tranger wo ad arou%ed 'ot i% intere%t and i% $urio%it). Here( %eeming*)( wa%a man mou*ded to te dimen%ion% of Tar1an4% own %tandard%( a 7uiet( re%our$efu*( $ourageou%figting man. Radiating tat intangi'*e aura wi$ we $a** !er%ona*it)( e+en in i% %i*en$e% e

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    im!re%%ed te a!e 0 man wit a $on+i$tion tat *o)a*t) and de!enda'i*it) were innate$ara$teri%ti$% of te man/ %o Tar1an( wo ordinari*) !referred to 'e a*one( wa% not di%!*ea%ed toa+e te $om!anion%i! of ti% %tranger.Te moon( a*mo%t fu**( ad ri%en a'o+e te '*a$ mountain ma%% to te ea%t( %edding er %oft*igt on i** and +a**e) and fore%t( tran%forming te %$ene on$e more into tat of a new wor*dwi$ wa% different from te wor*d of da)*igt and from te wor*d of moon*e%% nigt( a wor*d of%trange gre)% and %i*+er) green%.U! toward a fringe of fore%t tat $*oted te u!!er %*o!e% of te footi**% and di!!ed down into$an)on and ra+ine te two men mo+ed a% noi%e*e%%*) a% te !a%%ing %adow of a $*oud/ )et toone idden in te dar re$e%%e% of te wood a'o+e( teir a!!roa$ wa% not unera*ded( for onte 'reat of U%a te wind it wa% 'orne aead of tem to te $unning no%tri*% of te !rin$e ofunter%.Seeta te !anter wa% ungr). 5or %e+era* da)% !re) ad 'een %$ar$e and e*u%i+e. Now( in i%no%tri*%( te %$ent of te man 0 ting% grew %tronger a% te) drew nearer. Eager*)( Seeta te!anter awaited te $oming of te men.6itin te fore%t( Tar1an %ougt a tree were te) migt *ie u! for te nigt. He found a 'ran$tat fored ori1onta**). 6it i% unting nife e $ut oter 'ran$e% and *aid tem a$ro%% te twoarm% of te Y tu% formed. O+er ti% rude !*atform e %!read *ea+e%( and ten e *a) down to%*ee!( wi*e from an ad"a$ent tree u!wind Seeta wat$ed im. Seeta a*%o wat$ed te oterman 0 ting on te ground 'etween te two tree%. Te great $at did not mo+e/ e %eemed

    %$ar$e*) to 'reate.E+en Tar1an wa% unaware of i% !re%en$e( )et te a!e 0 man wa% re%t*e%%. He *i%tened intent*)and %niffed te air( 'ut dete$ted noting ami%%. -e*ow im( i% $om!anion wa% maing i% 'edu!on te ground in !referen$e to ri%ing te ig 0 f*ung 'ran$e% of te tree% to wi$ e wa%una$$u%tomed. ,t wa% te man u!on te ground tat Seeta wat$ed.

    At *a%t( i% 'ed of *ea+e% and gra%%e% arranged to %uit im( Tar1an4% $om!anion *a) down. Seetawaited. Gradua**)( a*mo%t im!er$e!ti'*)( te %inuou% mu%$*e% were drawing te ind7uarter%forward 'eneat te %*ee 'od) in !re!aration for te %!ring. Seeta edged forward on te great*im' u!on wi$ e $rou$ed( 'ut in doing %o e $au%ed te 'ran$ to mo+e %*igt*) and te*ea+e% at it% end to ru%t*e a *itt*e.Tar1an eard( and i% e)e%( turning 7ui$*)( %ougt and found te intruder. At te %ame in%tantSeeta *aun$ed im%e*f at te man *)ing on i% rude !a**et on te ground 'e*ow( and a% Seeta%!rang %o did Tar1an.

    Tar1an +oi$ed a roar tat wa% intended 'ot to warn i% $om!anion and to di%tra$t te attention ofSeeta from i% !re). Te man u!on te ground *ea!ed 7u$*) to one %ide( !rom!ted more ') anin%tin$ti+e rea$don tan ') rea%on. Te !anter4% 'od) 'ru%ed im a% it %tru$ te ground( 'utte 'ea%t4% tougt% were now u!on te ting tat ad +oi$ed tat mena$ing roar rater tanu!on it% intended !re).6ee*ing a% e *ea!ed a%ide( te man turned and %aw te %a+age $arni+ore "u%t a% Tar1an*anded fu** u!on te 'ea%t4% 'a$. He eard te ming*ed grow*% of te two a% te) $*o%ed in 'att*e(and i% %$a*! %tiffened a% e rea*i1ed tat te %ound% $oining from te *i!% of i% $om!anion were7uite a% 'e%tia* a% to%e i%%uing from te troat of te $arni+ore.Tar1an %ougt a o*d a'out te ne$ of te !anter( wi*e te great $at in%tant*) attem!ted to ro**o+er on it% 'a$ tat it migt ri! te 'od) of it% antagoni%t to %red% wit te terri'*e ta*on% tatarmed it% ind feet. -ut ti% %trateg) te a!e 0 man ad anti$i!ated( and ro**ing 'eneat Seetaa% Seeta ro**ed( e *o$ed i% !owerfu* *eg% 'eneat te 'e**) of te !anter. Ten te great $at

    *ea!ed to it% feet again and %ougt to %ae te man 0 ting from it% 'a$( and a** te wi*e amigt) arm wa% tigtening a'out it% ne$( $*o%ing off it% wind.Tar1an ad %u$$eeded in drawing i% nife.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    toug e gue%%ed tat it e2!re%%ed te gratitude tat te manner of te man 'etoened.,nf*uen$ed ') te atta$ of te !anter and nowin1 tat Numa wa% a'road( Tar1an( ') %ign%(!er%uaded te man to $ome u! into te tree. Here te a!e 0 man e*!ed im $on%tru$t a ne%t%imi*ar to i% own. 5or te 'a*an$e of te nigt te) %*e!t in !ea$e( and te %un wa% an our o*d'efore eiter %tirred te fo**owing morning. Ten te a!e 0 man ro%e and %tret$ed im%e*f.Near')( te oter man %at u! and *ooed a'out im. Hi% e)e% met Tar1an4%( and e %mi*ed andnodded.Te wi*d 'ea%t in Tar1an *ooed into te 'rown e)e% of te %tranger and wa% %ati%fied tat erewa% one wo mu%t 'e tru%ted/ te man in im noted te ead'and tat $onfined te '*a$ air(%aw te %trange*) wrougt i+or) ornament in te $entre of te foreead( te a'ergeon tat ewa% now donning( te i+or) ornament% on wri%t% and an*e%( and found i% $urio%it) !i7ued.Te i+or) ornament in te $entre of te ead'and wa% %a!ed *ie a $on$a+e( $ur+ed trowe*( te!oint of wi$ !ro"e$ted a'o+e te to! of te man4% ead and $ur+ed forward. Hi% wri%t*et% andan*et% were of *ong f*at %tri!% of i+or) *aid $*o%e togeter and fa%tened around te *im'% ')*eater tong% tat were *a$ed troug o*e% !ier$ing te %tri!% near teir to!% and 'ottom%. Hi%%anda*% were of ea+) *eater( a!!arent*) e*e!ant ide( and were %u!!orted ') *eater tong%fa%tened to te 'ottom% of i% an*et%.Tat a** te%e tra!!ing% were %o*e*) for !ur!o%e% of ornamentation Tar1an did not 'e*ie+e. He %awtat a*mo%t witout e2$e!tion te) wou*d %er+e a% a !rote$tion again%t a $utting wea!on %u$ a%a %word or 'att*e 0 a2e.

    -ut %!e$u*ation $on$erning ti% matter wa% re*egated to te 'a$ground of i% tougt% ')unger and re$o**e$tion of te remain% of )e%terda)4% i** tat e ad ung ig in a tree of tefore%t farter u! te ri+er. He dro!!ed *igt*) to te ground( motioning te )oung warrior to fo**owim( and %et off in te dire$tion of i% $a$e( ee!ing i% een %en%e% a*wa)% on te a*ert forenemie%.C*e+er*) idden ') *eaf) 'ran$e%( te meat wa% inta$t wen Tar1an rea$ed it. He $ut %e+era*%tri!% and to%%ed tem down to te warrior waiting on te ground 'e*ow/ ten e $ut %ome forim%e*f and $rou$ing in a $rot$ !ro$eeded to eat it raw. Hi% $om!anion wat$ed im for amoment in %ur!ri%e: ten e made fire wit a 'it of %tee* and f*int and $ooed i% own !ortion.

    A% e ate( Tar1an4% a$ti+e mind wa% $on%idering !*an% for te future. He ad $ome to A')%%iniafor a %!e$ifi$ !ur!o%e( tou1 te matter wa% not of %u$ immediate im!ortan$e tat it demandedin%tant attention. ,n fa$t( in te !i*o%o!) tat a *ifetime of !rimiti+e en+ironment ad in%!ired(time wa% not an im!ortant $on%ideration.

    Te !enomenon of ti% i+or) 0 armoured warrior arou%ed 7ue%tion% tat intrigued i% intere%t toa far greater e2tent tan did te !ro'*em% tat ad 'rougt im tu% far from i% own %tam!ingground%( and e de$ided tat te *atter %ou*d wait te %o*+ing of te ridd*e tat i% new 0 madea$7uaintan$e !re%ented.Ha+ing no oter mean% of $ommuni$ation tan %ign% rendered an e2$ange of idea% 'etween tetwo diffi$u*t( 'ut wen te) ad fini%ed teir mea* and Tar1an ad de%$ended to te ground( e%u$$eeded in a%ing i% $om!anion in wat dire$tion e wi%ed to go. Te warrior !ointed in anort 0 ea%ter*) dire$tion toward te ig mountain%( and( a% !*ain*) a% e $ou*d troug temedium of %ign%( in+ited Tar1an to a$$om!an) im to i% $ountr). Ti% in+itation Tar1an a$$e!tedand motioned te oter to *ead te wa).5or da)% tat %tret$ed to wee% te two men %tru$ dee!er and dee!er into te eart of a%tu!endou% mountain %)%tem. A*wa)% menta**) a*ert and eager to *earn( Tar1an too ad+antage ofte o!!ortunit) to *earn te *anguage of i% $om!anion( and e !ro+ed %u$ an a!t !u!i* tat te)

    were %oon a'*e to mae tem%e*+e% under%tood ') one anoter.Among te fir%t ting% tat Tar1an *earned wa% tat i% $om!anion4% name wa% Va*tor( wi*eVa*tor too te ear*ie%t o!!ortunit) to e+in$e an intere%t in te a!e 0 man4% wea!on%. A% e wa%unarmed( Tar1an %!ent a da) in maing a %!ear and 'ow and arrow% for im. Tereafter( a%Va*tor taugt te 3ord of te &ung*e to %!ea i% *anguage( Tar1an in%tru$ted te former in teu%e of te 'ow( te %!ear 'eing a*read) a fami*iar wea!on to te )oung warrior.Tu% te da)% and te wee% !a%%ed and te two %eemed no nearer te $ountr) of Va*tor tanwen te) ad %tarted from te +i$init) of te $am! of te Sifta%. Tar1an found game of $ertain+arietie% !*entifu* in te mountain%. He unted( and en"o)ed te 'eautie% of un%!oi*ed nature(!ra$ti$a**) o'*i+iou% of te !a%%age of time.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    -ut Va*tor wa% *e%% !atient( and at *a%t( *ate one da) wen te) found tem%e*+e% at te ead ofa '*ind $an)on were %tu!endou% $*iff% 'arred furter !rogre%%( e admitted defeat. 8, am *o%t(8 e%aid %im!*).8Tat(8 remared Tar1an( 8, $ou*d a+e to*d )ou man) da)% ago.8Va*tor *ooed at im in %ur!ri%e. 8How $ou*d )ou now tat(8 e demanded( 8wen )ou )our%e*fdo not now in wat dire$tion m) $ountr) *ie%988, now(8 re!*ied te a!e 0 man( 8'e$au%e during te !a%t wee )ou a+e *ed te wa) toward tefour !oint% of te $om!a%%( and toda) we are witin fi+e mi*e% of were we were a wee ago.

    A$ro%% ti% ridge at our rigt( not more tan fi+e mi*e% awa)( i% te *itt*e %tream were , i**ed tei'e2( and te gnar*ed o*d tree in wi$ we %*e!t tat nigt "u%t %e+en %un% ago.8Va*tor %$rat$ed i% ead in !er!*e2it)( and ten e %mi*ed. 8, $annot di%!ute )ou(8 e admitted.8Pera!% )ou are rigt( 'ut wat are we going to do988Do )ou now in wat dire$tion )our $ountr) *ie% from te $am! in wi$ , found )ou98 a%edTar1an.8Te +a**e) of Tenar i% due ea%t of tat !oint(8 re!*ied Va*tor/ 8of tat , am !o%iti+e.88Ten we are dire$t*) %outwe%t of it now( for we a+e tra+e**ed a $on%idera'*e di%tan$e towardte %out %in$e we entered te iger mountain%. ,f )our $ountr) *ie% in te%e mountain%( ten it%ou*d not 'e diffi$u*t to find it if we $an ee! mo+ing a*wa)% in a nortea%ter*) dire$tion.88Ti% "um'*e of mountain% wit teir twi%ting $an)on% and gorge% $onfu%e% me(8 Va*tor admitted.8You %ee( in a** m) *ife 'efore( , a+e ne+er 'een farter from ,enar tan te +a**e) of Ontar(

    and 'et te%e +a**e)% are urrounded ') *andmar% wit wi$ , am %o fami*iar tat , need nooter guide%. ,t a% ne+er 'een ne$e%%ar) for me to $on%u*t te !o%ition% of te %un( te moon(nor te %tar% 'efore( and %o te) a+e 'een of no e*! to me %in$e we %et out in %ear$ ofTenar. Do )ou 'e*ie+e tat )ou $ou*d o*d a $our%e toward te nortea%t in ti% ma1e ofmountain%9 ,f )ou $an( ten )ou ad 'etter *ead te wa) rater tan ,.88, $an go toward te nortea%t(8 Tar1an a%%ured im 8'ut , $annot find )our $ountr) un*e%% it *ie%in m) !at.88,f we rea$ a !oint witin fift) or a undred mi*e% of it( from %ome ig eminen$e we %a** %ee=arator(8 e2!*ained Va*tor( 8and ten , %a** now m) wa) to Tenar( for =arator i% a*mo%t duewe%t of Atne.886at are =arator and Atne98 demanded Tar1an.8=arator i% a great !ea( te $entre of wi$ i% fi**ed wit fire and mo*ten ro$. ,t *ie% at te nortend of te +a**e) of Ontar and 'e*ong% to te men of Catne( te $it) of go*d. Atne( te $it) of

    i+or)( i% te $it) from wi$ , $ome. Te men of Catne( in te +a**e) of Ontar( are te enemie%of m) !eo!*e.88Tomorrow( ten(8 %aid Tar1an( 8we %a** %et out for te $it) of Atne in te +a**e) of Tenar.8

    A% Tar1an and Va*tor ate meat tat te) ad $ut from )e%terda)4% i** and $arried wit tem(man) wear) mi*e% to te %out a '*a$ 0 maned *ion *a%ed i% tai* angri*) and +oi$ed a %a+agegrow* a% e %tood o+er te 'od) of a 'uffa*o $a*f e ad i**ed( and fa$ed an angr) 'u** !awing teeart and 'e**owing a few )ard% awa).Rare i% te 'ea%t tat wi** fa$e Gorgo te 'uffa*o( wen rage inf*ame% i% red 0 rimmed e)e%( 'utte great *ion %owed no intention of *ea+ing it% !re) e+en in te fa$e of te 'u**4% treatened$arge. He %tood i% ground. Te roar% of te *ion and te 'u** ming*ed in a %a+age( tunderou%di%%onan$e tat %oo te ground( %ti**ing te +oi$e% of te *e%%er !eo!*e of te "ung*e.Gorgo gored te eart( woring im%e*f into a fren1) of rage. -eind im( 'e**owing( %tood temoter of te %*ain $a*f. Pera!% %e wa% urging er *ord and ma%ter to a+enge te murder. Te

    oter mem'er% of te erd ad 'o*ted into te ti$e%t of te "ung*e( *ea+ing te%e two to $onte%twit Numa i% rigt to i% i**( *ea+ing +engean$e to to%e !owerfu* orn% 'a$ed ') tat ma%%i+ene$.6it a $e*erit) and agi*it) tat 'e*ied i% great weigt( te 'u** $arged. Tat two %u$ uge'ea%t% $ou*d mo+e %o 7ui$*) and %o *igt*) %eemed in$redi'*e( a% it %eemed in$redi'*e tat an)$reature $ou*d eiter wit%tand or a+oid te mena$e of to%e migt) orn%. -ut te *ion wa%read)( and a% te 'u** wa% a*mo%t u!on im( e *ea!ed to one %ide( reared u!on i% ind feet( andwit one ma%%i+e( ta*oned !aw %tru$ te 'u** a terrifi$ '*ow on te %ide of it% ead tat wee*ed ita*f around and %ent it %tum'*ing to it% nee%( a*f0%tunned and '*eeding( it% great "aw'one$ru%ed and %!*intered. And 'efore Gorgo $ou*d regain i% feet( Numa *ea!ed fu** u!on i% 'a$(

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    'uried i% teet in te 'u*ging mu%$*e% of te great ne$( and wit one !aw rea$ed for te no%eof te 'e**owing 'u**( "ering te ead 'a$ wit a migt) %urge tat %na!!ed te +erte'rae.,n%tant*) te *ion wa% on i% feet again( fa$ing te $ow( 'ut %e did not $arge. ,n%tead( 'e**owing(%e $ra%ed awa) into te "ung*e( *ea+ing te ing of 'ea%t% %tanding wit i% forefeet u!on i%*ate%t i**.Tat nigt Numa fed we**( 'ut wen e ad gorged im%e*f e did not *ie u! a% a *ion %ou*d( 'ut$ontinued toward te nort a*ong te m)%teriou% trai* e ad 'een fo**owing for man) da)%.

    CHAPTER 5OUR DO6N THE 53OOD.Te new da) dawned $*oud) and treatening. Te %ea%on of rain% wa% o+er( 'ut it a!!eared tata 'e*ated %torm wa% gatering a'o+e te *oft) !ea% troug wi$ Tar1an and Va*tor were%ear$ing for te e*u%i+e +a**e) of Tenar.

    A** da) te) mo+ed toward te nortea%t. Sometime% it rained a *itt*e( and a*wa)% it treatened torain more. A great %torm %eemed a*wa)% to 'e gatering( )et it ne+er 'roe during te *ong da).Tar1an made a i** 'efore noon( and te) ate( 'ut immediate*) afterward te) %tarted on again.,t wa% *ate in te afternoon wen te) a%$ended out of a dee! gorge and %tood u!on a *oft)!*ateau. ,n te near foreground were no mountain%( 'ut at a di%tan$e *oft) !ea% were +i%i'*edim*) troug a *igt dri11*e of rain.Sudden*) Va*tor +oi$ed an e2$*amation of e*ation. 86e a+e found it;8 e $ried. 8Tere i%=arator;8

    Tar1an *ooed in te dire$tion tat te oter !ointed and %aw a migt)( f*at 0 to!!ed !ea in tedi%tan$e( dire$t*) a'o+e wi$ *ow $*oud% were ref*e$ting a du** red *igt. 8So tat i% =arator;8 eremared. 8And Tenar i% dire$t*) ea%t of it988Ye%(8 re!*ied Va*tor( 8wi$ mean% tat Ontar mu%t 'e "u%t 'e*ow te edge of ti% !*ateau(a*mo%t dire$t*) in front of u%. Come;8Te two wa*ed 7ui$*) o+er te *e+e*( gra%%) ground for a mi*e or two to $ome at *engt to teedge of te !*ateau 'e)ond wi$( and 'e*ow tem( %tret$ed a wide +a**e).86e are a*mo%t at te %outern end of Ontar(8 %aid Va*tor. 8Tere i% Catne( te $it) of go*d. ,ti% a ri$ $it)( 'ut it% !eo!*e are te enemie% of m) !eo!*e.8Troug te rain( Tar1an %aw a wa**ed $it) 'etween a fore%t and a ri+er. Te ou%e% were near*)a** wite( and tere were man) dome% of du** )e**ow. Te ri+er( wi$ ran 'etween tem and te$it)( wa% %!anned ') a 'ridge tat wa% a*%o a du** )e**ow $o*our in te twi*igt of te *ate afternoon%torm. Tar1an %aw tat te ri+er e2tended te fu** *engt of te +a**e)( a di%tan$e of fourteen or

    fifteen mi*e%( 'eing fed ') %ma**er %tream% $oming down out of te mountain%. A*%o e2tending te*engt of te +a**e) wa% wat a!!eared to 'e a we** mared road.Tar1an4% e)e% wandered 'a$ to te $it) of Catne.86) do )ou $a** it te $it) of go*d98 e a%ed.8Do )ou not %ee te go*den dome% and te 'ridge of go*d98 demanded Va*tor.8Are te) $o+ered wit go*d !aint98 in7uired Tar1an.8Te) are $o+ered wit %o*id go*d(8 re!*ied Va*tor.8Te go*d on %ome of te dome% i% an in$ ti$( and te 'ridge i% 'ui*t of %o*id '*o$% of go*d.886ere do te) find teir go*d98 Tar1an a%ed.8Teir mine% *ie in te i**% dire$t*) %out of te $it)(8 re!*ied Va*tor.8And were i% )our $ountr)( Tenar98 a%ed te a!e 0 man.8&u%t 'e)ond te i**% ea%t of Ontar. Do )ou %ee were te ri+er and te road $ut troug tefore%t a'out fi+e mi*e% a'o+e te $it)9 You $an %ee tem entering te i**% "u%t 'e)ond te fore%t.8

    8Ye%(8 re!*ied Tar1an( 8, %ee.88Te road and te ri+er run troug te Pa%% of te 6arrior% into te +a**e) of Tenar: a *itt*e nort0 ea%t of te $entre of te +a**e) *ie% Atne te $it) of i+or). Tere( 'e)ond te !a%%( i% m) $ountr).8How far are we from Atne94 in7uired Tar1an.8A'out twent) 0 fi+e mi*e%( !o%%i'*) a *itt*e *e%%(8 re!*ied Va*tor.86e migt a% we** %tart now( ten(8 %ugge%ted te a!e 0 man( 8for in ti% rain it wi** 'e more$omforta'*e to 'e on te mar$ tan to *ie u! unti* morning( and in )our $it) we $an find a dr)!*a$e to %*ee!( , !re%ume.88Certain*)(8 re!*ied Va*tor( 8'ut it wi** not 'e %afe to attem!t to $ro%% Ontar ') da)*igt. 6e%ou*d $ertain*) 'e %een ') te %entrie% on te gate% of Catne( and( a% te%e !eo!*e are our

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    enemie%( te $an$e% are tat we %ou*d ne+er $ro%% te +a**e) witout 'eing eiter i**ed ortaen !ri%oner%.886ate+er )ou wi%(8 agreed Tar1an wit a %rug/ 8it i% a** te %ame to me if we %tart now or waitunti* dar.88,t i% not +er) $omforta'*e ere(8 remared te Atnean. 8Te rain i% $o*d.88, a+e 'een un$omforta'*e 'efore(8 re!*ied Tar1an/ 44rain% do not *a%t fore+er.448,f we were in Atne we %ou*d 'e +er) $omforta'*e(8 %iged Va*tor. 8,n m) fater4% ou%e tereare fire!*a$e%. E+en now te f*ame% are roaring a'out great *og%( and a** i% warmt and $omfort.88A'o+e te $*oud% te %un i% %ining(8 re!*ied Tar1an( 8'ut we are not a'o+e te $*oud%. 6e areere were te %un i% not %ining and tere i% no fire( and we are $o*d.8 A faint %mi*e tou$ed i%*i!%. 8,t doe% not warm me to %!ea of fire% or te %un.88Ne+erte*e%%( , wi% , were in Atne(8 in%i%ted Va*tor. 8,t i% a %!*endid $it)( and Tenar i% a *o+e*)+a**e). ,n Tenar we rai%e goat% and %ee! and e*e!ant%. ,n Tenar tere are no *ion% e2$e!tto%e tat %tra) in from Ontar/ to%e we i**. Our farmer% rai%e +egeta'*e% and fruit% and a)/ ourarti%an% manufa$ture *eater good%. Te) mae $*ot from te air of goat% and te woo* of%ee!. Our $ar+er% wor in i+or) and wood.86e trade a *itt*e wit te out%ide wor*d( !a+ing for wat we 'u) wit i+or) and go*d. 6ere it notfor te Catnean% we %ou*d *ead a a!!)( !ea$efu* *ife witout a $are.86at do )ou 'u) from te out%ide wor*d( and of wom do )ou 'u) it98 a%ed Tar1an.86e 'u) %a*t( of wi$ we a+e none of our own8( e2!*ained Va*tor. 86e a*%o 'u) %tee* for our

    wea!on%.8Te%e ting% we 'u) from a 'and of Sifta%. 6it ti% %ame 'and we a+e traded %in$e 'eforete memor) of man. Sifta $ief% and ing% of Atne a+e $ome and gone( 'ut our re*ation% witti% 'and a+e ne+er a*tered. , wa% %ear$ing for tem wen , 'e$ame *o%t and wa% $a!tured ')anoter 'and.88Do )ou ne+er trade wit te !eo!*e of Catne98 a%ed te a!e 0 man.8On$e ea$ )ear tere i% a wee4% tru$e during wi$ we trade wit tem in !ea$e. Te) gi+e u%go*d and food%tuff% and a) in e2$ange for te %a*t and te %tee* we 'u) from te Sifta%( andte $*ot( *eater( and i+or) tat we !rodu$e.8-e%ide% mining go*d( te Catnean% 'reed *ion% for war and %!ort( rai%e fruit%( +egeta'*e%($erea*%( and a)( and wor in go*d and( to a *e%%er e2tent( in i+or). Teir go*d and teir a) arete !rodu$t% mo%t +a*ua'*e to u%( and of te%e we +a*ue te a) more( for witout it we %ou*da+e to de$rea%e our e*e!ant erd%.8

    86) %ou*d two !eo!*e% %o de!endent u!on one anoter figt98 a%ed Tar1an.Ya*tor %rugged. 8, do not now/ !era!% it i% "u%t a $u%tom. Yet( toug we ta* mu$ of wanting!ea$e( we %ou*d mi%% te tri**% and e2$itement tat !ea$e doe% not o*d.8 Hi% e)e% 'rigtened.8Te raid%:8 e e2$*aimed. 8Tere i% a %!ort for men Te Catnean% $ome wit teir *ion% to untour goat%( our %ee!( our e*e!ant%( and u%. 6en we wi% %!ort we go into Ontar after go*d.No( , do not tin tat eiter we or Catnean% wou*d $are for !ea$e.85or %ome time te two ta*ed. Va*tor to*d of i% *ife in Atne. And a% Va*tor ta*ed( te in+i%i'*e%un %an ower into te we%t/ ea+) $*oud%( dar and ominou%( id te !ea% to te nort( %ett*ing*ow o+er te u!!er end of te +a**e). 8, tin we ma) %tart now(8 Va*tor %aid.8,t wi** %oon 'e dar.8Downward troug a gu**)( te %ide% of wi$ id tem from te $it) of Catne( te two menmade teir wa) toward% te f*oor of te +a**e). 5rom te ea+) %torm $*oud% 'ur%t a f*a% of*igtning fo**owed ') te roar of tunder/ u!on te u!!er end of te +a**e) te %torm god *oo%ed

    i% wrat/ water fe** in a de*uge( wi!ing from teir %igt te i**% 'e)ond te %torm.-) te time te) rea$ed *e+e* ground te %torm wa% u!on tem and te gu**) te) adde%$ended a raging mountain torrent. Te %wift nigt ad fa**en/ utter darne%% %urrounded tem(darne%% fre7uent*) 'roen ') +i+id f*a%e% of *igtning. Te !ea*ing of te $on%tant tunder wa%deafening. Te rain engu*fed tem in %o*id %eet% *ie te wa+e% of te o$ean. ,t wa%( !era!%(te mo%t terrifi$ %torm tat eiter of te%e men ad e+er %een.Te) $ou*d not $on+er%e/ on*) te *igtning !re+ented teir 'e$oming %e!arated( a% it a*one!ermitted Va*tor to ee! i% $our%e a$ro%% te gra%%) f*oor of te +a**e) in te dire$tion of te$it) of go*d( were te) wou*d find te road tat *ed to te Pa%% of te 6arrior% and on into te+a**e) of Tenar.

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    Pre%ent*) te) $ame witin %igt of te *igt% of te $it)( a few dim *igt% framed ') te $a%ement%of window%( and a moment *ater te) were on te road and were mo+ing nortward again%t tefu** fur) of te %torm.5or mi*e% te) !itted teir mu%$*e% again%t te Her$u*ean %trengt of te %torm god. Te rage ofte %torm god %eemed to ri%e again%t tem( nowing no 'ound%( a% toug e wa% furiou% tatte%e two !un) morta*% %ou*d !it teir %trengt again%t i%. Sudden*)( a% toug in a *a%t titani$effort to o+er$ome tem( te *igtning 'ur%t into a rri1 t) '*a1e tat i**uminated te entire +a**e)for %e$ond%( te tunder $ra%ed a% it ad ne+er $ra%ed 'efore( and a ma%% of water fe** tat$ru%ed te two men to eart.

    A% te) %taggered to teir feet again( foot 0 dee! water %wir*ed a'out teir *eg%/ te) %tood in a'road( ra$ing torrent tat ru%ed !a%t tem toward% te ri+er. -ut in tat *a%t effort te %torm godad %!ent i% for$e. Te rain $ea%ed/ troug a rift in te dar $*oud% te moon *ooed down(!era!% in wonder( u!on a drowned wor*d( and Va*tor *ed te wa) again toward% te Pa%% of te6arrior%. Te *a%t of te rain) %ea%on wa% o+er.,t i% %e+en mi*e% from te 'ridge of go*d( tat i% te gatewa) to te $it) of Catne( to te fordwere te road to Tenar $ro%%e% te ri+er. ,t re7uired tree our% for Va*tor and Tar1an to $o+erte di%tan$e( 'ut at *a%t te) %tood at te ri+er4% 'an.

    A 'oi*ing f*ood $onfronted tem( tearing down a widened ri+er toward% te $it) of Catne. Va*tore%itated. 8Ordinari*)(8 e %aid to Tar1an( 8te water i% *itt*e more tan a foot dee!. ,t mu%t 'etree feet dee! now.

    8And it wi** %oon 'e dee!er(8 $ommented te a!e 0 man.8On*) a %ma** !ortion of te %torm water% a+e ad time to rea$ ti% !oint from te i**% and teu!!er +a**e). ,f we are going to $ro%% tonigt( we %a** a+e to do it now.8Ver) we**(8 re!*ied Va*tor( 8'ut fo**ow me/ , now te ford.8

    A% te Atnean %te!!ed into te water( te $*oud% $*o%ed again 'eneat te moon and !*ungedte wor*d on$e more into darne%%. A% Tar1an fo**owed e $ou*d %$ar$e*) %ee i% guide aead ofim( and %in$e Va*tor new te ford e mo+ed more ra!id*) tan te a!e 0 man wit te re%u*ttat !re%ent*) Tar1an $ou*d not %ee im at a**( 'ut e fe*t i% wa) toward% te o!!o%ite 'anwitout tougt of di%a%ter.Te for$e of te %tream wa% migt)( 'ut migt)( too( are te tew% of Tar1an of te A!e%. Tewater( wi$ Va*tor ad tougt to 'e tree feet in de!t( wa% %oon %urging to te a!e 0 man4%wai%t( and ten e mi%%ed te ford and %te!!ed into a o*e. ,n%tant*) te $urrent %ei1ed im and%we!t im awa)/ not e+en te giant mu%$*e% of Tar1an $ou*d $o!e wit te migt of te f*ood.

    Te 3ord of te &ung*e fougt te %wir*ing water% in an effort to rea$ te o!!o%ite %ore( 'ut inteir em'ra$e e wa% !ower*e%%.5inding e+en i% great %trengt !ower*e%% and weaening( Tar1an ga+e u! te %trugg*e to rea$te o!!o%ite 'an and de+oted i% effort% to ee!ing i% no%e a'o+e te %urfa$e of te angr)f*ood. E+en ti% wa% none too ea%) an a$$om!*i%ment( a% te ru%ing water% ad a tri$ oftwi%ting im a'out or turning im o+er. Often i% ead wa% %u'merged( and %ometime% e f*oatedfeet fir%t and %ometime% ead fir%t( 'ut e tried to re%t i% mu%$*e% a% 'e%t e $ou*d again%t tetime wen %ome +agar) of te torrent migt $arr) im witin rea$ of te 'an u!on one %ide orte oter.He new tat %e+era* mi*e% 'e*ow te $it) of Catne te ri+er entered a narrow gorge( for tat ead %een from te edge of te !*ateau from wi$ e ad fir%t +iewed te +a**e) of Ontar. Va*torad to*d im tat 'e)ond te gorge it tum'*ed in a migt) fa**% a undred feet to te 'ottom of aro$) $an)on. Sou*d e not %u$$eed in e%$a!ing te $*ut$e% of te torrent 'efore it $arried im

    into te gorge i% doom wa% %ea*ed( 'ut Tar1an fe*t neiter fear nor !ani$. Hi% *ife ad 'een in"eo!ard) often during i% %a+age e2i%ten$e( )et e %ti** *i+ed.He wondered wat ad 'e$ome of Va*tor. Pera!% e( too( wa% 'eing urt*ed a*ong eiter a'o+eor e*ow im. -ut %u$ wa% not te fa$t. Va*tor ad rea$ed te o!!o%ite 'an in %afet) andwaited tere air Tar1an. 6en te a!e 0 man did not a!!ear witin a rea%ona'*e Time( te

    Atnean %outed i% name a*oud( 'ut toug e re$ei+ed no an%wer e wa% %ti** not %ure tatTar1an wa% not u!on te o!!o%ite %ide of te ri+er( te *oud roaring of wi$ migt a+e drownedte %ound of te +oi$e of eiter.Ten Va*tor de$ided to wait unti* da)*igt( rater tan a'andon i% friend in a $ountr) wit wi$e wa% entire*) unfami*iar.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Troug te *ong nigt e waited and( wit te $oming of dawn( eager*) %$anned te o!!o%ite'an of te ri+er( i% %*ender o!e for te %afet) of i% friend d)ing wen da)*igt fai*ed to re+ea*an) %ign of im. Ten( at *a%t( e wa% $on+in$ed tat Tar1an ad 'een %we!t awa) to i% deat ')te raging f*ood( and( wit a ea+) eart( e turned awa) from te ri+er and re%umed i%interru!ted "ourne) toward% te Pa%% of te 6arrior% and te +a**e) of Tenar.

    CHAPTER 5,VE THE C,TY O5 GO3D.A% Tar1an 'att*ed for i% *ife in te %wir*ing water% of te %wo**en ri+er( e *o%t a** %en%e of time/te %eeming*) intermina'*e %trugg*e again%t deat migt a+e 'een enduring witout 'eginning(migt endure witout end( in %o far a% i% num'ed %en%e% were $on$erned.Turning% in te ri+er $a%t im o$$a%iona**) again%t one %ore and ten te oter. A*wa)%( ten( i%and% rea$ed u! in an attem!t to gra%! %ometing tat migt %ta) i% mad ru% toward% te fa**%and deat. At *a%t %u$$e%% $rowned i% effort% 0 i% finger% $*o%ed u!on te %tem of a ea+) +inetat trai*ed down te 'an into te %wir*ing water%( $*o%ed and e*d.Hand o+er and te man dragged im%e*f out of te water and onto te 'an( were e *a) for%e+era* minute%/ ten e ro%e %*ow*) to i% feet( %oo im%e*f *ie %ome great *ion( and *ooeda'out im in te darne%%( tr)ing to !enetrate te im!enetra'*e nigt. 5aint*)( a% troug%ru''er)( e tougt tat e %aw a *igt %ining dim*) in te di%tan$e. 6ere tere wa% a *igt(tere %ou*d 'e men. Tar1an mo+ed $autiou%*) toward it to in+e%tigate.-ut a few %te!% from te ri+er Tar1an en$ountered a wa**( and wen e wa% $*o%e to te wa** e

    $ou*d no *onger %ee te *igt. Rea$ing u!ward( e di%$o+ered tat te to! of te wai* wa% %ti**a'o+e te ti!% of i% out%tre$ed finger% 0 'ut wa**% wi$ were made to ee! one out a*%o in+itedone to $*im' tem.Ste!!ing 'a$ a few !a$e%. Tar1an ran toward te wa** and %!rang u!ward. Hi% e2tended finger%gri!!ed te ti! of te wa** and $*ung tere. S*ow*) e drew im%e*f u!( trew a *eg a$ro%% te$a!%tone%( and *ooed to %ee wat migt 'e %een u!on te o!!o%ite %ide of te wa**.He did not %ee mu$ 0 a %7uare of dim *igt fort) or fift) feet awa) 0 tat wa% a**( and it did not%ati%f) i% $urio%it). Si*ent*) e *owered im%e*f to te ground u!on te %ame %ide a% te *igt andmo+ed $autiou%*) forward. -eneat i% 'are feet e fe*t %tone f*agging( and gue%%ed tat e wa%in a !a+ed $ourt)ard.He ad $ro%%ed a'out a*f te di%tan$e to te *igt wen te retreating %torm f*a%ed a farewe**'o*t from te di%tan$e. Ti% di%tant *igtning 'ut 'are*) %uffi$ed to re*ie+e momentari*) tedarne%% %urrounding te a!e 0 man( re+ea*ing a *ow 'ui*ding( a *igted window( a dee!*)

    re$e%%ed doorwa) in te %e*ter of wi$ %tood a man. ,t a*%o re+ea*ed Tar1an to te man in tedoorwa).,n%tant*) te %i*en$e wa% %attered ') te 'ra1en $*atter of a gong. Te door %wung o!en( andmen 'earing tor$e% ru%ed out. Tar1an( im!e**ed ') te natura* $aution of te 'ea%t( turned torun( 'ut a% e did %o( e %aw oter o!en door% u!on i% f*an%( and armed men wit tor$e% wereru%ing from te%e a% we**.Rea*i1ing tat f*igt wa% u%e*e%%( Tar1an %tood %ti** wit fo*ded arm% a% te men $on+erged u!onim from tree dire$tion%.Te tor$e% $arried ') %ome of te men %owed Tar1an tat e wa% in a !a+ed( 7uadrangu*ar$ourt)ard en$*o%ed ') 'ui*ding% u!on tree %ide% and te wa** e ad %$a*ed u!on te fourt.Teir *igt a*%o re+ea*ed te fa$t tat e wa% 'eing %urrounded ') %ome fift) men armed wit%!ear%( te !oint% of wi$ were dire$ted toward im in a mena$ing $ir$*e.86o are )ou98 demanded one of te men a% te $ordon drew tigt*) a'out im. Te *anguage in

    wi$ te man %!oe wa% te %ame a% tat wi$ Tar1an ad *earned from Va*tor( te $ommon*anguage of te enem) $itie% of Atne and Catne.8, am a %tranger from a $ountr) far to te %out(8 re!*ied te a!e 0 man.86at are )ou doing in%ide te wa**% of te !a*a$e of Nemone98 Te %!eaer4% +oi$e wa%treatening( i% tone a$$u%ator).8, wa% $ro%%ing te ri+er far a'o+e ere wen te f*ood $augt me and %we!t me down/ it wa%on*) ') $an$e tat , fina**) made a *anding ere.8Te man wo ad 'een 7ue%tioning im %rugged. 86e**8( e admitted( 8it i% not for me to7ue%tion )ou( an)wa). Come; You wi** a+e a $an$e to te** )our %tor) to an offi$er( 'ut e wi** not'e*ie+e it eiter.8

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Te) $ondu$ted Tar1an into a *arge( *ow 0 $ei*inged room wi$ wa% furni%ed wit roug'en$e% and ta'*e%. U!on te wa**% ung wea!on%( %!ear% and %word%. Tere were %ie*d% ofe*e!ant ide %tudded wit go*d 'o%%e%. U!on te wa**% were mounted te ead% of anima*%/tere were te ead% of %ee! and goat% and *ion% and e*e!ant%.Two men guarded Tar1an in one $orner of te room( wi*e anoter wa% di%!at$ed to notif) a%u!erior of te $a!ture. Te remainder *oafed a'out te room( ta*ing( !*a)ing game%( $*eaningteir wea!on%. Te !ri%oner too te o!!ortunit) to e2amine i% $a!tor%.Te) were we**0%et 0 u! men( man) of tem not i**fa+oured( toug for te mo%t !art of ignorantand 'ruta* a!!earan$e. Teir e*met%( a'ergeon%( wri%t*et%( and an*et% were of e*e!ant ideea+i*) em'o%%ed wit go*d %tud%. 3ong air from te mane% of *ion% fringed te to!% of teiran*et% and wri%t*et% and wa% a*%o u%ed for ornamenta* !ur!o%e% a*ong te $re%t% of teir e*met%and u!on %ome $f teir %ie*d% and wea!on%. Te e*e!ant ide tat $om!o%ed teir a'ergeon%wa% $ut into di%$%( and te a'ergeon fa'ri$ated in a manner %imi*ar to tat one of i+or) wi$Va*tor ad worn. ,n te $entre of ea$ %ie*d wa% a ea+) 'ra%% of %o*id go*d. U!on tearne%%e% and wea!on% of te%e $ommon %o*dier% wa% a fortune in te !re$iou% meta*.6i*e Tar1an( immo'i*e( %i*ent( %ur+e)ed te %$ene wit e)e% tat %eemed %$ar$e*) to mo+e )etmi%%ed no detai*( two warrior% entered te room( and te in%tant tat te) $ro%%ed te tre%o*d%i*en$e fe** u!on te men $ongregated in te $am'er. Tar1an new ') tat te%e were offi$er%(toug teir tra!!ing% wou*d a+e 'een %uffi$ient e+iden$e of teir %u!erior %tation% in *ife.

    At a word of $ommand from one of te two( te $ommon warrior% fe** 'a$( $*earing one end of

    te room/ ten te two %eated tem%e*+e% at a ta'*e and ordered Tar1an4% guard% to 'ring imforward. A% te 3ord of te &ung*e a*ted 'efore tem( 'ot men %ur+e)ed im $riti$a**).86) are )ou in Ontar98 demanded one wo wa% e+ident*) te %u!erior( %in$e e !ro!oundeda** te 7ue%tion% during te inter+iew.Tar1an an%wered ti% and oter 7ue%tion% a% e ad an%wered %imi*ar one% at te time of i%$a!ture( 'ut e %en%ed from te attitude% of te two offi$er% tat neiter wa% im!re%%ed wit tetrut of i% %tatement%. Te) %eemed to a+e a !re$on$ei+ed $on+i$tion $on$erning im tatnoting wi$ e migt %a) $ou*d a*ter.8He doe% not *oo mu$ *ie an Atnean(8 remared te )ounger man.8Tat !ro+e% noting(8 %na!!ed te oter. 8Naed men *oo *ie naed men. He migt !a%% for)our own $ou%in were e gar'ed a% )ou are gar'ed.88Pera!% )ou are rigt( 'ut w) i% e ere9 A man doe% not $ome a*one from Tenar to raid inOntar. Un*e%% 0 8 e e%itated( 8un*e%% e wa% %ent to a%%a%%inate te 7ueen;8

    8, ad tougt of tat(8 %aid te o*der man. 8-e$au%e of wat a!!ened to te *a%t Atnean!ri%oner% we too( te Atnean% are +er) angr) wit te 7ueen. Ye%( te) migt ea%i*) attem!t toa%%a%%inate er.8Tar1an wa% a*mo%t amu%ed a% e Contem!*ated te ea%e wit wi$ te%e two $on+in$edtem%e*+e% tat wat te) wanted to 'e*ie+e true( wa% true. -ut e rea*i1ed tat ti% form of one 0%ided tria* migt !ro+e di%a%trou% to im if i% fate were to 'e de$ided ') %u$ a tri'una*( and %oe wa% !rom!ted to %!ea.8, a+e ne+er 'een in Atne(8 e %aid 7uiet*). 8, am from a $ountr) far to te %out. An a$$ident'rougt me ere. , am not an enem). , a+e not $ome to i** )our 7ueen or an) oter. Unti* toda) ,did not now tat )our $it) e2i%ted.8 Ti% wa% a *ong %!ee$ for Tar1an of te A!e%. He wa%a*mo%t !o%iti+e tat it wou*d not inf*uen$e i% $a!tor%( )et tere wa% a $an$e tat te) migt'e*ie+e im.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    it wa% +er) mu$ to te *atter4% intere%t% to 'e inf*uen$ed. And %o( wen e %!oe again( e %!oeto te )ounger of te two offi$er%.8Are te%e men of Atne *ie me98 e a%ed.5or an in%tant te offi$er e%itated: ten e %aid( 7uite fran*)( 8No( te) are not *ie )ou. You areun*ie an) man tat , a+e %een8.8Are teir wea!on% *ie m) wea!on%98 $ontinued te a!e 0 man. 8Tere are mine o+er in te$orner of te room/ )our men too tem awa) from me. 3oo at tem.8E+en te e*der offi$er %eemed intere%ted. 8-ring tem ere(8 e ordered one of te warrior%.Te man 'rougt tem and *aid tem on te ta'*e 'efore te two offi$er%/ te %!ear( te 'ow( te7ui+er of arrow%( te gra%% ro!e( and te nife. Te two men !i$ed tem u! one ') one ande2amined tem $arefu**). -ot %eemed intere%ted.8Are te) *ie te wea!on% of te Atnean%98 demanded Tar1an.8Te) are noting *ie tem(8 admitted te )ounger man. 86at do )ou %u!!o%e ti% ting i% for(Tomo%98 e a%ed i% $om!anion a% e e2amined Tar1an4% 'ow.83et me tae it(8 %ugge%ted Tar1an( 8and , wi** %ow )ou ow it i% u%ed.8Te )ounger man anded te 'ow to te a!e 0 man.8-e $arefu*( Gemnon(8 $autioned Tomo%. 8Ti% ma) 'e a tri$( a %u'terfuge ') wi$ e o!e% toget !o%%e%%ion of a wea!on wit wi$ to i** u%.8 8He $annot i** u% wit tat ting(8 re!*iedGemnon.83et4% %ee ow e u%e% it. Go aead. 3et4% %ee( wat did )ou %a) )our name i%98

    8Tar1an(8 re!*ied te 3ord of te &ung*e( 8Tar1an of te A!e%.886e**( go aead( Tar1an( 'ut %ee tat )ou don4t attem!t to atta$ an) of u%.8Tar1an %te!!ed to te ta'*e and too an arrow from i% 7ui+er/ ten e g*an$ed a'out te room.On te wa** at te far end a *ion4% ead wit o!en mout ung near te $ei*ing. 6it wata!!eared 'ut a %ing*e %wift motion e fitted te arrow to te 'ow( drew te featered %aft to i%%ou*der( and re*ea%ed it.E+er) e)e in te room ad 'een u!on im( for te $ommon warrior% ad 'een intere%ted%!e$tator% of wat ad 'een tran%!iring. E+er) e)e %aw te %aft 7ui+ering now were it!rotruded from te $entre of te *ion4% mout( and an in+o*untar) e2$*amation 'roe from e+er)troat( an e2$*amation in wi$ were ming*ed %ur!ri%e and a!!*au%e.8Tae te ting awa) from im( Gemnon(8 %na!!ed Tomo%. 8,t i% not a %afe wea!on in te and%of an enem).8Tar1an to%%ed te 'ow to te ta'*e. 8Do te Atnean% u%e ti% wea!on98 e a%ed.

    Gemnon %oo i% ead. 86e now no men wo u%e %u$ a wea!on(8 e re!*ied.8Ten )ou mu%t now tat , am no Atnean(8 %tated Tar1an( *ooing %7uare*) at Tomo%.8,t mae% no differen$e were )ou are from(8 %na!!ed Tomo%/ 8)ou are an enem)8.Te a!e 0 man %rugged 'ut remained %i*ent. He ad a$$om!*i%ed a** tat e ad o!ed for. Hewa% %ure tat e ad $on+in$ed tem 'ot tat e wa% not an Atnean and ad arou%ed teintere%t of te )ounger man.Gemnon ad *eaned $*o%e to Tomo% and wa% wi%!ering in te *atter4% ear( e+ident*) urging %omea$tion u!on im. Tar1an $ou*d not ear wat e wa% %a)ing. Te e*der man *i%tened im!atient*)/ itwa% $*ear tat e wa% not in a$$ord wit te %ugge%tion% of i% "unior.8No(8 e %aid wen te oter ad fini%ed. 8, wi** not !ermit an)ting of te %ort. Te *ife of te7ueen i% too %a$red to ri% ') !ermitting ti% fe**ow an) freedom. 6e %a** *o$ im u! for tenigt( and tomorrow de$ide wat %a** e done wit im.8 He turned to a warrior wo %eemed to'e an under 0 offi$er. 8Tae ti% fe**ow to te %trong 0 ou%e(8 e %aid 8and %ee tat e doe% not

    e%$a!e.8 Ten e ro%e and %trode from te room( fo**owed ') i% )ounger $om!anion.6en te) ad gone( te man in wo%e $arge Tar1an ad 'een *eft !i$ed u! te 'owe2amined it. 86at do )ou $a** ti% ting98 e demanded.8A 'ow(8 re!*ied te a!e 0 man.8And te%e988Arrow%.846i** te) i** a man9886it tem , a+e i**ed men and *ion% and 'uffa*oe% and e*e!ant%(8 re!*ied Tar1an. 86ou*d )ou*ie to *earn ow to u%e tem98 Pera!%( e tougt( a *itt*e ind*) fee*ing in te guardroom migt'e e*!fu* to im *ater on. &u%t at !re%ent e wa% not tining of e%$a!e/ te%e !eo!*e and te $it)

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    of go*d were far too intere%ting to *ea+e unti* e ad %een more of tem.Te man fingering te 'ow e%itated. Tar1an gue%%ed tat e wi%ed to tr) i% and wit tewea!on 'ut feared to de*a) $arr)ing out te order of i% offi$er.8,t wi** tae 'ut a moment(8 %ugge%ted Tar1an. 8See( *et me %ow )ou.8Ha*f0re*u$tant*) te man anded im te 'ow and Tar1an %e*e$ted anoter arrow.8Ho*d tem *ie ti%(8 e dire$ted and !*a$ed te 'ow and arrow $orre$t*) in te oter4% and%.8Te** )our men to %tand a%ide/ )ou ma) not %oot a$$urate*) at fir%t. Aim at te *ion4% ead( a% ,did. Now draw te 'ow 0 %tring 'a$ a% far a% )ou $an.8Te man( of %to$)( !owerfu* 'ui*d( tugged at te 'ow 0 %tring( 'ut te 'ow tat Tar1an 'ent %oea%i*) e $ou*d %$ar$e*) 'end at a**. 6en e re*ea%ed te arrow it f*ew 'ut a few feet anddro!!ed to te f*oor. 86at4% wrong98 e demanded.8,t re7uire% !ra$ti$e(8 te a!e 0 man to*d im.8Tere i% a tri$ to it(8 in%i%ted te under 0 offi$er. 83et me %ee )ou do it again.8Te oter warrior%( wat$ing wit manife%t intere%t( wi%!ered among tem%e*+e% or $ommentedo!en*).8,t tae% a %trong man to 'end tat %ti$(8 %aid one.

    A*tide%( te under 0 offi$er( wat$ed intent*) wi*e Tar1an %trung te 'ow again and 'ent it/ e%aw 'ow ea%i*) te %tranger f*e2ed te ea+) wood( and e mar+e**ed. Te oter men *ooed onin o!en admiration( and ti% time a %out of a!!ro+a* aro%e a% Tar1an4% %e$ond arrow $rowdedte fir%t in te mout of te *ion.

    A*tide% %$rat$ed i% ead. 8, %a** a+e to *o$ )ou u! now(8 e %aid( 8or o*d Tomo% wi** a+e m)ead on te wa** of i% !a*a$e( 'ut , %a** !ra$ti%e wit ti% wea!on unti* , *earn to u%e it. Are )ou%ure tat tere i% no tri$ in 'ending tat ting )ou $a** a 'ow988Tere i% no tri$ to it(8 Tar1an a%%ured im.

    A guard a$$om!anied Tar1an a$ro%% te $ourt)ard to anoter 'ui*ding were e wa% !*a$ed in aroom wi$( in te *igt of te tor$e% 'orne ') i% e%$ort( e %aw ad anoter o$$u!ant. Tente) *eft im( *o$ing te ea+) door 'eind tem.


  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Pre%ent*) te man in te $orner of te $e** addre%%ed im. 86o are )ou98 e a%ed. 86en te)'rougt )ou in , %aw ') te *igt of te tor$e% tat )ou are neiter a Catnean nor an Atnean.8Te man4% +oi$e wa% $oar%e( i% tone% gruff/ e demanded rater tan re7ue%ted.Ti% did not !*ea%e Tar1an( %o e did not re!*). 86at4% te matter98 grow*ed i% fe**ow !ri%oner.8Are )ou dum'98 Hi% +oi$e wa% rai%ed angri*).8Nor deaf(8 re!*ied te a!e 0 man. 8You do not a+e to %out at me.8Te oter wa% %i*ent for a %ort time/ ten e %!oe in an a*tered tone. 86e ma) 'e *o$ed in ti%o*e togeter for a *ong time(8 e %aid. 86e migt a% we** 'e friend%.88A% )ou wi**(8 re!*ied Tar1an( i% in+o*untar) %rug !a%%ing unoti$ed in te darne%% of te $e**.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    wen %*ee! o+er$ame i% !)%i$a* di%$omfort% and merged i% %!e$u*ation% wit i% dream%. Tote %out( anoter "ung*e 'ea%t $rou$ed in te %e*ter of a ro$) *edge wi*e te %torm tat ad'etra)ed Tar1an to new enemie% wa%ted it% waning wrat and !a%%ed on into te notingne%%tat i% te %e!u*$re of %torm%. Ten( a% te new da) dawned 'rigt and $*ear( e aro%e and%te!!ed out into te %un*igt( te great *ion tat we a+e %een 'efore( te great *ion wit tego*den $oat and te '*a$ mane.He %niffed te morning air and %tret$ed( )awning. Hi% %inuou% tai* twit$ed ner+ou%*) a% e*ooed a'out o+er te +a%t domain tat wa% i% 'e$au%e e wa% tere( a% e+er) wi*derne%% i% tedomain of te ing of 'ea%t% wi*e i% ma"e%t) i% in re%iden$e.5rom te %*igt e*e+ation u!on wi$ e %tood( i% )e**ow 0 green e)e% %ur+e)ed a 'road !*ain(tree 0 dotted. Tere wa% game tere in !*ent) 0 wi*de'ee%t( 1e'ra( giraffe( oodoo( andarte'ee%t 0 and te ing wa% ungr)( for te rain ad !re+ented i% maing a i** te !re+iou%nigt. He '*ined i% )e**ow 0 green e)e% in te new %un*igt and %trode ma"e%ti$a**) down towardte !*ain and i% 'reafa%t( a%( man) mi*e% to te nort( a '*a$ %*a+e a$$om!anied ') twowarrior% 'rougt 'reafa%t to anoter *ord of te "ung*e in a !ri%on $e** at Catne.

    At te %ound of foot%te!% a!!roa$ing i% !ri%on( Tar1an awoe and aro%e from te $o*d %tonef*oor were e ad 'een %*ee!ing. Po'eg %at u!on te edge of te wooden 'en$ and wat$edte door.8Te) 'ring u% food or deat(8 e %aid/ 8one ne+er now%.8Te a!e 0 man made no re!*). He %tood tere waiting unti* te door %wung o!en and te %*a+e

    entered wit te food in a roug earten 'ow*( and water in a g*a1ed "ug. He *ooed at te twowarrior% %tanding in te o!en doorwa) and at te %un*it $ourt)ard 'e)ond tem. Curio%it) e!tim !ri%oner tere 7uite a% mu$ a% armed men or %turd) door( and now e on*) *ooed 'e)ondte two warrior% wo were e)eing im intent*). Te) ad not 'een on dut) te nigt 'efore andad not %een im( 'ut te) ad eard of im. Hi% feat wit i% %trange wea!on ad 'een to*dtem ') teir fe**ow%.8So ti% i% te wi*d man;8 e2$*aimed one.8You ad 'etter 'e $arefu*( Po'eg(8 %aid te oter. 8, %ou*d ate to 'e *o$ed u! in a $e** wit awi*d man.8 Ten( *auging at i% "oe( e %*ammed te door after te %*a+e ad $ome out( and tetree went awa).Po'eg wa% a!!rai%ing Tar1an wit a new e)e/ i% naedne%% too on a new meaning in te *igtof tat de%$ri!ti+e term( wi*d man. Po'eg noted te great eigt of i% $e**mate( te e2!an%e ofi% $e%t( and i% narrow i!%( 'ut e great*) under 0 e%timated te %trengt of te %)mmetri$a*

    mu%$*e% tat f*owed %o %moot*) 'eneat te 'ron1ed ide. Ten e g*an$ed at i% own gnar*edand notted mu%$*e% and wa% %ati%fied.8So )ou are a wi*d man;8 e demanded. 8How wi*d are )ou98Tar1an turned %*ow*) toward te %!eaer. He tougt tat e re$ogni1ed tin*) +ei*ed %ar$a%m inte tone of Po'eg4% +oi$e. 5or te fir%t time e %aw i% $om!anion in te *igt of da). He %aw aman a few in$e% %orter tan im%e*f 'ut of migt) 'ui*d( a man of great girt and 'u*gingmu%$*e%( a man wo migt outweig te 3ord of te &ung*e ') fift) !ound%. He noted i%!rominent "aw( i% re$eding foreead( and i% %ma** e)e%. ,n %i*en$e Tar1an regarded Po'eg.86) don4t )ou an%wer me98 angri*) demanded te Catnean.8Do not 'e a foo*(8 admoni%ed Tar1an. 8, re$a** tat *a%t nigt )ou %aid tat a% we migt 'e$onfined ere for a *ong time we migt a% we** 'e friend%. 6e $annot 'e friend% ') in%u*ting oneanoter. 5ood i% ere. 3et u% eat.8Po'eg grunted and in%erted one of i% 'ig !aw% into te !ot te %*a+e ad 'rougt. A% tere wa%

    no nife or for or %!oon Tar1an( ad no a*ternati+e 'ut to do *iewi%e if e wi%ed to eat/ and %oe( too( too food from te !ot wit i% finger%. Te food wa% meat/ it wa% toug and %tring) andunder 0 $ooed. Had it 'een raw( Tar1an ad 'een 'etter %uited.Po'eg $ewed a%%iduou%*) u!on a moutfu* of te meat unti* e ad redu$ed te fi're% to a!u*! tat wou*d !a%% down i% troat. 8An o*d *ion mu%t a+e died )e%terda).8 e remared( 8a+er) o*d *ion.88,f we a$7uire te $ara$teri%ti$% of te $reature% we eat( a% man) men 'e*ie+e(8 Tar1an re!*ied(8we %ou*d %oon die of o*d age on ti% diet.88Ye%terda) , ad a !ie$e of goat4% meat from Tenar(8 %aid Po'eg. 8,t wa% %trong and none tootender( 'ut it wa% 'etter tan ti%. , am a$$u%tomed to good food. ,n te tem!*e te !rie%t% *i+e a%

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    we** a% te no'*e% do in te !a*a$e( and %o te tem!*e guard *i+e% we** on te *ea+ing% of te!rie%t%. , wa% a mem'er of te tem!*e guard. , wa% te %tronge%t man on te guard. , am te%tronge%t man in Catne. 6en raider% $ome from Tenar( or wen , am taen tere on raid%( teno'*e% mar+e* at m) %trengt and 'ra+er). , am afraid of noting. 6it m) 'are and% , a+ei**ed men. Did )ou e+er %ee a man *ie me988No(8 admitted te a!e 0 man.8Ye%( it i% we** tat we %ou*d 'e friend%(8 $ontinued Po'eg( 8we** for )ou. E+er)one want% to 'efriend% wit me( for te) a+e *earned tat m) enemie% get teir ne$% twi%ted. , tae tem *ieti%( ') te ead and te ne$(8 and wit i% great !aw% e went troug a !antomime of %ei1ingand twi%ting. 8Ten( $ra$; teir %!ine% 'rea. 6at do )ou tin of tat988, %ou*d tin tat )our enemie% wou*d find tat +er) un$omforta'*e(8 re!*ied Tar1an.8Un$omforta'*e;8 e"a$u*ated Po'eg. 86)( man( it i**% tem;88At *ea%t te) $an no *onger ear(8 $ommented te 3ord of te &ung*e dr)*).8Of $our%e te) $annot ear/ te) are dead. , do not %ee wat tat a% to do wit it.88Tat doe% not %ur!ri%e me(8 Tar1an a%%ured im.86at doe% not %ur!ri%e )ou98 demanded Po'eg.8Tat te) are dead( or tat te) $annot ear988, am not ea%i*) %ur!ri%ed ') an)ting8 e2!*ained te a!e 0 man.-eneat i% *ow foreead P'o'eg% 'row% were nitted in tougt. He %$rat$ed i% ead. 86atwere we ta*ing a'out98 e demanded.

    86e were tr)ing to de$ide wi$ wou*d 'e more terri'*e(8 e2!*ained Tar1an !atient*)( 8to a+e )oufor a friend or an enem).8Po'eg *ooed at i% $om!anion for a *ong time. One $ou*d a*mo%t %ee te *a'oriou% effort oftining going on in%ide tat ti$ %u**. Ten e %oo i% ead. 8Tat i% not wat we wereta*ing a'out at a**(8 e grum'*ed.8Now , a+e forgotten. , ne+er %aw an)one a% %tu!id a% )ou. 6en te) $a**ed )ou a wi*d mante) mu%t a+e meant a $ra1) man. And , a+e got to remain *o$ed in ere wit )ou for no onenow% ow *ong8.8You $an a*wa)% get rid of me(8 %aid Tar1an 7uite %eriou%*).8How $an , get rid of )ou98 demanded te Catnean.8You $an twi%t m) ne$( *ie ti%.8 Tar1an mimi$ed te !antomime in wi$ Po'eg ade2!*ained ow e rid im%e*f of i% enemie%.8, $ou*d do it(8 'oa%ted Po'eg( 8'ut ten te) wou*d i** me. No( , %a** *et )ou *i+e.8

    8Tan%(8 %aid Tar1an.8Or at *ea%t wi*e we are *o$ed u! ere togeter(8 added Po'eg.3o%% of *i'ert) re!re%ented for Tar1an( a% it doe% for a** $reature% endowed wit 'rain%( te a$meof mi%er)( more to 'e a+oided tan !)%i$a* !ain/ )et( wit %toi$ fortitude e a$$e!ted i% fatewitout a murmur of !rote%t( and wi*e i% 'od) wa% $onfined in four wa**% of %tone( i% memorie%ro+ed te "ung*e and te +e*dt and *i+ed again te freedom and te e2!erien$e of te !a%t.He re$a**ed te da)% of i% $i*dood wen fier$e #a*a( te %e 0 a!e tat ad %u$*ed im at erair) 'rea%t in i% infan$)( ad !rote$ted im from te danger% of teir %a+age *ife. He re$a**eder gent*ene%% and er !atien$e wit ti% 'a$ward $i*d wo mu%t %ti** 'e $arried in er arm%*ong after te 'a*u% of er $om!anion %e% were a'*e to %$urr) troug te tree% %eeing teirown food and e+en a'*e to !rote$t tem%e*+e% again%t teir enemie% ') f*igt if noting more.Te%e were i% fir%t im!re%%ion% of *ife( dating 'a$ !era!% to i% %e$ond )ear wi*e e wa% %ti**una'*e to %wing troug te tree% or e+en mae mu$ !rogre%% u!on te ground. After tat e

    ad de+e*o!ed ra!id*)( far more ra!id*) tan a !am!ered $i*d of $i+i*i1ation( for u!on te 7ui$de+e*o!ment of i% $unning and i% %trengt de!ended i% *ife.6it a faint %mi*e e re$a**ed te rage of o*d Tu'*at( i% fo%ter fater( wen Tar1an adde*i'erate*) undertaen to anno) im. O*d 8-roen 0 no%e8 ad a*wa)% ated Tar1an 'e$au%e tee*!*e%%ne%% of i% *ong 0 drawn infan$) ad !re+ented #a*a from 'earing oter a!e%. Tu'*at adargued in te meagre *anguage of te a!e% tat Tar1an wa% a wea*ing tat wou*d ne+er 'e$ome%trong enoug or $*e+er enoug to 'e of +a*ue to te tri'e. He wanted Tar1an i**ed( and e triedto get o*d #er$a( te ing( to de$ree i% deat/ %o wen Tar1an grew o*d enoug to under%tand(e ated Tu'*at and %ougt to anno) im in e+er) wa) tat e $ou*d.Hi% memorie% of to%e da)% 'rougt on*) %mi*e% now( %a+e on*) te great traged) of i% *ife( te

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    deat of #a*a. -ut tat ad o$$urred *ater( wen e wa% a*mo%t a grown man. Se ad 'een%a+ed to im wi*e e needed er mo%t and not taen awa) unti* after e wa% am!*) a'*e to fendfor im%e*f and meet te oter deni1en% of te "ung*e u!on an e7ua* footing. -ut it wa% not te!rote$tion of to%e $reat arm% and migt) fang% tat e ad mi%%ed( tat e %ti** mi%%ed e+entoda): e ad mi%%ed te materna* *i+e of tat %a+age eart( te on*) moter 0 *o+e tat e ade+er nown.

    And now i% tougt% turned natura**) to oter friend% of te "ung*e of wom #a*a ad 'een fir%tand greate%t. Tere were i% man) friend% among te great a!e%/ tere wa% Tantor te e*e!ant/tere wa% &ad 0 'ai 0 "a te Go*den 3ion/ tere wa% *itt*e Nima. Poor *itt*e Nima;

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    &u%t wat migt a+e a!!ened no man ma) now( for at tat in%tant four warrior% $ame and%wung te door of te $e** o!en. 8Come wit u%(8 %aid one of tem( 8'ot of )ou.8Po'eg %u**en*)( Tar1an wit te %a+age dignit) of Numa( a$$om!anied te four warrior% a$ro%%te o!en $ourt)ard and troug a doorwa) tat *ed into a *ong $orridor( at te end of wi$ te)were u%ered into a *arge room. Here( 'eind a ta'*e( %at %e+en warrior% tra!!ed in i+or) andgo*d. Among tem Tar1an re$ogni%ed te two wo ad 7ue%tioned im te nigt of i% $a!ture(o*d Tomo% and te )ounger Gemnon.8Te%e are no'*e%(8 wi%!ered Po'eg to Tar1an.8Tat one at te $entre of te ta'*e i% o*d Tomo%( te 7ueen4% $oun$i**or. He wou*d *ie to marr)te 7ueen( 'ut , gue%% e i% too o*d to %uit er. Te one on i% rigt i% Erot. He u%ed to 'e a$ommon warrior *ie me( 'ut Nemone too a fan$) to im( and now e i% te 7ueen4% fa+ourite.Se won4t marr) im toug( for e i% not of no'*e '*ood. Te )oung fe**ow on Tomo%4% *eft i%Gemnon. He i% from an o*d and no'*e fami*). 6arrior% wo a+e %er+ed im %a) e i% a +er)de$ent %ort.8

    A% Po'eg go%%i!ed( te two !ri%oner% and teir guard ad 'een %tanding "u%t in%ide tedoorwa) waiting to 'e %ummoned to ad+an$e( and Tar1an ad ad an o!!ortunit) to note tear$ite$ture and furni%ing% of te room. Te $ei*ing wa% *ow and wa% %u!!orted ') a %erie% ofengaged $o*umn% at regu*ar inter+a*% a'out te four wa**%. -etween te $o*umn%( a*ong one %ideof te room 'eind te ta'*e at wi$ te no'*e% were %eated( were ung*a1ed window%( and terewere tree doorwa)%: tat troug wi$ Tar1an and Po'eg ad 'een 'rougt( wi$ wa%

    dire$t*) o!!o%ite te window%( and one at eiter %ide of te room.Te f*oor wa% of %tone( $om!o%ed of man) !ie$e% of different %a!e% and %i1e%( 'ut a** %o ni$e*)fitted tat "oint% were 'are*) di%$erni'*e. On te f*oor were a few rug% eiter of te %in% of *ion% orof a %tiff and ea+) woo* wea+e.-ut now Tar1an4% e2amination of te room wa% interru!ted ') te +oi$e of Tomo%. 8-ring te!ri%oner% forward(8 e dire$ted te under 0 offi$er wo wa% one of te four warrior% e%$ortingtem.6en te two men ad 'een a*ted u!on te o!!o%ite %ide of te ta'*e from te no'*e%( Tomo%!ointed at Tar1an4% $om!anion.86i$ i% ti% one98 e demanded.8He i% $a**ed Po'eg8 re!*ied te under 0 offi$er.86at i% te $arge again%t im8.8He !rofaned Torn%.8

    86o 'rougt te $arge988Te ig !rie%t.88,t wa% an a$$ident(8 Po'eg a%tened to e2!*ain. 8, meant no di%re%!e$t.88Si*en$e;8 %na!!ed Tomo%. Ten e !ointed at Tar1an.8And ti% one98 e demanded. 86o i% e988Ti% i% te one wo $a**% im%e*f Tar1an(8 e2!*ained Gemnon. 8You wi** re$a** tat )ou and ,e2amined im te nigt e wa% $a!tured.88Ye%( )e%(8 %aid Tomo%. 8, re$a**. He $arried %ome %ort of %trange wea!on.88,% e te man of wom )ou to*d me(8 a%ed Erot( 8te one wo $ame from Atne to a%%a%%inatete 7ueen98 8Ti% i% te one(8 re!*ied Tomo%.8He doe% not great*) re%em'*e an Atneen(8 $ommented Erot.8, am not(8 %aid Tar1an.8Si*en$e;8 $ommanded Tomo%.

    86) %ou*d , 'e %i*ent98 demanded Tar1an. 8Tere i% none oter to %!ea for me tan ni)%e*f/terefore , %a** %!ea for m)%e*f. , am no enem) of )our !eo!*e( nor are m) !eo!*e at war wit)our%. , demand m) *i'ert);88He demand% i% *i'ert)(8 mimi$ed Erot and *auged a*oud a% toug it wa% a good "oe. 8Te%*a+e demand% i% *i'ert);8Tomo% a*f ro%e from i% %eat( i% fa$e !ur!*e wit rage. He 'anged te ta'*e wit i% fi%t. He!ointed a finger at Tar1an. 8S!ea wen )ou are %!oen to( %*a+e( and not oterwi%e.88,t i% e+ident tat e i% a man from a far $ountr)(8 inter"e$ted Gemnon. 8,t i% not %trange tat eneiter under%tand% our $u%tom% nor re$ogni1e% te great among u%. Pera!% we %ou*d *i%ten toim. ,f e i% not an Atnean and no enem)( w) %ou*d we im!ri%on im or !uni% im98

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    8He $ame o+er te !a*a$e wa**% at nigt(8 retorted Tomo%. 8He $ou*d a+e $ome for 'ut one!ur!o%e( to i** our 7ueen/ terefore( e mu%t die.88He to*d u% tat te ri+er wa%ed im down to Catne(8 !er%i%ted Gemnon. 8,t wa% a +er) darnigt and e did not now were e wa% wen e fina**) %u$$eeded in $raw*ing a%ore/ it wa%on*) $an$e tat 'rougt im to te !a*a$e.88A !rett) %tor) 'ut not !*au%i'*e(8 $ountered Erot.86) not !*au%i'*e98 demanded Gemnon. 8, tin it 7uite !*au%i'*e. 6e now tat no man $ou*da+e %wum te ri+er in te f*ood tat wa% raging tat nigt( and tat ti% man $ou*d not a+erea$ed te %!ot at wi$ e $*im'ed te wa** e2$e!t ') %wimming te ri+er or $ro%%ing te'ridge of go*d. 6e now tat e did not $ro%% te 'ridge( 'e$au%e te 'ridge wa% we**0guardedand no one $ro%%ed tat nigt. #nowing terefore tat e did not $ro%% te 'ridge and $ou*d nota+e %wum te ri+er( we now tat te on*) wa) e $ou*d a+e rea$ed tat !arti$u*ar %!ot u!onte ri+er4% 'an wa% ') 'eing %we!t down%tream from a'o+e. , 'e*ie+e i% %tor)( and , 'e*ie+e tatwe %ou*d treat im a% an onoura'*e warrior from %ome di%tant ingdom unti* we a+e 'etterrea%on% tan we now a+e for 'e*ie+ing oterwi%e.88, %ou*d not $are to 'e te one to defend a man wo $ame ere to i** te 7ueen(8 %neered Erotmeaning*).8Enoug of ti%;8 %aid Tomo% $urt*). 8Te man %a** 'e "udged fair*) and de%tro)ed a% Nemonetin% 'e%t.8

    A% e $ea%ed %!eaing( a door at one end of te room o!ened and a no'*e re%!*endent in i+or)

    and go*d %te!!ed into te $am'er. Ha*ting "u%t witin te tre%o*d( e fa$ed te no'*e% at teta'*e.8Te 7ueen8 e announ$ed in a *oud +oi$e and ten %te!!ed a%ide.

    A** e+e% turned in te dire$tion of te doorwa) and at te %ame time te no'ie% ro%e to teir feetand ten ne*t u!on te f*oor( fa$ing te doorwa) troug wi$ te 7ueen wou*d enter. Tewarrior% on 1uai*. irruding to%e wit Tar1an and Po'eg( did *iewi%e. Po'eg fo**owing teire2am!*e. E+er)one in te room ne*t e2$e!t te no'*e wo ad announ$ed te 7ueen( or ratere+er) Catnean. Tar1an of te A!e% did not nee*.8Down( "a$a*;8 grow*ed one of te guard% in a wi%!er( and ten amid%t deat*) %i*en$e a woman%te!!ed into +iew and !au%ed( framed in te $ar+ed $a%ing of te doorwa). Rega*( %e %toodtere g*an$ing indo*ent*) a'out te a!artment/ ten er e)e% met to%e of te a!e 0 man and( fora moment( e*d tere on i%. A %*igt frown of !u11*ement $ontra$ted er %traigt 'row% a% %e$ontinued on into te room( a!!roa$ing te ta'*e and te nee*ing men.

    -eind er fo**owed a a*f0do1en ri$*) arra)ed no'*e%( re%!*endent in 'urni%ed go*d andg*eaming i+or)( 'ut a% te) $ro%%ed te $am'er Tar1an %aw on*) te gorgeou% figure of te7ueen. Se wa% $*oted more %im!*) tan er e%$ort( 'ut %e wa% far more 'eautifu* tan te$rude Po'eg ad e+er !ainted er.

    A narrow diadem %et wit red %tone% en$ir$*ed er 'row( $onfining er g*o%%) '*a$ air. U!oneiter %ide of er ead( $o+ering er ear%( a *arge go*den di%$ de!ended from te diadem( wi*efrom it% rear ro%e a %*ender fi*ament of go*d tat $ur+ed forward( %u!!orting a *arge red %tonea'o+e te $entre of er ead. A'out er troat wa% a %im!*e go*den 'and tat e*d a 'roo$ and!endant of i+or) in te %oft o**ow of er ne$. U!on er u!!er arm% were %imi*ar go*den 'and%%u!!orting triangu*ar( $ur+ed ornament% of i+or).Tat %e wa% mar+e*ou%*) 'eautifu* ') te %tandard% of an) *and or an) time grew more a!!arentto te 3ord of te &ung*e a% %e $ame nearer to im/ )et er !re%en$e e2a*ed a %u't*e e%%en$etat *eft im wondering if er 'eaut) were te ref*e$tion of a nature a** good or a** e+i*( for er

    mien and 'earing %ugge%ted tat tere $ou*d 'e no $om!romi%e 0 Nemone( te 7ueen( wa% a**one or a** te oter.Se e!t er e)e% u!on im a% %e $ro%%ed te room %*ow*)( and Tar1an did not dro! i% ownfrom er%.Te 7ui11i$a* frown %ti** furrowed Nemone4% %moot 'row a% %e rea$ed te end of te ta'*ewere te no'*e% ne*t. ,t wa% not an angr) frown( and tere migt a+e 'een in it mu$ ofintere%t and %ometing of amu%ement( for unu%ua* ting% intere%ted and amu%ed Nemone( %orare were te) in te monoton) of er *ife. ,t wa% $ertain*) unu%ua* to %ee one wo did not a$$order te omage due a 7ueen.

    A% %e a*ted %e turned er e)e% u!on te nee*ing no'*e%. 8Ari%e;8 %e $ommanded( and in

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    tat %ing*e word te +i'rant 7ua*itie% of er ri$( dee! +oi$e %ent a %trange tri** troug te a!e 0man. 86o i% ti% tat doe% not nee* to Nemone98 %e demanded.

    A% Tar1an ad 'een %tanding 'eind te no'*e% a% te) ad turned to fa$e Nemone wen te)ne*t( on*) two of i% guard% ad 'een aware of i% dere*i$tion. Now a% te) aro%e and fa$eda'out( teir $ountenan$e% were fi**ed wit orror and rage wen te) di%$o+ered tat te %trange$a!ti+e ad %o affronted teir 7ueen.Tomo% went !ur!*e again. He %!*uttered wit rage. 8He i% an ignorant and im!udent %a+age( m)7ueen(8 e %aid( 8'ut a% e i% a'out to die( i% a$tion% are of no $on%e7uen$e.886) i% e a'out to die(8 demanded Nemone( 8and ow i% e to die988He i% to die 'e$au%e e $ame ere in te dead of nigt to a%%a%%inate )our ma"e%t)(8 e2!*ainedTomo%/ 8te manner of i% deat re%t%( of $our%e( in te and% of our gra$iou% 7ueen.8Nern1ne% dar e+e%( +ei*ed 'eind *ong *a%e%( a!!rai%ed te a!e 0 man. *ingering u!on i%'ron1ed %in and te ro**ing $ontour% of i% mu%$*e%( ten ri%ing to te and%ome ra$e Uf*ti* ere+e% met i%. 86) did )ou not nee*98 %e a%ed.86) %ou*d , nee* to )ou wo te) a+e %aid wi** a+e me i**ed98 demanded Tar1an. 86)%ou*d , nee* to )ou wo are not m) 7ueen9 6) %ou*d ,( Tar1an of te A!e%( wo nee*% to noone( nee* to )ou988Si*en$e;8 $ried Tomo%. 8Your im!ertinen$e now% no 'ound%. Do )ou not rea*i1e( ignorant %*a+e(*ow %a+age( tat )ou are addre%%ing Nemone( te 7ueen;8Tar1an made no re!*)/ e did not e+en *oo at Tomo%/ i% e)e% were fi2ed u!on Nemone. Se

    fa%$inated im( 'ut weter a% a ting of 'eaut) or a ting of e+i*( e did not now.Tomo% turned to te under 0 offi$er in $ommand of te e%$ort tat wa% guarding Tar1an andPo'eg. 8Tae tem awa);8 e %na!!ed. 8Tae tem 'a$ to teir $e** unti* we are read) tode%tro) tem.886ait(8 %aid Nemone. 8, wou*d now more of ti% man(8 and ten %e turned to Tar1an. 8So )ou$ame to i** me;8 Her +oi$e wa% %moot( a*mo%t $are%%ing. At te moment te woman remindedTar1an of a $at tat i% !*a)ing wit it% +i$tim. 8Pera!% te) $o%e a good man for te !ur!o%e/)ou *oo a% toug )ou migt 'e e7ua* to an) feat of arm%.88#i**ing a woman i% no feat of arm%(8 re!*ied Tar1an. 8, do not i** women. , did not $ome ere toi** )ou.8 8Ten w) did )ou $ome to Ontar98 in7uired te 7ueen in er %i*) +oi$e.8Tat , a+e a*read) e2!*ained twi$e to tat o*d man wit te red fa$e(8 re!*ied Tar1an( nodding inte genera* dire$tion of Tomo%. 8A% im/ , am tired of e2!*aining to !eo!*e wo a+e a*read)de$ided to i** me.8

    Tomo% trem'*ed wit rage and a*f drew i% %*ender( dagger0*ie %word.Nemone ad f*u%ed angri*) at Tar1an4% word%( 'ut %e did not *o%e $ontro* of er%e*f. 8Seat)our %word( Tomo%(8 %e $ommanded i$i*). 8Nemone i% $om!etent to de$ide wen %e i%affronted and wat %te!% to tae. Te fe**ow i% indeed im!ertinent( 'ut it %eem% to me tat if eaffronted an)one( it wa% Tomo% e affronted and not Nemone. Howe+er( i% temerit) %a** not goun!uni%ed. 6o i% ti% oter988He i% a tem!*e guard named Po'eg(8 e2!*ained Erot. 8He !rofaned Too%.88,t wou*d amu%e u%(8 %aid Nemone( 8to %ee te%e two men figt u!on te 5ie*d of te 3ion%. 3ettem figt witout oter wea!on% tan to%e wi$ Too% a% gi+en tem. To te +i$tor(freedom(8 %e e%itated momentari*)( 8freedom witin *imit%. Tae tem awa);8

    CHAPTER E,GHT UPON THE 5,E3D O5 THE 3,ONS.Tar1an and Po'eg were 'a$ in teir *itt*e %tone $e**/ te a!e 0 man ad not e%$a!ed. He ad

    ad no o!!ortunit) to e%$a!e on te wa) 'a$ to i% !ri%on( for te warrior% wo guarded im adredou'*ed teir +igi*an$e.Po'eg wa% mood) and tougtfu*. Te attitude of i% fe**ow !ri%oner during teir e2amination ')te no'*e%( i% %eeming indifferen$e to te ma"e%t) and !ower of Nemone( ad tended to a*terPo'eg4% former e%timate of te a!e 0 man4% $ourage. He rea*i1ed now tat te fe**ow wa% eitera +er) 'ra+e man or a +er) great foo*( and e o!ed tat e wa% te *atter.Po'eg wa% %tu!id( 'ut !a%t e2!erien$e ad taugt im %ometing of te !%)$o*og) of morta*$om'at. He new tat wen a man went into 'att*e fearing i% antagoni%t( e wa% a*read)andi$a!!ed and !art*) defeated. Now Po'eg did not fear Tar1an/ e wa% too %tu!id and tooignorant to anti$i!ate fear.

  • 7/23/2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan 16 -Tarzan and the City of Gold


    Tar1an( on te oter and( wa% of an entire*) different tem!erament( and toug e ne+er newfear it wa% for a +er) different rea%on. -eing inte**igent and imaginati+e( e $ou*d +i%ua*i1e a** te!o%%i'i*itie% of an im!ending en$ounter( 'ut e $ou*d ne+er now fear( 'e$au%e deat e*d noterror% for im. He ad *earned to %uffer !)%i$a* !ain witout te u%ua**) attendant orror% ofmenta* angui%.8,t wi** dou't*e%% 'e tomorrow(8 %aid Po'eg grim*).86at wi** 'e tomorrow98 in7uired te a!e 0 man.8Te $om'at in wi$ , %a** i** )ou(8 e2!*ained te $eerrfu* Po'eg.8O( %o )ou are going to i** me; Po'eg( , am %ur!ri%ed. , tougt tat )ou were m) friend.8Tar1an4% tone wa% %eriou%( toug a 'rigter man tan Po'eg migt a+e di%$o+ered in it a noteof 'anter. -ut Po'eg wa% not 'rigt at a**( and e tougt tat Tar1an wa% a*read) $ommen$ingto trow im%e*f u!on i% mer$).8,t wi** %oon 'e o+er(8 Po'eg a%%ured im. 8, !romi%e tat , %a** not *et )ou %uffer *ong.88, %u!!o%e tat )ou wi** twi%t m) ne$ *ie ti%(8 %aid Tar1an( !retending to twi%t %ometing witi% two and%.8< 0 m 0 m( !era!%(8 admitted Po'eg( 8'ut , %a** a+e to trow )ou a'out a 'it fir%t. 6e mu%tamu%e Nemone( )ou now.88Sure*)( ') a** mean%;8 a%%ented Tar1an. 8-ut %u!!o%e )ou %ou*d not 'e a'*e to trow me a'out9Su!!o%e tat , %ou*d trow )ou a'out9 6ou*d tat amu%e Nemone9 Or !era!% it wou*d amu%e)ou;8

    Po'eg *auged. 8,t amu%e% me +er) mu$ "u%t to tin a'out it(8 e %aid( 8and , o!e tat itamu%e% )ou to tin a'out it( for tat i% a% near a% )ou wi** e+er $ome to trowing Po'eg a'out.Ha+e , not to*d )ou tat , am te %tronge%t man in Catne988O( of $our%e(8 admitted Tar1an. 8, ad forgotten tat for te moment.88You wou*d do we** to tr) to remem'er it(8 ad+i%ed Po'eg( 8or oterwi%e our $om'at wi** not 'eintere%ting at a**.88And Nemone wou*d not 'e amu%ed; Tat wou*d 'e %ad. 6e %ou*d mae it a% intere%ting ande2$iting a% !o%%i'*e( and )ou mu%t not $on$*ude it too %oon.88You are rigt a'out tat(8 agreed Po'e. 8Te 'etter it i% te more generou% wi** Nemone fee*toward me wen it i% o+er. Se ma) e+en gi+e me a donation in addition to m) *i'ert) if we amu%eer we**8.8-) te 'e**) of Too%;8 e e2