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  • 2014-15 School Accountability Report Card for Edgewood High School Page 1 of 16

    Edgewood High School School Accountability Report Card

    Reported Using Data from the 2014-15 School Year Published During 2015-16

    By February 1 of each year, every school in California is required by state law to publish a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The SARC contains information about the condition and performance of each California public school. Under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) all local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to prepare a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), which describes how they intend to meet annual school-specific goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities. Additionally, data reported in an LCAP is to be consistent with data reported in the SARC. For more information about SARC requirements, see the California Department of Education (CDE) SARC Web page at

    http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/ac/sa/. For more information about the LCFF or LCAP, see the CDE LCFF Web page at http://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/lc/. For additional information about the school, parents/guardians and community members should contact the school principal or

    the district office. DataQuest DataQuest is an online data tool located on the CDE DataQuest Web page at http://dq.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/ that contains additional information about this school and comparisons of the school to the district, the county, and the state. Specifically, DataQuest is a dynamic system that provides reports for accountability (e.g., test data, enrollment, high school graduates, dropouts, course enrollments, staffing, and data regarding English learners. Internet Access Internet access is available at public libraries and other locations that are publicly accessible (e.g., the California State Library). Access to the Internet at libraries and public locations is generally provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Other use restrictions may include the hours of operation, the length of time that a workstation may be used (depending on availability), the types of software programs available on a workstation, and the ability to print documents.

    About This School Contact Information (Most Recent Year)

    School Contact Information

    School Name------- Edgewood High School

    Street------- 1301 Trojan Way

    City, State, Zip------- West Covina, CA 91790

    Phone Number------- 626-939-0600

    Principal------- Roni Maddox

    E-mail Address------- rmaddox@wcusd.org

    Web Site------- www.ehs.wcusd.org

    Grades Served 9-12

    CDS Code 19-65094-0122432

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    District Contact Information

    District Name------- West Covina Unified School District

    Phone Number------- 626-939-4600


    Dr. Charles Hinman

    E-mail Address------- chinman@wcusd.org

    Web Site------- www.wcusd.org

    School Description and Mission Statement (Most Recent Year)

    Edgewood High is proud to present its School Accountability Report Card (SARC) to our school community. This extensive report provides important information and data on Edgewoods outstanding academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for the 2014-15 school year. Edgewood High School recently re-opened at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year and currently services students in grades nine through twelve. Students at EHS receive a public high school experience filled with personal attention, a truly rigorous curriculum, and a genuine focus on teaching students to acquire tangible international knowledge and skills. We have an energetic faculty, reduced class sizes in English and Math courses, and a global theme utilizing the International Baccalaureate program diploma program encouraging students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. Some unique aspects of EHS are the following: *A smaller learning community that fosters the development of student-to-student as well as student-staff relationships. *A real focus on 21st Century skills and the Common Core State Standards, so students can compete and succeed in the global workforce. *A focus on the 5 C's Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Civility *An opportunity for students to pursue a rigorous college preparatory course of study. *A complete integration of technology and current media throughout all aspects of a robust and challenging curriculum. All students have access to laptop computers with Wi-Fi Internet access enhancing their educational experience. *Plenty of personal and social development created by participation in a solid slate of extracurricular activities such as ASB, clubs, yearbook, dances, study trips, performance, and sports opportunities. *Complete and thorough accountability regarding student performance and assessment. *A culture of success where students become leaders not only on campus, but throughout their communities. The Edgewood High School mascot is the Lion; our school colors, blue and gold; and school-sponsored activities, including athletics, student leadership, and club and service organizations connect students beyond the classroom by enhancing their educational experiences. Everyday our school spirit is a reflection of our students pride in their school, community and themselves. Mission Statement Edgewood IB School is committed to building a globally aware community of lifelong learners who achieve high academic standards. Edgewood provides diverse and challenging curriculum that develops inquisitive, knowledgeable, and empathetic students who actively engage in and contribute in a meaningful manner to their diverse community and the world around them. Vision Statement Edgewood High School is a safe, diverse, and culturally sensitive learning community committed to fostering the academic, social, physical, emotional, and creative development of all students. Instruction is engaging, academically rigorous and promotes technological literacy. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their education and pursue individual post-secondary goals.

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    Student Enrollment by Grade Level (School Year 2014-15)

    Grade Number of

    Level Students

    Grade 9 240

    Grade 10 262

    Grade 11 161

    Grade 12 186

    Total Enrollment 835

    Student Enrollment by Group (School Year 2014-15)

    Student Percent of

    Group Total Enrollment

    Black or African American 2.4

    Asian 9.9

    Filipino 6.7

    Hispanic or Latino 72.1

    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.1

    White 6.5

    Two or More Races 1.3

    Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 71.4

    English Learners 2.9

    Students with Disabilities 5.1

    Foster Youth 0.6

    A. Conditions of Learning

    State Priority: Basic The SARC provides the following information relevant to the Basic State Priority (Priority 1): Degree to which teachers are appropriately assigned and fully credentialed in the subject area and for the pupils they are

    teaching; Pupils have access to standards-aligned instructional materials; and School facilities are maintained in good repair. Teacher Credentials

    Teachers School District

    2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2015-16

    With Full Credential 36 38 39

    Without Full Credential 0 1 0

    Teaching Outside Subject Area of Competence (with full credential) 1 2 2

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    Teacher Misassignments and Vacant Teacher Positions

    Indicator 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16

    Misassignments of Teachers of English Learners 0 0 0

    Total Teacher Misassignments * 1 2 2

    Vacant Teacher Positions 0 0 0 Note: Misassignments refers to the number of positions filled by teachers who lack legal authorization to teach that grade level, subject area, student group, etc. * Total Teacher Misassignments includes the number of Misassignments of Teachers of English Learners. Core Academic Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers (School Year 2014-15)

    Location of Classes Percent of Classes In Core Academic Subjects

    Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers Not Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers

    This School 97.1 2.9

    All Schools in District 98.9 1.1

    High-Poverty Schools in District 98.9 1.1

    Low-Poverty Schools in District 0.0 0.0 Note: High-poverty schools are defined as those schools with student eligibility of approximately 40 percent or more in the free and reduced price meals program. Low-poverty schools are those with student eligibility of approximately 39 percent or less in the free and reduced price meals program. Quality, Currency, Availability of Textbooks and Instructional Materials (School Year 2015-16) Year and month in which data were collected: Sept. 2014

    Core Curriculum Area Textbooks and Instructional Materials/

    Year of Adoption

    From Most Recent


    Percent of Students Lacking Own

    Assigned Copy

    Reading/Language Arts 9-11th Grades - Holt, Rinehart and Winston

    Yes 0

    Mathematics Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry - College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) Precalculus - Brooks/Cole IB Math Studies and HL Math -Pearson Baccalaureate

    Yes 0

    Science Biology - Houghton Mifflin Company Biology (Honors) - Prentice Hall IB Biology HL-Pearson Baccalaureate Chemistry - Glencoe/McGraw Hill Chemistry (Honors) - Brooks/Cole Sports Medicine-McGraw-Hill Human Anatomy-McGraw-Hill Environmental Science-Wiley, John, and Sons

    Yes 0

    History-Social Science World History 9-11th Grades - Prentice Hall Economics - Prentice Hall Political Science - Wadsworth CENGAGE Learning US History-Holt, Reinhart, Winston IB History HL-Routledge

    Yes 0

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    Core Curriculum Area Textbooks and Instructional Materials/

    Year of Adoption

    From Most Recent


    Percent of Students Lacking Own

    Assigned Copy

    Foreign Language Spanish I, II and III - McDougal Littell IB Spanish SL-Advance Materials Mandarin I, II, and III - The Far East Book Co., Ltd.

    Yes 0

    Health 9-11th Grades - Glencoe/McGraw Hill

    Yes 0

    Visual and Performing Arts Theatrics/Music 9-11th Grades - Glencoe/McGraw Hill

    Yes 0

    Science Laboratory Equipment (grades 9-12)

    The Science department utilizes a comprehensive list of equipment and resources to support the state standards in each content area. The following is a general list of equipment that we use in each of the sciences:

    Life Science: Microscopes,dissection kits, specimens, slides, and petri dishes.

    Chemistry: Various chemicals, scales, thermometers, beakers, test tubes, flasks, and burners.

    Environmental Science: Rocks, minerals, density kits, convection kits, topographical maps, metric rulers, earth and space models and magnifying lenses.

    Yes 0

    School Facility Conditions and Planned Improvements (Most Recent Year)

    The appearance of a schools grounds, buildings, and classrooms influences the attitude of all who visit and use the campus. It is important that all steakholders support a well groomed and clean campus including outside entities that conduct activities through a facilities use agreement. The district takes great efforts to ensure that all schools are clean, safe, and functional. The schools facilities support the special needs of all students. There are areas on campus, including the library-media center, for students and staff to go for collaboration and research. Students utilize a grassy, park-like atmosphere. An attractive fence encloses the front of the school and all gates are locked and secured to accommodate the daily schedule. Signs are posted at the front gate informing the public that the school is tobacco free, and the school follows a campus beutification policy that encourages students and staff to assume personal responsibility for the appearance of the campus. The WCUSD Board of Education maintains high cleaning standards for all schools in the district. The school office can provide details. The principal works daily with the custodial staff to develop cleaning schedules to ensure a clean and safe school. All campus restrooms are open, cleaned periodically throughout the school day and fully operational. District maintenance staff ensures that the repairs necessary to keep the school in good repair and working order are completed in a timely manner. A work order process is used to ensure efficient service and that emergency repairs are given the highest priority.

  • 2014-15 School Accountability Report Card for Edgewood High School Page 6 of 16

    School Facility Good Repair Status (Most Recent Year)

    School Facility Good Repair Status (Most Recent Year) Year and month in which data were collected: January 2016

    System Inspected Repair Status Repair Needed and

    Action Taken or Planned Good Fair Poor

    Systems: Gas Leaks, Mechanical/HVAC, Sewer


    Interior: Interior Surfaces X

    Cleanliness: Overall Cleanliness, Pest/ Vermin Infestation


    Electrical: Electrical X

    Restrooms/Fountains: Restrooms, Sinks/ Fountains


    Safety: Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials X

    Structural: Structural Damage, Roofs X

    External: Playground/School Grounds, Windows/ Doors/Gates/Fences


    Overall Facility Rating (Most Recent Year)

    Year and month in which data were collected: January 2016

    Overall Rating Exemplary Good Fair Poor


    B. Pupil Outcomes

    State Priority: Pupil Achievement The SARC provides the following information relevant to the State priority: Pupil Achievement (Priority 4): Statewide assessments (i.e., California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress [CAASPP], Science California Standards

    Tests); and The percentage of pupils who have successfully completed courses that satisfy the requirements for entrance to the University

    of California and the California State University, or career technical education sequences or programs of study California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress Results for All Students (School Year 2014-15)


    Percent of Students Meeting or Exceeding the State Standards (grades 3-8 and 11)

    School District State

    English Language Arts/Literacy 59 47 44

    Mathematics 31 33 33 Note: Percentages are not calculated when the number of students tested is ten or less, either because the number of students in this category is too small for statistical accuracy or to protect student privacy.

  • 2014-15 School Accountability Report Card for Edgewood High School Page 7 of 16

    CAASPP Assessment Results - English Language Arts (ELA) Disaggregated by Student Groups, Grades Three through Eight and Eleven (School Year 2014-15)

    Student Group Grade

    Number of Students Percent of Students

    Enrolled Tested Tested Standard Not Met

    Standard Nearly Met

    Standard Met

    Standard Exceeded

    All St...


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