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  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge



    You know Thomas Edison as one of history's most prolific inventors...

    That's the story we've all been told.

    But there's another story...

    For 90 years...

    Edison's most controversial invention remained cloaked in silence...

    You won't find it in any history book...

    And it was almost wiped from all records.

    In 1921, Thomas Edison Developed a Plan toRe-Invent the One Force That Drives Everything...Money

    I'm Mike Ward, and this is the story you've never been told.

    In 1921,Thomas Edison tried to re-invent the dollar.

    Now, while, the U.S. government and Federal Reserve initially silenced Edison's radicalplan.

    It could only stay hidden for so long.

    Over the years, an underground movement championed this monetary breakthrough...

    And recently, its existence was brought to light.

    It's Sparked a Rebellion That Quickly Spread to Main Street America...To Every Corner of the Globe

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    Right now, this radical new form of money...

    Is being used by millions of people in over 100 countries.

    It's trading on exchanges around the world...

    From Toronto to Singapore...

    To the United States...

    It was once valued at less than a penny on these exchanges...

    But in 2013, a single unit of Edison's breakthrough money was valued at:

    More than 482 Australian dollars 330 euros 280 British pounds. And 447 U.S. dollars.

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    In Fact, a Single Dollar Invested in it When itFirst Launched, Was Recently Worth $44,700.

    Now, that bears repeating.

    One dollar transformed into $44,700 in 2013.

    This new currency is changing the lives of average people who are turning small sums ofmoney into thousands...

    Tens of thousands...

    Hundreds of thousands...

    Even millions of dollars...

    Edison's Revenge on the Dollaris beginning to re-balance the existing power structuresdictating who can become wealthy in America.

    It's why the U.S. Department of Justice calls it a "renegade currency."

    Why the European Central Bank fears it will negatively impact their reputation.


    A Senior Economic Adviser to President Reagan Calls it

    "A Competitive Threat "to All Currencies.

    And why the IRS is sounding the alarms...

    That this may be the ultimate 21st century tax haven...

    Now, even though our Federal Government...

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    And our Federal Reserve are concerned about it limiting their power...

    36 cities across 20 states allow you to pay for everything from water bills to parking ticketswithEdison's Renegade Currency.

    200,000 companies in the United States can currently pay their employees with it.

    700,000 American businesses are turning toEdison's Renegade Currency.

    Including, Walmart, CVS, Lowe's, and NIKE.

    You can useEdison's Renegade Currencyto buy gold & silver.

    To buy Domino's pizza and have it delivered.

    To pay for lunches and dinners at over 12,000 restaurants in 45 states.

    In Texas, a man who recently converted 1,200 U.S. dollars into this new money...

    Because of its rapid rise in value...

    He was able to turn around and pay for a Porsche with it.

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    In New York, a Luxurious Condoin the Exclusive, Trump SohoComplex Was Recently Listed

    For $1.9 Million Dollars...

    But You Couldn't Pay For it WithDollars, a Check, Wire Transfer...

    Even A Credit Card.

    You Could Only UseEdison's Renegade Currency

    Right now, the whole world is embracing it.

    In France, you can have your salary paid in it.

    Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, South Africa...

    It's a similar story.

    In Finland, dentists will accept payment inEdison's Renegade Currency.

    The same for a brewery in Berlin.

    In Toronto, you can rent office space with it.

    In Argentina, you can buy a vacation home.

    And in New Zealand, one company will even let you pay for a private flight to outer space.

    Edison's Renegade Currencyis creating a new, international monetary system...

    Something Like This Has Never Happened Before in History...

    It's Happening Right Now

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    You will discover what could be a 280% annual dividend inEdison's Renegade Currency.

    If are looking for aggressive capital gains, yet you want to avoid risky plays like options orfutures...

    You'll be given a powerful and unconventional opportunity to turnEdison's RenegadeCurrencyinto a 463% windfall.


    If You Are Looking For That Rare, Life-Changing Investment...

    You will be handed an amazing, off-the-grid opportunity inEdison's Renegade Currencytoturn...

    Every $10 you invest into $437.

    Every $100 into $4,367. And every $1,000 into $43,670.

    I'm pleased to now be joined by Michael Robinson.

    Michael Robinson is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated financial journalist and investment analyst.

    His work exposing an $80-million-dollar scandal at Bank of America captured internationalheadlines...

    His book "Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings" foretold the nation's banking


    And his unparalleled mix of hard-hitting reporting and investment analysis has beenfeatured in The New York Times, Detroit News...

    The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner, and The Kansas City Times.

    Michael has also risen to the top of Silicon Valley as a board member and senior adviser toa prominent venture capital fund.

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    And now he isMoney Morning'sDirector of Technology and Venture Capital Investing.

    Michael Robinson, thank you for being here.

    Michael Robinson: It's great to be here, Mike.

    Mike Ward:

    Michael, we've got a big story developing right now.

    It's a true threat to the Fed...

    In fact, every Central Bank's Cartel-like control over world currencies...

    We've never seen something like this before.

    And now some of the biggest venture capitalists, folks in your circle...

    They are pushing millions of dollars into it...

    The biggest companies...

    They're starting to integrate it into their operations.

    But even more important...

    This new money...

    We've tracked down people using it to turn hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars.

    Into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Many are even turning into millionaires.

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    Michael, take us through this phenomenon.

    It Was Born From the "Forgotten Depression" of 1921

    Michael Robinson:

    You know, Mike, this is a really fascinating piece of economic history in the United States.

    It all started in 1921.

    Now back then we were in the middle of one of the worst depressions in U.S. history.

    Remember, this pre-dates the Great Depression, but this is a big one.

    It was a scary time in America.

    Our GDP plummeted, the equivalent of $1 trillion of our economic value today.

    Gone, in the blink of an eye... in 18 months.

    Our dollar plunged over 17%...

    Dropped right off a cliff.

    So Thomas Edison blames all of this chaos on the Federal Reserve.

    And you know what, he was right.

    He believed that, even though we had a gold-backed dollar...

    The Fed still had far too much power to manipulate our money supply and economy.

    And what the Fed really wanted was "a single currency based entirely on mortgage loans."

    Those were his exact words.

    Mike Ward:

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    It sounds like Thomas Edison hit the nail on the head here.

    Because look, that's exactly what our dollar has been built on for years now?

    That's exactly what caused our 2008 recession, our financial crisis.

    Edison saw it coming.

    Edison's Plan to Decimate the Fed's Power

    Michael Robinson:

    Without question.

    Edison's solution was to weaken the Fed's power.

    Now, how do you weaken an institution with centralized power?


    You decentralize it.

    So as an inventor, Edison does what inventors do.

    He sits down and invents what became known as Edison Dollars.

    A free market-driven dollar.

    Edison Engineered His Money to Be Decentralized...

    Decentralized across 36 commodities...

    Decentralized across 12 warehouses...

    Six in the cotton states, six in the wheat states.

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    And the only way new money could be created, would be if new commodities were addedto those warehouses.

    So Edison takes his plan to the Governor of the Fed, the New York Fed...

    The heads of national banks.

    Mike, guess what?

    They all united against him.

    They buried Edison's Dollar movement before he could ever get it started.

    In fact, only one copy of Edison's plan ever made it out to the public.

    Mike Ward:

    So how was Edison's vision kept alive all these years.

    An Underground Movement Kept Edison's Plan Alive

  • 8/13/2019 Edison Revenge


    Michael Robinson:

    By a trail of breadcrumbs, Mike, that a few influential people followed.

    Edison Dollars were initially championed by Henry Ford.

    So a free market capitalist gets behind a free market dollar.

    And the trail starts...

    Edison, to Ford...

    Then it leads to Irving Fisher.

    Fisher was a famous economist, who belie