Editing and Proofreading Text

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Editing and Proofreading Text. Microsoft Word 2010. Make Text Changes. Insert text Click and type Delete a few characters Backspace and delete The selection area is in the left margin of the document. Click there to select a row of text. Double click to select the entire paragraph. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Editing and Proofreading Text

Editing and Proofreading TextMicrosoft Word 20101Make Text ChangesInsert text Click and typeDelete a few characters Backspace and deleteThe selection area is in the left margin of the document. Click there to select a row of text. Double click to select the entire paragraph.2Make Text Changes, cont.Drag-and-Drop EditingSelect textPoint to the selectionHold down the mouse buttonDrag the text to its new locationRelease the mouse button To copy the selection, hold down the Ctrl key while you drag.3How to select aWord: Double click the wordSentence: Hold down the CTRL key and click anywhere in the sentenceParagraph: Triple click anywhere in the paragraphAdjacent words, lines, or paragraphs: Put the cursor at the beginning and hold down Shift and the arrow keys to navigate.Non-adjacent words, lines, or paragraphs: Make one selection and then hold down CTRL to make other selections.

4Cut, Copy, and PasteItems that are cut or copied are stored on the Office Clipboard until they are pasted.Keyboard ShortcutsCut: CTRL+XCopy: CTRL+CPaste: CTRL+VUndo: CTRL+ZRepeat/Redo: CTRL+Y

5Finding and Replacing TextUse the Find Feature to search for every occurrence of a word or phrase.

6Finding and Replacing Text, cont.On the Replace page, you can click the following:Find Next: Finds the first occurrence or leaves the selected occurrence as it is and locates the next oneReplace: Replaces the selected occurrence with the text in the Replace With box and moves to the next occurrenceReplace All: Replaces all occurrences with the text in the Replace With box

7Fine-Tuning TextThesaurus: Can be used to provide synonyms (similar words) for a selected word.Research Tools: Used to research for a topic within Word. Translator: Mini-translator- Quickly provides a translation for a word or phrase.Online bilingual dictionary- Used to obtain the translation of a word that doesnt appear in the text.Online machine translator- Used to translate an entire document.8Correcting Spelling and Grammar ErrorsWord Processing software tools makes correcting errors much easier.AutoCorrect Automatically corrects misspelled words, such as adn to and. Error Indicators Potential spelling errors are underlined with red and potential grammar errors with green.Spelling and Grammar dialog box Used to check spelling and grammar for the entire document.9Inserting Saved TextUse Building Blocks to ensure consistency in your documents. Cover pagesHeaders and footersTablesText boxesMake your own! (A building block can be a simple phrase, multiple paragraphs, formatting, graphics, etc. that you will use over and over)10


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