Editing of Our Main Task

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powerpoint of editing of main task



  • SMOOTHING TRANSITION. Where our actor Arthur took his hood down, the shot switches however the line carries on Come on (the shot then switches) You know Id never hurt you. due to the fact that we didnt have a very good mic the audio was hard to record to the quality we thought was suitable for our final draft. Instead of having this shot switch audio mid way through to something sounding further away, Our editor Joe bridged the audio from the first shot over to the second. For this to have its full effect Joe got Arthur to mime the lines. We had to ensure that the cut was just as he took his hood down so that it made it appear like a smooth transition.

  • THE CLONE EFFECTMy favourite part of our Main Task is the cloning of our main actor Arthur. This shot begins with Arthur having a conversation with his clone. The editing technique used here was the clone effect. 1. You set up the camera and record one side of

    the conversation2. Make sure you dont move the camera and

    record the other side of the conversation.3. When editing cut the shot into two separate

    shots with each side of the conversation.4. Place one of the shots on top of the other. 5. Crop the shot on top to the point where the

    double can be seen.6. When adding filters you do exactly th same on

    both sides.

  • STABILISATION We noticed that some of our shots werent stable enough for our main task and made the sequence look not up to scratch. The stabilisation was fixable. Our editor did this by using the stabilisation tab in the Final Cut. A shot that was not stable was he final shot which slowly zooms into the door to build up suspense and so you know there is something going on behind it, but the audience dont know what. This shot needs to be to the best standard possible and as smooth as possible so that the viewers attention is on just the door rather than being distracted by the shaking shot.

  • THE EFFECTS WE USED.As well as using colour correction we used the same effect throughout the whole of our Main Task. These effects were:1. Letterbox Effect2. Cold Steel EffectThe letterbox made the sequence a lot more cinematic and then the cold steel created better colour balance in the shots. These effects were then customised to the standard we wanted them then they were added to every shot throughout the sequence.