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<ol><li> 1. Editing Sound + ClipsHow it was done Callum Pearce </li><li> 2. IntroFor the introduction of Predator Productions, although they combine together in the end to become one image separated, Ihad to separated the images using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to ensure that the split between the panther was even. Once thiswas done I had to create a custom transition on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 so that the images would slide in and stop in theexact place I wanted it. I decided to split the image into 3 sectors as it creates a more diverse intro to the film and is muchmore interesting than a simple image being placed onto a screen with no particular movement. Once the images had madetheir way onto the screen, it was time for the text to appear to label the name of the company. As there had already beenmovement with the images appearing I felt it was suitable to reduce the amount of movement with the text as I also tested outa similar transition from the text to the images and it seemed as if there was too much going on and it may confuse theviewer. </li><li> 3. Additional SoundsThere were two additional sound effects that we had to include in the final task to make the whole production seem realistic tothe view. The first one was the vibration of the mobile phone on the desk to alert the inspector of an unknown caller, whichfirst of all became a problem whilst filming as the vibration was not loud enough when trying to film it live in the clip and it washard to get the timing right. Also the signal from the phone created a distortion in the volume of the microphone whichinterfered with the sound of the current happenings. We avoided this issue by recording the sound of the vibration separatelyand put it in after as circled in red in the images above. The second input of additional sound was the gun shot which was anecessity for this part as it created realism and the loud sound effect would thrill the audience. As I got the gun shot soundeffect from a free online website, it was not originally exactly how I wanted it to sound so I had to adjust the speed of the shotand also fade out the sound at the end of the shot to have a smooth transition with the rest of the film. This is highlighted inthe blue circle above. </li><li> 4. DialogueFor the dialogue we used a Rode Videomic Mini Pro Shotgun which helped us obtain a good, clear audio to the film howeveras found whilst filming and editing our preliminary, it often tend to happen that the transition of different sound clips of aconversation was no as smooth as it could have been. After learning from this, in the main task I had to ensure that there wasa smooth, flowing motion to the conversation scene taking place and to make sure of this I overlapped the clips only by aslight amount and faded out the volume of each sound slowly so that there were no sudden changes in sound and theconversation sounded as if it was all at once rather than multiple different shots after stopping and starting. This is shown inthe image above on the left by making the clips in different rows so that the sound could blend in with the next clip instead ofoverwriting it. </li><li> 5. SoundtrackI found the soundtrack for the main part of the film in a video on YouTube and once I had got in contact with the owner andgained permission to use it I downloaded it and inserted it in. However the were a few minor adjustments that I did had tomake when using this as I had to adjust the speed of the original sound as it was too fast so I reduced the speed from 100%to 84.39% as this fitted better with the footage that was being shown. Also at the conversation section of the introduction tothe film, I had to lower the volume so that the music did not over power the discussion that was going on. Finally I had to cutand go to a different section of the music as it was originally over 3 minutes long, meaning that it was important to crop itdown to the correct length. But as shown in the red circle above, I inserted a part later on in the track where the tempo was alot faster and the pitch had changed which suited to the scene more. Once this part of the soundtrack was chosen it wasimportant that the 2 were blended together so there was so obvious change in parts of the recording.</li></ol>