Editing the first draft of the magazine advertisement

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  • 1. Laurie AmosEditing the first draft of the magazine advertisementBelow is the first draft of the magazine advertisement that I have created.Although I like the first draft, there are a few minor changes that I intend onmaking to the design of it, including making the album name Vengeancestand out more. In order to do this I decided I wanted to change the Characterspacing. Here: This allows the title to look like this, which I prefer as although it is a smaller font it stills spreads almost the size of the title, making it more noticeable.

2. Laurie AmosI have also changed the font decoration here, including:Font style before: Calibri, changed to Cambria because Calibri font appearedtoo structured and formal, which I thought was unsuitable for the band andtheme.Font size before: 16pt, changed to 20pt as it could be seen better and muchclearer when it was bigger.As you can see below I also changed the font colour of this text, as it was whitebefore it looked too bright for the dark image, so I changed it to a faint grey colour so that it blends with the image more, yet its still possible to read the text. Due to resizing the text I also had to position it higher on the page, this is an advantage as it looks better on the image and also makes the text easier to see.