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  • 1. Labels - Photoshop

2. Finding labels. As a research task, we searched theweb to find useful labels we could use for ourwebsite which would match our website perfectly.These were found on Google images.I chose to use Photoshop sothen I was able to choose theperfect one and then changethe colour, matching thethemed colours we have usedon our website. 3. Crop tool Using the Cropping tool I chose the lower one to use and manipulate as the other ones had writing on them.Once I cropped the label we would be using, Istarted using the Brush tool to change thecolour of the label. The brush tool was useful interms of changing the brush size to as big andsmall as I wanted. The colour I used was thesame colour we used on the website, thereforegetting the right colour I had to type in the codewhich was (c-100, m-95, y-5, k-0) 4. These were the range ofbrush effects I could choosefrom. If I wanted to changethe size of the brush I couldjust type in a specificnumber. It was easy usingthe brush tool and veryprecise.The outline of the label, we chose touse the maroon colour which is alsoused on our website. Zooming inmade it easier to colour in the label. 5. Final outcome.