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Edline Progress Reports Directions

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Text of Edline Progress Reports Directions

Edline Reports Standard 1 Reports > Edline Reports > Standard 1

New Window opens If you want to change the scores or grades at the top of the page, Students > Student Info

Change Student Info

Student Info that can be changed

Uncheck Final Average and Final Grade Check Sem 1 Average and Sem 1 Grade

To remove Skill Info, Uncheck Skill Info in Information About Each Student dialog box

Click OK Skill Information is removed from the Grade Quick Standard 1 report

This will also change the scores/grades at the top of the page from Final Average to Semester 1 Average

To Remove Student Overall Rank at the top of the page, Students > Student overall statistics

Uncheck Rank, click OK

Overall Rank has been removed from the top of the page.

To remove attendance information from the top of the page Students >Attendance

Uncheck Total Absences and Total Tardies

Attendance and Tardies are removed from the top

To remove Mean column, Tests > Test info

Uncheck Mean in Information about Each Test dialog box Click OK

To remove test names key and symbols key, uncheck each, click ok

Long test names are removed from the report

To remove Footnotes column

Tests > Score Info

Uncheck Print score footnotes and Print score footnotes key, click OK

To remove Category column Tests >Test Info

Uncheck Category, click OK

This put the information into two columns

To remove Max column Uncheck Possible in the Information about Each Test dialog box

To remove percentage column Tests > Score Info

Uncheck Percent

To select all or no tests Tests > Select tests and subtotals

Select All

Select none

Click OK Your report includes only a Semester 1 average and/or grade

To remove attendance record, Students > Attendance

Uncheck List dates absent and List dates tardy

To save the configuration so that it is applied to all other reports of this kind Print > Save configuration or click the Save icon on the toolbar