EDU 221 Classroom Management Technology Integration

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EDU 221 Classroom Management Technology Integration. A recap of a great semester!. By: Justin Cobleigh. The 3 New Technologies ! These can be used to check for student understanding. Comic Life. iMovie. GarageBand. Meaningful Engaged Learning!. This model gave great insight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

EDU 221Classroom ManagementTechnology IntegrationA recap of a great semester!By: Justin CobleighThe 3 New Technologies!These can be used to check for student understanding

iMovieGarageBandComic LifeMeaningful Engaged Learning!

This model gave great insight

in to some of the key

components to a successful

classroom experienceWebQuests!WebQuests are a great activity to get students involved in using the internet for academics.

These often will have a final project at the end that will check students understanding of material.

Fires in the BathroomThis textbook gave great insight to the classroom from the students point of view.Know and care about the material, treat kids with respect and fairness, and they will pay attention, do the work, give up some freedom, and play by the rules.

Its okay for your teachers to push you it just shows they care and they want to see you succeed in life.GeoGebra & Google SketchUpTwo great pieces of software that can enhance any math class.

Special Ed. Position InterviewsAttending presentations by special education professor candidates gave insight on:

What employers want to know about you as a person.

How the interview process works.

What could I be asked to do on a personal interview?Glogster Student SampleCreating a student sample:

Is a great way to see how long it would take students to create.

Determine if a project is an individual or group project.

Can show how students get creative using a specific piece of software.

Classroom ArrangementClassrooms need to be arranged in ways that will optimize the learning experience

5 Key Classroom Components

Consistency with instruction

High-traffic areas free of congestionStudents easily visible

Frequently used materials are easily accessible

Students can see intructional presentations and displays

Classroom Management Project!Through this project I have:

Gained knowledge of classroom management in engaging ways that could be used later on in my career

Spoken to a professional teacher to get her thoughts on classroom management after 20 years of teaching

Become more confident in being aware of the situations that can arise while trying to manage a classroomRationaleEverything in this slide show has:

Helped to find new ways of assessing student learning while using technology

Helped in developing my personal classroom environment

Made managing a classroom less intimidatingCreditsPhotosiMovie LogoComic Life LogoGarageBand LogoMEL ModelWebQuestGoogle SketchUpGeoGebraGlogsterClassroom Arrangements

All other:Justin Cobleigh, Slideshow CreatorDr. Theresa, EDU221 CM/TI InstructorQuotes from Fires in the Bathroom by Kathleen Cushman, 2003.5 Classroom Components from Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers by Edmund Emmer & Carolyn Evertson, 2009.


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