EDU 225: Instructional Technology

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EDU 225: Instructional Technology. Week 5. Last week. We shared slide show presentations We discussed the teachers role in communication We debated technology assisted communication strategies We considered technology tools for communication We discussed the purposes for communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>EDU 225: Instructional Technology</p> <p>EDU 225: Instructional TechnologyWeek 5</p> <p>We shared slide show presentationsWe discussed the teachers role in communicationWe debated technology assisted communication strategiesWe considered technology tools for communicationWe discussed the purposes for communicationWe started to brainstorm communication plansLast week</p> <p>Describe the communications plan from a teachers perspective and what that type of plan might look like.Identify what is meant by the term global community and how technology has caused the world to shrink, while causing the idea community to grow.Describe the use of technology for communicating with parents and the community.Evaluate opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate through the use of technology.Summarize what is meant by internet security and address its importance to students and teachers in the classroom.Communication plan- communication tools in the classroom (weeks 5 and 6)</p> <p>Sample Teacher Communication PlanRead the plan in LC: 3 strategies you likeThink of a way to improve each strategy and make it your ownCommunication With ParentsRead the tips in LC: 3 strategies you likeThink of a way to improve each strategy and make it your ownCommunication</p> <p>www.Edmodo.com Cast o Matic Hangouts Drive (Formerly Google Docs) VoiceYou will need to sign up for a g-mail account through the google homepage for access, then open the Google voice link when signing in to access the set up steps.Cloud Computing becomes technology communication tools</p> <p>Communication for student learningAuthentic applications of technology a project that you could use</p> <p>Are you thinking globally?</p> <p>BreakWhat is a global community and how has technology caused the world to shrink, while the idea of community has grown? HangoutsGlobal community</p> <p>Pair up!Can you envision using Google Hangouts in the classroom?Would you communicate between classes, schools, or greater distances?Which subjects could be included?</p> <p>How much research/preparation would be needed before going live on Google Hangouts?How could this be worked into a schedule?How could this be managed? Assessed?How could you technology tools?</p> <p> ToolsCommunication Apps</p> <p>Why do teachers communicate with the parent community as a group?Technology Notepad could you use Padlet?Lets practice!</p> <p>Community communication</p> <p>Wikis, Blogs, WebsitesFrame with purpose in mindKnow your audienceNecessity firstSamples: Two: Communications Plan </p> <p>How can technology be used to communicate in a classroom setting? Consider communication and collaboration with students, parents, the community, and the global community.Develop a draft for your first year of teaching, detailing how you will communicate with all engaged groups in the educational community. Items you may consider incorporating into the plan include:A class Web site Emergency contact listAlternative methods of communicationsCritical communications linkse-mailVOIPStudent Web sitesPartnerships with other schoolse-palsOthersHow will you address Internet security and safety in this plan?Support your choices with evidence from your required readings, and two- three peer-reviewed articles from the GCU eLibrary.Comprehensive Classroom Technology PlanGo to the Student Portal: in to the portal and log into LoudCloudSyllabus and Benchmark Assessment RubricAccess course materialsSee assignmentsDue October 3rd: Communication Technology: Create a classroom website, blog, or other communication technology approved by the instructor, to communicate with either parents, students, or both. The website must include at least 4 tabs, and the blog must include at least 7 entries of about a paragraph each. </p> <p>LoudCloud</p>