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Presented by:Iqa Shahiera bt. ShahjihanSiti Madiha bt. Mohd Mahfoz4 PISMP TESL 2EDU 3105Week 1Technology :Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities.The innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.

DefinitionEducational TechnologyUsing multimedia technologies or audiovisual aids as a tool to enhance the teaching and learning process.

DefinitionTechnology educationA study of technology, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities.

Educational Technology(Information Technology)Technology Education(Technological Studies)Teaches with technology (uses technology as a tool)Primarily concerned with the narrow spectrum of information and communication technologiesPrimary goal: To enhance the teaching and learning processTeaches about technology as a content areaConcerned with the broad spectrum of technology (How humans have designed & innovated the natural world)Primary goal: Technological literacy for everyone