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In todays media landscape advertisers find it ever more challenging to break through the clutter of competing ads in order to shape consumers attitudes and intentions and move them to purchase. An alternative strategy to greater advertising spending may be more creative advertising, which has been proposed to promote advertising effectiveness. However, researchers have neither agreed on a model of advertising creativity nor conclusively linked Zoozoo ad campaign to key measures of effectiveness. Based on a sample of twenty real life campaigns from Vodafones ZooZoo Campaigns, and a panel of consumer responses, this thesis provides strong support for a of ZooZoo characters based on novelty, meaningfulness, humor, positiveness, and well-craftiness. It concludes that these particular ads were more effective in promoting ad and brand attitudes, brand interest, purchase intentions, ad and brand WOM intentions, as well as perceived ad expenditure and effort. Results hold even among consumers with a negative general attitude towards advertising. A test of the relative effect of Zoozoo ad campaign and media expenditure on sales value produces inconclusive results, however. Finally, the study shows that the ZooZoo campaigns were considered more creative among consumers and were more effective in their communication.



Many thanks to And a number of marketing departments and advertising agencies based in Mumbai


The outcome of the discussion: In depth knowledge with reference to the Birth of Zoozoos. Clarity on the master plan of the Zoozoo campaign designed by Ogilvy and Mather.

The Progress of the Thesis: Completion of the introduction: Vodafone Zoozoos- From an idea to a successful character. Work in progress: Research based on the marketing effectiveness of these characters.














SYNOPSISArea of research Advertising Research objective


The research is on the Vodafone Zoozoo iconic campaign. Secondly, the research would also show the effect of this campaign on the consumer behavior towards the brand. Introduction to the area of research With millions of Indian television viewers expected to tune in, Season 2 of the Indian Premier League cricket extravaganza, was set to become the biggest mainstream entertainment option for viewers in the summer of 2009. Central to the communication package was the Vodafone Zoozoo television campaign, comprising of 30 simple stories told through 30 films a film a day, every day all through the IPL. The initiative was a first in Indian media history, busting conventional media planning rules and engaging with the customer according to the rules of the medium. Scope of the thesis work The research would be based on the success of the Zoozoo campaign across all media. Research Methodology Qualitative and quantitative conclusive research through in depth interviews, Focus group method, Structured Questionnaires Justification of choosing the topic The Zoozoo commercials were one of the most successful campaigns of all times. Over 41 million people viewed it across the country. 75% of this population viewed this campaign at least 5 times. Details of the guide Name: Debaleena Ghosh Qualification: Graduate with sociology honors and diploma course in advertising. Designation: Management Supervisor, Ogilvy and Mather (Mumbai)



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INTRODUCTION There is always a need to find a sustainable differentiation in a highly competitive telecom market. Search is always on for a perfect platform to showcase the array of products and services, building emotional connect with the customers and yet be positioned as a market leader. With millions of Indian television viewers expected to tune in, for the Season 2 of the Indian Premier League cricket extravaganza, a perfect media opportunity was upon the brand owners of Vodafone as this was set to become the biggest mainstream entertainment option for viewers in the summer of 2009 a chance to talk to over 40 million consumers. Over 47 days.


O& M created a unique world of lovable and funny egg shaped characters to tell the brand stories of Vodafone in. The Zoozoos represented a much simpler and more uninhibited world than our own a world we could easily relate to. And the communication for the individual products and services was set amidst stories of their lives. The Zoozoo commercials were viewed in rapt attention by over 41 million people across the country. In accordance with an independent survey conducted by TNS Synnovate, Vodafone was by far the most recognized brand in IPL much more than even the presenting sponsor. But massive as they are, numbers alone dont really do justice to a campaign that actually touched the hearts of Indian consumers. The ways in which the Vodafone Zoozoos have affected consumers is what makes it a truly iconic campaign. A substantiate evaluation study undertaken by Dragonfly Research indicated that the Vodafone Zoozoos had had a life impact on consumers. And the author believes that. Because of the wedding cards with a Zoozoo theme that surprised everyone; the Zoozoo cakes that were baked; Zoozoo cookies were not far behind; Birthday parties with Zoozoo themes fast became the norm; Zoozoo merchandise did brisk business! Zoozoo rakhis sold in hoards. Cityscapes were painted with Vodafone Zoozoo murals. Most recently, Indias leading retail chain, Shoppers Stop approached Vodafone to create and retail exclusive Vodafone Zoozoo merchandise a first for any commercial brand in the country. The Zoozoos even caught the attention of leading butter brand Amul who paid homage to the Vodafone Zoozoo campaign on its advertising. Vodafone showcased 29 different products and services through the period of the IPL, each communicated in a simple, refreshing manner. From an idea to a character




Outdoor, PrintOnline and and POS Direct

On ground

Mobile and merchandise


Interest 29 different offerings Zoozoos on ground TV interviews

Engagement Cricket related offerings IPL Contest

Conversation s with the brand Facebook Youtube Bill messages

Salience Ground mats Merchandise perimeter boards

Experience Games MMS Ringtones Greeting cards T shirts Mugs DVD

Spread the cheer Making of Zoozoo capsule for TV channels DVD Merchandise for employees


seemed sustainable as differentiators for an extended period of time. The challenge was in finding a way to make that differentiation sustainable, so as to stay in the consumers consideration set. Parallely, a perfect media opportunity was upon the brand owners of Vodafone. Naturally, every brand worth its salt wanted a piece of the IPL action. A number of these brands had allocated disproportionate spends and were even saving their best campaigns for the occasion. The communication challenge then was for Vodafone to use a highly crowded property like IPL to differentiate itself and establish an emotional connect with customers. Add to that the challenge of a not-so-happy public spending sentiment during the period and the huge financial outlay the IPL demanded and the makers had a brand under tremendous pressure to deliver from all quarters. The objectives set for the campaign were: To position the brand as an innovation leader in the mobile services category, thereby gaining traction for the brand And to do so, leverage the Indian Premier League in a manner that the brand would be the most salient and engaging through the extended period of the tournament The big idea: With the Vodafone Zoozoos, discover something new every day! The big idea actually came from the format of the medium available to Vodafone the IPL, and the way viewers interacted with the medium. With 59 matches across 37 days, the IPL viewing audience was characterized by a high level of duplication across the tournament the same people seemed to be watching the matches every day. When it came to the cricketing action, they had something new to look forward to every day. But brand communication on the other hand, was subject to very high levels of fatigue. So Vodafone turned the characteristics of a media property into a strategic initiative for the brand. Vodafone decided to do the unthinkable surprise the viewers/customers by introducing a new product/service message from the Vodafone repertoire every day. To bring the idea to life, it was necessary for Vodafone to first string these brand messages together with a device that would melt its way into the hearts of a billion strong nation and the now iconic Vodafone Zoozoos were born.


For the campaign to be successful, Vodafone needed for the world of the Vodafone Zoozoos and their stories to be all permeating. And every piece of the communication mix needed to work to the teeth, for the sum of the parts to be greater than the whole. Driving Interest through television Central to the communication package was the Vodafone Zoozoo television campaign, where 29 simple stories told through 29 films a film almost every day of the IPL. The initiative was a first in Indian media history, busting conventional media planning rules and engaging with the customer according to the rules of the medium. Ashton bands and pushbacks were also developed featuring t