EFT for EVER YONE! - Healing by Human Design for EVER YONE! An EASY Introduction to the Emotional Freedom

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    An EASY Introduction to the

    Emotional Freedom Techniques

    by Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com

  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    Dear Reader, Thank you for taking the time to read this short introduction to the Emotional Freedom Techniques. I have written this manual to provide a brief introduction to this exciting new method, and to encourage you to seek further training in the EFT process. If you would like to learn more about EFT or would like to schedule a private session, please contact me: Karen@joyfulmission.com or call (612)-799-3247.

    I look forward to working with you and sharing this powerful technique! Happy tapping! Love, Karen Karen Curry

    When nothing else works Tap on it!

    A woman has such a strong phobia of flying that she can barely even drive to the airport to pick up a friend. Her body is wracked with nausea when she thinks about taking a plane trip. Nothing has worked to help her. With the guidance of a coach she taps on her phobia and now she can fly on an airplane without fear and anxiety. A man has migraine headaches on a regular basis and nothing ever seems to help them. With the guidance of a practitioner, he taps on the headaches and they appear less frequently and with much less intensity than before. He taps some more on his own, and the painful migraine headaches eventually disappear, never to return. A woman constantly feels guilty about not making weekly visits to her parents house, (You never come to see us anymore) even though visiting requires hauling her four children over there and disrupting her familys weekend schedule. She taps on her guilt and then decides that her parents can make the effort to drive the 10 minutes over to her house once in a while. Her guilt is gone.

  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    A child has recurring nightmares about monsters coming out of his bedroom closet at night. With his mothers help, he taps on the nightmares, which do not return. In their place he has nice dreams.

    What do these people have in common? They have all discovered that when they are stuck with a problem that wont go away, and nothing else has worked to solve it, they can tap on that problem with the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and that problem will become nothing more than a powerless memory. This is the world of EFT, and this new world is waiting for YOU.

    EFT = The Missing Tools! Imagine that you live in a house where everything is broken, and you dont have any tools to make the repairs not even a wrench. You know what is wrong in the house, but you just cant fix it. You probably dont enjoy living in that house very much -- it feels like a dump. Then a friend drops off some tools from the hardware storehammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. and he shows you how to use them. Now you can repair the house and enjoy living in it much more! YOU are like that house, parts of your life dont seem to be working the way you want them to. You may have physical, psychological, emotional, or even spiritual issues that you wish you could resolve. But try as you might, you dont always seem to have the right tools to fix your life. Now, imagine, for a minute, that each one of your so-called problems is actually the result of a simple disruption in your bodys natural healing system. Your body and mind would heal themselves if only you could remove those disruptions All you need are the right tools to remove those disruptions to your system. EFT provides the tools you need to remove the disruptions in your bodys natural healing systems!

  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT EFT 1) EFT Often Works When Nothing Else Will! Try it and see. 2) EFT is a TOOL. Even if you had never seen a screwdriver before, I could probably show you how to use one in less than five minutes. A screwdriver works on everything from cars to videocassette recorders. EFT is like that. It is a general tool that can be used to "repair" your emotional system. 3) Like any tool, EFT requires training to master it.

    For example, if you were to hand me a set of tools and ask me if I knew how to use them, I would answer yes." If you asked me to repair your car with those tools, I would answer NO WAY, I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT FIXING CARS!" Maybe I could take your car apart, but to put it back together would require that I know something about applying the tools to an automobile. EFT is like the tools and YOU are like the mechanic. The EFT process always works IF you know how to apply it to the particular issue you want to resolve. After you learn the basics from this introductory manual, we highly recommend that you pursue additional training and support through the

  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    resources at EFTU. The more you learn, the greater success you will experience with the Emotional Freedom Techniques. 4) You get out of EFT what you put into. Like exercise or meditation, EFT is a self-applied process. And, you will get results in proportion to how much time and effort you give to the process. If you rarely use EFT, it will rarely give you results. If you use EFT every day on every issue you will get results every day on practically every issue. So use it!

    WHERE DID EFT COME FROM? In the mid 1990's, a man named Gary Craig took elements from other meridian energy therapies and he created a simple healing protocol which he named the "The Emotional Freedom Techniques." He began teaching those techniques to people in workshops and with video tapes of his seminars. Psychologists, personal coaches, hypnotherapists, message therapists, chiropractors and others have flocked to EFT in overwhelming numbers. For many professionals it has become their main tool. The Emotional Freedom Techniques have an interesting history which has been recorded in detail in videos, training manuals, and on Gary Craig's web site, www.emofree.com. For those who want to know the full history and development of EFT, see Gary's web site.


    EFT works because it gets to underlying emotional issues which produce the so called "problems" in our lives. Using EFT a person can remove the blocks which keep feelings and emotions from flowing naturally, and when emotions flow normally, the body and the mind can heal themselves.


  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    The basic theory behind the application of EFT is expressed in what Gary Craig calls the "Discovery Statement" shown below:


    Another way to express this idea is this:


    By clearing disruptions in the energy system we allow the mind and body to heal themselves.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The description below gives an introduction to a short-cut version of EFT which is effective most of the time. If you would like to learn the complete EFT system and the history of the techniques, please visit our EFT Training page for additional resources.

    HOW TO DO EFT: THE MECHANICS THE TWO PARTS OF EFT EFT has two parts, the Set Up and the Tapping. The Set Up is kind of like setting up the bowling pins (the issue) and the Tapping is kind of like knocking down the bowling pins. When you say the Set Up phrase you focus on the issue you want to resolve, bringing it into your awareness, and when you do the Tapping, you tap on several energy points on your body. The energy points relate to the meridian points from Chinese Medicine and are sometimes called acupuncture points or acupressure points. Some people simply refer to these

  • Emotional Freedom and The Science of Getting Rich

    Joyful Mission 2008 Karen Curry www.joyfulmission.com


    points as relaxation points, because you will often feel very relaxed after you tap on the points a few times. If you do not understand anything in the following section, I encourage you to reread it as many times as necessary. Although the technique looks simple when demonstrated, it can sound complicated in written form. Dont give up! Although the art of applying EFT can take a while to learn, the mechanics of the EFT protocol are really very simple. THE SET UP For the Set Up part of EFT you identify the issue you want to tap on, and you say a very special phrase while tapping on the side of your hand (SH) with one or more fingers from your other hand. Here is the typical Set Up phrase: "Even though I have this (name the issue), I deeply and completely accept myself." You can adapt the Set Up to fit any situation or issue. In advanced practice, the way you say the Set Up can sometimes make ALL the difference in whether or not the tapping works. Learning to say THE exact Set Up that will help THE exact problem you are working on is a skill which you will develop as you practice