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EGRD 3014 Independent Practice

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Graphic Design Year3/Semester1

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Urszula WinickaGraphic Design

I am a third year Graphic Design student.

In this portfolio I will showyou how I explore myself by typography.

I believe traditional methods of working are more inspiring, but I am not scared of my computer.

‘Even if You r on the right track, You will get run overif You just sit there.’

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Dogme 95 Attempt 1

My first attempt of film making for the Dogme project. I was unaware of film before as I haven’t had to work with such media.I had a huge problem with understanding of the brief and got even more con-fused when trying to film it. I believe this is the worst project I have done so far and I wouldn’t want to do it again.

film can be found at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsBHEOOn3lM&feature=player_embedded

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Dogme 95 Attempt 2

My second attempt wasn’t much better than the first one. I havn’ had changed my mind about film making I believe I should leave it for others to do as I am not good at it at all.On the other hand after attending a film making workshop I changed my mind about it a little bit and started liking the program a lot more than film itself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yMzEyPwGdM&feature=player_embeddedilm can be found:

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The subject:


The next two designs are illustrating my thoughts ofhandmade design, it is not a secret that I prefer traditional methods used in design rather than tak-ing it in to technical experimentation..

Set of three posters showing hands to symbolise ‘Handmade’

Those designs were only an experiment to show the viewer of what I like but I don’t think it communi-cates the message as well as I would like it to.

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The subject:


A handmade typeface which is showing that no control over design can work and give unrespectable results.Using objects which You don’t have a control of can become something else than they really are, they can have a lot of other uses if we allow them to be something else.Humans imagination is unrespectable and each found item can be anything You imagine it to be.

I only enjoy working with typeface if it doesn’t have any boundaries, it then be-comes more interesting for me to work with it.I like getting unexpected outcomes which can work in combination with some-thing else and can be understood by others when placed in certain way.

‘Every everyday object can be ART’

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The subject:


A pair of prints showing a part of tree but taken apart changes the meaning of the object it has been taken apart from. Symbols are often used in our everyday life, therefore I could do a book on symbols just to communicate that human beings are not separating symbols from what they know as being something.

If I show someone a pic-ture of cat’ and ask them what they can see they will mostly say a ‘cat’ and this takes me to my conclusion the picture I showed them is not a ‘cat’ it’s a ‘picture of a cat’

Connecting image and type/

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The subject:

Images A set of images showing experimentation with layering in Photoshop. Different images showing different methods of working.I enjoy the making process but sometimes loose the concept of my work. Some of the methods could be taken forward and the images can be used for different pur-poses.Within this experimentation I have discovered that I enjoy working with images by taking it to the simplest form and find-ing new ways of working with it, if I had more time I would have tried combining the images with type to give the image more meaning and made it easier to understand for the viewer.

http://issuu.com/ula-winicka/docs/imagesWork can be found :

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The subject:

Motivation/ Demotivation

Examples of either motivational or demotivational phasessimplified to type and layout only to make them clear and simple. Throughout the semester I worked with text mostly, coming to the point where I have real-ised I enjoy working with it and not geting bored with it. Therefore I can take it forward to explore my feelings . I would like to continue working with type in my FMP.

Work can be found : http://issuu.com/ula-winicka/docs/type

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The subject:

Simple communication

A set of cards with message.Combining the serious with stupidity in a simple form to show people how stupidity is not only the mind state but the way we are.Not seeing little things we all sometimes commit.

The project is not finished as it still needs a package for the set of cards. I have never been good at packaging therefore I didn’t try attempting making one this time but I could do it if I hade more time to improve my skills.

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The subject:

Keep Calm/ Key rings

After X time spent on myindependent practice, going through all the stress and frustration, I have decided to create more motivational stuff for people in the same situation.‘Keep Calm...’ designs were my inspiration and focus point.

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Since the start of this academic year I was exploring my skills and came to a conclusion of where I want to be after graduating the University. I have always been interested in image making but never drawing, my skills allow me to experiment and find new techniques of working. My mind is very clear of where I want to get with my work but sometimes when working on one theme for too long I seem to lose the concept. To overcome that I mostly try and have more than one interest at the time which is giving me more inspiration, but sometimes makes me loose the track and not get anywhere with my work. I have also been interested in fun typogra-phy in which there is no rules only imagi-nation and mostly unwanted items. Typog-raphy is an important part of my practice as I believe image without the type is less I expect my designs to give the viewer more. Throughout the semester I was exploring my skills by creating few things at once which I can now look at and know where to go with it, to make it work in the future briefs. The negative of this semester was film making for me, I believe it is too technical and it is not my sort of practice as I have always been a handmade and traditional designer. Disliking technology is one of my biggest fears but I guess I will just have to grow in to it one day. For now I believe I’m best without of creating films as it is some-thing I don’t feel is my piece of bread. On the other hand I felt in love with Photoshop and illustrator.

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FinalMajorProject Proposal

For my FMP I am aiming to create a few sets of music lyric posters.

After this term I have realised I am interested in type as well as image therefore I will combine the two together to come up with something new. The initial idea was to motivate people to do something, I believe this is not going to change but instead of using phases I will take some music lyrics out of the concept to change its meaning to the viewer.

Speaking two languages is one of my biggest skills and I want to learn more through my design practice therefore I have chosen to create five different sets of posters for different languages.

My aim is to try and make young generation to think differently about music and that most of the time it has more to say than ‘shake your ass for me...’ .

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