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    Smart Shaker® VibratoryConveying Solutions

  • Smart Shaker®. Smart move.Key’s “smart” conveyors are your best choice for saving energy, time and money.

    Move ahead with intelligence …

    Key has a reliable solution whether you need a simple, standard shaker to convey your product – or a more complex, customized technology.

    Key is the authority in designing conveying equipment for food processors. We’ve been doing it for more than 60 years.

    Built-in energy-efficiency, time-saving sanitation and low maintenance add up to more profit for you.

    Brilliant choice.


    Iso-Flo® vibratory conveying • Impulse™ electromagnetic precision •Marathon™ long distance • Horizon™ horizontal motion • Spiral-Flo™ vertical elevating

  • I n t e l l i g e n t V i b r a t o r y C o n v e y o r sSMART SHAKER®


    Smart Shaker® intelligence is seen not only in automation, energy savings and SmartArm® performance monitoring, but in the reliability that is built into every conveyor:

    Use a Smart Shaker® to:

    Align • Collect • Deoil • Dewater • Distribute • Dry • Grade • Inspect •

    Meter • Remove Fines • Scale Feed • Scalp • Size • Transfer • Wash

    … and other non-traditional functions.

    Use a Smart Shaker® for:

    Vegetables • Fruits • Snacks • Coated and seasoned product • Cereal •

    Bakery • Meat • Pharmaceuticals • Plastics … and your application.

    Low Maintenance - Few moving parts, little-to-no lubrication and minimal spare parts inventory.

    Easy Cleaning - Sealed isolation springs, scalloped flat bars, and a smooth 2B surface finish discourage bacteria growth and promote food safety. Stainless steel pans and frames are built to strict sanitation standards including USDA, FDA and HACCP.

    Cost of Operation - Key’s patented Iso-Drive®, Impulse™ electromagnetic drives, and Horizon™ drives are well-known for efficient energy transfer and low utility demand. Increased productivity and minimal system downtime give you an advantage in [Total Cost of Ownership].

    Value - Process more product, with more efficiency and greater profit. Key’s design and engineering experience in the food industry is extensive – leverage the capabilities we build into your equipment.

  • D E S I G N E D F O R E F F I C I E N C Y


    When product depends on proven performance…talk with us about Iso-Flo®.

    V i b r a t o r y S m a r t S h a k e r ® C o n v e y o r sUse Iso-Flo® when you need ... the longest-lasting, best-engineered and highest-performance vibratory conveyor available.

    Iso-Flo® has revolutionized the way processors transport product with three decades of innovation.

    Today, more than 25,000 Iso-Flo units are in use worldwide. Smart Shaker® advancements including real-time SmartArm® monitors, StrongArm™ spring arms and Forté™ controls provide for even more efficiency and long life.

    All Iso-Flo and Impulse™ conveyors are backed by Key’s industry-leading 5-year warranty, maximizing long-term return on your investment.

    Iso-Flo Fast Facts• No external vibration – only the conveyor bed vibrates, protecting

    frame, supports and plant floor• Quiet operation – enhances workplace environment• Low amplitude, high-frequency movement – prevents product

    degradation• Flexible installation – support on floor or mezzanine; suspend

    overhead; mobile on casters• T304 stainless steel frame and bed – meets or exceeds

    worldwide sanitation standards and requirements (3A, USDA, FDA, HACCP) and discourages microbial growth

    • Cost-efficient – Natural frequency design demands minimal energy and requires little maintenance

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    Iso-Drive® Energy Unit – Smart & Consistent Iso-Flo Smart Shakers are powered by Key’s patented Iso-Drive®, which distributes even vibratory forces to the conveyor bed – not into the frame, floor or surrounding plant. Two pair of weights rotating in opposite directions produce a gentle vibration. This design eliminates destructive, unwanted forces found in traditional single-set drives reducing maintenance.

    StrongArm™ Spring Arm Assembly – Smart & Tough The contoured StrongArm™ transfers energy from the Iso-Drive to the pan and your product with the industry’s highest efficiency. Its advanced fiber material offers up to 22% better spring rate and twice the operational life of straight arms. This improved rate allows Key to use fewer arm springs, reducing the cost of replacement parts and maintenance.

    Iso-Glide™ – Smart & Gentle This Smart Shaker® limits vertical acceleration to a near-horizontal motion that protects delicate product, prevents coating/condiment loss and eliminates buildup.

    Iso-Flo Smooth Cycle™ – Smart & Flexible A specialized on-demand scale feed solution, Smooth Cycle™ never fully drops out of vibratory mode – gently transitioning from flow to no-flow in seconds, without jarring start/stop forces.

    Whatever your product, we can move it…and more. See or CALL US TODAY.

    indicates exclusive Key-only feature

  • D E S I G N E D F O R P R E C I S I O N

    When product handling requires precision…talk with us about Impulse™.


    E l e c t r o m a g n e t i c C o n v e y o r sUse Impulse™ when you need ... precise metering, accurate feeding, special treatment of fragile product and a compact footprint.

    Impulse™ Smart Shakers® convey fragile foods, pharmaceuticals and other products with exact metering, flexible speed, and low operating cost. Available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, Impulse is ideal for ingredient and scale feeding where precision and instant start/stop are vital.

    Impulse shakers offer food-safe oil-free drives for protection in conveyor-over-product applications – plus the value of efficient energy use and very low maintenance.

    Impulse Fast Facts• Customizable – 200 mm to 1500 mm (8 in to 60 in) wide 900 mm to 6000 mm (3 ft to 20 ft) long• Flexible – conveying pan amplitudes from 0-100% for varied

    product, speed and processing conditions• Simple – low-maintenance, no moving parts, no belts,

    no bearings, no lubrication

  • D E S I G N E D F O R S P E C I A L H A N D L I N G

    When product requires a light touch…talk with us about Horizon™.


    H o r i z o n t a l M o t i o n C o n v e y o r sUse Horizon™ when you need ... to transport delicate articles, reduce noise, easily reverse conveying direction, maintain product blends and eliminate breakage or seasoning/coating loss.

    Horizon™ conveyors transport product with a slow-forward/quick backward motion of the bed at 13 meters (42 ft) per minute speeds.

    Two drive designs permit efficient small scale-feed shaker style pans as well as larger multi-drop distribution pans. Intelligent engineering allows the drives to be located anywhere along the length of the pan, including behind it.

    Horizon Fast Facts• Powerful – up to 30 meters in length (100 ft.)• Versatile – floor-mounted or suspended from ceiling• Space-saving – low-profile design minimizes footprint/height

    requirements• Quiet – improves operating environment• No ingredient build-up – self scrubbing action• Easy-to-clean – flat surfaces, simple wipe-down, no

    contamination worry• Maintenance-free – lubed-for-life drive system • Multi-use – transfer, distribution, scale feed

  • D E S I G N E D F O R T H E L O N G R U N

    When product has ground to cover…talk with us about Marathon™.


    Use Marathon™ when you need ... to convey product distances from 9 meters (30 ft) to more than 30 meters (100 ft).

    Marathon™ Smart Shakers® help you go the distance, conveying your product up to 30 meters (100 ft) on a single unit. Save the cost of infrastructure, additional drive systems and space.

    Reliable performance and minimal downtime are part of the design. The compact frame and efficient footprint are plant-friendly.

    Marathon Fast Facts• Powerful – self-contained, self-synchronizing drive system• Minimal external vibration – uniform energy distribution along

    entire bed length• Flexible installation – minimized need for support structures• Unique – delivers lowest downtime of any vibratory conveyor over

    9 meters (30 ft)• Dependable – backed by Key’s industry-leading warranty

    L o n g - D i s t a n c e C o n v e y o r s

  • D E S I G N E D F O R R E A C H

    When product moves to another level…talk with us about Spiral-Flo™.


    V i b r a t o r y E l e v a t o r s

    Use Spiral-Flo™ when you need ... to move material to an upper level with very efficient use of plant space.

    Spiral-Flo™ combines Smart Shaker® vibratory technology with a vertical screw – delivering safe, reliable product handling within an extremely small footprint. It conveys up or down, with dual electric vibratory drives in several sizes for peak efficiency.

    Custom designed for your capacity, product application and plant layout requirements, Spiral-Flo can be designed to provide additional product cooling or drying. As with all Smart Shakers, sanitation is fast and easy – and maintenance is minimal.

    Spiral-Flo Fast Facts• Adaptable – use in series for conveying heights above

    maximum; use in parallel for very large capacities• Convenient – mount drives at top or bottom of spiral; locate

    infeed and discharge to suit application• Isolated from plant floor – suspended on solid rubber

    isolators or coil springs • All T304 stainless steel – easy-to-clean, one-piece


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    V i b r a t o r y P e r f o r m a n c e M o n i t o r

    M o d u l a r C o n t r o l S y s t e m s

    I n t e l l i g e n t S e r v i c e

    FORTÉ ™

    Use SmartArm® when you need ... at-a-glance, on-screen reporting of your shaker’s vibratory status.

    Use Forté™ when you need ... system controls from simple to complex.

    SmartArm® is a perfect example of shaker intelligence and the advantage it gives you. With wireless sensors tracking speed/stroke performance, you can: • prevent damage / unplanned downtime • extend equipment life • increase return on investment • reduce consumable parts cost • enable predictive maintenance

    A Forte™ smart control system is a cost-effective alternative to conventional independent controls. It provides a single, integrated point of power and command, customized to your plant, process and equipment (including Key optical/laser sorters). Forté gives you: • interface with other control systems and networks • Ethernet connection / OPC XML-DA • touch screen user interface • NEMA 4X-rated stainless steel enclosures • easy expandability

    Key stands behind our products and our customers with value-added tech support, parts, upgrades and flexible training programs. Wherever you are in the world, Key PROliance is poised to deliver fast, effective response to your needs from centers in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Mexico and China.

    indicates exclusive Key-only feature

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    D e s i g n e d f o r S o l u t i o n sKEY ENGINEERING

    More than 60 years of Key engineering and processing knowledge are behind Smart Shaker® technologies – to meet your quality, cost, scheduling and safety criteria.

    Key engineers include design, electronic, mechanical and systems specialists – all working to enhance equipment performance through expertise in 3D modeling, stress analysis, duty cycles and mechanical properties.

    With more than 50 current U.S. patents and multiple international patents, Key engineers continue to put technology and creative thinking into your process.

    Contact us today for more Smart Shaker® information. Benefit from our extensive experience in food processing and our understanding of material handling for hundreds of products – including yours.

  • For Key information:

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    Key’s Smart Shaker® will help you move product gently,

    efficiently and with a return on investment that you’ll like.

    We look forward to innovating a smart solution for you.