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-PlRYER'S GUIDE TO PROGRRmmRBlE VlDEOGRmES, NEW from VIDEO electranl Magazine GAm ATARI' VOCIeOCcimpulttSyoI""'" THERE'S NO COMPARINCi IT WITHANY OTHER VIDEO CiAME. Only ATARI makes the games the world wants most. Games that are innovative. Intense.Incredibly involving. And totally original. In 1980 ATARIinvadedthemindsof millionswith Space It went on to become the single most popular video game in the world and thereby launched the space age game category. Today ATARIMissile Command" and Asteroids' are the fastest selling home video games inthe coun.try. And arcades, ATARIPacMan" is slated for the same next year.

by its current success in the ATARI

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meuqafietvtttlelCeromakeasave and !hen home a retJoc.nj whiletherT9linthemasJclSOUI cJJX)SlIorl ..Space Battle. Mere t.lCbCaiskiI loSeSeverylimeInthis 'one IriesS It's backedup by sound long-rangestrategy.Inthis sokanecontestplayersdeplOy a moof three-shipsquadrons agansI fivemighty fleetsof h-vadef$. Wheneverl11ewarnng tacoons meef in deep space.the .acoonmovestoshipvs.ship coo-bar.G"aphiCs.especiallyi'l thecombatphase.arequite nOtewOrthy.Themarauding aliencrafrhave arealisticlClOk. invideogame N8A BasketbaU. ThisWQrdef' fullyaurhentt recreatbn of me hoop sport has everything from cheering crowds on l11e Sideline to passing and ShOt'blocking ThecomfXJferhandlesallpiayers nordirealy underthegamer"s control.and sometimespu!s oifsorneterrifICplaysinclurch siruaoons AutoRaclng. Matteliscertainly nor:therlfStcompanytopro-du::eafl'lOtt)(sportsgame.bur Auto Racing clearly laps alll11e competition.The cartrge offers driversawidechoic::eofcarsand tracks.makingitfairtyeasyto handiCapthebetter racersand makeifanevencontestHighly Ing inanother classcompared to !he usual "round-and-round-the-oval"'contests* I llllllr)ASCRIBING Astrovision Plans Revival AStrovision" has gladdened theheartsof the manyfam of theProfessionalArcadewith the announcementthatitin tends 10 revive and develop the systempioneeredbyBally.It hopes to succeed gina! manufacturerfailed.and many see cons.oerable cause for oprmism Foronething.theProfes' SionalArcadeisstilloneof the mostadvanced and powerful programmablevideogames ever produced. In fan ttlecro ceptofamodularhardware systemthat could be upgraded to a corrplerehome computer may sinW have been ahead of itstime. Astrovisioniskeepingquiet about il:splansatthis time. soit's diffiCulttoknow whetherthe f"IeVIIawnership wm put the en, disrributiCn or)Ustselected titles likewise.Astrovisionhas revealedno informationcon-cerningthe developmentof newgamesforthe system. One thing the company has already promised isa ZGRASS keyboard with Z4K ofrnerncxy,bur even iI'lthiscasenofirmdeliverydate iSspec(e:! The Professional Arcade System TtleProfes.sionalArcadeisa modUlarsystemtt'1at attemptsto bridgethegapbet ween videogamesandhome com-putef5. At itsheart i'i a compact console thatfeatures akeypad, apairof Bally'suniquecon-trollersandacoveredrackfor stofing game caroi::lgesand cas-settes.The keypadisused with the calculatorand can also reet screen colors, Perhaps fuwre games makeuseof the pad as an input device SurpflSIl9Iy,tt'1eProfessional Arcac:le comes pre-progranvned to play three games, Gunfight. Checkmate and Scribing Evenmae surprisi1gly.they're alveryrruchwoohplaying Another big pius:theProfes-SlOIlalArcade ist heonlypro-grammab.e videogamethat a1lo< Striltegy GamesFo,ExcellentE.:eBentF...(;oojF,}II-GQOO EItronk80iIIrd F",.(;ooj ElCl:ellef'1IGcod-ElCl:ellenl , ,,,.(;ooj Gooo Gri'ptllcsGoodGoodElCl:ellentE.:elleruF...(;ooj NoteTheselatrogsMebased on ant'V-spaceradio!O report on battles tak-Ing place rnaher parts of the galaxy.a sector-scandrsplayandmUCh.much moentheTower. Eachplayerac-cumulatesthesetofthreekeySbyFnding one in each ci the foreig1 kingdOms [he hero visis. Once a hero has three keys. hereturnstolishOmeterritOf)'.From there.the herolayssiegetotheDark TowerinwhiChishiddentheancient magc scepter. If you can overcome the guardsinbattle.theherowinsthe scepter and the game. Eachmovearoundthe boardisac-companied by a push of a keybOard but-ton. TheCOfTlll,Jterthenselect.soneotsix random events: safe move; a bartle with br.ogands:b51:If)uncharteredterrltones: plague: dragon attack: awizard's rurse. A ve:tory may gve thegold. a dragonsWO"d. a mag.c key. contrOl of a WIzardwith hI'>curse.aatokeng::od fl)( a fide on Pegasus.the flying hOrse Heroes Wlm gold may VISItthe bazaar topurchaseaddItionalfoodratrons.a beastforcarryingtreasures.ascout !whO Willprevent getting bstj.a healer IwhO can curetheplaguej. or more war-rus.TheTowerwrI drsplaythe wares fasaleandquotea prICeInthe drgltal displayreadout.Hagglinghasa50% chanceof bnnglf"rgthepricedown However.be cafeful-if the merchant IS offended. the baZaar will cbse and you'. havetowaltforanotherturntotry agall1. GoOO strategy suggests always travel-rng the shorte9: distance befvveenwhen rroVlng around the boord. /[ISad-vantageoustosurveytheterritory and aVOidunnecesSi!/}'rroveswhich WIll onlyexposethe herotoaddItional dangers. Also.be certaInto watCh food SUpplies.because an army travels on Its stomach In Dar1c Tower as......-eIJas 111the realvvorld. Themlnl-ryof SpaceInvadersimitators, Sometimesitseemsasthoughevery co!ll)afly capableof copytnQ a cassette is ttylng to sell a game on this theme. The Scott Adams vetSIOf"I.however. IS aboutasclosetocoin-opqualityas anythilg fYJVI/available. PlayerS begin by selecting one cJ four skiHlevels.whiCh rangefromdiffICult to ridiculOus, anddetermmingthelunar topography.Thelanc!ingsiteslook reasonably inviting at the "novice" level. butChey becomemind-tx:lgglingiy con-voluted at the "'commander" setting.At that leve!.;Cisn't unusual for pilotsToflfld themselves jockeyingthelanderonto pads located at Che bottom of ravines or in deep caves. PilOOsteerbymoving the pystick to thejeftexright as needed.Thrust isap-pjied either by pushing Chestick fOlWard or hittingthe actionbutton, Pu!ingthe stick back sendsthe lander into a dead-falLAgaugetotheleftdthe recordsfuelconsumption.while anin-diCator to the right shOM the amount d riSk- redfor unsafe". yelbW for "'pro-bably safe" andgeen for "SClfe". Players score points based on the diffICulty level and the amount dtuelleft over after the landing. TheTRS-SOversionhasone feature I1(l(found on the Atari Lunar Lander. Once the craft comes within ranged the target landing site.the pIayfieId switches toaclose-upviewtomakeminute correcticl"lS a Shade easier. ProspectivevideoastronautsShould be wamed that Cheretro rockets areex-tremely powerful in Lunar Lander. Too muchthrustcansendthe Shipoffthe screen into a lunar orbit which result5 in a lost tum. !BIII KunkeQ* standalone scene continued from page 69 Wildfire ishousedInasteel-blue plastiCcasing,Thefieldhasa painted design highligtttng the features of the game. reminiscent cI the beautiful playing surfaces of the larger games. EvetythngaboutWildfire iscom-pk?teIy electronic.fromthefI4lpersand ballmovement.tothescoringand "'""'". The off-on s.....-itchallows a choice of vOlume settings.standard or kMt. Either...""'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' volumewill provide arcaderspleaSClnt musicaltonesto correspondwiththe adlon. Two murrb-operated buttons on the s::!esof thegameoperatefourflippers Chat gJidethecourseor the baU. By mak-ing contactwlh !hebaU late orearly. the angle of the h;Csends the ba.u in different directions. The flipper buttons also boost ballspeedandi'lcreasecontrOlbyac tivating SIX "nudgepOlnts" in the playing field. Just bkeitsbig-brotherreiatNes. Wild- wi. muleup If the gamergets tOO pushy. /{is necessary to be careful not to overusetheflipperbuttons.Pressing either flipper button more than twICe per second causes the machine to Wt.losing the ball in play and all the bonus points that 'lv'ere scoredduring that round. isplayablebyuptofour gamers atonce,witha choiceof three differentspeedS(beginner.ntermediate andexpert).ToChange thenumber of players. holddovolnthelefW'pperbutton and press the right flipper button until the deSiredrumberofplayersappearson the display.To alter the speed.depress the right flipper button and press the left button until the desired comes up. Thespeedisindividuallyadjustableto compensate for unequal Slcil among the participantS. In fact garners can actually change speedSdumg play if they desire. without intedering with the game In pro-gess. Mer pickingtheflJrTberofplayers andspeed.presstheshoOierbutton once to bri1g up the"baU"!aglowing redligtlq in Chefiri"lg chute.The disPay shows which player istheshooter and the number of the baH In play. There are five balls per game.Pressmg the shooter buttonasecondtimedispjayscurrent scores. Releasng the button fires the ball. Thelengthof time you hold down the shooter button befOfe releaSing;Cdeter mines the forcebehnd ;C. Strategy in this game isthe same as In full-size pinballTryto gwde the ball intO thehigh-scexing areasbyir"lfluenclng(: with the flippers. Always atten-p!. to light the threee bumpers. as they give txlnus points Chatincrease the score. Wildfire uses six M-scze batteries. or can be operated wittl a 9-volt AC adap-tor. and Should provide hOurs cI tun fex every pinball enthusiast.* strategy session contInued from page Z9 helpeveryone do better.particularlyat Atari's Super Breakout fex the 4OO/a::x:> computer system. TheSuperBreakout cartridgeac-tually contains four variations of the tra-diOOnal game. each reqUiring a separate Strategy. The nst game isstandard featuring eightlayersof bricks.Thetop four are"speed bricks"Chatdouble the speed of the baHwhen they are hj[. The best bet isto concentrate on one Side of the wall,directingtheball to the left or rightbyhitting;Cwiththeappropriate section of the paddle. Once the ball pun-chescompletelythrough totheTOpof theplayfield.calledabreakouT."it