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  • Elite IB Tutors Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

    Elite IB Tutors

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course 2nd & 3rd December, 2017

  • Oxford & Cambridge Support

    Overview Overview --- Course Structure --- Our Consultants --- Fees & Location --- Testimonials

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course Overview

    The Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course

    Mentors who have sat on Oxbridge interview panels will coach applicants in all of the key interview skills necessary to gain entrance to Oxford & Cambridge courses. The course is divided into a morning seminar, and mock interviews in the afternoon.

    The Oxbridge Mock Interview Course is an intensive, day-long Course held by EIBs most experienced tutors and Oxbridge graduates. The Course is held in the weeks following the UCAS deadline for Oxford & Cambridge applications and prior to their respective interview dates. Our mentors will give students invaluable advice and support in all of the key interview skills to help you shine at the interview.

    As all UCAS applications to Oxford & Cambridge are due by October 15th, this course focuses solely on preparing applicants for interview, and will not involve any support for personal statements, university choices or aptitude test preparation. Should you wish to receive guidance throughout your Oxbridge application, Elite IB have a range of support options which we would be delighted to discuss with you, and invite you to see our Oxbridge Consultancy page here or to get in touch at [email protected]

    Who We Are

    Elite IB offer invaluable advice and support through all the stages of the Oxford & Cambridge application process. With a large team of Oxford and Cambridge university graduates, we have helped students gain entry across most degree courses to these prestigious institutions by guiding them through the necessary stages personal statement preparation, college selection, entrance exam support, and interview.

    We pair students up with the Oxford & Cambridge mentors who hold degrees from the course(s) the student aspires to undertake. Having a mentor who has been through this daunting process themselves can give students the edge against peers who may not understand the nuances of this highly competitive practice.

    Register for the Mock Interview Course You can register for the course on the Elite IB website, or get in touch with any questions or concerns. [email protected] 020 3302 3868

  • Oxford & Cambridge Support

    Course Structure Overview --- Course Structure --- Our Consultants --- Fees & Location --- Testimonials

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course Course Structure

    How is the course organised? The Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course runs over a single day in December with an optional additional day of mock interviews and college tours the day after - prior to interviews taking place at Oxford & Cambridge in December and early January. Applicants are encouraged to engage with our team before the day of their mock interviews, sharing their personal statement, examples of their written work, academic profile, and interests and extra-curricular activities with their Consultant beforehand in order for their interviews to be best tailored to their profile. Applicants join our Consulting team in the morning for a series of academic seminars and workshops, where students discuss interview technique, questions, and the panel of interviewers students should expect to encounter. This workshop environment encourages students to engage with other applicants and to share technique and insight into the interview process. Morning sessions are capped at eight students per group, to ensure students are able to benefit from personal and involved support. In the afternoon students sit down to three mock interviews with their Consultants, covering the questions they should expect as an applicant to their field of study in the first two, before a final non-academic interview. After each, applicants receive feedback and recommendations of how to continue to prepare. Day Two: Additional Mock Interview & College Tour in Oxford or Cambridge (Optional) Students attending the Mock Interview Course can choose to append the course with an additional day of Mock Interviews and with a guided tour around their chosen Oxford or Cambridge college with a member of our Consulting Team.

    The Mock Interview Course

    Day One Morning Applicants are welcomed to the Mock

    Interview Course with a morning of seminars about the Oxford Interview process, focusing on: Seminar I: Interview Technique Seminar II: Interview Questions Seminar III: Knowing Your Interviewers

    Lunch Applicants and Consultants break for light refreshments, provided by Elite IB.

    Afternoon Applicants begin an afternoon of mock interviews with Oxford & Cambridge-graduate Consultants from each students field of study. Interview I & II: Subject-specific interview with a graduate from Oxford or Cambridge in the applicants academic field, focusing on the subject-specific knowledge students would be expected to demonstrate. Interview I & II Feedback: Each applicant and interviewers discuss their performance in the mock interview immediately after each. Interview III: Applicants are interviewed by an Oxford or Cambridge graduate on their personal statement, hobbies, interests, and other topics students will encounter at their Oxford or Cambridge interview. Interview III Feedback

    Day Two (Optional) Student can choose to append an additional day of support to their Mock Interview Course.

    Morning Interview VI: Join an Oxford or Cambridge Consultant for an additional full-length mock interview. Interview VI Feedback

    Afternoon University College Tour: Visit your chosen Oxford or Cambridge college with your Consultant.

  • Oxford & Cambridge Support

    Our Consultants Overview --- Course Structure --- Our Consultants --- Fees & Location --- Testimonials

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course Our Consultants

    Samuel Trinity College, University of Oxford Jurisprudence

    Sam graduated from Oxford, where he studied Jurisprudence at Trinity College. Since graduating he has held positions as an International Criminal Prosecutor for the United Nations, as an Associate Solicitor for a leading Magic Circle law firm, and as a legal consultant to numerous businesses and organisations. Since joining our team of Consultants five years ago, Sam has successfully supported numerous students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, from college advice to LNAT preparations. His exploratory and engaging consulting style helps his students achieve their best, and submit the best application.

    Thomas University of Oxford, Imperial College London Medical Sciences

    Tom is currently in his final year of his Core Medical Training rotations in renal medicine, after his most recent rotations in Oncology, General Medicine, and Accident & Emergency. He graduated with a BA Medical Sciences from the University of Oxford before being awarded his MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Imperial College London. Whilst practising as an F1 doctor Tom sat on the admissions interview panel for Brighton & Sussex Medical School, giving him a unique insight into medical admissions, in addition to his own experience at Oxford and experience supporting students applications.

    Joshua Queens College, University of Oxford Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

    Josh graduated from Queens College, Oxford with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), third in his class of 250. Josh has years of experience guiding prospective Oxford & Cambridge candidates through the rigorous application process for courses including PPE, Economics & Management, Politics, and History. Proficient in a number of languages, including Russian and French, his academic acumen means Josh is well placed to advise any candidate on their application to Oxford or Cambridge, in a variety of subjects and to a number of particular colleges.

    Marie Downing College, University of Cambridge Psychology

    Marie is the former Director of Studies in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Downing College, University of Cambridge, from where she holds her PhD Cognitive Neuroscience. As a graduate and former lecturer at Cambridge, Marie is expertly placed to advise students, first-hand, on her experiences as an academic in her field, as well as the intricacies and complexities of the admissions process to Oxford and Cambridge, that only someone who has sat on interview panels would know.

    Tim St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford Engineering

    Tim graduated with his MEng Engineering Science from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford after scoring 44 in the International Baccalaureate. Tim is the founder of Elite IB, and has successfully supported countless students in their applications to Oxford & Cambridge since our inception, with an outstanding track record of guiding students through the complexities of the application process. Tims years of experience advising students on their university, college, and course selections make him an ideal Consultant for students applying to Oxford and Cambridge, in a range of subjects.

    Lovkush Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge Mathematics

    Lovkush graduated with Distinction from Corpus Christi, Cambridge with an MMath Mathematics, and recently completed his PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds, where he studied reducts of countable homogeneous structures and served as a post-graduate tutor to students at the university. An experienced Consultant, Lovkush has supported students previously, providing support to applicants by means of interview preparation, mock interviews, and admission test tutoring. A graduate of the International Baccalaureate, Lovkush is experienced at navigating the admissions process as an IB student, and has also supported students from a variety of educational backgrounds, including A-Level.

  • Oxford & Cambridge Support

    Fees & Location Overview --- Course Structure --- Our Consultants --- Fees & Location --- Testimonials

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course Fees & Location

    Course Fees The Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course provides students exposure to the intensity and challenge interviews at Oxford and Cambridge present to applicants, and equips them with the skills to best demonstrate their talent and ambition at interview, through our programme of seminars and mock interviews. Day One Applicants can join our team of Consultants for the first day of mock interviews at a cost of 225, if registered before November 1st. Attendance fees after this date are 275. Day Two (Optional) Students looking to attend the second day of the course and to join a member of our Consulting team for a tour of their chosen college and an additional mock interview are able to attend at a cost of 175 (travel not included). You can find out read more information about course fees, payment methods, and deadlines, our cancellation policy and other practical information on the Elite IB website at School booking discount: We have historically welcomed multiple students from the same school to our courses over the years, and encourage schools to contact us to discuss the discounts we are able to offer their students when making bookings on their behalf. Schools can contact us at [email protected] Location The Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course is held at our offices in Fulham, London: New Kings House, 136-144 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4LZ, United Kingdom

    Scholarships Elite IB are proud to bring our outstanding quality of support to so many students every year. Yet, whilst private tuition is one of the best ways to ensure students reach their potential, it remains out of reach for students from a range of backgrounds. Our dedication to ensuring every student has access to the best quality of education is why we offer full- and part-scholarships to students to attend our courses. Elite IBs Young Achiever Scholarships are open to students who demonstrate outstanding academic merit; who attend a non fee-paying school, or a fee-paying institution with financial aid; and who demonstrate a real financial need. The Young Achiever Scholarships are awarded on the basis of these criteria and on information contained in each students application form. If you want to find out more about the Young Achiever Scholarships, as well as information about how to apply, you can email the Elite IB team at [email protected]

    Register for the Mock Interview Course You can register for the course on the Elite IB website, or get in touch with any questions or concerns. [email protected] 020 3302 3868

  • Oxford & Cambridge Support

    Testimonials Overview --- Course Structure --- Our Consultants --- Fees & Location --- Testimonials

    Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course Testimonials

    Exceptional feedback, every year Were proud so many students join us each year to lay the groundwork for a successful interview at our Mock Interview Course. You can see just some of the outstanding feedback received from past attendees at the course, as well as from applicants who have received support from their consultants throughout the year below. You can read more testimonials from students on our website, where you can also register for the course.

    It is a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students - and parents - through the demanding requirements of school and college preparation. Parent of student applying for 2018 entry

    Fantastic course, thank you very much! So many good things to look over and prepare for. Thank you! Mock Interview Course 2016 student I am writing this email to thank you for the advice and support you have given me since the beginning of this process. Regarding the Cambridge interview I had, it went well overall. Surprisingly, I enjoyed both interviews. I was asked about lots of different things as each of the interviewers were specialists in different areas of the biological natural sciences, having a molecular biologist, a biological mathematician, a neuroscientist and the director of studies of Emmanuel College. I also remembered [my consultants] Wei Hao and Tim during the interview because they asked me about cystic fibrosis, I remembered you asking me that question and going through it together, so thank you! Essentially, what I have achieved wouldn't have been possible in some way without you. It has been a fascinating learning process during my talks with Wei Hao and incredibly useful advice from Tim. Now it is just a matter of waiting until the 12th of January to know the result Thank so much again for mentoring me and it has been a pleasure working with you. Applicant to Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

    In my interactions with Charlotte I gained a lot of knowledge for my Cambridge interview for Land Economy. By taking three mock interviews, I got an idea of what to expect in the interview and how to handle questions I didnt know the answer to. During the interviews she also gave me a lot of information about the college, the course, as well as being my interviewer. Charlotte was of great help throughout our sessions and prompt in replying to my emails queries too. She was a great help in preparing me for the interview, and I'm sure it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did had it not been for her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help in preparation for the Land Economy at Cambridge. Applicant to Land Economy, University of Cambridge