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  • TV SD Industrie Service GmbHTV SD Akademie GmbH

    Emergency PowerSystems at NuclearPower Plants Symposium May 3 4, 2017Munich, Germany


  • Program CommitteeAREVA GmbH (DE), Manfred Schwemmlein

    Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG (DE), Gert Hoffmeister

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (JP)

    MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH (DE),Andreas Grtz

    Wrtsil Finland Oy (FI), Bjarne Forsbacka, Juha Kerttula, Sari Kojo

    Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH (DE), Tanja Schuler


    Anton Kollmer, TV SD Industrie Service GmbH (DE)

    780,00 plus current VAT (if applicable)The conference fee covers the symposium materials, beverages during the breaks, lunch and the evening event.

    TV SD Auditorium ChiemseeWestendstrae 199, 80686 Munich, GermanyYou will receive travel and hotel information with the confir-mation of your registration.


    About the Symposium

    After two successful conferences in 2013 and 2015 the third International Symposium Emergency Power Systems at Nuclear Power Plants will be organized in May 3 4, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

    This event addresses the objectives of designers, manufactur-ers, utilities, regulators, vendors and academic organizations. This international conference for users of emergency power systems with its presentations, discussions and its exchange of experience emphasizes the importance of reliable power supplies in case of loss of other power sources in nuclear power plants.

    The objective of the Symposium is to

    support the continuous improvement process for emergency power systems

    increase familiarity with international regulation and standards

    pinpoint and discuss new challenges

    The Symposium is intended for specialists at

    Nuclear power plants and operating companies Power plant design companies Nuclear supervisory and licensing authorities Engine manufacturers Expert organizations Technical an academic institutions

    The Symposium is also aimed at professionals from industry, government agencies and other institutions with similar responsibilities.

  • Agenda on May 3, 2017

    10:00 WelcomeStefan Kirchner, TV SD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany

    10:10 Introduction to the symposium by the chairmanAnton Kollmer, TV SD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany

    International Regulations and Standards

    10:15 Regulatory requirements for emergency power supplies of nuclear facilities in FinlandPetri Vuorio, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Finland

    10:45 Return of experience of conventional power plant engines for NPP licensing benefits and challengesJuha Kerttula, Nuclear Business, Wrtsil Projects Oy, Finland

    11:15 Coffee break

    12:00 From national guidelines to a licensable emergency power supply system: samples for solutions for design, analysis, inspection plan, inspectors attendance of mechanical components in different countriesAnton Kollmer, TV SD Industrie Service GmbH; Manfred Schwemmlein, AREVA GmbH, Germany

    12:30 Independent core cooling a project to fulfill the new regulations from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in the aftermaths of FukushimaPatrik Lundgren, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, Vattenfall AB, Sweden

    13:00 Lunch

    Maintenance and Quality Control

    14:00 Electrical bus duct design philosophies and common system issues at nuclear plants: How to determine if your system critical electrical assets are at risk of failureJessica Netter Ducharme, Mohsen Tarassoly, Electrical Builders, Inc., USA

    14:30 Developing a new technical basis for diesel engine maintenanceMark OConnell, Arthur Killinger, MPR Associates, Inc., USA

    15:00 Challenges and solutions in requalification of emergency diesel enginesAnita Korsberg, Seppo Tamminen, Patria Aviation Oy, Finland

    15:30 Coffee break

    16:00 Reliability centered maintenance approach for NPP diesel generator setsChristian Zittlau, Jrgen Hlzer, Andreas Grtz, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Germany

    NPP-specific Operational Malfunctions

    16:30 Operation experiences of the diesel generators in Paks NPPCsaba Fenyvesi, NPP of Paks; Prof. Dr. Lszl Pokordi, buda University, Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Hungary

  • 17:00 Operating experience of diesel generators derived from reported events in German NPPJennifer Knaus, Ansgar Voswinkel, Dr. Michael Maqua, Gesellschaft fr Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Germany

    17:30 End of the first symposium day

    Evening event

    Agenda on May 4, 2017

    09:00 Developing an emergency diesel generator life extension and aging planArthur Killinger, James Bubb, MPR Associates, Inc., USA

    Seismic Safety and Reliability

    09:30 The seismic assessment of wheeled vehicle type equipment (e.g. emergency power supply vehicle) against severe accident of nuclear power plant in JapanRyutaro Imamura, Daisuke Mitsuzawa, Motohiko Hasebe, Yoshikazu Yamaguchi, Takuya Ikeda, Yuji Tomitani, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD; Ippei Ueyama, The Kansai Electric Power co. Inc; Takahiro Kawamoto, Hokkaido Electric Power co. Inc, Japan

    10:00 Coffee break

    10:15 Emergency power system in nuclear power plants: importance of reliability evaluationFabrizio Bianco, Marco Palmero, Alessio Campedrer,Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A., Italy

    Application of Digital Equipment

    10:45 Alternator design changes and simulation model evolution Gilles Stefanelli, Wilfried Moriceau, Leroy Somer, France

    11:15 Bavarian breakfast

    Typical Problems and Lessons Learned

    12:15 Selected failure-mechanisms of emergency power diesel engines in nuclear power plantsDominik Voggenreiter, TV SD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany

    12:45 Generator sets power rating considerations: need for a new definition for nuclear emergency applications? Nicolas Delattre, Caterpillar, Inc. Electric Power, USA

    13:15 Discussion of Gas to Liquid (GtL) fuel properties making it a preferential liquid fuel for applications in emergency power systemsKlaus Schlame, Dr. Richard Clark, Shell Global Solutions, Germany/United Kingdom; James Lyon, Shell International Petroleum Company, United Kingdom

    13:45 Outlook and farewell

    14:00 End of the Symposium

    Conference language

    The Conference language will be English.

  • Registration and informationTV SD Akademie GmbHInternational ConferencesViktoria WolterWestendstrae 16080339 Munich, GermanyPhone +49 89 5791-2410Fax +49 89 5155-2468E-Mail: congress@tuev-sued.de


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    Conference VenueTV SDAuditorium ChiemseeWestendstr. 19980686 Munich, Germany










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