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Affiliate: Empowering and enabling charities to become trusted partners in the commissioning process Charlie Peel Project Manager

Empowering and enabling charities to become trusted partners in the commissioning process

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  1. 1. Empowering and enabling charities tobecome trusted partners in the commissioning process Charlie Peel Project ManagerAffiliate:
  2. 2. Neurological CommissioningSupport A unique partnership of three neurological organisations:a broad commitment to effective commissioning MS Society Parkinsons UK MND Association Work extends to other conditions 2011 - affiliate partnership with Epilepsy Society Ad hoc partnership work in locality projects A consultancy service to health and social care Wide expertise customise services and transfersolutions
  3. 3. Neurological CommissioningSupport Enabling commissioners to have access to core resourcesfor neurology commissioning Empowering professionals, volunteers and service users ata local level to work together for the benefit of theneurological community Promoting cross-sector working and partnerships Highlighting areas where serviceimprovement and efficiencies could be made Redesigning services for better quality andvalue BUT from a service user perspective
  4. 4. NCS Reactive as consultancy to commissioners wanting help to redesign neurology services Proactive in areas of poor performance providing solutions for engagement with commissioners Demonstrating innovation with DH IESD grants
  5. 5. Discussion What do you think of when someone sayscommissioning? Is it a familiar concept to your organisation, or not? What, if anything, haveyou done within servicedevelopment, influencingor commissioning in the past? Do you feel up to speed withthe changes in health and socialcare commissioning?
  6. 6. We help commissioners throughthe maze of commissioningneurology services
  7. 7. What we provide Time limited consultancy Service redesign thatfor H&SC commissioners might include de- JSNA with local public commissioninghealth department Unbundling neurology Mapping, audit and gap spendanalysis based on user Project management toopinionfacilitate change Interpretation of findings All from a service user Mining data andperspectiveinterpretation of finding
  8. 8. Case study: CornwallUn-united States of Care Can-do IslandFrom thisTo this
  9. 9. Case study: CornwallGaining understanding:Inputted into by: QN audit of services CAN-DO local service user group Examination of data Health and social care Unbundling of spend professionals Local and national voluntary sector Existing evidence of serviceefficacyResulting in: Educational events atPrompting furthercapacity investigation: Design and rollout of info Use of telehealth for neurobookletpatients Appointment of 2 x Neuro care In-depth NICE audit for epilepsyadvisors Get it on Time audit for Jointly commissioned service Parkinsons re medicationfor Huntingtons management in acute Targeted exercise programmes Neuro hub on Isles of Scilly
  10. 10. Case study: SurreyGaining understanding: QN audit of services Examination of data Unbundling of spendPrompting further investigation: Identification of complex patients andusing telehealthResulting in: In-depth NICE audits for Parkinsons Development of JSNA for and epilepsyneurology Design of integrated plans forpeople living with MND JSNA sets out: Level of need juxtaposed with available services Evidence base what works and what doesnt Areas of unmet need At risk groups within demographic Key recommendations for further investigation Key recommendations for commissioning
  11. 11. The toolsof our trade
  12. 12. Voluntary sector innovation Headway Cornwall set up a rehabilitation programme dramaticallyaiding recovery Diabetes UK have produced an simple app to help people log levelsof blood glucose, carbohydrates and calories The James Parkinson Centre in Cornwall is enabling self care andbetter access to information Voluntary organisation Gloucestershire Neurological Alliancecreated a booklet that captures all local neurology serviceinformation in one place An intervention from Epilepsy Society has significantly reducedseizure rates. The PSP Association have researched and created a care pathway,guide and educational material for PSP and are rolling out amasterclass to improve professional understanding
  13. 13. Voluntary sector innovation The Mental Health Strategic Partnership, a collaboration of anumber of mental health charities has produced a series of leafletsfor the different bodies involved in localised commissioning: No Health without Mental HealthThere are leaflets for each of thefollowing: Clinical Commissioning Groups Directors of Public Health Health and Wellbeing Boards Local Authorities Local Healthwatch Overview and Scrutiny Committees
  14. 14. VSCS programme Voluntary sector has so much experience and expertisecurrently untapped Not used effectively in health and social care commissioning in the past Shift towards localised commissioning provides real opportunity to change that NCS historically worked ad hoc with individual charities VSCS programme designed to provide (individual/partnering)charities Mentoring and shadowing Support and training Resources and guidance on tool creation Professional links and opportunities
  15. 15. VSCS projectsIndividual charities:Groups of charities: The Rheumatology Commissioning Support Alliance The Spinal Injuries Coalition
  16. 16. Why do it? People affected by a given condition are the trueexperts Giving service users choice and control over their owntreatments and consulting them in decision-makingleads to improved outcomes and greater serviceefficiency Charities are: one of the strongest vehicles to service userinvolvement Repositories of qualitative data, best practiceevidence and innovative ideas
  17. 17. So what do you have to offer? What are the different groups/bodies you could engage with How could you engage with them what do you have tooffer? Are there other voluntary sector agenciesyou could partner with to increase yourinfluence either in a formal or informalarrangement? Do you have a commissioning toolkitor tools which could be geared towardscommissioners?What will be your first step into commissioning?
  18. 18. Thank [email protected] 07803 504125For more information on the VSCS programme, and to access ourresources visit www.ncssupport.org.uk Affiliate: