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  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    w w w . s l o v a k i a . t r a v e l


  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    w w w . s l o v a k i a . t r a v e l


    Spot Slovakia

    Formation date:1 January 1993Land area:49 035 km2

    Population:5 408 148(as of 30.9.2012)


    National language:SlovakCurrency:Euro (from the of

    1st January 2009)

    Slovak Republic

    Regional City

    International Airport

    Main Road


    Bordering countries: Hungary (655km), Poland (541 km), Czech Republic

    (252 km), Austria (107 km), Ukraine(98 km)

    Time zone: Central European ime(GM +1 hour), summer time (March-November: GM + 2 hours)

    Distances:Bratislava Wien / Schwechat-Airport: 80 km / 60 km Budapest / Airport: 200 km / 218 km Bansk Bystrica: 210 km

    Koice: 400 km Poprad: 332 km ilina: 202 kmKoice Budapest-Airport: 268 km Poprad: 118 kmPoprad Krakw-Airport: 156 km

    Cultural superlatives Te most extensive medieval fortresscomplex in Central Europe Spi Castle.

    Te easternmost western style of cathe-dral in Europe the Gothic St. Eliza-

    beths Cathedral in Koice.

    Te tallest wooden Gothic altar in theworld in the Church of St. Jacob inLevoa(18.6 m).

    Te oldest mining university in Europe Bansk akadmia (Mining Aca-demy) in Bansk tiavnica (1763).

    Te oldest perpetual ongoing concern the Kremnica Mint (since 1328).

    Natural superlatives One of the largest sinter formationsin the world the dripstone Kvaperoavskch jaskyniarov (Krsno-horsk jaskya cave, 32.6 m tall, witha diameter of 12 m at base).

    Te largest river island in Europe itnostrov (132 612 ha) which is also thelargest reservoir of drinking water.

    Te only aragonite cave in Europe

    Ochtinsk aragonitov jaskya (inthe karst territory Slovensk kras).

    Te only coldwater geyser in Slovakia anda rarity in Europe the geyser in Herany(jetting water to a height of 15-20 m).

  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    Slovakia is a unique country, becausein a relatively small territory you cannd just about anything. From natural

    wonders, historic monuments, rich folkculture and folklore, through to fun andentertainment in the busy city streets.Let yourself become enchanted by itsbeauties, and enjoy the unforgettableatmosphere you will nd here. You willdiscover the lure of natural scenery,combined with a rich history, cultureand traditions. Discover Slovakia TeLittle Big Country.Come and see for yourself the richnatural diversity, still vibrant with un-chained freedom, the elegance of deep

    valleys guarded by majestic mountainpeaks with crystal clear mountaintributaries and streams. Revel in thespecial experience of getting to knowscenic historical towns and impressiveworld heritage monuments. Sample the

    distinct avours of regional specialtiesand traditional national cuisine.Tese are just a few lines from the fas-

    cinating novel, the author of which isSlovak nature itself, and from the his-tory, culture and tradition of the Slovaknation. So if you would like to discoverother unique attractions and spendyour free time enjoying many excitingmemorable experiences, take these fewlines as a personal invitation.

    A Little Country of Big Experiences

    Let yourself be inspired and visitplaces that will satisfy your idea ofa much desired holiday.

    All you have to do is choose from therich choice of destinations on thenational tourism portal at


  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    w w w . s l o v a k i a . t r a v e l


    The Little Big CityTe beauty on the Dunaj river, just oneof the titles given to the Slovak capitalBratislava. Te city spreads out alongthe base of the Mal Karpaty (SmallCarpathians mountain range) sittingastride the longest river in Europe, theDanube (Dunaj). Bratislava is one of theyoungest capitals in the world, but itsrich history was chronicled over two

    thousand years ago.Visitors are attracted by the intimacy ofthis relatively small city, which pulseswith life and culture despite or becauseof its size. Te most attractive part ofBratislava is surely Star mesto (Old

    own), where you can wander the nar-row streets and admire impressive his-torical monuments. Te most visitedand popular sites in the city are also itsmost dominant monuments, namelyBratislava Castle, St. Martins Cathedral,the Primates Palace, St. Michaels Gate,the Old own Hall, Grassalkovich andMirbach palaces, and Slavn war memo-

    rial. Te city centre is full of gorgeoushidden spots, countless cosy cafes, andexcellent restaurants with a truly richculinary experience. As a modern me-tropolis, Bratislava boasts a wide choiceof accommodation options whatever

  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    your need, even for the most demand-ing guests who are accustomed to thehighest European standards. Trough-out the year, the city is the venue fora diverse range of cultural, sporting andgastronomic events, which complementthe memorable atmosphere of this pic-turesque city. Te Coronation Celebra-tions, the Bratislava Music Festival, and

    the Christmas Market are just some ex-amples worthy of mention.Te surroundings of the city also offera wide array of ways to spend your freetime. Enjoy a boat cruise along the Danu-be to the nearby ruins of Devn Castle,

    sample some ne local wines and culi-nary specialities from the region of theSmall Carpathians, cycle along any ofthe effortless bike paths along the RiverDanube, or take a tour of the enchant-ing castle erven Kame. Tis is justa snapshot of the many things visitorscan look forward to in this region, sorich in history.

    Tips Christmas Market Bratislava Marathon Slovak Food Festival Gurmn Fest Bratislava Cultural Summer and Castle

    Festival Bratislava Viva Musica! Summer Shakespeare Festival Festival of Historic Fencing, Music,

    Dance and Crafts, Devn Castle UV Craftsmen Days Vinobranie (Grape Harvest Fest)


  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    w w w . s l o v a k i a . t r a v e l


    Cultural heritageAn ideal position at the heart of Eu-rope, a history spanning millennia, andthe inuence of neighbouring nations,have all left Slovakia with a rich culturalheritage: the Celtic settlements, Romanfortresses, ancient Slavonic cult sites,chateaux and fortied castles of theHungarian nobility, medieval miningsites, renaissance and baroque palaces,

    Greek-Catholic and Orthodox woodenchurches, Jewish synagogues and ceme-teries, the interwar functionalism andsocialist realism of developing towns,also contemporary works reecting thelatest trends.Te traces of Slovak history lead to ci-ties and towns where the entrance gate-ways, massive bulwarks, watchtowersand preserved medieval architecturebear historic references to their distant

    past. Te oldest royal free town, whichfor centuries was also the main clericalcentre of the former Kingdom of Hun-gary, is the town of rnava, referredto as Little Rome also thanks to itsmany beautiful churches. A rare historicwealth can be discovered in the 18 heri-tage conservation areas that producean unforgettable atmosphere with theirunique beauty, including Bratislava,the town of renn, ilina, Nitra, andthe city of Central Slovakia BanskBystrica. In Koice is the most east-

    erly western-style Gothic cathedral inEurope, St. Elisabeth Cathedral, whichis also the largest church in Slovakia.Koice is also the European Capital ofCulture 2013. A stunning view of thetown of Spisk Nov Ves and its sur-

    roundings awaits from the tower of theChurch of the Assumption of the VirginMary, which is the tallest in Slovakiawith the most clock faces.

    A visit to a Slovak museum or gallerypromises many rare treasures. Fromancient archaeological excavation sitesto Pop Art at the Andy Warhol Museumof Modern Art in Medzilaborce, which

    is the only museum of its kind in Eu-rope, and the works of contemporaryartists. Te four Slovak royal towns ofKemarok, Star ubova, Bardejovand Levoa embody their shared pastand glory of medieval revival. Each ishome to countless cultural and histori-cal monuments, and an ideal destina-tion for a family holiday, while gettingto know the history and atmosphere ofthe Middle Ages.

  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


  • 8/13/2019 En Slovensko 01


    w w w . s l o v a k i a . t r a v e l


    Treasures of the pastMajestic gems set impressively againststunning natural scenery concealingthe secrets of an ancient past. Castles,chateaux and their ruins have com-prised an integral part of Slovak historysince time immemorial. Tese formerstrongholds of famous noble lords thatwould resist the onslaughts of enemiesand witness key historic events, still

    have the atmosphere of glory, eleganceand romance. Te diverse architectureand artistic styles reecting varioushistorical epochs today guarantee visi-tors a memorable experience. Each hasits own mystical stories to tell, and theirown legends.One of the most beautiful and best-preserved castles is just a few tens ofkilometres from Bratislava ervenKame Castle, which thanks to its in-imitable charm is a popular lming lo-cation. Te castle cellars are the most

    extensive underground areas in CentralEurope. History lovers and incurableromantics will be in seventh heaven atthe fairytale-like Bojnice Castle, whicheach year hosts the International Fes-tival of Ghosts and Spirits, when the

    castle is the meeting place for ghouls,witches and vampires from all over theworld. Orava Castle, the most visitedSlovak monument sitting atop a highrock face above the Orava river, waswhere the rst Dracula lm was lmed Nosferatu. Stunning Betliar ManorHouse, representative hunting housein English