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  1. 1. A better town for future CHONG ZHAO LUN| 0320408 FNBE AUG 2014
  2. 2. CONTENT: 1. Introduction 2. A Town - Investigation on Better Township or Town or City Guidelines and Issues 3. Investigation & Data Collection: Ancient and old cities/town 4. Investigation & Data Collection: The present towns 5. Investigation & Data Collection: The future and better town 6. The New X Town Zerone -Overview - Zoning -Design concept & Views -Transportation -Water & Electrical Supply - Perspective Sketches 7. The Conclusion 8. References
  3. 3. 1. Introduction This is the final project for our Element in Natural and Build Environment.Im Chong Zhao Lun as the mayor of the World Z Town. The people in the town require a new town because the town is being destroyed by natural disaster. So the people need a safe town, we need to move them to the new town. The new town is in the air. Before we build our future town,we need to do research about the past town and present town for our study case. We also need to investigateand collect data to fulfilling the requirements for the town. For example, the town should focus on the zoning of the town, transportations,populations, facilities, infrastructureand more. Through this project, we can understand more about the town and how it related to the nature.Last but not least, we can understand more on the key elements of a town and what makes it a better town that is sustainable and livable.
  4. 4. 2. The Town 2.1 Definition Town is smaller than a city but larger than a village. Town is also an area that is more densely populated or developed than the surrounding area. Town that containing many houses, shops, places of work, places of entertainment. 2.3 What make a town? A town is made up of buildings, governmentarea, business area, education area, commercial area and more that supporting by the government with laws, public services, facilities and more. 2.4 What make a better town? Make a town with a place for tourism; it is one of the world biggest industries. Providemore public transportation to balance the population in the town. Encourageto use 3R such as reuse, recycle, and reduce. Havea better job for the youngster. Good systematic efficiently in current infrastructure Low carbon place, eco-friendly environmental A stable and balance between naturaland build environment Public place for people to communicate or interact Provideeducation for all the people
  5. 5. Havegreen areas with beautiful landscape Using renewable energy like solar and wind to reduce the use of carbon 2.5 What make a futuretown? Futuretown will become a better and high technologies. A futuretown should be able to fulfilling the people requirement. Whether is a political, economic or social of the point of view,it should be a sustainable. The environment is important, if not will bring up harm to the futuregeneration. Futuretown that need to havea green featurescause present town had getting polluted.
  6. 6. 1. Investigation & Data Collection: Ancient Town The Sassi of Matera The Sassi of Matera is the meaning of stones in Matera. The religion of Matera had been inhabited by people since the Palaeolithic period. Deforestation of the area causes a serious erosion of the land and effect the water management. They changethe system from agriculture to pastoral transhumance.They started to using tool with Metal Ages that made it easier to dig into the soft calcareous tufo rocks to create underground cisterns and tombs. The excavated tuforocks were going be used for the construction of the wall and tower. The earliest house was formed in a simple cavewith excavated tufo block. They build the room into an open space, and also
  7. 7. were available for considering extending it if wanted.The residences will common connecting to each other in the courtyard with shared facilities such as a cistern. The fortified center of the town will be established in between the two sassi. Workshops and the granaries were set up outside the center, which will also connect with the sassi by narrow lanes and steps. The water supply was being collected abovetheplateau and brought down to the community by gravity.Asthe town keep on grew, houses were being excavated and built. People started to climb the hillside and also some of the roof acted as a street ways on between some houses. The house become more magnificent, the terracewas built on the rooftop for garden in Renaissance period. In 1950s,Matera was a shame for Italy because it had become a place of poverty,malaria and high rate of mortality, where people live in the place with no electricity, running water or sewage. Many people were moved to a new place in 1953 to 1968.Since UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 visitor was slowly growing and many of caveshavebeen transformed into stylish hotels and restaurants.
  8. 8. Conclusion: This town showed me that the way they build the town by using the tufo rock on the whole building. I had learn from this town is the people physically and moral are very important,it need to take part as one of the most important thing for the town. I will take the hotel culture as my new town, they using the old building make it into a modern look with the old and culture in it. 2. Investigation & Data Collection: Present Town City of Paris Paris is the capital of France and also the country largest city. The city of Paris is within unchanged since 1960s. The city is situated on the banksof the Seine River and is one of the largest European capitals. The metropolitan area of the city
  9. 9. is one of the most populated in Europe; about 11.5 million people live in it. Paris is one the world largest leading business and cultural centers. Paris is also one of the most popular tourism in the world. Paris is world-known with its neo- classical architectureand also has many museums, art galleries, historical and recreation places. Arc de Triomphe Grande Arche de la Dfense Arc de Triomphe is situated in the middle of the large circular square Place Charles De Gaulle. Built in 1806 to 1808,it followed the model of the Arc of Constantine in Rome. In the early 1980s,GrandeArche is the president who commissioned construction of the grand project to celebrate the 200th anniversary
  10. 10. of the French Revolution in 1989.This project is to promote their culture. Triumphal Way is located in between Arc de Triomphe and Grande Archede la Dfense. You can see from the walk away from old to modern. Champ De Mars The Haussmann had success improved the fresh water system. Architectureof Paris had brought up the city into an urban landscape. Less than twenty years,what came to be called Haussmannism had been completely reshaped the city into a brand new look. Air and traffic circulation improved. The city is large and open space were made available for the people. But even more, Haussmann created a city that inspired to became an uplifting city; a city with a soul. Paris continues to evolvealong with the ambitions of urban planners. But with every walk down a Parisian street, or stroll
  11. 11. through a Parisian park, Haussmanns imprint remains clearly on display. Champ de Mars is still in used in the military academy. It was a central park featuresof the open park is the Eiffel Tower. This park is popular for people to gather here and haveoutdoor activities like picnic. Along the stretch of grassland are some pretty laid out gardens with scrubs and flowerbeds, especially near the Eiffel Tower yourewill find a couple of pond over there.There also havesome playground thereand some plenty of space for enjoying other activities. Conclusion: Paris is the one of the famous tourism in the world. Those building or skyscraper had increased the rate of tourism. Not just only the building, they also not forget about the green environment.There havemany central park in the city. What I use for my futuretown is I will build a green area in the central of the town and to allow people to use the open space park to enjoy their outdoor activities.
  12. 12. 3. Investigation & Data Collection: Future Town Masdar City, Dubai Four centuries ago, it just a plenty of dessert but now inhabited what today is known as Dubai. By the end of the 18th century,a handfulof people had settled thereto form the Dubai town and engaged in pearl trading, thusestablishing the pearling industry. The population was about 800 then. By the early 19th century,members of the Bani Yas clan established Dubai, which remained dependent on Abu Dhabi till 1833. Dubai came under the protection of the United Kingdom by the ExclusiveAgreementof 1892.The Emir of Dubai, meanwhile, tried to develop the business of Dubai by making foreign trades and decreasing the taxes, thus expanding and making Dubai and Dubai Creek the Trading Hub. Masdar city conceived in 2006,phase one of the cities already completed after three year of work. The development,near
  13. 13. the Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, consists of six building, one street, 101 small apartments,a large electronic library, and the Masdar Institute. In 2013,for phase two due to be finished this year, will add 222 more apartments,and more streets and shops. The Abu Dhabi government unveiled the project that eventually will be able to sustain 50000 resident and more than 1000 businesses. Predict that this project will be finish in 2025. Masdar City, will be the first zero carbon city in the world. The city environmentalefforts haveresult to build a grand plan nearby city that will entire carbon neutraland produce no waste. Although theclimate of the new city is hot. They plan to build a solar thermal power plant. A desalination plant will providefresh water by using the solar energy too. The city will also use hydrogen power plant as well. It produces a clean source of energy,produce much fewer of carbon dioxide in