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With a single touch of a button the lights dim, the shades close, the screen opens, the volume is set and your movie begins. Enjoy it on the big screen while maintaining the comforts and conveniences of your own home. You will experience the game like never before and become part of the action when you see it in High Definition on a 120” screen.

Text of ENCO Electronic Systems - Home Theater Package

  • Home Theater Conversions

  • At ENCO Electronic Systems, our mission is

    quite simple - deliver quality work, solve prob-

    lems and exceed the customers expectations.

    These objectives ensure advanced design, high

    quality, and unsurpassed customer service.

    At ENCO Electronic Systems, we not only love

    what we do, but we do it very well. Our elite staff

    is comprised of highly trained and knowledge-

    able specialists who provide an unequaled com-

    bination of skills. Our clientele includes the most

    discriminating homeowners and audiophiles who

    expect nothing less than the perfect system to

    enhance their homes and lifestyles.

    Our experts can work with you to put together a plan to meet your familys

    needs while maintaining your homes architectural integrity. We can help

    you turn the spare space in your home into a magnificent home theater.

    We can help you transform your spare room

    into your favorite room.

  • Submerge your body and mind into a new world of convenience. Experi-

    ence the simplicity of drawing the curtains, dimming the lights and starting

    the movie in your personal home theater with the touch of a single button.

    ENCO Electronic Systems has the ability to cater your dream home with

    the appropriate technology. We will fit the appropriate equipment, with the

    finest performance, to make

    your dreams into reality. Sit-

    ting in the center of a movie

    theater or on the fifty-yard

    line at the football game,

    creates an involvement in

    the event that watching

    ordinary TV just cant seem

    to recreate. We can help you

    create that same theater

    experience right in your own


    We can help you transform your spare room

    into your favorite room.

  • One of our consultants can

    address questions on the many

    upgrade options available.





    Acoustical Panels




    Media Servers

    Custom Cabinetry Design

    Custom Flooring