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Now you can simplify the way you collect, manage and enjoy your movies and music — with the Kaleidescape System. It will store and automatically organize your collections, for fast, easy access. Browse your collections using the system's innovative, intuitive interface. Make a selection. Press PLAY. And then sit back and relax. Movies and music can be instantly delivered to any room in your house, at any time. The Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service provides video bookmarks that let you jump to the beginning of the movie or to your favorite television episode — with no trailers. No ads.

Text of ENCO Electronics Systems - Kaleidescape

  • Presenting the Kaleidescape System

    Its been called the Best of the Best by Robb Report. Others have described it as a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Its been identified as one of the hottest trends in home entertainment: The Kaleidescape System the award-winning entertainment server that delivers a movie and music experience that is more exciting and more compelling than ever before.

    The Kaleidescape System will simplifyand enrich your life. Youll say goodbye to the clutter of all those DVDs and CDs, and to the frustration of having to organize them over and over. You will be able to reclaim the valuable space used to store all those discs because your DVDs, CDs and home movies will be readily accessible on your Kaleidescape Systems fail-safe hard disks.

    The Kaleidescape System can deliver movies and music instantly to any room. And because it is well-designed, simple and intuitive, your family and guests can enjoy your movies and music at any time.

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    The Kaleidescape Experience

    its unrivaled in its role as a house-wide entertainment machine. Sound & Vision Magazine

    Reclaim precious

    cabinet and shelf space

    throughout your home.

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    Elegant and Compelling

    Kaleidescapes extraordinary user interface is simply the best. It provides the easiest and most entertaining way for you to reconnect with your treasured movies and music.

    Add a movie or an album by placing thedisc in a Kaleidescape Player, and itis automatically cataloged. Using Kaleidescapes exclusive Movie and Music Guide, your Kaleidescape System obtains information about each title, including high-resolution cover art, a synopsis or review, artist details, year of release, running time, and other information. After importing your DVDs and CDs into your System, you never have to touch them again.

    As your library grows, storage can be added by inserting more Disk Cartridges or by adding more Kaleidescape Servers to provide all the capacity you need. Even if you have thousands of DVDs, CDs and home movies, the Kaleidescape System lets you effortlessly select and enjoy any movie, television show, album or song you own.




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    Movies Music

    The intuitive and elegant

    user interface allows you to

    quickly locate and play any

    title in your collection.

  • Command Performance

    Once your collection has been imported into your Kaleidescape System, the first thing youll notice is that everything happens immediately. No searching for DVDs or CDs, no fumbling with cases. No waiting for a mechanical changer. As you browse, your movies and albums appear onscreen instantly.

    Once youve made your selection, you simply press PLAY, sit back and enjoy.

    When you play a movie, there are no DVD menus, no trailers, no advertisements. Start a movie, jump to an episode of a television series, or play a favorite scene. You can personalize your viewing experience by creating your own favorite scenes, and even linking them together to create a video montage.

    In the mood for some music? A little soft rock or traditional country, or perhaps some Louis Armstrong. Just select the genre or the artist and press PLAY. You can also select the albums and songs you wish to hear, and quickly create your own Mix Album. While youre listening, you can explore the reviews of albums and artists provided by Kaleidescapes Music Guide.

    The Kaleidescape Experience comes without compromise. All of your content is imported into your Kaleidescape System at the highest quality possible, with no compression, so your viewing and listening experience is exactly as the artists intended.

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  • In addition to the Kaleidescape remote,

    Kaleidescape provides the tools needed to

    easily control your Kaleidescape System using

    third-party touch panels.

    In Control

    The Kaleidescape System is compatible with your favorite control system. Whether you prefer a sophisticated touch screen, a simple IR remote, or a web-enabled device, the award-winning Kaleidescape System allows you to effortlessly manage and enjoy your entertainment collection. Even young children enjoy finding and starting their own movies and music.

    The Kaleidescape System also provides a number of automation cues that can be used by advanced control systems to automatically control lighting, set screen masking, move curtains, and make all the audio and video playback choices to optimize your entertainment experience. Its like having your very own projectionist!

    We even provide parental control soyou can rest assured that your childrenare not exposed to inappropriate movies.

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  • Custom Introductions

    Kaleidescape Custom Introductions can turn an ordinary movie night into an authentic theatrical experience right in your own home!

    This package provides you with six personalized movie openings and a movie trivia sequence. Combine these using the Kaleidescape Systems scripting capabilities and dazzle your guests.

    High Definition Entertainment

    Each Kaleidescape System ships with three groundbreaking HD films. Kalahari The Great Thirstland and Kalahari The Flooded Desert are two breathtaking wildlife films by pioneering filmmaker Tim Liversedge. One Six Right: The Romance of Flying, a passionate expression of producer-director Brian J. Terwilligers love for flying, is one of the finest aviation films ever made.

    DVD Collections

    Kaleidescape has made it easy for anyone to own the very best movies and capture the excitement, glamour and drama that motion pictures can deliver.

    Each DVD Collection is designed to help you build an impressive movie library. For example, Kaleidescapes Critics 150 includes arguably the best movies of all time. Kaleidescape also offers a FamilyCollection of movies perfect for young and old alike.

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    The Extras

    Kaleidescape Conductor, DVD Collections, High Definition Entertainment, and Custom Introductions will help you get the most out of your Kaleidescape System.

    Kaleidescape Conductor (iTunes Synchronization)

    Synchronize music stored on your Kaleidescape System with iTunes, and take it with you on your iPod or other MP3 player. You can synchronize some of your music, or all of your music. Setup is effortless and flexible.


  • Intuitiveandentertaininguserinterface






    The Show Goes On

    The Kaleidescape System has transformed the home entertainment experience for thousands of families around the world. Our discriminating audience has chosen the Kaleidescape System as the entertainment cornerstone of their homes and yachts. Whether you are a cinema buff or music lover, a parent with young children, or a busy professional seeking quality time with loved ones, the Kaleidescape System simplifies and enriches your life.

    Kaleidescape products are available worldwide through a network of dealers and distributors -- contact one of our dealers for a personal demonstration. For further information and to locate a Kaleidescape dealer near you go to www.kaleidescape.com.

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