Endangered Animals of the World

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Endangered Animals of the World. Emiley Mitchell. The Iranian Jerboa (Allactaga firouzi). Mouse-like/mini kangaroo like Long tufted tail Long back legs Very large ears Long tail Appr . 90-263 mm. Habitat. Flat Plains Grasslands Southern Iran Burrow underground - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Endangered Animals of the WorldEmiley MitchellThe Iranian Jerboa (Allactaga firouzi)

Mouse-like/mini kangaroo like Long tufted tail Long back legs Very large ears Long tail Appr. 90-263 mm.HabitatFlat PlainsGrasslandsSouthern IranBurrow undergroundFairly hot climate

DietVegetation:SeedsPlantsOccasionally crickets or mealwormsObtain water from foodForages food at night

preyed upon by owls nocturnal animals

Mating and Reproducing(little is known)Pregnant up to 40 days1 to 3 litters born a year

mostly solitary animals 6 year life span

Distinct QualitiesExtremely well jumper/ jumps in zig zag to confuse predatorTail acts as a balancing organLong hairs on feet as friction pad for supportFur is same color as dirtNocturnalGet water from plants they eat

Housing RequirementsSemi-large cageDirt/ deep enough for burrowsHouse/shelter from lightSmall rocksFresh plants/ mouse mixNeed special permit to own

Critically EndangeredListed by IUCN Red List 2006Habitat lossRestricted rangeNo conservation efforts No recommendations


Bibliographyhttp://zipcodezoo.com/Animals/A/Allactaga_firouzi/#Descriptionhttp://animal.discovery.com/guides/endangered/mammals/iranian-jerboa.htmlhttp://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/855/0http://iranian-jerboa.co.tv/http://www.edgeofexistence.org/mammals/species_info.php?id=64 http://www.rbcarlton.com/hotcold.htmhttp://www.theanimalfiles.com/mammals/rodents/jerboa_long_eared.html 5 Question QuizWhere do Jerboas live?

Where do they get their water from?

What do they use their long tails for?

Why are they on the endangered species list?

What is being done to help Jerboas?