Endangered species

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The gorillas are wild animals. They live in the tropic.They are mammals. They are herbivores.

They have got black fur. They have got small eyes.Their ears are small too. Their noses are very big.They are very high and very strong. They live in groups.The males measure about 160cm and the females measure 140cm.The males weigh 200kg and the females weigh 90kg.

The cubs weigh 2kg.The gorillas are very loving, and take good care of their cubs. They are very intelligent.

The gorillas are in danger of extinction because of the poaching and habitat loss.

Alba Lpez

MOUNTAINGORILLALEOPARDSLeopards are mammals. They are carnivores. They live in Africa, Asia Central, India and China. They can live in the jungle, in the mountains and deserts. They hunt at night. They eat big animals like zebras, buffalos and us .They live 20 years. They weight 90 Kg and they measure 190cm. They are slim but strong.

They have got medium pointed ears. Their light eyes are small. They have got a big nose they have got long whiskers. They have got a small mouth and their teeth are very sharp. Their body is long. Their legs are strong and they have got big claws. They have got a long tail.Its fur is short and beautiful. They have got black and yellow spots.

They have got six or seven cubs .Their cubs are very active and beautiful.They are in danger of extinction because of the hunting. Its fur is very beautiful and people use it for jackets or for scarfs.

Martn Dafonte

MANATEEManatees or sea cows are mammals.The type of the trinchechus and the family is from trichechidae. They live in the water. There are in danger of extinction because of the hunting and losss of habitat. There are four subspecies:Caribbean manatee , Amazonian manatee , African manatee and Dwarf manatee.They are protected species because in the past and now they were hunted for their meat and fat.They are hervibores and they eat 60 types of plants. An adult usually eats about 50kg of plants per day. Most of their life is spent sleeping and eating.



ADULT MANATEEThey live in Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea.They are also common in streams , lakes , ponds and bays so they can live in saltwater and freshwater.Every 2-5 years , the female gives birth one baby. Baby weigh about 35kg at birth and measures from 90 to 120cm.The babies remain with their mothers up to 2 years. They are mature at 4 years and they can live 80 years.Their body is between 3 and 6 metres long and they weigh between 300 and 500kg. They have a flatened tail and their upper lip is slip. They have a grey color with pink tones.

Oscar DomnguezRED WOLVESRed wolves are mammals. They have got red and brown fur. They have got brown eyes and small black nose. They have got long ears. They have got a strong body and long legs. They have got paws. They have got a long tail. They weigh 80kg.They have got 7 or 8 pups.

They live in the forests and they are very social They are carnivores. They eat meat. Red wolves are lonely hunters. The red wolves are danger of extinction because people are destroying their habitat. They are only 550 in USA and Canada. Brais Pena


Elephants live in Africa and Asia.They are mammals. They have only one baby. They are brown.They are herbivores so they eat plants. They are very big and they have a big brain.They have got big ears and small eyes. They have got a, long trunk and beautiful tusks. Their four legs are very strong .

Elephant can live 60 and 70 years. They measure 4 meters high and weigh 200 kilos.

They are in danger of extinction because of hunting and because people are taking their habitat.

By Nerea Rodriguez Deus

The TigerThey are the biggest cats in the word.Tiger have big paws and sharp claws.They live in the jungle. The tiger has got black stripes. Their head is big. They have got four strong legs. They have got long whiskers. Their body is big. The tiger is beautiful.

They are carnivores. They eat meat.They can swim and run very fast.They are endangered because they are hunted for fur and loss of habitat.

Luca Viqueira


The golden lions are mammals.They live in rainforsets, in the south of Brazil.

Golden lions are omnivores.They eat flowers, frogs, lizards, insects,resin and nectar. They are small primates.Golden lions have got beautiful long fur.Theyve got incredible golden hair.Their faces are horrible and small.

Their eyes are small and brown.Their fingers are long and sharp.

Their pins are thin and golden.They have got a nice and long orange tail.They have got a big mouth and sharp teeth. They are endangered because people are hunting them as pets and to sell them to zoos. We are also destroying the rainforests.

I think this animal is funny and unusual!GREY WHALESGrey whales live in the sea. They live in the Pacific ocean. They are mammals. They are one of the four breeds of whales that exist in the planet.They are grey and they have got irregular white spots on their skin. They have got a small head and two small flippers. Whales can live between 50 and 70 years.

GREY WHALESThey are very heavy animals. They can weigh thirty-six tons and it is fifteen meters long. These animals eat fish but they also eat crustaceans.

Pregnancy lasts 12-13 months. They have got only one baby. They are in danger extinction because of hunting.

I think they are interesting animals, but it is not my favourite one.

By Anabel Dafonte Iglesias

PHILIPPINE EAGLEThe Philippine eagle is a bird. They are very big. They are carnivores, they eat meat: snakes, fish, etc. Its very majestic like other eagles.

The Philippine eagles are white and brown. Their paws are very big, like a hand. Their beak is very big and strong. And Their feathers are very beautiful. They have got a small head. They live in in the forests.They are in danger of extinction because of the deforestation.Jonathan Pen

TURTLESJennifer ParenteThe turtles are small and they have got a very short tail. They have a very hard shell of its size. They are beautiful. They lay eggs at the beach in the sand. The turtles are of many colors. We cannot see tortoises ears because they are internal. They live in tropical sea. Some turtles eat insects but others eat plants. They can live 150 or 200 years, but it depends on the breed of turtle.They are endangered because of the pollution and the climate change. People fish turtles for food and shells and we are also destroying their habitats.


This is the seal. They are carnivore mammals. They eat fish, shellfish and squids. They measure 1,50 m. They weigh about 100 kg. Their body is big, smooth and gray but sometimes they are white and hairy.

Their head is small and their whiskers are very long. They have got four big strong fins. They havent got a tail.BABY SEALSThe babies seal are very small but they can swim very fast. The babies have got short whiskers and small fins. They are beautiful. The seals are endangered because their skin is very priced and because the poles are melting.

Ivn Ros


They are wild animals. They are black rhinoceros. They are mammals and herbivores. Theyve got a big head. Theyve got two big horns. Theyve got four big paws. Theyve got a short tail. Theyve got strong teeth.

Pregnancy lasts about 15 months and they have only one baby. The males are solitary and the females are less solitary. They measure 1,6 m tall and they weigh 1.500 kg .n They run very fast, 50 km per hour. They live 30 years. They are in danger of extinction because of the hunting. Eduarda AndradeWARBLERThey are birds. They live in the forests in Europe and America.They eat insects.They lay from three to six eggs.They are in danger of extinction because of the pollution and because we are destroying their habitat.

They have got a small head with small dark eyes. They have got a long black beak.Their feathers are yellow and black. Their wings are beautiful. They are black and yellow too.They have got a short tail.

Martn Castro

LINXThe linxs are animals. They're mammal and carnivore. They are predators ,because they eat another animals. They live in the northern hemisphere

There are very few linxs in the world because they are an endangered species.

They live about 15 years and they weigh around 90kg.

They've got big head. Their eyes are very big and beautiful. They've got long ears and big mouth. They've got whiskers and sharp teeth. The linxs have got a beautiful fur with small spots and short tail. They've got strong paws and big sharp claws, but they havent got feathers.


Their cubs are small and very very beautiful. They learn to hunt since they are young. They look like cats.The linx have got 2-4 cubs

Daniel Varela

PYTHONSThey are reptiles. They are the largest snakes. They are wild animals. They are carnivores.They don't produce venom. They are constrictors. Their favourite food are mice.

They live in the rainforests. They live up to 40 years. They lay 12-36 eggs and look after the eggs and the pythons babies.

They are in danger of extinction because people hunt them for their skin and because their habitat is disappearing.

They have got green eyes. Their head is triangular. They have got big sharp teeth and they are very strong and long. They have got 2 or 3m long and 17cm wide.The pythons are very beautiful and colorful animals. They are my favourite animals.

Carlos Dafonte