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Engaging Learners Understanding The Problem

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  • 1. Engaging learnersUnderstanding the problem developing news approaches our experience at

2. the challenge of providing inclusive education 3. 5 Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio HSO 1066 1314 E = mc 2 amo amas amat il faut que je fasse 2 4 Education: a definition 4. 5 25 975 hours per day hours per week hours per year EDUCATION : influnce education: influence 5. who cares for the 3Ds?

  • Michael Barbers 3Ds:
  • the disappointed
  • the disaffected
  • the disappeared

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. the key challenge creating systemic change We all need an occasionalwhack on the side of the head,to shake us out of routine patterns, to forceus to re-think our problems, and to stimulate us to ask new questions that may leadtoother right answersRoger Von Oech 15. the key challenge finding new approaches The real voyage of discovery consistsnot in seeking new landscapes,but in having new eyesMarcelProust 16. The clash of cultures digital natives and digital immigrants Lara Croft Mr Chips meets 17. High technology versus traditional values getting the balance right The story of the Lexusand the Olive Tree 18. inclusiveness Inclusiveness means that theneeds, abilitiesandaspirationsof people should berecognised, understoodandmetwithin a supportive environment which encourages them to achieve their goals and to make real, measurableprogressImplementing inclusiveness - realising potential (Beattie Report) 19. blameand bluff dealing with exclusion two short poems 20. ability experience enthusiasm motivation receptiveness interest determination confidence self esteem what do we need to be successful learners? putting the learner first 21. putting the learner first 22. Gardners 8 ( ) intelligences 23. emotional intelligence Emotional intelligence is adifferent way of being smart . It includes knowing your feelings and using them to make good decisions; managing your feelings well; motivating yourself with zeal and persistence; maintaining hope in the face of frustration; exhibiting empathy and compassion; interacting smoothly; and managing your relationships effectively. Those emotional skills matter immensely - in marriage and families, in career and the workplace, for health and contentment. Daniel Goleman 24.

  • understand their needs and wants
  • break down barriers to learning
  • develop self and collective advocacy
  • design learning that fits with life & work
  • enhance the value of learning
  • make demands on the system

working with learners to 25. 26. 27. For most learners the purpose of education is: to develop the knowledge, understanding,skills, attitudes and behaviours to help themget a job, keep a job, get a better job, managea career and/or have a better life Scottish Funding Council The purpose of learning 28. Scotlands curriculum for excellence

  • Enabling all young people to become
        • successful learners
        • confident individuals
        • responsible citizens
        • effective contributors

29. 30. thetime, place, pace andstyle oflearning that mostclosely meets your needs pledge tolearners 31.