Engaging Students in the First Year Computer Literacy Course with Self- Paced, Flexible, Online Instruction Mava Wilson, PhD Bill Jaber, PhD Department

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  • Engaging Students in the First Year Computer Literacy Course with Self- Paced, Flexible, Online Instruction Mava Wilson, PhD Bill Jaber, PhD Department of Business Computer Information Systems
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  • Background Computer literate student population Varying degrees of literacy Disengaged in the introductory course Computer literacy classes not meeting needs Met and discussed with the administration a new plan for the computer literacy courses
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  • Student Needs Students were largely disengaged o Due in large part to students growing up with technology Misunderstood surfing and social networking as computer literate Experience indicated students were not skilled in computer concepts, spreadsheets or database
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  • The Plan Past computer literacy exam produced few passing scores Developed two proposals for consideration o Plan 1 - The courses are going to be self-paced with a schedule. o Plan 2 - The courses are going to traditional classroom setting. Presented these plans to Department Chair and Dean o The administrations elected to try Plan 1.
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  • The Design General Literacy Course o Two sections o Pre/Post-Tests in Excel, Word, PP, Computer Literacy Option to receive P by passing all four with 80+ Business Literacy Course o Two sections Pre/Post-Tests in Excel & Access
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  • The Design (cont) Calendar with DUE dates Training (simulation; observe, practice, apply; not for grade) Tutorials (simulation; up-to-three times; 10 chances per task; graded) Project (case problem; live in software; submit/receive feedback immediately; submit up-to-three times; graded) Quiz (second scenario; live in software; submit one time; graded) Capstone Project (cumulative; graded) Post-Test (graded as test)
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  • The Operation Attendance not required Self-paced, meeting deadlines Material completed = course completed Help / mini-lectures / explanations o In class o Office hours o Via email
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  • The Experience Students o No one passed all pre-tests o Slow purchasing book/access codes o Mac issues o Slow getting used to method o Book not seen as necessary o Little attendance for 8:00 class o Group that attend class o Very picky o Doesnt follow standards Faculty o Difficult getting everything setup o Issues with access first few days o Important to have everything ready o More questions via email o Last minute help on due dates o Control w/passwords for Capstones o Grading scale curve
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  • The Survey Feedback 26 responses from General Literacy (out of 55 47%) 23 responses from Business Literacy (out of 51 45%) GL - 25 students like self-paced component; one no opinion BL 19 students like self-paced component; three dislike; one no opinion o One person needs more self-discipline o One person likes more one-on-one help in lecture class GL one student felt this way is not quite as good compared to what theyve heard about other sections; 21 felt it was better or much better BL one student student felt this way is not quite as good compared to what theyve heard about other sections; 15 felt it was better or much better
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  • The Feedback (cont) really enjoying self-paced nature. With my schedule it makes it much easier puts a lot of responsibility on the studentscatch myself doing it last minute literallystudent wants a good grade in this class its easy to attain just a matter of time management Like doing the assignments in SAM not from book & I love SAM!!! I hate SAM and the book together wish training covered the whole project just not part
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  • The Feedback (cont) I like the way it works. Wish it wasnt so picky or would give a more definitive answer to ones that are missed format of class is excellent; SAM site is not always the best to work withautomated feedback on projects can sometimes be obscure or confusing leading to some degree of frustration instead rather than learning & Confusing sometimes Do not like this way of learning... Feel like I am failing in the class because of the lack of one-on- one help. Yes, I can come to class but that one period can only do so much since we do everything outside of class. Id rather have this be a lecture class explaining in a clearer way what is in each chapter
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  • The Feedback (cont) Unexpected learning o Quick feedback on the Case problem projects is helping me to pay more attention to detail and reading instructions carefully 12 strongly agree 8 moderately agree 3 neutral
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  • The Feedback Video Clips of students
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  • The Next Phase Spring 2011 online component with black/white copy of book Two sections of General Literacy o Similar format Two large sections of Business Literacy o One faculty o Two lab-assistants o Half of class attend one-day-per-week o Scheduled labs with assistants
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  • The Future Questions to be answered Outcomes Course Organization o Lab assistants o Class size Faculty Load/Administration
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  • Questions? Mava Wilson, PhD mwilson@leeuniversity.edu Bill Jaber, PhD bjaber@leeuniversity.edu