Engaging the Disengaged

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Engaging the Disengaged. Dr. Mary Amanda Graham Program Director Seattle University. Frustrations. What challenges do you face with your disengaged students?. What the Student Thinks. What’s important?. What motivates?. Definition of Motivation. Motivation-internal Action Direction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Engaging the Disengaged

  • Engaging the DisengagedDr. Mary Amanda GrahamProgram Director Seattle University

  • Frustrations

    What challenges do you face with your disengaged students?

  • What the Student ThinksWhats important?

    What motivates?

  • Definition of Motivation

    Motivation-internal ActionDirection Engagement

    Motivation + Engagement=Learning

  • What Motivates YouWhat Engages YouWhy is it different for students

  • Why We Do Things EnjoymentRewarding

  • Why Do We Do Things Less Enjoyable

  • Students All Students are motivated by somethingAll Students can be engaged

  • Internal vs. External MotivationWhat are internal motivators at your schoolWhat are external motivators at your school

  • The Problem with the Candy BarIt is never enoughShort TermStudent losses interestGeared toward the motivated studentNot a real life transferable skill in many situations.

  • The Internally MotivatedEngagedSelf StartersComprehend MaterialsUses failure as a motivationCreativeEnjoys School High Level of Academic Achievement

  • Assumptions of Choice TheoryBasic NeedsQuality WorldBehavior has a Purpose

  • Implications of Choice Theory in School Basic Needs:Love and Belonging FreedomFunPowerSurvival

  • Love and Belonging Social over schoolAcceptanceBelonging in a groupCared aboutKnown on a personal levelProtecting self to fit inSeems Disinterested

  • Freedom Need for IndependenceDecision MakingRelatednessInvolvement in Own LearningPursuit of InterestsAutonomy

  • FunEngagementEnjoymentFunExcitement

  • PowerResponsibilityLeadershipAchievement

  • SurvivalSafetyBasic Needs (food, shelter, clothing, safe home)Risk Taking

  • How Are These Basic Needs Met for Students In Your school?

  • Quality World What does that mean?

    What does that mean in regards to School?

  • Group ActivityBrainstorm with the people at your table. Can you come up with 10 ways to meet students basic needs, as well as their needs specific to your school

  • Ideas To Foster The NeedsBecome a part of the students quality worldWork with teachers on the value of personal relationshipsBuy in from administrators on the role of counselorIn-service for teachers Assess Curriculum and MeaningSchool Environment

  • Ideas-Continued MentorshipPresencesLunchBefore Class ActivitiesA Systems Approach

  • Contact InfoDr. Mary Amanda Graham\Seattle Universitygrahamm@seattleu.edu

  • References Glasser, W. Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy

    Loyd, Byron D. (2005). The effects of reality therapy/choice theory principles on high school students' perception of needs satisfaction and behavioral change. International Journal of Reality Therapy, Vol 25(1), 2005, 5-9

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