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Sooner Magazine ADKISON James Harold, 30PE, Dowell Ins, Midland, Texas ADKISSON Charles N Jr, 34PE, Lemon, Texas AGGERS Harry-Delos Jr., 34PE, 468 Habcrfcldc Bldg, Bakersfield, Calif ; asst production foreman Union Oil Co of Calif AIGUIER Seth E(gar, 40I'1?, 516 Hill St, Okla City AKRIGHT Franklin W, 34PE, Phil- lips Pet Co, Borger, Texas ALDEN Verne E, 11EE, Box 112 Rt 2, Barrington, 111 ; Ulen & Co ALEXANDER Aaron, 40CE, Atoka ALEXANDER Card Bryan, 21CE, Howard, Kansas ; Alexander Eng Co ALEXANDER Sam N, 31 BA 31 EE, M 1 T, Boston, Mass ALFRED James Kenneth, 34CE, 803 E Cherry St, Cushing ALLEN C Pat, 40ChE, Coronado Corp, Woodsboro, Texas ALLEN Joe Young, 40ChE, Calf Oil Corp, Odessa, Texas ALLEN Leonard B, 37ME, 2153 Albatross St, San Diego, Calif ; chief eng Solar Aircraft Co ALLEN William Alnos, 38ME, Box 989, Okla City ALWORTH Cecil 1), 28PE, Hum- ble Oil & Refg Co, Conroe, Texas ALWORTH Thomas James, 27EE, Ranger, Texas ANDERSON Carlos, 36PE, Box CC, Hobbs, N Mcx ANDERSON Chester B, 33PE, Tex- as Co Bldg, Houston, Texas ANDERSON C: Willard, 37PE, Box 935, Wichita Falls, Texas ; Reed Roller Bit Co ANDERSON Edmund Theodore, 4011 E, Dowell Inc, Salem, Ill ANDERSON George T Jr, 34EE, 2323 N Vermillion St, Danville, III ANDERSON Henry Phillip, 31ME, 306 N 9th St, Duncan ANDERSON John Bradley, 40EE, Public Service Co of Okla, Tulsa ANDERSON Kenneth ( :, 40GE ANDERSON Nathan Wesley, 39EE, Box 122, Midland, Texas ; field cng Reda Pump Co ANDREWS Kendall E fl, 31CE, 1110 S Ohio St, Mercedes, Tex- as ; scy treas Magic Valley Elec Supply Co AUGUST, 1940 Engineer Alumni Directory Alphabetical List ANDREWS Roy Gerald, 32CF, 213 E Acres St, Norman ANTHONY Clarenee Warren, 30 EE, OG & E Co, Okla City. ARANGO Luis E, 31PE, Tropical Oit Co, Barranca Bermeja, Co- lombia, S A ARANGO Rafael M, 35PE, Tropical Oil Co, Ed Ccntro, Colombia, S A ARMITAGE Haskell 1) . 34BA 36 ChE, 731 3rd Ave, Port Arthur, Texas ; Gulf Oil Corp ARMSTRONG Cecil Werner, 32MF. 37M .ME, College of Engineering, Univ of Call, Berkley, Calif ARMSTRONG G Turner, 40EE, Halliburton Oil Well Cementing (;o, Duncan ARMSTRONG Lawrence Henry, 35ME 36NGE, 321 E McCarty St, Jefferson City, Mo ARNE L" I' Clarenee Lester, 14CE, 804 S 5th St, Ponca City ; geolo- gist ARNETT Robert Donald, 32EE, Aztec, N Mcx: supervisor Na- tional Geophysical Co ARNOLD Alton D, 37CE, Mene Grande Oil Co, Cuidad Bolivar, Venezuela, S A ARNOLD Tapley George, 40EE, Magnolia Pet Co, Ardmore ASBURY Henry Thomas, 131,E (de-Ceased) ASHRAF Foad Ali Mull ammad, 34MS in E, Anglo-Iranian Oil Co, Abadan, Iran, Persia AUCOIN Riley Anthony, 28PE, Box 2025, Tyler, Texas ; S1- eng Humble Oil & Rcfg Co AULT James Franklin, 40EE AYCOCK Sue Vaughan, 36AE, 801 Mentor Ave, Mentor, Ohio AYERS Charles Elwyn, 35PE, Box 4A Rt 2, Kaw; research dept Phillips Pet Corp B BAILEY Albian Warren, 35PE, 908 E Main St, Clue), Ill BEARD Cart E, 38ME, 1115 Hay- (Tell St, Amarillo, Texas BAKER Homer Wayne, 37PE, Phil- lips Pet Co, Smackover, Ark BAKER Leo L, 38ChE, 1410 4th St, Corpus Christi, Texas ; Core Laboratories Inc BALBIN Paul D, 33CE, Box 72, Morgan Cite, La ; party chief seismograph crew Stanolind ()it & Gas Co BALLARD DcAuburn, 13EE, 217 W 12th St, Hutchinson, Kansas ; Roxana Pet Corp BALLINGER T O, 33GnE, 418 1/2 Wisconsin Ave, Baytown, Texas ; Humble Oil & Rcfg Co BALYFAT Roy, 17EE, 8111 W 6th St, Los Angeles, Calif ; vice pres Institute Hollywood BARBER George Winchel, 37115 in Bus 38 MS in Eng, American National Bank, Lawton BARBOUR Clifford Wayne, 23AE ., 161111 Camden Way, Okla City BARBOUR Robert E, 31CE, 928 W Euiaula St, Ncunan ; 13 arbour & Short Constr Co, Norman Bldg Supply Co BARCLAY J Roy, 22EE, Yuma, Ariz : farmer BAR11ELD William G, 38E',, Box 238-1, llcaumont, Texas BARKFR Bob Vincent, 39PE, St Mary s, W Va BARKER George L ]')ME , 2007 S Delaware Place, Tulsa; asst cli cng rcfg div Tide Water Associ- ated Oil Co BARLOW William Harvey, 32PE, Box 94, Bartlcsville ; U S Bureau of Mines BARNES Kenneth Burton, 30PF . 33 MnF, Box 661, Tulsa; prod cog (atlf Oil Corl) BARNES Samuel Paul, 23GE, Ok- lallollla State Ihghwaf Debt, Bulfalo BARNI , :S William IT, 37ChE, chem Cog rcs dab, Standard Oil Co of In(], Whiting, Ind BARNETT Orville W, 34ME, 4215 Clinginan Dr, Sllrcvcport, La ; Salesman Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Co BARNETT William James, 35NGE, Box 43, St Elmo, Ill ; dirt pet eng Carter Oil Co BARNHART Paul Fred, 37PE, Barnsdall Oil Co, Victoria, Texas August, 1940 tillation dept, Humble Oil & Rcfg Co BARTHOLOMEW Earl, 21 BA 22 ME 23M.ME, 2224 Yarmouth, Birmingham, Mich ; cng dabs Ethyl Gasoline Corp BAIUTLEY Ed Goon, 33PE, Rt J, Eldorado, Kansas BARTOLINA Edward Allen, 29 ME, Box 113, Coalton BARTOW Arthur Ira, 32EE, llabo, New Guinea, Netherlands, East Indies ; geophysicist BARWICK John Seedy, 23GE, 715 Union Nad Bank Bldg, Wichita, Kansas ; geologist BASKIN James Evan, 34CE, Bal- linger, Texas BATCHELOR Henry Ben, 31MS in li, Ringgold, La BATHE Charles Eugene, 2313A 25 EE, 2315 N Barnes, Okla City ; ()(i&l"; ( :o BATTENIIERG Paul Royl, 33PE, 731 N 12th St, Allentown, Pa ; oil bus BALER Alfred Henry, 34ME, 2418 6th Avc, Ft Worth, Tex; Natl Sul)llly Co BAXTER Edgar, 33ME, 409 Mar- land D1-, Ponca City ; test cng Continental Oil Co BAXTER John Hugh, 21MI', 205 Creek Avc, Bartlesville ; gas cng BAZHAW Willis Oliver, 34EPh, Box 2061, San Antonio, Texas ; supervisor Petty Gravity Surveys, Ins BEACH James Boyd, 40ME, Lock- llced Aircraft Co, Burbank, Calif BEAN William Tilford Jr, 36ME, National Supply ( :o, Jennings, La BEARD Fart Lee, 35ME (deceased) BEARDMORE Herbert F, 25GE, Box 2040, Tulsa ; eng Amerada Pet Card) BECKMANN H IxRoy, 37GI; Humble Oil Co, Goldsmith, Texas Bl,'DNAR William Carr, 35PE, Fac 1; xch, Norman ; faculty Univ of Okla BELL Douglas Edwards, 34PE, 2250 Robin Hood St, Houston, Texas ; prod gcol Humble Oil & Refg Co BELL Frank S, 38ChE, Tip, Okla BELL Gideon Morgan, 38ChE, 1705 S Norfolk St, Tulsa BELL John Murphy, 33AE, Lindsay 3 Alll?RNATHY Dave H, 38M1?, Hcnryctta; natural gas cng ABERNATHY Jack 11, 33PE, Phil- tower, Tulsa ; chid eng Sunra~; This list contains add graduates of ill(' Co ;Icgc of Engineering of the University of Oklahoma, For purl)oecs of this directors, onle degrees BARR James Lsndon, f0GnF, (,on- tincntal Supllly Co, Ft Worth, Texas BARRETT Lynn Wandcll, 3f1( ;F, Oil Co conferred ) the College of 1?nginecring were considen-d engineer- Nad Bank of Tulsa Bldg, Tulsa ; ABITZ Harold Eugene, 39FE ; Box ing degrees . Degrees received from the Univcrsite of Oklahoma, pres and gcn mgr Great Plains 648, Altus; I T I O Co maid address, and occullation (if known to the Alumni Oflice) are Oil & Gas Co ACH(ilLL William Martin, 31 EE, giccn in this alphabetical list, If no address is given after a name, BARRETT Richard Endow, 33EE, 2512 NW !3th St, Okla Cite it means that maid has been returned as undClivcrable flOn the last Seismo-raph Service Corp, St Jo- ACKER Louis Efton, 29CG, 1831 address on fide in the Alumni Ollicc . Abbreviations used for degrees scph, Trinidad, B W I Branard St, Houston, Texas ; include : ( ;' :, Civil F .nginecring ; PE, Petroleum Engineering ; ChE, BARRY William Bruce, 36PE, res- structural eng Peden 11-011 & Steel Chemical Engineering ; GE, Geological Engineering ; EE, Electricaf ervoir eng econ dept, Phillips Pet Co Engineering; EPli, l,nginecring Physics ; ME', Mechanical F .n,ginecr- Co, Bartlcsville ADAMS Bcnjainin C Jr, 36NGE, ing ; Mill" Mining Engineering ; GnE, General Engineering ; AE, BARSALOU Joseph Rene Jr, 36BA 624 S Boston St, Tulsa; cog Okla Architectural Engineering ; NEE, Natural Gas Engineering ; M.CE, 36ChE, Box 793, Baytown, Tex- Natural Gas Co Master in Civil Engineering (other master's degrees in similar style) . as ; supervisor process control dis-

Engineer Alumni Directory...Engineer Alumni Directory Alphabetical List ANDREWSRoy Gerald, 32CF, 213 E Acres St, Norman ANTHONY Clarenee Warren, 30 EE, OG&ECo, Okla City. ARANGO Luis

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Text of Engineer Alumni Directory...Engineer Alumni Directory Alphabetical List ANDREWSRoy Gerald, 32CF, 213...

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    ADKISON James Harold, 30PE,Dowell Ins, Midland, Texas

    ADKISSON Charles N Jr, 34PE,Lemon, Texas

    AGGERS Harry-Delos Jr., 34PE, 468Habcrfcldc Bldg, Bakersfield,Calif ; asst production foremanUnion Oil Co of Calif

    AIGUIER Seth E(gar, 40I'1?, 516Hill St, Okla City

    AKRIGHTFranklin W, 34PE, Phil-lips Pet Co, Borger, Texas

    ALDEN Verne E, 11EE, Box 112Rt 2, Barrington, 111 ; Ulen & Co

    ALEXANDER Aaron, 40CE, AtokaALEXANDER Card Bryan, 21CE,Howard, Kansas ; Alexander EngCo

    ALEXANDER Sam N, 31 BA 31 EE,M 1 T, Boston, Mass

    ALFRED James Kenneth, 34CE,803 E Cherry St, Cushing

    ALLEN C Pat, 40ChE, CoronadoCorp, Woodsboro, Texas

    ALLEN Joe Young, 40ChE, CalfOil Corp, Odessa, Texas

    ALLEN Leonard B, 37ME, 2153Albatross St, San Diego, Calif;chief eng Solar Aircraft Co

    ALLEN William Alnos, 38ME, Box989, Okla CityALWORTH Cecil 1), 28PE, Hum-

    ble Oil & Refg Co, Conroe, TexasALWORTH Thomas James, 27EE,

    Ranger, TexasANDERSON Carlos, 36PE, Box CC,

    Hobbs, N McxANDERSON Chester B, 33PE, Tex-

    as Co Bldg, Houston, TexasANDERSON C: Willard, 37PE, Box

    935, Wichita Falls, Texas; ReedRoller Bit Co

    ANDERSON Edmund Theodore,4011E, Dowell Inc, Salem, Ill

    ANDERSON George T Jr, 34EE,2323 N Vermillion St, Danville,III

    ANDERSON Henry Phillip, 31ME,306 N 9th St, Duncan

    ANDERSON John Bradley, 40EE,Public Service Co of Okla, Tulsa

    ANDERSON Kenneth (:, 40GEANDERSON Nathan Wesley, 39EE,Box 122, Midland, Texas; fieldcng Reda Pump Co

    ANDREWS Kendall Efl, 31CE,1110 S Ohio St, Mercedes, Tex-as ; scy treas Magic Valley ElecSupply Co

    AUGUST, 1940

    Engineer Alumni DirectoryAlphabetical List

    ANDREWS Roy Gerald, 32CF, 213E Acres St, Norman

    ANTHONY Clarenee Warren, 30EE, O G &E Co, Okla City.

    ARANGO Luis E, 31PE, TropicalOit Co, Barranca Bermeja, Co-

    lombia, S AARANGO Rafael M, 35PE, Tropical

    Oil Co, Ed Ccntro, Colombia, S AARMITAGE Haskell 1) . 34BA 36

    ChE, 731 3rd Ave, Port Arthur,Texas; Gulf Oil Corp

    ARMSTRONG Cecil Werner, 32MF.37M .ME, College of Engineering,Univ of Call, Berkley, Calif

    ARMSTRONG G Turner, 40EE,Halliburton Oil Well Cementing

    (;o, DuncanARMSTRONG Lawrence Henry,35ME 36NGE, 321 E McCartySt, Jefferson City, Mo

    ARNE L" I'ClareneeLester,14CE,804 S 5th St, Ponca City ; geolo-gistARNETT Robert Donald, 32EE,

    Aztec, N Mcx: supervisor Na-tional Geophysical Co

    ARNOLD Alton D, 37CE, MeneGrande Oil Co, Cuidad Bolivar,Venezuela, S A

    ARNOLD Tapley George, 40EE,Magnolia Pet Co, Ardmore

    ASBURY Henry Thomas, 131,E (de-Ceased)




    Mull ammad,34MS in E, Anglo-Iranian OilCo, Abadan, Iran, Persia

    AUCOIN Riley Anthony, 28PE,Box 2025, Tyler, Texas; S1- engHumble Oil & Rcfg Co

    AULT James Franklin, 40EEAYCOCK Sue Vaughan, 36AE, 801

    Mentor Ave, Mentor, OhioAYERS Charles Elwyn, 35PE, Box4A Rt 2, Kaw; research deptPhillips Pet Corp

    BBAILEY Albian Warren, 35PE, 908E Main St, Clue), Ill

    BEARD Cart E, 38ME, 1115 Hay-(Tell St, Amarillo, Texas

    BAKER Homer Wayne, 37PE, Phil-lips Pet Co, Smackover, Ark

    BAKER Leo L, 38ChE, 1410 4th

    St, Corpus Christi, Texas; CoreLaboratories Inc

    BALBIN Paul D, 33CE, Box 72,Morgan Cite, La ; party chiefseismograph crew Stanolind ()it

    & Gas CoBALLARD DcAuburn, 13EE, 217W 12th St, Hutchinson, Kansas ;Roxana Pet Corp

    BALLINGER T O, 33GnE, 418 1/2Wisconsin Ave, Baytown, Texas ;Humble Oil & Rcfg Co

    BALYFAT Roy, 17EE, 8111 W 6thSt, Los Angeles, Calif; vice presInstitute Hollywood

    BARBER George Winchel, 37115 inBus 38 MS in Eng, AmericanNational Bank, Lawton

    BARBOUR Clifford Wayne, 23AE .,161111 Camden Way, Okla City

    BARBOUR Robert E, 31CE, 928W Euiaula St, Ncunan ; 13 arbour& Short Constr Co, Norman BldgSupply Co

    BARCLAY J Roy, 22EE, Yuma,Ariz : farmer

    BAR11ELD William G, 38E',, Box238-1, llcaumont, Texas

    BARKFR Bob Vincent, 39PE, StMary s, W Va

    BARKER George L � ]')ME , 2007 SDelaware Place, Tulsa; asst clicng rcfg div Tide Water Associ-ated Oil Co

    BARLOW William Harvey, 32PE,Box 94, Bartlcsville ; U S Bureauof Mines

    BARNES Kenneth Burton, 30PF. 33MnF, Box 661, Tulsa; prod cog(atlf Oil Corl)

    BARNES Samuel Paul, 23GE, Ok-lallollla State Ihghwaf Debt,Bulfalo

    BARNI,:S William IT, 37ChE, chemCog rcs dab, Standard Oil Co ofIn(], Whiting, Ind

    BARNETT Orville W, 34ME, 4215Clinginan Dr, Sllrcvcport, La ;Salesman Pittsburgh EquitableMeter Co

    BARNETT William James, 35NGE,Box 43, St Elmo, Ill ; dirt peteng Carter Oil Co

    BARNHART Paul Fred, 37PE,Barnsdall Oil Co, Victoria, Texas

    August, 1940

    tillation dept, Humble Oil & RcfgCo

    BARTHOLOMEW Earl, 21 BA 22ME 23M.ME, 2224 Yarmouth,Birmingham, Mich ; cng dabsEthyl Gasoline Corp

    BAIUTLEY Ed Goon, 33PE, Rt J,Eldorado, Kansas

    BARTOLINA Edward Allen, 29ME, Box 113, Coalton

    BARTOW Arthur Ira, 32EE, llabo,New Guinea, Netherlands, EastIndies ; geophysicist

    BARWICK John Seedy, 23GE, 715Union Nad Bank Bldg, Wichita,Kansas ; geologist

    BASKIN James Evan, 34CE, Bal-linger, Texas

    BATCHELOR Henry Ben, 31MS inli, Ringgold, La

    BATHE Charles Eugene, 2313A 25EE, 2315 N Barnes, Okla City ;()(i&l"; (:o

    BATTENIIERG Paul Royl, 33PE,731 N 12th St, Allentown, Pa ;oil bus

    BALER Alfred Henry, 34ME, 24186th Avc, Ft Worth, Tex; NatlSul)llly Co

    BAXTER Edgar, 33ME, 409 Mar-land D1-, Ponca City ; test cngContinental Oil Co

    BAXTER John Hugh, 21MI', 205Creek Avc, Bartlesville ; gas cng

    BAZHAW Willis Oliver, 34EPh,Box 2061, San Antonio, Texas;supervisor Petty Gravity Surveys,Ins

    BEACH James Boyd, 40ME, Lock-llced Aircraft Co, Burbank, Calif

    BEAN William Tilford Jr, 36ME,National Supply (:o, Jennings, La

    BEARD Fart Lee, 35ME (deceased)BEARDMORE Herbert F, 25GE,Box 2040, Tulsa; eng AmeradaPet Card)

    BECKMANN H IxRoy, 37GI;Humble Oil Co, Goldsmith, Texas

    Bl,'DNAR William Carr, 35PE, Fac1 ; xch, Norman ; faculty Univ ofOkla

    BELL Douglas Edwards, 34PE,2250 Robin Hood St, Houston,Texas; prod gcol Humble Oil &Refg Co

    BELL Frank S, 38ChE, Tip, OklaBELL Gideon Morgan, 38ChE, 1705S Norfolk St, Tulsa

    BELL John Murphy, 33AE, Lindsay


    Alll?RNATHY Dave H, 38M1?,Hcnryctta; natural gas cng

    ABERNATHY Jack 11, 33PE, Phil-tower, Tulsa ; chid eng Sunra~;

    This list contains add graduates of ill(' Co ;Icgc of Engineering of theUniversity of Oklahoma, For purl)oecs of this directors, onle degrees

    BARR James Lsndon, f0GnF, (,on-tincntal Supllly Co, Ft Worth,Texas

    BARRETT Lynn Wandcll, 3f1( ;F,Oil Co conferred ) the College of 1?nginecring were considen-d engineer- Nad Bank of Tulsa Bldg, Tulsa ;

    ABITZ Harold Eugene, 39FE; Box ing degrees . Degrees received from the Univcrsite of Oklahoma, pres and gcn mgr Great Plains648, Altus; I T I O Co maid address, and occullation (if known to the Alumni Oflice) are Oil & Gas Co

    ACH(ilLL William Martin, 31 EE, giccn in this alphabetical list, If no address is given after a name, BARRETT Richard Endow, 33EE,2512 NW !3th St, Okla Cite it means that maid has been returned as undClivcrable flOn the last Seismo-raph Service Corp, St Jo-

    ACKER Louis Efton, 29CG, 1831 address on fide in the Alumni Ollicc . Abbreviations used for degrees scph, Trinidad, B W IBranard St, Houston, Texas ; include : ( ;':, Civil F.nginecring ; PE, Petroleum Engineering ; ChE, BARRY William Bruce, 36PE, res-structural eng Peden 11-011 & Steel Chemical Engineering ; GE, Geological Engineering ; EE, Electricaf ervoir eng econ dept, Phillips PetCo Engineering; EPli, l,nginecring Physics ; ME', Mechanical F.n,ginecr- Co, Bartlcsville

    ADAMS Bcnjainin C Jr, 36NGE, ing ; Mill" Mining Engineering ; GnE, General Engineering ; AE, BARSALOU Joseph Rene Jr, 36BA624 S Boston St, Tulsa; cog Okla Architectural Engineering ; NEE, Natural Gas Engineering ; M.CE, 36ChE, Box 793, Baytown, Tex-Natural Gas Co Master in Civil Engineering (other master's degrees in similar style) . as ; supervisor process control dis-

  • BELL John Smith, 30PE, Avoca,Texas; oil bus

    BhNDER John Bertram, 34EE,RFD Lenexa, Kansas ; elec engWitte Engine Works

    BENESH Frank Anton, 36EE, Box780, Clinton ; div elec eng South-western Light & Power Co

    BENGE Guy Jack, 36PE, WaltersBENNETT Jim Boysden, 15BA 15

    CE, 1212 S St Louis, TulsaBENNETT Lawrence Emerson, 32

    EE, 2324 W 111th St, Chicago,111 ; clec eng in gas power engdept International Harvester Co

    BENSON Walter Merle, 40CE, B& M Constr Corp, Okla City

    BERAN Everett S, 35ChE, 406 EOtoc St, Ponca City ; Cities ScrvOil Co

    BERCAW John Carroll, 39ME,6855 Pennsylvania Ave, Pitts-burgh, Pa ; Pittsburgh EquitableMeter Co

    BERNARD Lawrence Claud, 17CE,3125 NW 22nd St, Okla City ;highway dept

    BEST D M, 37PE, 3735 Elmora St,Houston, Texas; plant and fieldeng Houston Engineers Inc

    BEST Frank L, 37CE, 309 SE 22ndSt, Okla City ; salesman Black,Sivalls & Bryson Inc

    BETTIS Lloyd Don, 35EE, Rt 1,Augusta, Kansas ; supervisor ofinstruments, foreman of dept,White Eagle Divn, Socony Vac-uum Oil Co

    13I13LE Henry Harold, 38ChE, 526C* Ave, Lawton

    BICKFORD Colon Underwood, 38ChE, 628 W 16th St, Okla City ;asst chemist Peppers Gasoline Co

    BIDDICK Harry Alden, 30PE, 445Anderson St, Centralia, Ill

    BIDDICK Lloyd Wendell, 32MnE,1701 Stanley Ave, Ardmore

    BIGGERS Jesse Devoe, 19EE, O G& E Co, Okla City

    BILLINGS James William Jr, 40ME, Crane Co, Chicago, Ill

    BILYEU Aubrey Nichols, 33CE, 813E 5th St, Tulsa; construction

    BILYEU Gerald Ivan, 33PE, 50South St, Foxboro, Mass

    BINCKLEY Charles W, 36ME, 305W 7th St, Bartlesville ; eng Phil-lips Pet Co

    131NGENHEIMER Melvin, 30EE,814 Glenn Ave, WilkinsburgBranch, Pittsburgh, Pa

    BINGHAM Henry Todd, 40PE, 698Crescent Blvd, Glen Ellyn, Ill

    BINGHAM Irwin Floyd, 32ed 34PE, Universal Atlas Cement Co,Waco, Texas

    BINKLEY John Frederick, 40PE,National Tank Co, Tulsa

    BIRCKET Rex, 29GE, 1343 Jen-nings St, Bartlesville

    BISHKIN Harold, 39EE, El Campo,Texas ; salesman

    BISHOP Harold Bower, 39PE, Dist2, I T 1 0, Okla City

    BLACK C Wendell, 35ME, Drum-right; oil field work

    BLACK Clarence Harper, 36PE,2705 Ramsey Tower, Okla City ;Recd Roller Bit Co

    13LACK Henry Millard, 40ChE13LACK Tommy Lester, 40EE, Gen-

    eral Electric Co, Pittsfield, PaBLACK Woodrow Wilson, 37ME

    (deceased)BLACKBURN C Earl, 33PE, Box

    831, Borger, Texas; supt J NHuber Corp

    BLACKSTONE Melvin Neil, 35ME, dredging insp O'Conner,Texas


    BLAKE Homer C Jr, 35EE, 110 E8th St, Holdcnville

    BLOSS Theodore Alfred, 31EE,Sand Springs

    BOAZ Joseph Nowlin, 40AE 40A,Columbia University, New YorkCity ; student

    BODE Theodore J, 20ME, 110 RuthSt, Calumet City, 111 ; eng Sin-

    clair Refg CoBOHN Floyd, 35EE, 3710 SunsetBlvd, Houston, Texas

    BOHRER Claude R, 17ME, 912Austin St, Johnstown, Pa ; PennaElec Co

    BOLEN Ralph Leslie, 35AE, 2236NW 27th St, Okla City

    BOLENE Emanuel G, 37CE, 1923Geddes St, Ann Arbor, Mich

    BOLING Jean H, 35CE, Ill[ SRockford, Tulsa ; jr eng WarDept U S Eng Office

    BOLLES Jack Savage, 26CE, AllenAve, Ross, Calif

    BOLLINGER James Ralph, 33CE,US Bureau of Reclamation, Fri-ant, Calif

    BOLLINGER John J Jr, 25CE, 417NW 34th St, Okla City

    BOLLINGER William H, 34GnE,1342 5th St, Santa Monica, Calif;elec appliance dealer

    BOND Floyd Ormand, 26EE, WestTexas Utility Co, Ballinger, Texas

    BOND John Waterfill, 32CE, 525N 6th St, Muskogee

    BONE Harold Kenneth, 38ME, FacExch, Norman ; faculty Univ ofOkla

    BONE13RAKE Howard Potter, 23ChE, Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas,Texas; Aluminum Co of America

    BNNHAM Robert Sayers, 30PE, 3306th St, Flora, Ill

    BOOSA William Leland, 34EE,Box 172, Madison, Kansas ; disteng Cities Service Oil Co

    BORELLI Francis Jr, 31ME, Okar-che

    BORELLI John William, 33CE,Okla Natural Gas Co, Tulsa

    BORING Mac Otts jr, 37PE, 2234Irwin Ave, Ft Worth, Texas

    130TTOMS Vernon Bryan, 40PE,Sinclair Prairie Oil Co, CorpusChristi, Texas

    BOURKE Arthur Murdoch, 23EE,4928 Middaugh St, DownersGrove, Ill ; Public Service Co ofN III

    BOURNE Francis Craig, 23ME (de-ceased)

    BOWER James Benjamine, 32PE,539 W 16th St, Houston, Texas

    BOWLBY Samuel Fischer, 27MnE,Shell Pet Corp, Pampa, Texas

    13OWLEN Paul D, 38PE, 322 ArdisBldg, Shreveport, La ; pres RegentDrlg Co

    BOWLES Charles H, 32CE, Box284, Antioch, Calif; U S Bureauof Reclamation

    BOWLES William Glenn, 33GE,City Hall, Shaw :-re

    BOWMAN James Whitwell, 35NGE, Box 1674, Longview, Texas

    BOXELL John Mark, 40PE, Phil-lips Pet Co, Okla City

    BOYD King Denzil, 37ME, Box897, Okla City ; Reed Roller BitCo

    BOYD Will Edwin, 36PE, Apar-tado 45, Barcelona Estado Anzoa-tegui, Venezuela, S A

    130YNTON Fred B, 35ME, Box 11,Drumright; Tide Water Oil Co

    BOYTS Lawrence Gordon, 35ChE,Box 712, Port Arthur, Texas ;them eng Texas Co

    BRADLEY Clyde Norman, 40ChE,703 W Live Oak St, Altus

    BRADY Bryce, 27EE, asst div Supt,OG&ECo,Enid

    BRADY Clifford Harold, 40PE,Amerada Pet Corp, Tulsa

    BRADY Elisha Edgar, 30EE, StateHospital, Vinita

    BRATTAIN Carl Laruc, 20ChE,Lamont; automobile business

    BRATTON Bert L, 39ChE, gas dis-tribution eng, Arkansas LouisianaGas Co, Shreveport, La

    BRAUER Albert G, 27CE, Stanton,Ky

    BREAKER John Cantey, 40PE,Coronado Corp, Dallas, Texas

    13RETT Albert T, 25CE, NewkirkBRIGHAM H B, 23EE (deceased)BRIM Donald E, 40 ChE, Phillips

    Pet Co, BartlesvilleBRINK Arthur E, 32PE, Carter Oil

    Co, Mattoon, IIIBRINSMADE Harold S, 35GnE,

    219 Centenario St, San Luis Po-tosi, Mexico

    BRISTOL Charles Porter, 31PE,Shell Oil Co, Denver City, Texas

    BRISTOW Belsur, 24CE, Box 438,Chickasha; roadinaster C R I & PRy Co

    BROACH Gordon M, 35 EE, Cam-den, Ark

    BROCK Lawrence Ephriam jr, 36PE 36GE, Stanolind Oil and GasCo, Fort Worth, Texas

    13RODERSEN Henry Elmer, 35CE,Box 663, McAllen, Texas; inspof eng const international Boun-dary Commission

    BRODNAX Lewis Meriwether, 26CF, 3526 Walnut, Kansas City,Mo

    BROOKE J Maxey, 35 ChEBROOKES Ned V, 40CE, Alva ;

    State Highway DeptBROOKS Thomas Pierce, 35PE,Box 623, Smackover, Ark ; oilbusiness

    BROSSEAU Jack Alfred Jr, 32ME,Eldon & Grandview streets, SanAntonio, Texas

    BROWN Arthur Merton, 16EE, Co-roanche

    BROWN Ellis Langham, 39PE,Duncan ; Rock Island Rfg Co

    13ROWN Frank E, 33EE, Box 1191,Tulsa ; seismologist Shell Oil Co

    BROWN Horace Dwight, 24CE,2737 NW 22nd St, Okla City ;State Highway Dept

    BROWN James Howard, 39EPh,geophysical dept, Continental OilCo, Ponca City ; seismograph op-erator

    BROWN Robert Reek, 34 CI?, Box271, Houma, La

    13ROWN William Carl, 21GE, Box586, Okemah ; State HighwayDept

    BROWNSON Harry Jay Jr, 35AE,Chickasha

    BRUCE. Howard Brady, 26CE, RussMitchell Inc, Houston, Texas

    BUCHANAN Thomas Joseph, 40EE

    BUCHANAN Wallace C, 30PE, 510Whitelaw Ave, Wood River, III

    BUCHNER Harry M, 34GE, Box1490, Jackson, Miss ; geophysicistCarter Oil Co

    BUCK William Blythe, 36 PE, BoxlA Rt 1, Kaw

    BURCHETT Charles Thomas Jr,39GE, Box 843, Dumas, Texas;asst geophysicist Humble Oil &Refg Co

    BURDITT Marvin Reece, 39GE,Maysvillc

    BURKE Billie Bryan, 37CE, BurkeDrlg & Contracting Co, Hobbs,N Mex

    BURK1 [ALTER Joseph Brunson, 35PE� Box 643, Odessa, Texas

    BURNS, Chester Parker, 30ME 30CE, 59 Ralston Place, Pittsburgh,Pa

    BURNS Weldon Riley, 33PEBURRIS Winston Durr, 34ME, 1921E 21st St, Tulsa

    BURRUS Omar Ira, 28EE, 215Cleveland St, Sand Springs; OklaPower Co

    BURTSCHI William T, 31CE, ElkCity

    BUSBY Eugene Henry, 38ME, 206Wisconsin St, Bavtown, Texas;Humble Oil & Refg Co

    BUTKIN Noah Louis, 40ChE, 1305Euclid St, Okla City

    BUTT Cooper Henry, 40ChE, Bak-ersfield, Calif

    BUTTS Walter 13, 37EE, 236 NW35th St, Okla City ; asst mgrButts Elec Works

    BYARS Roy William, 29GE, StroudBYERS James Edwin, 36NGE, Box

    56, TulsaBYRD Jerome Whitney, 35ME,

    1144 NW 38th St, Okla City ;Midwest Steel Corp

    BYRD John Homer, 38AF, Witten-berg & Delong, Little Rock, Ark

    BYRNE William E, 16CE, 1723 W9th St, Los Angeles, Calif; Bu-reau of Eng, City of Los Angeles

    CAIN Dwight Clarke, 39ChE, 2835W 39th St, Okla City

    CAIN Edward Henry 29PE, 4 Prim-rose Lane, Hempstead, Long Is-land, NY ; Shell Oil Co





    USEng Office, Woodward

    CALDbVELl, Joseph Wallace, 34PE,Shell Pet Corp, Marland

    CALER Emery E, 29ME, Shell PetCorp, Wood River, III

    CALHOUN Ingrain X, 28ME, Box28, Okla City

    CALLAHAN Arthur Paul, 40PE,Sinclair-Prairie Oil Co, Tulsa

    CALLAHAN James Lister, 32EE,Phillips Pet Co, Bartlesville

    CALLAN Thomas Anthony, 30GE(deceased)

    CAMP Brad, 38PE, U.S . Govt EngCAMPBELL Andy O, 34AE, 2749NW 21st St, Okla City

    CAMPBELL Benson Walter Jr, 39PE, 77th F A, Ft D A Russell,Marfa, Texas

    CAMPBELL Donald Scymorc, 30CE, 13ig Cabin

    CAMPBELL Doyne L, 31EE, 1408NE 19th St, Okla City ; O G &E Co

    CAMPBELL Floyd Lester, 28EE,1740 Webster St, Los Angeles,Calif; opr service supervisor sounddept paramount Pictures Inc

    CAMPBELL Frank Roger, 32ME,Colo School of Mines, Golden,Colo ; faculty

    CAMPBELL Perry Alonzo, 36ME,1313 Arkansas St, Chickasha;Water & [lower Co

    CAMPBELL Thomas Boyle, 37PE,Box 4577, Okla City ; I T I O

    CANNON Curtis Warfield, 35PE,chein lab, Shell Pet Corp, Hou-ston, Texas

    CANON Joe, 37GECAREY Charles 1^; 14EE 18M.EE,

    3405 NE Fremont Ave, PortlandOre; chief consulting eng Bon-neville Power Administration

    CARLTON Donald N, 38PE, FtDavis, Texas

    CARPENTER Dana Herbert, 39CE, 418 S Highland Ave, Ada;consulting eng


  • CARPENTER George Wyman, 36ME, Okla Natural (.as Co, Tulsa

    CARPENTER Haskell, 30EE, 1203Bixby, Ardmore; O G & F. Co

    CARPENTER Kenneth K, 39PE,225 Virginia Ave, Ponca City ;L W Prunty Drlg & Prod Co

    CARPEN'T'ER Marble Jerome, 24GE, Box 474, Woodward

    CARPENTER Murel Edward, 16CF., 344 Key Bldg, Okla City ;Consulting geologist

    CARR Vernon T, 28EE, Box 1836,Amarillo, Texas

    CARROLL Robert Felix, 23CE,State Highway Dept, Wynne-wood

    CARROLL William Monroe, 37ME, 1108 Lombardy Rd, OklaCity ; air cond eng Tom DolonHeating Co

    CARSON Roc William, 32EPh,Continental Oil Co, Ponca City

    CARY Cecil S, 29ChECASH Travis Frank, 24CECASHION Medford Jr, 38ME, U S

    S Colorado, San Pedro, CalifCASLER William A, 40ME, Cater-

    pillar Tractor Co, Peoria, IllCASSITY John C, 35ME, Drawer

    66, Arp, Texas ; Sinclair PrairieOil Co

    CASTEEL Glynne, 27ME, Box 212,Harrah

    CAVIEZEI, Joseph Anthony, 37PE,Indian Refg Co, Lawrenceville, Ill

    CECIL Clyde James, 39PE, DowellInc, Grayville, III

    CHADWELL George Theodore, 38ChE, Rt 1, Purcell

    CHAFFEE George Merton, 30PE,Grapeland, Texas

    CHALLENNER Ansel Peaslec, 25EE 33M.EE, Fac Exch, Norman ;Univ of Okla faculty

    CHANDLER Dale W, 3511", Jef-ferson, Texas

    CHAPMAN Juel Taylor, 32BS OILFIELD MGMT, Box 125, Whit-tenburg, Texas

    CHASE Harlan E, 27CE, 905 S 6th,Ponca City

    CHASTAIN Joe, 33PE, 1116 Bed-ford Dr, Okla City ; sales engBaker Oil Tool

    CHAZANOW Sydney S, 36ChE,225 NW 25th St, Okla City ;Phillips Pct Co

    CHEEK James Harold, 38ChE, Sal-lisaw

    CHENAULT Nathan Bullock, Jr,37PE, British Am Oil Co, OklaCity

    CHENEY Robert Bard, 28GE, Box1163, Roswell, N Mex

    CHERRY Fred Tinsley, 34PE,Drawer T, Art), Texas

    CHESNEY Robert B, 32ME, 121SE 43rd St, Okla City

    CHESNUTT Nelson Phelps, 35ME, Box 278, Pyote, Texas; engSouthern Union Utilities

    CHILDERS Ernest W, 33PE, TideWater Oil Co, Midland, Texas

    CHILDERS Harry Frederick, 23ME, 7119 Hecker, Merriam, Kan-sas ; plant em" Colgate PalmolivePeet Co

    CHILES Edwin, 316E (deceased)CHILES Harrell E, 34PE, Box

    5312, Seagraves, Texas ; I1res andgcn mgr Western Inc

    CHILES Marion Clay, 35PE, MillsBennett Prod Co,, Bruni, Texas

    CHIRINOS O Antonio Jose, 39GE,Pelacz a Alcabala No 92, Cara-cas, Venezuela

    CHURCH Robert A, 30EE, 700Lucas, Ponca City

    CICERO Manuel G, 27GE, AveColon 14-Sur, Tampico, Mex

    AUGUST, 1940

    CLANTON William H, 23EF, 325Orange Grove Ave, Alhamhrd,Calif

    CLAPHAM Britt Edward, 34ME,2436 Redick Ave, Omaha, Nebr

    CLARK Frank T, 22GE, Box 2832,Odessa, Texas ; (list geol CitiesService Oil Co

    CLARK Randall W, 16EE, 1152 SNorfolk, Tulsa

    CLARKE Phillip C, 38ME, 8107Grovcland St, Dallas, Texas

    CLARK" William R, 36ME, Box2481, Tulsa; cog Frick Reid Sup-ply Corp

    CLEGERN William Argyle, 40ME,Consolidated Aircraft, Corp, SanDicao, Calif

    CLIFFORD W Harry, 38EE, 2900N Piedras, El Paso, Texas ; 2ndLicut U S Army

    (;LOSE Carrel John, 32ME, Box2000 Rt 1, Brook Camp, Semi-nolc

    CLOUD Carl E, 35NGE, Iola, Kan-sas; (list mgr Okl Nat Gas Co

    COBB Fred, 23CE, 811 N Peters,Norman, consulting engineer

    COBB Schooler Schley, 23CE, 1728NW 30th St, Okla City ; city parkdept

    COCHRAN Charles Edward, 37PE,Wellsville, NY

    COCHRAN Wilson Henry, 37PE,Box 2252, Houston, Texas ; peteng General Crude Oil Co

    COCK" Arthur Lewis, 28PE, 2626Pemberton, Houston, Texas

    COFFMAN Capt John H, 26CE,705 18th St NW, Washington,DC ; US Marine Corps

    COHEN Benjamin, 40MECOIL Fay, 306E 32MS, Box 510,

    Midland, TexasCOLT? Allan B, 371'1";, Apartado 234,

    Maracaibo, VenezuelaCOLE Bryan T, 34EE, 4110 Menlo

    Ave, Los Angeles, Calif; radioeng KFI-KECA

    COLE John Howard, 32EE, 3021NW 15th St, Okla City

    COLEMAN Wilfred Godfrey, 38EE, test dept, Gen Elec Co, Sche-ncctady, NY

    COLHOUER Woodrow Leslie, 40Southwest Light & Power

    (;o, Lawton, OklaCOLLETT J Daviss Jr, 32 PE, Shell

    Bldg, Houston, Texas; retainedconsulting eng Associated Engi-nccrs

    COLLIER Gertrude (Sec Mrs Ger-trude Collier West)

    COMP LaVerne A, 27CE 35MEngMeth, Fac Exch, Norman ; Univof Okla faculty

    CONE Charles A, 35CE, 904 ESycamore St, Kokomo, Ind; engDresser Eng Co

    CONNER James Clark, 40PE, Stan-olind Oil & Gas Co, Tulsa

    CONNER J O, 32ME, 135 E HimesSt, Norman ; central office egptrepairman Southwestern Bell Tel-ephone Co

    CONNER Richard Pat, 40ChE,Humble Oil & Refg Co, Baytown,Texas

    COOK Alton B, 35ME, 712 Jen-nings St, Bartlesville

    COOK Byron James, 29EE, O G &E Co, Okla City.

    COOK Kenneth Franklin, 35EE,541 NW 30th St, Okla City ; asstmaster meth Wilson & Co

    COOK William Richard, 38PE,1309 W Noble St, Guthrie

    COOKSEY Frank V, 37EE, Box2061, Pampa, Texas

    COON Harley B, 38EE, 1135 Lin-coln St, Boulder, Colo

    COOPER Carl Major, 36ChE, M IT Grad House, Camhridge, Mass

    COOPER Chalmcr L, 236E 26MS,assoc geologist, Illinois GeologicalSurvey, Urbana, 111

    COOPER Glen C, 35ME, 703 NStar St, Eldorado, Kansas

    COOPER John Raymond, 31ChE,420 N High St, Eldorado, Kan-sas ; treating & blending plantforeman Skelly Oil Co

    COOPER Russell B, 22EE, 1604 NW 13th St, Okla City ; O G & ECo

    CORNEIL Hampton Gaskill, 36PE, Box 793, Baytown, Texas;them cog Humble Oil & RefgCo

    CORNETT Jesse Robert, 38EPh,230 E 14th St, Tulsa

    CORONADO Leopoldo Nestor, 32PE, 217 Cuauhtematzin, SanJuanico, Mex

    CORWIN Walter Lee Jr, 40EE,919 NW 9th St, Okla City

    CORY William Leonard, 28ME,Box 15 Rt 8, Okla City

    COTEY Frederick A Jr, 40PE, 1811Elliott St, Alexandria, La

    COTTON Ernest, 33ChE, Box 1166,Pittsburgh, Pa ; process eng GulfOil Corp

    COUCH Gerald, 39ChE, 613 SChestnut St, Bristow; asst themWilcox Oil & Gas Co

    COUCH Rhea Roger, 32ME, Phil-lips Pet Co, Bartlesville

    COUCH Robert Edward, 37P:,Wayne

    COUNTS William Louis, 31EE, OG & E Co, Enid

    COURSEY Ralph Waldo, 29EF. 31EE, Box 142 Rt 1, Okla City ; un-derground eng O G & E Co

    COURTER Leo A, 25ME, 1324 WOkla St, Enid

    COVERT Glenn E, 30ME, Oil WellSupply Co, Seminole

    COWAN Donald H, 36ChE, 17435th St, Port Arthur, Texas; themeng at refinery Gulf Oil Corp

    COWAN James Albertson, 30CE,5522 McCormick St, Houston,Texas

    COWLES James R, 36EPh, 1507 E21 st St, Tulsa; eng Okla Nat Gas

    COX Arthur 26EE, 1230 E Fair-view St, Sapulpa; div eng O G &E Co

    CRABB Alton, 38ChE, 1706 Gen-eral Pershing St, New Orleans,La

    CRABB" LeRoy, 31CE, US EngOffice, Denison, Texas; jr eng US Eng Dept

    CRAFT Cecil Irving, 32PE, Mont-rose, Colo

    CRAIG Orville I'Ilis, 401"1.CRANE Jesse Paul, 22CE, Box 310,Duncan

    CRAWFORD James Franklin, 34ME,, 35PF (deceased)

    CRAWFORD Kelsey Alexander, 28EE, Greggton, Texas

    CRAWFORD Paul Lynne, 36CE,921 NW 12th St, Okla City ; engBlack Sivalls & Bryson

    CRAWFORD Sam Paul, 34CE,200;2 S Walnut St, Springfield,111

    CRAWFORD William Roy, 39ChE, 322 S Elmwood St, KansasCity, Me ; chetrt eng Phillips PetCo

    CREASY Linwood Harold, 36ME,Box 401, Centralia, Ill

    CREECH Merl D, 29ME 30MS,Yukon

    CREEKMORE Frank B Jr, 30EE,1030 E Ayers St, Edmond ; rec-ord clerk O G & E Co

    CREEL William Hunt, 24ME, 1612Osage St, Bartlesville ; PhillipsPet Co

    CRINGLE William George, 35EE,toll test room 202, SouthwesternBell Telephone Co, Okla City

    CRISMAN Harold L, 31PE, 3039S Cincinnati St, Tulsa

    CROAK Edwin Henry, 29CE, 2214N Prospect Ave, Okla City

    CROCKETT Melvin W, 40PE, Box137, Bellevue, Texas

    CROMACK F Davis, 29PE, Box166, Brownsville, Texas; constreng Brownsville Housing Author-ity

    CROMER Sylvan, 30ME 37MS,Louisiana State Univ, University,La

    CROTHERS William Linzec, 30PE, 1208 W Indiana St, Box 1600,Midland, Texas; office pet engHumble Oil & Refg Co

    CROUSE George T, 24GE, 221 ELincoln St, Wellington, Kansas ;proprietor plumbing shops

    CROUTHAMEL Ira Powell, 33ME, 227 N Olive St, Alhambra,Calif

    CROW David C, 38PE, Box 61CRt 3, Shreveport, La ; partnerCrow Drlg Co

    CROWDUS Robert R, 26ME, Ijt,x191, Dallas, Texas, plant deptDallas Power & Lt Co

    CROWLEY, Ben Hertnes, 35EE,Okla Compensation Rating Bu-reau, Hightower Bldg, Okla City

    CRUCE Jack, 39GE, 1412 NE 12thSt, Okla City

    CRUMLEY Rial Fleming Jr, 38GE,Box 272, Navasota, Texas; seis-mograph diva Phillips Pet Co

    CUBBAGE Thomas Leon, 37ME,Box 358, Phillips, Texas; super-visor polymerization gaso deptPhillips Pet Co

    CUETO Mario Justinano, 34PE,Peru 84, Buenos Aires, Argen-tina

    CULBERTSON Melvin Frank, 31EE, Montgomery Ward & Co,Okla City

    CULLISON Frederick Huston, 32EE, Bartlesville

    CULP Eugene Forrest, 39GE, 940 SFlood Ave, Norman

    CUMMINGS Maurice Hefner, 40PE,The Texas Co, Ft Worth, Texas

    CUMMINS Omega, 34EE, 918Short St, New Orleans, La ; civeng 1 st (list US Eng Office

    CURRY Elden M, 30EF:, 1515 NMarket St, Shawnee

    CURTIS Lloyd Burgess, 08BS 10EE, Box 521, Lander, Wyo;school teacher

    DDAGGS George Lee, 39PE, 119/W 12th St, Ada

    DANFORTH Lcstcr Franklin, 30PE, Hallihurton Oil Well Ce-menting Co, Great Bend, Kansas

    DANIEL Lester Thomas, 37PE,Drawer A, Rodessa, La

    DANIEL Virgil, 34ChE, 601 KeelerSt, Bartlesville

    DANNER Ronald Fackler, 20EE,136 E 14th St, Okla City ; gcnsupt0G&ECo

    DAUBENHEYER Hubert Willis,38EE, 1806 NW 38th St, OklaCity ; generation dept O G & E

    DAVENPORT C J Jr, 34ME, ShellOil Co, Rosenberg, Texas

    DAVIDSON Kenneth Bruce, 30PE,Box 2025, Tyler, Texas; asst divnpet eng Humble Oil & Refg Co

    DAVIE Thomas Earl, 31GE, 913 SJackson St, Tulsa


  • DAVIS Charles Rector, 38EE, 712N Hinckley St, Holdenville

    DAVIS Dorton, 401'E, RepublicNatural (,as (:o, Liberal, Kansas

    DAVIS John Marc, 32ME, 740 Chal-fonte St, Cincinnati, Ohio

    DAVIS Norman Keith, 39FE, 2218NW 16th St, Okla Cite ; PettyGeophysical Engr Cu

    DAVIS Roger 11, 37PF, Box 1998,Hobbs, N Mcx

    DAVIS Stuart, 32EE, 712 RooseveltSt, Sand Springs

    DAVIS Victor cl, 32PE, 504 F 4thSt, Burkburnett, Texas

    DAVIS William Day, 39P1?, 929Cherokee Ave, Bartlcsvillc ; jr engPhillips Pct Co

    DAWSON Woodson H Jr, 34GE,geophysical dept, Carter Oil Co,Tulsa

    DEACON Erl Eugene, 21CE, Box155 Rt 1, Coshing

    DEAN Mauricc R, 37Ch1?, gcn dcl,Phillips, Texas

    DEASON Millard A, 34EE, Rt 1,Sn\ der

    DELGADO F Jose A, 33PF, In-spector Tccnica do Ilidrocarburos,Maracaibo, Venezuela, S A

    DELGADO Gilberto, 40PE, CarterOil Co, Tulsa

    DELGADO Rafacl, 40PE, MagnoliaPet Co, Dallas, Texas

    DELIGANS Jack Dennis, 40EF,Hartshorne

    DFLIGANS Jean Emile, 38PE,Texas Company, Golden Meadow,La

    DELK Howell Clifton, 32EE, SourLake, Texas

    DENISON H Clark, 24EE, 2816NW 25th St, Okla Cit ; distri-bution feeder eng O (* & F. Co

    DENNER Fcrdie William, 20CE,1812 W Cherokee Ave, Fnid

    DENNY Donald Paul, 31ChF, 1228S Johnson St, Ada

    DENTON Lawrence Marshall, 35EE, NV, NK PM, Socngei Gc-rong, Sumatra Netherlands EastIndies

    DENTON William Delmer, 30ME,Box 32 Rt 3, Bartlcsvillc

    DERBY Robert Leland, 40ChE, 128S Choctaw, Bartlcsville

    DERRICK William S, 31GI?, Phil-lips Pct Co, Odessa, Texas

    DEVINI? John M, 24CE (deceased)DICKEN Russell H, 22GE, 909 Ash

    Ave, Duncan, OklaDICKERSON Bennie Otho, 32PE

    35PF, Box 505, Minden, LaDICKINSON Wells Robert, 31CE,

    Box 107, Dickinson, N Dakota ;map supervisor N Dakota Statehighway Dept

    DIRHM John B, 40EE, SeismographService Inc, Tulsa

    DIFFENDAFFER Joseph Alexan-der, 26EE 27M.EE, 546 PleasentAve, Glen Ellyn, Ill

    DILL Winnefred Sell, 40MI'', Halli-burton Oil Well Cementing Co,Duncan

    DILWORTH William E, 24CF (de-ceased)

    RINGER William Clyde, 36PE, Box4148, Odessa, Texas; sales engParkersburg Rig & Reel Co

    DINWIDDIF William, 26ME:, 2017NE 20th St, Okla City

    DISMUKES James Samuel, 29GE,503 E Huisachc St, Box 1331,Kings\ ille, Texas; geologist Hum-ble Oil & Refg Co

    DIXON Elmer Davis, 33EE, 1132 ERandolph St, Enid

    DOLAN Mrs Theresa Reinhart, 20CE, 2112 NW 20th St, Okla


    City ; coast eng Reinhart & Don-ovan Co

    DOLEZAL Edward, 28ME, 507Creek St, Bartlesville

    DOLPH George Logan, 18CE, 118Ave C West, Bismarck, N Da-kota ; assoc highway eng PublicRoads Administration

    DONALDSON John jay. 34PE,Phillips Pct Co, Baltlesvillc

    DONALDSON John Orville, 19CIIE,2622 8th Ave, Pueblo, Colo

    DONALDSON Kenneth Logan, 28CE, 1050 E Park Dr, Spring-field, Mo ; diva eng of materialsMissouri State Highway' Dept

    DONNELL John W, 2511A 31M.PE, chemical engineering deptM I 'F, Cambridge Mass ; on leavefrom Univ of Okla faculty

    DOOLEY Sam Paul, 33ME, 1500SW 211th St, Box 1160, Ft Laud-erdale, Fla; vice pres Doole~sBasin & Dry Dock Inc

    DORNEY Marion C, 37ME, TalonCo, Meadville, Pa

    DORSETT Loy-d (', 37BA 381"1",Carter Oil Co, Philadelphia, Pa

    DOUD Bernard J, 33ME, Box 295,Vivian, La ; prod supt, Rodessafield, Union Producing Co

    DOUGHTY Nelson, 40EE, Box 77,Martha

    DOW Dale, 40ME, Petty Geophysi-cal Co, Enid

    DOW Wayne, 38CE', 25 W 11th St,Okla City

    DOWNING Edgar Lee, 34ME, Mag-nolia Oil Co, Kerinit, Texas

    DRAKE Robert Williams jr, 39PE,203 F jasper St, Tulsa

    DRITCH Myer J, 34AE, 2124 F.19th St, Tulsa: accountant Cen-tral Pet Co

    DRUMHIiLLER James Vorhees, 40ChE, 822 Riverdale Ave, Cal-gary, Alberta, Canada

    DUBOIS Paul Emile, 33 E:Ph 35CE,601 SW 29th St, Okla City

    DUCKER Richard, 38ME 39MS,Tecumseh

    DUCKF.R William Lyon Jr, 30ME,1627 S Cheyenne St, Tulsa; chiefeng Boyaird Supply Co

    DUDLEY RaN mond W, 35GE, 440Chautauqua Ave, Norman

    DUFl'IFLD John B, 31PE, Box1117, Three Rivers, Texas; fieldsupt Edwin M Jones

    DUGGAN Eugene Howard, 40ChE,Webb City

    DUGGER Earl R, 36ME, 3409Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City ;Roy L Patton Co

    DUGGINS Elmer C, 38PE, RowanDrlg Co, Denver City, Texas

    DUKE: John Bailey Jr, 39PE, engStanolind Oil & Gas Co, Flack-berry, La

    DUMONT Honore Alcxandcr, 30MS, Empire Refinery, Okinulgee

    DUNN Jack William, 27PE, Box169, Hutchinson, Kansas

    DUNN Robert Fdward, 38PE, 120Warmouth St, Salem, Ill

    DUNNETT Daniel Raymond, 37CE, 2511 RamscN Tower, OklaCity

    DUNTEN Nicholas S, 37ChE, Bo-ard, Mo

    DUPY Thurman J, 35ChF, 4505Forest Dr, Port Arthur, Texas

    DURBECK 1 ;'dward F Jr, 27EE,812 S 45th St, Louisville, Ky ;Louisville Gas & Flee Co

    DURGAN Herbert L, 37GE, geolo-gist and seismograph interpreter,Sun Oil Co, Beaumont, Texas

    DUSKIN Delmar Daniel jr, 40ME,316 Ins Bldg, Okla City

    DWINNELL Walter Harold, 26ME,1924 W Noble St, Guthrie

    DYER (*Ien L, 35EF, Moore

    EFADS Ottic R, 40ME, Humble Oil& Rcfg Co, Houston, Texas

    EAKIN John Vernon, NOME, Na-tional Supply Co, Toledo, Ohio

    FARHART Harold Lee, 39Gij, 423NW 29th St, Okla City ; sales repCardwcll Mfg Co

    EASTON Harry Draper it -, 33PF.38MS, Box 386, Amore, Miss ;independent lease and royalty pus

    EATON Warren Vincent Jr, 36ME,Gulf Oil Cory, Hcaldton

    EBBS Robert Espy jr, 33ME, 405E 5th St, Burkburnett, Texas;natural gas eng Bell Oil & Gas Co

    ECKEL John Edward, 29PE, Box2180, Houston, Texas ; egpt eng,prod dept, Humble Oil & Refg Co

    EDE',NBOROUGH Lynn A, 37EE,135 N Sherman St, Oknudgcc

    EDWARDS Lionel E, 38P1?, 1102S 8th St, Ponca City

    EDWARDS Roy Eugene, 35ME,1005 Oak St, Duncan, Okla : de-sign eng Halliburton Oil WellCementing (%o

    EDWARDS Willard Eldridge, 29EE, 848 W 36th St, Los Angeles,Culif ; radio eng Farle C An-thony Inc

    ELAM Joe, 38EE, 422 S FindleySt, Norman

    EIDER Alton Pat, 36ME,ELDER Charley 1", 40PE, The Tex-

    as Oil Co, Salem, IllELDERKIN Lawrence W, 34CF,

    Shell Oil Co, Great Bend, KansasELLIS George B, 40ChEELLIS Lcster Willard, 23CE, 1436NW 27th St, Okla City

    EMANUEI- Lamont S, 30ME, Box1172, Baytown, Texas ; HumbleOil Co

    EMERT Frank Leroy, 36PE, engLion Oil Refg Co, Eldorado, Ark

    EMMONS Ncal Lloyd, 35ME, O C& S Mfg Co, Coffcyvillc, Kansas

    ENDICOTT Merrill Tyner, 34ChE,Box 4C Rt 1, Port Arthur, Texas

    ENGLISH Leon Everette, 19(*I'. 21MS, Burch Hotel, Breckcnridgc,Texas

    F.NSCH Tom Brogan, 38AE, 815I)ewcN Ave, Bartlcsville

    ENTRIKEN James Spencer, 27ChE, 404 4th Ave SW, Ardmore ;sales mgr Wirt Franklin Pct Corp

    EPPERSON Dimpster Eugene, 40CE, 715 N Blvd, Norman

    ERICKSON Anton Hurley, 39EPh,Box 3119, Pauls Valley ; Conocoseismograph party

    ERICKSON Arthur E, 17EE, 317T/zW Washington St, Okla City

    F,SKRIDGE Wadc Arthur, 36ME,Frick Reid Supply CO, Grcggton,Texas

    ESTF.S Hiawatha T, 40CE, Granite,Okla

    ETTER James Orlin, 40PE, Box123, Allegan, Mich

    EVANS Douglas N, 35ME:, 1130W 7th Ave, Gary, Ind ; plantlob eng Inland Steel Co

    EVANS 1 Icnry Merle, 40ChE, 3310W Archer, Tulsa

    EVANS Howard John, 33M1: 34MS, gcn del, Murrysville, Pa ;asst eng Pittsburgh EquitableMeter Co

    EVANS Robert David, 141?E 26FE,1125 Milton St 18, 'Pittsburgh,Pa ; consulting transmission engWestinghouse Flee & Mfg Co

    EVANS William Taft, 31PE, LionRefg Co, Eldorado, Ark

    EWING Roy Davis, 36ME, 421 N1st St, Vandalia, Ill ; sales engOil Well Supply Co

    FFAIR Harry G, 39ChE, 3456 Penn-

    sylvania Ave, Kansas City, Mo ;client eng Phillips Pet Co

    FAIR Joseph Ohver, 36PE, Box 265Rt 8, Okla City

    FAIRFIF.LD Billy, 30CE, 601 ETyler St, Tulsa; sales ingr SunrayOil Co

    FALLS Robert Earl, 35ME, 11132 P.46th St, I I\ dc park Sta, Chicago,Ill

    FANNIN(* Homer Earl, 30CE,Wink, Texas

    FANSON Wayne Ross, 31EE, FleeShop, Mountain View

    FARMER J 1, Jr, 38EE:, O (* & F.Co, Okla City

    FF;FLY Olaf Jerome, 39ChE, Box716, Phillips, Texas ; Phillips PetCo

    FEEMSTER Robert Andrew, 32PE,Carson Mach Wks, Okla City

    FELDMAN William J, 38ChF', 544W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, Ill;Feldman Pct Co

    FELDSTEIN Harold, 36ME, 710N Bernice St, Box 3866, Odessa,Texas; eng Cisco Lmbr & Sup-ply Co

    FELL William John, 31EE, 347 SForeman St, Vinita

    FELT Wright I� 16EE, 256 El(;amino Dr, Beverly Hills, Calif ;project eng PWA

    FERGUSON Carlos Most, 30GE,Box 633, Midland, Texas ; geolo-gist Magnolia Pet Co

    FERGUSON Clyde Chamblee, 26CE, 211 S Bdwy St, Marlow :county city eng

    FERRELL Enoch Brewer, 20BA 21EE 24MA, 26 E Coleman Avc,Chatham, NJ circuit research engBell Telephone Laboratories

    FERRIER Howard Thomas, 40PE,Gravimetric Survey Corp, Tulsa

    FIRLDS David Eugene, 25ME 38ME, 230=1 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa;vice pres & sales mgr Tulsa Boiler& Machinery Co

    FIKE Melvin Daniel, 31AE (dc-Ceased)

    FINDEISS Richard Croxton, 40PE,1350 S Topeka, Wichita, Kansas

    FISCHF'R Raymond Leander, 31CE, C C Cam,), Buffalo, Okla

    FLETCHER Patrick E; 35P,, Box82, Longview, Texas ; (list suptAtlantic Rcfg Co

    FLETCHER Paul 11, 38PE, 1940Std Oil Bldg, Chicago, III ; assteng prod slept Std Oil Co of Ind

    FLICKINGER Earl Dan, 35ChE,50-1 S Denver St, Eldorado, Kan-sas ; power plant eng & foremanSkelly Refinery

    FLOOD Ray, 15CE 18CE (de-ceased)

    FLOOD Francis M, 231? E, Keme-stinc Labs, Espcrson Bldg, Hous-ton, Texas

    FLOOD William Norman, 34AE,5835 Elliott St, Dallas, Texas;arch draftsman Farm SecurityAdin

    FORBIS Johnson L, 32CF, 15311 E14th St, Tulsa

    FOSTER Jack Jr, 33ME, 601 NBlvd, Norman ; Arrow Drlg Co

    FOSTER Lloyd H, 32PE, 612 1stSt, Seminole

    FOWLER Oliver, 40PE, 728 NW21st St, Okla City

    FOWLER William James, 32EE,513 City Natl Bank Bldg, Wichi-ta Falls, Texas


  • AUGUST, 1940

    "RACK Morris Warren, 32ME, GENTHER Charles Boohcr, 39AE, GRAHAM John E, 34EE,1124 HALF: Arlan B, 35ChE, Rt I Box

    Texas1508 S Atlanta St, Tulsa ; Tulsa Armour Institute, Chicano, III Harrison St, Oak Park, Ill

    4C, Port Arthur,IIALFAST Edgar Wilson, 30GE,

    Boiler & Mach Co GEORGE Bobbie Arvin, 32EE, 411 GRAHAM Kestner Percival, 38E 7111 1 . Okmulgec St, MuskogeeFRAMPTON Alfred C Jr, 35ME, Iowa St, Norman Ph, Box 1770, Meridian, Miss ; HALL Albert LeClair, 33PE, Box

    Frisk Reid Supply Core, Tulsa GERBRACHT Charles (Bond) Tor- Garter Oil Co 225, Bartlesville ; valuation engFRANCIS Alex Wallace Jr, 36ME, rcnce, 31CE, Box -168, Clarc- GRAHAM Thomas Edward, I8EF Phillips Pet Co

    Box 1387, Odessa, Texas more ; project eng WPA I SBA, 332-1 W 18th St, Okla HALL Frank Wharton, 38CE, 404FRANCIS Harold Hite, 20ChF1, 414 GERNER Robert, 34ChE, 1137 NE City S Blvd, Norman

    Barnes Bldg, Box 225, Muskogcc ; 16th St, Okla CityGETTY Jack, 39PE, 2211 F 20th GRAHAM

    Tom Smith, 34(;1 ., Box HALL Lewis Watson, 24CE, 909 Wscy treas Francis Corp

    FRANKENFELD Henry V, 40ME St, Tulsa; American Mfg Co271, Houma, La 3rd St, Little Rock, Ark

    HALL Norman Henry, 33CE, 1416FRASCATI Francis Paul, 3SMS, 27 GIBSON Allen B, 34ME, Cities (;RANT

    Dclbcrt D, 38PE, Saint lo,Alpha St, Des Moines, Iowa

    Willow St, Beacon, NY Service Oil Co, Hobbs, N Mcxc/o P A

    TexasCharles Dennis, HAMMOND

    I;�nd Daniel, 30CE,FREDFRICKSON John Henry Jr, GIBSON Glenn, 35EE, GRAVI,S 38PE, 649 N Dclr :isc St, Wichita, Kan-32CE, Napolconvillc, La Chilcotc, Lebanon, Ore 146 N Maple St, Montebello,

    FREEMAN Elvin Delph, 171'.E, O GIBSON Harold Jay, 35ME, Chi- Califsas

    HAMMONDS George Scott, 33FE(I & E Co, Okla City cago Metal Hose Co, Box 489, GRAY Cecil Roberts, 39FF, 4629 33BA, 623 E 18th St, Okla City ;

    FREEMAN Vernon Leslie, 40EE Houston, Texas; sales eng Park I )r, Houston, Texas; clcc oil producerFREENY Henry Carlock, 37CE, GILBERT Mcrt G, 22EE, 1402 well logger Halliburton Oil Well HAMMER iidward J, 31GE 32M.

    1825 NW 10th St, Okla City Moffett St, Joplin, Mo Cementing Co GI`FROST Otis William, 32CE, Hydro ('ILLS John Curry, 37ME, 428 S GRAY F.Iza T, 301"1", 111 Hulsev

    .HANDLEY Ernest Jack, 33EPh,

    FRY Lt Edmund Mortimer jr, 38 Pine St, Ponca City ; Continental St, Potcau : chief eng Lincoln Continental Oil Co, Ponca City'CE, Second Engrs Bn, Ft Sain Oil Co Power Corp HANNEGAN John Michael, 28M.Houston, Texas GILLESPIE Kenneth Thomas, 31 GRAY Lloyd Leland, 28MI ;. 28PE, PE, 1 102 7th St, Boonville, Me :

    "RYE John Harold, 35CE, Conti- BA 311.E 32MS, 606 E 2nd St, 1212 S Allegheny St, Tulsa head, dept of chcin Kemper Mil-nental Oil Co, Blair Stroud : field computer, scismo- GREEN John Edmond, 40EE, Shell itarv School

    FUENTES Vinccntc R, 32PE, Apto graph, Continental Oil Co Pipe Line Corp, St Louis, Mo HANSELL Robert Clark Jr, 29CE,269, Monterrey, N L Mcx GIRARD Walter Albert, 31EF, GREEN Ted, 401;.Ph, ".mgr Labo- 405 N Smith St, Vinita ; eng insp

    FULLER Adrian Lcc, 36EE, 1709 1604 Lake St, Lawton ; div eng, ratories Ins, Tulsa WPASW 15th St, Okla City ; eng O G SW Lt & Power Co GREENE Robert Beverly, 25EE, HARBERT William Dean, 380hE&ECo GITTINGS Robert Louis, 39Ml :: , 1108 E Hobson St, Sapulpa 39M.ChF, Dcwcy

    FULLER Maynard Gerald, 30Cf'., Naval Air Sta, Rm 213, Pcnsa- GREENSHIEI.DS Bruce Douglas, HARDER Earl Lee, 37GnE, III Natl1831 NW 12th St, Okla City ; cola, Fla; aviation cadet US Navy 20CF, 27M.CE, 2501 Manor Road, Supply Co, Olney, IIIresident eng State Highway Dept GLASGOW Ervin F, 33ME, Box Austin, Texas HARDIN Moody Merriwethcr, 40

    FULLERTON F Wallace, 29EE, 248, Phillips, Texas; tester chief GRELNSHIELDS Bryce Wallacc, PI'., Box 4577, Okla CitySouthwestern Bell Telephone Co, gasoline slept Phillips Pct Co 21M1?, Box 1285, Port Arthur, HARDY Milton K, 33PE, SinclairOkla City GLAZI, John Clare, 28EE, 3841 Texas Prairie Oil Co, Gainesville, Texas

    FUSON T J, 34PE., Box 578, Dick- Melba Place, Normandy, Mw GREER William Jack, 40Gnh. HARRIS Mark 11, 26CE, 837 NF.inson, Texas; (list pet eng Hum-

    Staff supervisor Am Tel & Tele- GREGORY Reginald, 31GE, 205 W 28th St, Okla City ; city eng deptble Oil & Refg Co graph Co Main St, Elkton, Va HARMAN J Stirling, 281,.1:, Am-

    GLOVER Joe T, 40GE, 2110 Hay- GRIESE Frank C, 39EE, 164 Ar- herst, TexasG den St, Amarillo, Texas (10e Rd, Brooklyn, NY HARMS Henry William, 35ME,

    GABEL Kenneth L, 38A1,'., c/o 1 lar- GLUCKMAN William, 32ME, Ada GRIFFIN Sam E, 29CE. Box 105, Wichita Falls, Texas;old Walsh, 40-40 Johnson Bldg, GODDARD ],red Shepard, 37PE, GRIFFIN Schenk Henry, 12CF. Hughes Tool CoAmarillo, Texas Box 4577, Capitol Hill Sta, Okla GRIFFITH Aubcn N, 33MI;., Ho- HARRINGTON Ambrose Leonard,

    GAGE William Patrick . 28ChE 29Shell Oil Co, St Louis, Mo ;

    CityGODDARD George Joseph, 37ChE, tel Bailey, Burkie, La ; eng well

    37ME., 1727 S Cheyenne St, Tulsa27CEM.PE,

    mgr dev & res Shell Oil Co 1811 Classcn Blvd, Okla Cit:logging dept Baroid Sales Div HARRIS Heber,

    HARRIS Henry Howard, 25E".GALLIVAN John C, 38PE, 123 W res chein cat, The Texas Co

    David Smith, 40E1",National Lead Co

    GRIFFITH Bill I,lcwcllyn, 34PE, HARRIS Holmes ],., 35CE, Box 111,14th St, Hutchinson, Kansas ; GODSHALK

    Continental Oil Co, El Cameo, 819 N Central St, Okla CityWinfield, La

    Kans (list suet Lanc-Wells Co GRIGSBY Kline 13, 31CE, 820 Mc- HARRIS Loy Everett, 33GE, BoxGALLUP J Albert, 39EE, Win G Texas

    GOOCH Floyd Warns jr, 41)P],., Kinley Blvd, Alton, 111 ; [master 568,Mattoon, Ill ; Carter Oil Co

    Morrison Consulting Engr Co,2012 Jackson St, Joplin, Mo mechanic Shell Oil Co refinery HARRIS

    Paul Henry, 1302_39AE ,Dallas, Texas

    GARBER Marshall West, 35EE, GOODKNIGI TT Ronald Vernon,GRIM Gcorgc W, 38EE, 1224 F. N Arkansas St, Russellville, Ark

    HARRIS Virgil O, 30PE, Box 208,734 S Detroit St, Los Angeles 20ME, YMCA, Houston, Texas

    Paul Kenneth, 29C1?,Ildwy St, Enid


    CRISSO Ragman M, 32EE, Box Gladcwatcr, Texas; Humble OilGARCIA Santiago Gutierrez, 3911".,

    1206 Canzada Madero, N Laredo,GOODRICH

    2308 Watts St, Houston, Texts 4311, Scntinolc ; owner, mgr, Gris- & Ref, CoIIARRISON E Paul, 36EE, 418 NWTamps, Mex GORDPN Wendell C, 34PE, Box

    271, 225 Sunset St, Houma, La ;so Hotel

    GROENENDYKE Goctltc M, 32F. 33rd St, Okla City


    CARDNER Edgar Robert, 34PE,(list exploitation eng Shell Oil Ph 32BA, Magnolia Pct Co, Dal-

    IIARRISON Edward Tate, 34NGE,Marietta las, Texas Box 1186, Maud, Okla ; Garter

    CARDNER Elmer Charles, 31ME,del, Ola, Ark

    CoGORTON Felix Bernard, 38PE, GROOM Sidney Marshall, 24CE,

    Oil CoHomer Daniel, 28CE,HARRISONgem


    CARDNER Raymond Edward, 31 Box 113, Laredo, Texas ; prod404 W 9th St, Bristow

    Edward David, 40NGE 22011 NW 311th St, Okla CityPE, 280 W State St, Wellsville, foreman Buffalo Oil Co 34PE,

    GROSSGROSSMAN Waldo Lawrence, 40 HARRISON Josiah James, 37CE


    GARLOW Glenn Dennis, 40EE,GORTON Jackson Looncy,

    Freeport Sulphur Co, New Or- PE, Tidewater Oil Co, Kilgore,Lindsay

    HARRISON Raymond Dwight, 37Southwestern Bell Telephone Co, leans, La 15ME 18

    TexasGRUVER Clark A, 39PE, 1113 N Chl?, Box 666, Crane, Texas

    Okla City2607

    GORTON Joseph Cowan,ME, Box 1146, Kermit, Texas; Dearborn St, Augusta, Kansas

    HARSCH William Carlyle, 34PE,GARONZIK Sylvan, 33CE,

    Illinois Oil Co GURLEY Willard Denton, 34PERt sales eng, Illinois National Sup-

    Forest Ave, Dallas, TexasGARTON Ernest L, 27CE, Bartles- GORTON Milton Jay,

    38AE, 514 1, MedfordCamilo, 33PE, Im-

    ply Co, Olney, IllHART Walter Gould, 24EE, O G,


    N Quannalt St, TulsaGORTON Robert S, 20BA 20PhG

    GUTIERREZperial Oil Co, Bogota, Coloinbia & I? Co, Okla City 22ME (dc-


    CARTON Vespasian Warner,MI ;. 34MS, 4639 Springdale Dr, 20ChF, 230 Park Ave, New

    York HI IARTFORD Leland 11,

    ceased)Port Arthur, Texas City ; gem counsel Natl

    DairyHAAS Raymond Hcnry-, 32CE., 1518 1 IASI`,I :TINE. Nat G, 40PE,

    Sun OilGARTSIDE Albert Edward, l3ChE, Products Cori)

    Leo JI, 13EE, 215 E 1st 'I'utwiler St, Memphis, Trim ; jrCo, Kilgore, Texas

    River Des Peres & Iron Mountain GORTON Mach Tool 8: US Eng Depteng HASKELL ErnestMoors, 39ChE,

    Tracks, St Louis, MoN

    St, Tulsa : ownerSupply Co HAAS Stanley Alvin, 29EE (dc-

    (deceased)35GARVIN Ted L, 32PE, 1710

    Dallas, Texas ; shop GOUIN Gerald T, 22CE 25CE, 901 ceased)HASSLER Earl L, 28BA 30EE

    St, Tulsa;Akard St,foreman Foxboro Co Fondulac St, Box 827, Muskogcc ;

    HACKETT Perry Bradbury, 34CE,Bos-

    MS, 222 S Jamestownelectrolysis work SW Bell TO Co

    GASSETT Silas, 39ME, 9 N Flor- assoc eng US Dept Ins, IndianHeadquarters f st Corps Area,

    Arun Base, Boston, Mass HASTINGS Mack Campbell,32E

    ence St, TulsaGAY Harold M, 33EE, O G & E

    ScrvGOULDY William Cranford, 40

    tonHACKLER Melville C, 32ChF, E, Box 333, Idabel

    I IAUN John Terry, 32PE, 200 ParkCo, Ardmore GT, Box 146, Princeton,

    Ind: Oil 22115 S 4th St, Ponca CityHAGIUS Homer Hugh, 38PE, Box Place, Pine Bluff, Ark; vice

    presGEER Ralph Nelson, 25CE (olc- Field Supply Co

    GRADY John Edward, 36ME, 623 146, Great Bend, KansasBen Pearson Inc

    Mauricc Richard,ceased)GEIGER Albert J, 39PE, Box 1051, Westfield Ave, 1?lizabcth,

    NJ HALE Allyn Wellington, 37GnE, HAUSCHILDT40ME, SW Lt & Power Co, Law-

    Tulsa; asst eng prod dept Deep GRAHAM Joe Edwin,39EPh, Box 2506 Rosedale Ave, Houston,

    tonRock Oil Corp 394, Silsbee, Texas


  • HAWKINS Frank, 40GnE, 445 Col-lege Ave, Norman

    HAWKINS Lewis Richard, 33MEHAWKINSON Harry Leonard Jr,

    40GE, Bethlehem InternationalSupply Co, Tulsa

    HAYES Charles William, 40 PE,Black Sivalls & Bryson Inc, OklaCity

    HAYES James A, 33EE, 858 W41st St, Houston, Texas; distri-bution eng Houston Lt & PowerCo

    HAYES Russell R, 30EE, Harrah ;OG&ECo

    HAYNES Delbert Lloyd, 37ChE,524 W Boyd, Norman

    HAYNES George Wilbur, 40PE, LB Jackson Oil Prod, Sapulpa

    HAYNES Joe Earl, 40PE, GulfRefg Co, Centralia, III

    HEAD Albert J, 37MF, 1613 Pet-tee St, Okla City

    HEAP George Albert, 23CE 29M.CE, 1926 Kelton Ave, Los An-geles, Calif ; res dir & exec scyCalif Independent Bus Founda-tion Inc

    HEATH Larman Jefferson, 40ME,Wayne

    HECHTER Gerald Morley, 39ChE,306 College St, Winnipeg, Mani-toba, Canada ; refinery supt

    HECK William Boyd Jr, 33PE, Box1141, Billings, Mont

    HEFFNER Carl A, 39PE, 123 EFranklin St, Weatherford

    HEFFNER Roy Edward, 18BA 19EE, 745 Asp Ave, Norman

    HEFLEY Dana Gould, 26CE 27MS, Dowell Chemical Co, Tulsa;chief chein eng

    HEFLEY J Lehman Jr, 25CE, 1726S Agnew St, Okla City ; struc-tural eng Capitol Steel & Iron Co

    HEFLEY Marion Watson, 27GE,215 W Eufaula St, Norman

    HEFLEY Maurice, 31AE, 200 WAustin St, Camden, Ark

    HEGWER Arnold M, 39PE, 506 WNoleman St, Centralia, Ill

    HEINZE Edward J, 36EE, 320 SOak St, Sapulpa

    HELLER Frank John, 40ChE, Phil-lips Pet Cc, Bartlesville

    HELLER Gilbert Nelson, 17EE,1632 Dewey St, Bartlesville

    HENDERSON Eugene Miles, 35CE,Box 801, Tulsa ; eng Okla PipeLine Co

    HENDERSON Harold Osburn, 39ME, 641 Oakland St, KansasCity, Kansas ; student eng PhillipsPet Co

    HENDERSON Johnnie William, 40GE, Box 635, Alvin, Texas; sur-veyor

    HENDERSON Robert Knapp, 35ME, gen del, Flora, Ill

    HENDRICK Wyatt Burl, 32CE, CityHall, Lawton ; city eng City ofLawton, county eng ComancheCounty

    HENDRIX Hubert Lee, 25CE, Hol-loway Field Camp, Vinita

    HENDRIX Hurshel Victor, 38ChE,Box 989, Okla City

    HENDRIX Velmar V, 40ChEHENRY Francis B, 34PE, Box 1533,Des Moines, Iowa ; chetn GreatLakes Pipe Line Co

    HENRY Robert William, 21ChE2113A, 1334 Dewey Ave, Bartles-ville ; process eng, refg dept, Phil-lips Pet Co

    HENSON Kenneth Wayne, 33CE,Box 1427, Alice, Texas; sales engOil Well Supply Co

    HERRING Frank, 29GE, Box 327,Ellinwood, Kansas ; supt RepublicNatl Gas Co

    HERRNN Robert C, 33EE, Box2038, Pittsburgh, Pa ; geophysi-cist Gulf Res & Dev Co

    T1FSS Glenn Edward, 40GE, Con-cho Sand & Gravel Co, Okla City

    HETHERINGTON Charles Ray, 40ChE, Great Lakes Pipe Line Cc,Des Moines, Iowa

    HEWETT Charles Merritt, 32ChE33MS, 3510 Powhatan Ave, Bal-timore, Md ; Mexican Pet Core

    HEWETT Charles William, 36EE,O G & E Co, Shawnee; appren-tice electrician

    HEWETT John Baird, 28EEHEWITT William Case, 36ChE,

    1024 Jennings St, BartlesvilleHIBBARD Lloyd James, 14EE, 234Ave A Forrest Hills, Wilkinsburg,pa : special eng W E & M Co

    HIBNER Keith 1, 39AE 39AE, ar-chitect, US Navy Dept, Wash-ington, DC

    HIGGINBOTHAM Grenville C, 24CE

    HIGGINBOTHAM Harve E, 39PE, Harrison-Abcrcrombie Oil Co,Sweeny, Texas

    HIGGINS Charles Harold, 29ChE,Box 914, Kilgore, Texas

    HILDEBRAND William Floyd, 37EE, 1312 Live Oak St, Houston,Texas; sales- eng Gen Flee Co

    HILL Ben, 38PE, Box 345, Dun-can ; gasp & oil jobber Hill Oil Co

    HILL Edwin Fulton, 34PE, Box1655, Houston, Texas

    HILL Gwynne B, 25CE, 2549 NW22nd St, Okla City

    HILL James Edwin, 29PE, 2106 FtWorth Natl Bank Bldg, Ft Worth,Texas ; mgr drlg & prod for SWRichardson

    HILL Murl Francis, 25EE, 1048 E37th St, Tulsa; elcc eng Texashmpire Pipe Line Co

    HILL Orris LcRoy, 31 GE, 920 NSycamore St, Palestine, Texas;consulting geological eng

    HIMES Charles Woodrow, 38AE,Duncan Field, Texas; 2nd Lt US Army Air Corps

    HIPPEN Ralph William, 25ChE,520 N Lee St, Altus; (list eng,Soil Consv Serv, US Dept of Agr

    HIRDLER F Carl Jr, 36ChE, 1129N McKinley, Okla City

    HOBACK Wilford D, 30CE, 612NW 42nd St, Okla City ; officeeng, bridge dept, State HighwayComet

    HOCK Ralph L, 37ChE, 306 E 3rdSt, Jennings, La

    HOCKMEYER Paul E, 31PE, 903W Indiana St, Enid

    HODGES Tcd, 26CE, 1131 S Flor-ence Place, Tulsa

    HOGAN Sam Wilson, 33ME, 439Elm St, Norman

    HOGAN Thomas Morrissey, 33MnE, 1004 Harrison St, WichitaFalls, Texas

    HOGE Arthur Glenn Jr, 39AE,Norton Lasicr Co, 466 W Su-perior, Chicago, Ill

    HOLCOMB Calvin Wesley, 35CE,Aledo, Okla

    HOLCOMB Edwin Harold, 34PE,3245 Hemphill St, Ft Worth,Texas

    HOLDEN James Roby, 37ME, 1724S Adams St, Ft Worth, Texas

    HOLLAND Arthur Frederick, 40PE, RR, Grandfield

    HOLLAND Dick Dempsey, 31GE,Box 455, Blackwell

    HOLLAND George Traylor, 39NGE, Box 2352, Longview, Texas;asst test eng Atlantic Rcfg Co

    HOLLAND Harry Cecil, 39GE, c/oSeismograph Service Corp, Tulsa

    HOLLAND Loyal B, 18EE, 916Parsons St, Norman ; consultingeng

    HOLLAND Ransom( George, 29PE, 1200 S 6th St, Ponca City ;divn eng Carter Oil Co

    HOLLAND Sam Claude, 30BA 33AE, 720 W Bovd St, Norman

    HOLLAND Weaver Everett, 13EE,Rin 1405 Dallas Power & Lt CoBldg, Dallas, Texas; vice prosDallas Power & Lt Co

    HOLLANDER G M, 25EE, 6137N Harlem Ave, Norwood ParkSta, Chicago, Ill

    HOLLANDSWORTH E Fred, 35EE, Carter Oil Co, New Plymouth,New Zealand

    HOLMAN Harvey H, 40PE, Stan-olind Oil Co, Tulsa

    HOLMES C L, 34AE, 1757 N StNW, Washington, DC ; eng WarDept Civil Serv

    HOLMES Reeve Collins, 39PE, Box73, Terrell, Texas

    HOLMES William McClintic, 34PE,Box 1600, 411 N D St, Midland,Texas; regional industrial rela-tions mgr Humble Oil & Refg Co

    HOLMESLY Sanford Frank, 31PE,Humble Oil Co, Houston, Texas

    HOMAN Edward S, 37BA 38ChE39M.ChE, 518 N Cimarron St,Drumright; jr eng TidewaterAssoc Oil Co

    HOOKS Claud Hardy, 35EEHOOPES Edward III, 25MF, Box

    1020, Pittsburgh, Pa ; Byrnes,Stebbins & Parmalee, Attys

    HOOVER J Wilkinson, 27GE, Bah-reim Pct Co, Bahrcim Island,Persian Gulf

    HOPKINS James Stinson, 34EE,Plainview, Texas

    HORN Jesse C Jr, 34CE, 1207 SLewis Place, Tulsa

    HORN Loy G, 23ChE, 2452 MyrtleAve, Hermosa Beach, Calif

    HORN William, 37PE, 600 S Mar-tin, Box 67E, Kilgore, Texas; in-stallation & test eng Oil Lift Sup-ply Co

    HORTON Orvill jr, 39ChE, Box688, Phillips, Texas

    HORTON Roland, 21CE, 745 At-lanta St, Webster Groves, Mo

    HOSFORD Eugene, 35NGE, 1648S Gary Place, Tulsa

    HOTT Oliver J, 17ME, MedfordHOTT Sabert Alfred, 14BA 14CE,

    Medford : co surveyor & engHOTT Willis Monroe, 17ME, Do-

    minion Natl Gas Co, JacksonBldg, Buffalo, NY

    HOTZE Ernest George, 40PEHOUCHIN John Marvin, 34PE,

    Phillips Pet Co, SeininoleHOUGHTON Russell B, 39EE, Box

    151, Rosenberg, TexasHOUSSIERE Charles Rene Jr, 38PE 38ChE, Jennings, La

    HOUSSIERE Jules Arthur, 40PE40ChE

    HOUSTON Glenn N, 37CE, Box564, Rawlins, Wyo ; surveyor ongravity meter crew ContinentalOil Co

    HOWARD George Carl, 32CE, 117D St NW, Miami, Okla

    HOWARD Kenneth Calvin, 36ME,Carmen

    HOWARD Robert Edward Jr, 39EE, 109 NW 14th St, Okla City ;draftsman SW Bell Tel Co

    HOWARD Wilburn Sam, 30EE,Chickasha; instructor of autoniech, high school

    HOWLETT Ira G, 35ME, 2132 NFonshill Ave, Okla City

    HUCKABY Fred F, 22EE 27EE,4930 E 3rd St, Tulsa

    HUDDLESTON Woodrow, 39PE,Caripito, Venezuela; drlg eng

    HUDSON Malcolm W, 35PE, OilWell Supply Co, Wichita Falls,Texas

    HUFFMAN Arthur Edwin, 39ME,940 W Euclid St, Detroit, Mieh ;research labs, Ethyl Gasoline Corp

    HUFFMAN Leslie Tilden Jr, 2611A29MF, 1628 Keeler Ave, Bartles-ville ; Phillips Pet Co

    HUGHES Calvin T, 18EE, ClarkSt, Milldale, Corm ; gen Supt ConnLt & Power Co

    HUGHES Glenn Elliott, 31CE, Kio-wa, Kansas

    HUGHF.S Harold Daniel, 25EE,1016 W 25th St, Okla. City ; OG&ECo

    HUGHES Ivor Hayden Jr, 32EE,Box 1122, Borger, Texas; Phil-lips Pet Co

    HUGHES Mary Lee, 39EPh, Box1627, Borger, Texas

    HUGHES Roland F, 26EE 33MS,915 N 3rd St, Ponca City ; deveng Continental Oil Co

    HULL Burton E Jr, 39PE, The Tex-as Co, Houston, Texas

    HULL Robert Curtis Jr, 33ME,Shell Oil Co, Great Bend, Kansas

    HUMF Benjamin Granville, 21ME,207 S Bdwy St, Los Angeles,Calif

    HUME James Stewart, 25ChE, Box286, Ponca City

    HUMPHREY James E, 22EE, 4812Lafayette St, Little Rock, Ark

    HUMPHREYS Hugh Reginald, 34Al", 1622 N Cheyenne Ave, Tul-sa ; valuation eng Skelly Oil Co

    HUMPHREYS Leon Alfred, 18ME,2316 Arbor St, Houston, Texas

    HUNKAPILLER Bill Bassett, 33ME, Box 2099, Houston, Texas;Shell Pet Corp

    HUNT Lendon, 28EE, 424 CastroSt, Norman ; O.U . Utilities dept

    HUNTER Elbert Aubrey, 39GE,Box 56, Walnut, Kansas ; seismo-graph work Phillips Pet Co

    HUNTER Thomas Frank, 37GE,1612 Buchanan St, Wichita Falls,Texas

    HUNTER Z Z, 36ChE, Box 391,Bartlesville ; eng Phillips Pet Co

    HURST Garland Frost jr, 38GE,Kingwood Oil Co, Effingham, III

    HUSKY Leonard D, 30EE, Box 463,Britton; pump operator O G & ECo

    HUSKY S T, 35ME, 930 5th St,Alva

    I IUSTON Robert Harry, 40PE, TheTexas Co, Houston, Texas

    HUTCHCRAFT David Brent, 39ME, 3823 S Victor Ave, Tulsa;sales eng Vinson Supply Co

    IBARRA Jose Amador, 29PE, Ho-tel Regis, Aguascalientes, Ags,Mex

    INGLIS Charles R, 33ME, Box 4577,Okla City ; field pet eng I T 1 OCo

    INGLIS William G, 29EE, 36 Hi-land St, Ft Smith, Ark; eng OG&ECo

    INGRAM Charles Clark Jr, 40PE,Okla Natural Gas Co, Muskogee

    IRONS Roy A, 39ME, Box 24, Bay-town, Texas; field eng HumbleOil & Refg Co

    IRWIN Wallace W, 29GE, Box1071, Midland, Texas; Culbert-son & Irwin Inc

    1TINER Charles K, 30EE, 500318th Ave NE, Seattle, Wash ; profelec eng WPA

    ITTNER Frank, 33ME, 263 Haber-


  • fclde Bldg, Bakersfield, Calif; su-pervisor Superior Oil Co

    IVEY DennyC, 37PE, R R Commof Texas, Austin, Texas

    JACKSON Clarence Alfred, 35ME,1300 S 4th St, Ponca City

    JACKSON Dan Shaner, 38ME, 516W Okla Ave, Anadarko

    JACKSON Sloan Robertson, 31CE,Gen Foods Corp, Okla City

    JACOBI Robert Irving, 33PE, Chan-nel View, Texas

    JAMES Clark C, 36ME, Box 871,Tulsa; Industrial eng Okla Nat-ural Gas Co

    JAMES Richard Vernon, 18CE, 201F, Boyd St, Norman ; head Deptof Mcch, Univ of Okla

    JAMIESON Frank, 35NGE, 1806Lucille St, Wichita Falls, Texas ;Hughes Tool Co

    JAMISON John Alexander, 22ME23ME

    JARRETT John Joseph, 40ME,Lockheed Aircraft Cc, Burbank,Calif

    JASPER Clarence John, 28CE, Box436, Palmyra, Mo ; jr eng in chgcconstr work Mo State HighwayDept

    JASTROW Arthur William, 2013A20Ch1:, 1116 Drexel Ave, SanAntonio, Texas

    JEMISON J Fred, 37EE, O G & ECo, Shawnee

    JENKINS George W, 37EE, 1708NW 19th St, Okla City

    JENKINS Horton, 39EE, PaysonJENNINGS Charles Emry, 36ChE,

    1200 E Park St, Okla CityJENSEN Albert Charles, 36ME, 811W Linn St, Marshalltown, Iowa ;design eng Fisher Governor Co

    JILOVSKY Hans Josef, 38PE, Box267, Dallas, Texas ; Buffalo Oil

    JOHNSON Charles B Jr, 32PE, Box2039, Tulsa; asst chf eng Barns-dall Res Corp

    JOHNSON Charles Julius, 39NGE,215 NE 14th St, Okla City ; OklaNatural Gas Co

    JOHNSON Earl Briggs, 11 EE, O G& E Co, Okla City

    JOHNSON Everett Lyle, 36PE, 426Ferrell St, Norman

    JOHNSON Henry J, 32CE, SkellyOil Co, Tulsa

    JOHNSON Joe E, 35PE, 3417 9thSt, Port Arthur, Texas; Gulf OilCorp

    JOHNSON Sam B, 37PE, Pearsall,Texas

    JOHNSON Thomas Jesse, 25GE,Box 34, Centralia, Ill

    JOHNSON William Frederick, 40PE, Recd Roller Bit Co, Houston,Texas

    JOHNSTON David Copley, 31ME,2817 W 19th St, Okla City

    JOHNSTON George Lawson, 23CE, Box 68, Durant

    JOHNSTON Kenneth Howard, 34PE, 716 N Elwood St, Tulsa

    JOHNSTON William Carleton, 21CE, 704 Wolfe St, Little Rock,Ark; Ark State Highway Dept

    JONES Clifford Ellsworth, 19CEJONES Dudley H, 17CE, 1329 E

    14th St, Okla CityJONES Durward B, 39PE, 421 S

    Bristow St, DrumrightJONES Francis Eugene, 38AE, 1614NW 23rd St, Okla City

    JONES James B Jr, 40ChE, EthylGaso Corp, Baton Rouge, La

    JONES John Alexander, 35PE, Box1407, Odessa, Texas; dist suptLane-Wells Co

    JONES John Paul, 23EE, Helena

    AUGUST, 1940

    JONES LaMar, 28PE, 917 HumbleBldg, Houston, Texas; sr pet engHumble Oil & Refg Co

    JONES Louis Dan, 33PE, 4324 NPershing Dr, Arlington, Va ; Deptof Interior Washington, DC

    JONES Roy L, 29EE, 2712 NW26th St, Okla City

    JONES Thomas Bernard, 40ME,Ethyl Gaso Cori), Detroit, Mich

    JONES Walker, 31 AE, 2013 NW11th St, Okla City ; strut design,bridge dept, Okla State Highway

    JONES Watson, 28EE, 10576 Ab-bottson Rd, Los Angeles, Calif

    JORDAN John T, 37PE, gas-gaso-line dept, Shell Oil Co, Houston

    JORDAN William Garold Jr, 40 PE, Natl Supply Co, Tulsa

    JORDAN W T, 39PE, Box 6666,Odessa, Texas

    JUSTICE William Henry, 34BS 35ChE, 303 E Neches, Palestine,Texas; chf them, recycling dept,Tidewater Assoc Oil Co

    KKAHN Bob F, 40MEKAISER George Elwood, 28EE, Rt

    1 Box 65, Artesia, N Mcx; mgrCentral Valley Eire Co-op

    KALDENBACH Nicolas Alexandre,38PE 39geol, 803 Shell Bldg,Houston, Texas

    KANOUSE Edgar L, 32EE, 1853 NAve 5, Los Angeles, Calif; Bu-reau of Lt & Power, City of LosAngeles

    KAPLOW Sidney, 38ChE, 90-60179th Place, Apt 38, Jamaica,NY

    KARNS Robert W, 37EE, 217 Pom-croy Ave, Pittsfield, Mass ; indus-trial engineer plastics divn GenElec Co

    KAUFFMAN James S, 27GE, 105E Haskell Place, Tulsa

    KAUPKE Charles Lewis, 09CE,1302 Pacific SW Bldg, Fresno,Calif; Kings River Water Assn

    K17CK Jack Norton, 36EE, 616 WChurch St, Champaign, Ill

    KEEHN Harold William, 38PE,408 Hackbcrry St, Seguin, Texas

    KEELEY Joe W, 30CE, SallisawKFHRES Robert James, 39PE, 115S Cheyenne St, Tulsa; draftsmanTulsa Boiler & Mach Factory

    KEIPER Phillip Charles, 27EE, 575Woodland Ave, Westfield, NJ ;application eng WestinghouseElec Elev Co

    KELLER Frank, 20ChE, 2436 16thSt, Denver, Colo ; jr materials engNational Bureau of Stds

    KELLER Henry Alexander, 27EE,2619 N Harvey Ave, Okla City

    KELLER Kenneth Lawrence, 36AE, Ponca City High School, Pon-ca City

    KELLY Harold Shaw, 31PE, Box612, Bartlesvillc ; Phillips Pet Co

    KEMBLE Charles G, 32PE, 3912Lenox Dr, Ft Worth, Texas

    KENDALL Walter Truman, 33GE,Carter Oil Cc, Carter Nine, Okla

    KENNEDY Urban Paul, 26CE, 727E Maple St, Enid

    KERSEY Harold, 29PE, Box 305,Artesia, N Mcx ; clrlg contr Kcr-sey & Co

    KERSEY Robert Mansel, 38AE, Box274, Camden, Ark

    KELLER Walter C, 31CE, 817 EPark St, Okla City

    KIBBY Theodore A, 33BS 34EE,Drawer 2038, Pittsburgh, Pa ; ge-ophysicist Gulf Oil Corp

    KIKER Hubert B, 31 OIL FIELDMGMT, Wewoka ; ]cases and roy-alties

    KILLGORE John Barker, 40ChEKIMBRELL Willard B, 35PE, Shell

    Oil Co, Rt 2, Pampa, TexasKIMMELL Garman Oscar, 36PE

    37MS, Black Sivalls & Bryson,Okla City

    KINCAID James Loveall, 39PEKING Arthur Ellis Jr, 40PE, Conti-

    nental Supply Co, Ft Worth, TexKING George Louis, 33EE, 212 N

    13th St, Muskogee ; divn eng OG&ECo

    KING Loyd J, 28EE, 700 AntoinetteSt, Detroit, Mich ; elec eng GenElec Co

    KING Robert Augustin, 35ChE, Box562, Phillips, Texas; chief chemistPhillips Pet Co

    KING Stephen Hamilton, 38GE,Millbrook, NY

    KINGELIN George Gustave, 32MnE, 1611 Vassar St, Houston, Tex-as ; chief prod eng Pan-AmericanProd Co

    KIRKHUFF John Gerald, 39EE, Rt3 Box 523, Okla City ; brick con-tractor

    KIRKMAN Claude T ., 36ME, PadenKIRVEN Will A, 27ME, Atlas Con-

    struction Co, Morganza, LaKITCHEN William A, 20EE, 1712W 33rd St, Okla City ; asst suptOG&ECo

    KLAFFKE Kenneth E, 34CE, 1234NW 30th St, Okla City ; field engOkla City Water Dept

    KLEIN Philip Becton, 32ME, A CAlbrook Field, Panama CanalZone

    KLEP John Pierre, 34MS, Box 8008,Houston, Texas; sales eng SperrySun Well Surveying Co

    KLOPFFNSTFIN Edward James,30 PE, I T 1 O Co, Seminole

    KLUCK Frederick V, 38PE, Box293, McPherson, Kansas

    KNIGHT Lewis Clark, 34PE, GreatBend, Kansas

    KNISELEY Bessie Frances (See MrsBessie Kniscley Marriott)

    KOCH Jcnnings B, 26ME, Box 737,Norman ; paint contractor

    KOESTER Paul Oscar, 19ME, Up-ham Gas Co, Mineral Wells, Texas

    KOLECKI Anthony, 39EE, 3696 E69th St, Cleveland, Ohio

    KORN Anton Kroger, 37PE, Box65, Goldsmith, Texas; pet engShell Oil Co Inc

    KRANDEL Tobe Gerson, 34PE,Pierce, Texas

    KRATZER Leonard Alvin, 40PEKRAUSE Frederick Louis, 36CE,Highway Dept, Woodward

    KRUEGER William Fred, 35PE,1608 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pa ;Sperry Sun Well Surveying Co

    KRUGER Noble John, 35CE, 4230Council Rd, Okla City ; scy treasKruger Inv Co

    KUDLACEK Frank L, 34EE, 330Elm St, Yukon ; Power Plant Bldg

    KUETEMAN Herman Fred, 39ME,Phillips Pet Co, Research Bldg,Bartlesville

    KUHLMAN Harold E, 32EE, Rt 3Box 75, Norman

    KUHN George Donald, 39NGE,1830 22nd St, Rock Island, Ill

    KUTZ Robert, 31CE 33MS, Box1498, Okla City ; chief chemistOG&ECo

    KYLE Robert H, 35ChE, 203 SCompress St, Okla City ; salesmanBarada & Page Inc

    LLA BOON Fred Phillip, 39ME, 1707N Kelham St, Okla City ; NewState Ice Co

    LACHLE Frank Bivins, 31ChE,

    Caixa Postale 2992, Sao Paulo,State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, SA

    LADD Herbert Warren Jr, 39GE,Box 566, Lake Charles, La




    29PE, 2308 N Everett St, Okla City

    LA FON Walter B, 33PE, 1009 Jcn-nings St, Bartlesvillc ; gas eng ITIOCo

    LAGO Gladwyn Valle, 40EPhLAMAR James Walter, 24EE, Ker-

    mit, TexasLAMB Neale Virgil, 38ChE, Largo

    Oil & Transport Co, Aruba, Neth-erlands W Indies

    LAMBDIN Silcr D, 33PE, 2111Esperson Bldg, Houston, Texas;gcn Supt John A Deering & Trad-ers Oil Corp

    LANAGAN Maurice C, 34PE, Tex-homa Gas Co, Fritch, Texas

    LANDON Durne, 27ME, St Jo-seph Railway Lt & Power Co, StJoseph, Mo

    LANDON Grant K, 32EE, 1624NW 9th St, Okla City ; asst supttraffic, fire and police signal sys-tem, Okla City Fire Dept

    LANDRUM W Elmore, 37PE, 403S Osage St, Ponca City ; Conti-nental Oil Co

    LANE Clifford Johnston, 31 AE 32M.AE, 2244 Fairmount St, FtWorth, Texas

    LANG Ralph, 33GE, Box 2038,Pittsburgh, Pa ; geophysicist GulfRes & Development Corp

    LANGE Robert W, 33GE, 4318Sutro Ave, Los Angeles, Calif

    LANGHAM James T, 35PE, Box332, Houston, Texas; sales engBlack, Sivalls & Bryson Inc

    LANKFORD Daniel J, 37ChE, 2462Calder St, Beaumont, Texas ;Magnolia Refg Co

    LAPPIN Roy William, 35EE, 718Columbus St, Muskogee

    LAUDERMILK Jack Irwin, 34BA38GnE, dept of pet engr, Univof Texas, Austin, Texas; faculty

    LAURENT Edward J, 33PE, Box391, Meridian, Miss

    LAWRENCE David B, 30BA 30EE, 317 Baronne St, New Orleans,La ; dept mgr New Orleans PubScrv Inc

    LAWS Paul Leo, 22CE, Box 296,Talihina ; Oklahoma HighwayCoinm

    LEACH Lendol Brownlee, 40EE,Westinghouse Elec & Mfg Cc,East Pittsburgh, Pa

    LEACH Marvin O, 31CE, SandSprings

    LEAVITT Llewellyn Goodwin, 26CE, 116 Oak Grove St, Minnea-polis, Minn ; structural eng Phil-lips Pet Co

    LEAVITT William B, 40GELE FLORE Leroy Campbell, 21GE,

    1342 E 25th St, TulsaLEHNHARD Phil J Jr, 31PE, 611E Creek St, McAlester; eng forDowell Inc

    LEMMON Laverne James, 31CE,New London, Mo

    LENDERKING Howard, 31ME,151 Livingston Place, Bridgeport,Conn ; industrial eng RemingtonArms Co

    LENINGTON C E, 32GE, Box 327,Phillips, Texas

    LENTS Max Richey, 37PE, BaySide Terrace, LaPorte, Texas;them Shell Oil Co

    LENTS Murphy Kennedy, 39PE,Stanolind Oil & Gas Co, Jcnnings,La

    LFUGEMORS Paul, 38PE, Box1025, Wichita Falls, Texas; WH Metzner


  • L1?VERETT Miles Corrington, 32MS, HtnONC Oil & Refg Co,Houston, Texas

    LEWIS James Albert, 31PE, CoreLaboratories Inc, Stnte Fe Bl(l,,Dallas, Texas

    LEWIS Russell William, 34PE,1325 S J St, Arkansas City, Kan-sas

    LEWIS Terry S, 40FE, Hallibur-ton Oil Well Cementing Co,Duncan

    LEWIS Vassar Edward, 39PE, 520NW 20th St, Okla City

    LIDDELL Charles James Jr, 40ME,Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, Calif

    LIGHTNE'R Paul Joseph, 30FE,Box 1346, Warren, Ohio ; fieldboss Magnolia Pet Co

    LINDL1"Y Ara Guy, 35ME, 931 E'Hermosa Dr, San Gabriel, (;alit ;draftsman Southern Calif Gas Co

    LINDSAY David Lawrence, 37ME:,1719 Marshall St, Shrcvcport, La ;field eng Hughes Tool Co

    LINDSAY Robert Rand, 32PE, 523E 9th St, Bartlesville : Pct engPhillips Pct ( ;o

    LISK James Louis, 32EE, 1329 EI I tlt Ave, Denver, Colo ; cngFederal Power Cornm

    LISK Robert Carrico, 33PE, 1 WallSt, New York City ; Phillips 'Pet

    LIVERGOOD Homer, 15EE, Mich-igan Valley, Kansas

    LIVERMORE Francis Stone, 36NGE, 1606 Milburn Ave, Toledo,Ohio : sales erg Natl SLID[)!\' Co

    LIVERMORE Gcorgc Pogue, 31 PE,Box 2352, Odessa, Texas; nil op-erator & pres Livermore Develop-ment Corp

    LLEWELLYN Thomas Svlvcstcr,35ME, 715 W 5th St, Tulsa

    LLOYD Abe Morris, 21GF, SunOil Co, Shrcvcport, La

    LOCKHART Jesse 1'', 28EE, Box93, Vinita ; Am Tel & Tel Co

    LOEBLICH Frank, 40EE, CarterOil Co, Tulsa

    LOEFFLER Louis Jr, 35ME, 222NW 14th St, Okla City ; salescng Federal Supl)ly Co

    LOGAN James William, 30PE, 111118W 6th St, Okmulgcc

    LOLLIS Shelton E, 38EE, 411 BellAve, Lawton ; jr, cng, SW Lt &Power Co

    LOMASNEY Bernard J, 34EE, 410Cherokee Ave, liartlesvillc ; RcdaPump Co

    LOMAX Spotswood Wcllford, 3-111A35PE, Sun Oil Co, Beaumont,Texas

    LONG Harry Othel, 36EF, 8118Idaho Ave, Chickasha

    LONG Robert Francis, 35CE, 1416NW 20th St, Okla City ; consult-ing cng V V Long Co

    LONG Willie B, 35CE, Rt 1, IdabelLOOMIS jester Mortimer Jr, 38PE,

    425 E Bootie St, Salem, IIILOONEY Texas, 26EE, ]lox 282,

    Alame(a, CalifLORENZEN Johnnie, 27PE, Rt 4,

    El RenoLOSEY Tom, 33ME, 8262 Park

    Terrace, Houston, Texas; list cng,Halliburton Oil Well Cem Co

    LOSINGER Robert William, 39GnE, 828 NW 42nd St, Okla Citv

    LOUDERMILK Elbert Leon, 40ME, Natl SUP1)ly Co o Toledo, Ohio

    LOUTHAN Jack, 32MS, cng Stand-ard Steel Wks, North KansasCity, Mo

    LOUY Frank A It, 3311 F, 601 Hi-awatha, Kansas ; Ohio Oil (;o

    LOVE Forrest E, 32ChE, Box 955,Tyler, Texas; field eng TretolitcCo


    LOVELADY Isaac W, 37ME, Boxat 45th & S Dewev, Okla Citp

    LOWS Vernon K, 35(1?, WaltersLOY John Merl, .32EE, Hitchcock,

    OklaLU Kuan 1, 33PFLUCCOCK Randolph Naphtali, 30

    PE, Box 3252, Odessa, Texas;Texas Co

    LUCE Clement Scott, 2711', 200 NTlitc Ave, Louisville, Ky

    LUDEMAN Gilbert Victor, 33GE,421 N Kansas Ave, Anthony,Kansas ; independent farming andoil leasing

    LUDWICK Charles C, 33EE, Box414, Harrisburg, Ill

    LUFFMAN Hugh Evcrett, 36ChF.,Huinhlc Oil & Rcfg Co, Ingleside,Texas

    LUONGO Cabello F.tfnundo 1 ., 33PE, Insp of Hidrocarburos, Cara-cas, Venezuela

    LYNCH Ray W, 32CE, Pawhuska :city cng

    LYON Omar Richard, 20ChF 23BA, 490 N 6th St, Wood River, 111 ;asst Supt, Prudential his Co ofAmer

    LYONS Eugene F, 37f?E, WKY,Okla City

    MMACK Lotus 11, 36PE, 1613 Polk

    St, Wichita Falls, Texas; chiefcng Bell Oil & (;as Co

    MACKFY Clifton Marion, 1611A 17EE, 1903 Ruiz St, Houston, Tex-as ; Wcstin,ghousc EIcc Co

    MACKEY Robert Flmer, 32MS,Boise City, Okla

    MADI)OX Arthur, 30PE, Negritos,Talara, Peru, S A ; Intcrnatl PetCo

    MADDOX Gaiscr Dawson, 33PE,Apartado 172, Maracaibo, Vcnc-zuela, SA ; Largo Pet Corp

    MADERO Hernando, 40PE, Mag-nolia Pct Co ' Dallas, Texas; Co-lombian Govt

    MATTER Joseph Louis, 36CE, Box6666, Odessa, Texas

    MAJOR John Charles, 40PF, At-lantic Refg Co, Houston, Texas

    MALLONFT. Robert Vinson, 40CEMALLORY R F., 28ME, 617 ('are-

    line St, Houston, TexasMALONE Edwin Andrew, 40EPh,

    Gulf Res & Do (;coo Pittsburgh,Pa

    MALY Joe Wesley, 35ME, GarherMANN John Amos, 32ChE, (ono-

    co Oil Co, Artesia, N MexMANN :Neil Warren, 36CF, 2114N Harwood St, Dallas, Texas

    MANNAS Eugcnc Caprice, 39NGE,215 E Dallas St, Palestine, Texas;oat gas analyst Tidewater AssocOil Co

    MANSUR Cline L, 35CE, 449V2 SScraper St, Vinita ; resident cngHolway & Neuffcr, Engrs

    MAP'S Clarel B, 22CE 23I1A 26CE, 308 Tulsa Bldg, Tulsa; enscy Mid-font Oil & Gas Assoc

    MAPLE G Clifford, 22CE, Box 146,Ponca City ; city sul)t of streets

    MAPLI"S Robert Hugh, 31 PE,Cities Scrv Oil Co, Gladewatcr,Texas

    MARICLE O Harry, 35CE, Box 13,Sentinel

    MARKS Fred M Jr, 39GE, 32(1 SSeminole, Okrnulgec: Phillips Pet

    MARKWELL Kenneth William, 20(;f; Peoples Bldg, Charleston, SC; proj cng PWA, Santcc-CooperHydroclcctric & Nav Proj

    MARRIOTT Bessie Kniselcy, 36AE,c/o W M Marriott, 300 PhelanBldg, San Francisco, Calif

    MARRIOTT William M, .35CF� 300Pltclan Illdg, San Francisco, Calif;jr eng Federal Power Comin

    MARS Edward W, 24CE, Box 694,Spur, Texas; sr resident cng TexasHighway Dept

    MARSH Lawrence Fuh;hun), 30PE, 2323 F. 13th Place, Tulsa ;Standard Oil Co

    MARSH Victor Burton, 30PE, El-linwood, Kansas : pct cng Stano-lind Oil & Gas Co

    MARSHALL Jack LcRoy, 40CEMARSHALL John Alfred, 40CI)',

    Shell Oil ('orl), St Louis, MOMARTIN Donald Leon, 40PE, Cor-

    onado Corp, Dallas TexasMARTIN Franklin Duncan, 23F'.E24MS, 3725 Rcxmcrc Rd, Balti-more Md ; cng Western Flee Co

    MARTIN Howard Lee, 23EE, 8839Madge Ave, Brentwood, Me ; [no-tor divn, Wagncr Elec Corp

    MARTIN James Milton, 38EPh, 721Browder St, Dallas, Texas; seis-mograph party Magnolia Pet Co

    MARTIN Peter Mason, 24GE, Box1800, Wichita Falls, Texas; Con-tinental Oil Co

    MARTINFZ Rafael Arango, 35PE(Sec Rafael M Arangv))

    MARTY James R, 35GnF, Box 2,Harden City ; asst pet en"', E' 11Moore Inc

    MASCHAL John Howard, 35EE,912 N Hinckley, Holdenville

    MASOERO Steve E, 39PF� ShellOil Co, Goldsmith, Texas

    MASON John Frederick, 39ME, 121Maple St, Milford, Conn





    31 kA32'1'., 332 S Michigan Ave, Chi-cago, Ill ; Patent lawyer Davis,Lindscv, Smith & Shonts

    MASON Rowland 1), 301E ((Ic-ceased)

    MASSENGILL Earl Bernard jr, 36EPh, 605 SE 31st St, Okla City

    MASSI'.Y Harold Edward, 36MF,3217 S Shartcl Ave, Okla City ;pet cng I T 1 O Co

    MATHENY William Franklin, 35PE, Phillips Pet Co ' liartlesvillc

    MATHIS Harold Fletcher, 39EE,Manitou, Okla

    MATJASIC Wallace Lee, _37111'282 California St, Bakersficld,

    CalifMATLOCK Joseph Ray, 25CE, fac

    exch, Norman : Univ of OklaFaculty

    MATSON Lawrence T, 30CE, 2301NW 13th St, Okla City ; StateHighway Cumin

    MATTHEWS Louis Edison, 40ChE, Sinclair Oil Co, Seminole

    MATTHEWS Robert Franklin, 28Al :, ,gas


    Cities Scrv Gas Co,Bartlcsvillc

    MAUPIN john Lawson, 34ME,1221 NW 16th St, Okla City

    MASON Howard Cleveland, 35CF,,1712 5th St, Woodward

    MAYER Dan Lee, 30CE, PhillipsPet Co, Breckenridge, Texas

    MAYFS George Curtis, 36ME, 19-12Talbot St, Toledo, Ohio

    MAYFIELD Manning Laverne, 31ME, Box 401, Gladewater, Tex-as ; divn prod cng Cities Serv Oil

    MAYRATH Robert L, 33ME:, Apt505, 305 95th St, Brooklyn, NY ; dev cng Am Mach & Pdry

    MAYRATH Thomas I., 33ME, Apt505, 3115 95th St, Brooklyn, NY; dev cng Am Mach & Fdry

    McALLISTER Alton Leander, 38PE, Wichita Falls, Texas

    McBRIDE Estil Owen, 39CbE, 206Wisconsin St, Baytown, Texas;chem Humble Oil & Refg Co

    McBRIDE Lewis Weston, 34M1'-Office of Dept En,, Corozal, Ca-nal Zone

    McBRIFN Richard L, 33ME, 5959S Cicero Ave, Chicago, 111 ; projen, United Air Lines Trans Corp

    McBURNEY Charles George, 31EE, 1618 E Cherokee St, Enid

    McCABE William Richard, 37E1`,501 Bedford Rol, Schenectadv, NY

    McCALEB Charles Murrav, 36MF�341 Ohio St, Corpus Christi,Texas

    McCALL Clifford Wayne, 3SChE,Box 1283, Phillips, Texas; ref,dept I'Irillim Pet Co

    McCALL John Denton, 38CE, 230N Wcbstcr Ave, Norman

    McCAR'I HY Richard F, 39PE, Box323, Refugio, Texas ; apprenticecng Stanolind Oil & Gas Co

    McCASKII-1, R Burns, 31EE, StateHighway Comm, State Capitol,Okla Cite

    McCLAIN Orville Graves, 33GE,411 N Bcbvy St, Corpus Christi,Texas

    McCLUNG Rupert Paul, 33AE, c/oyV E Burke jr, arch, Santa Fc, NIvlcx

    MCCLURE Clair E, .31 FE ' C/o SSC,Box 27, McLcansboro, Ill

    McCLURE John Clifford, 37PE, 1'I' 1 O Co, Okla City

    McCOLGIN Grant Willis, 221'.1?,143-} N 26th St, Kansas City-,Kansas

    McCOLLISTFR Landon A, 25CE,150-} Mohlc Dr, Austin, Texas;salesman Longhorn Portland Ce-ment Co

    McCOLLUM Thelbcrt A, 28FF, 505C St NW, Ardmore ; din cngdept O (1 & E Co

    McCOMBS Chester Curtis, 40EEMcCONNELL Ben Harrison jr, 39

    EF, 904 S Okmulgcc St, Okn,ul-gee

    McCORD James Harold, 37BA, 37ChF, 296(1 Hyacinth Ave, BatonRouge, La ; Standard Oil Co

    McCRARY Thomas Franklin, 39EF, Box 1082, Lawton : SouthwestProducts Co

    McCULLAR William A, 35EE:, 1217W Oklahoma St, Enid

    McCUNE John Stanley, 30111':, Hum-ble Oil & Rcfg Co, Conroc, Texas

    McCUTCHIN John A, 28GE 31MnE 32MS, Philtower Bldg, Tul-sa ; chief Pct eng British Ain OilProd Co

    McDANNALD Gorden ('leaves, 34PE, ]lox 2972, Houston, Texas

    McDANNALD Robert Morris, 37PE, Box 2972, Houston, Texas

    McDFRMOTT Byron, 28EE, 405N Bdwy Ave, Okla City ; trans-mission cng SW Bell Tel Co

    McDONALD Orris S, 226E (dc-ceased)

    MCDOULE'I"T (;laude Dale, 401''F.McDOWELL John William, 31PE,Box 262, Halstead, Kansas

    McDOWELL Robert Felix, 36CE,215 N Itlvd, Norman

    McFARLANF John, 39GE, Rt 1,Palestine, Texas

    McIT.RRON Clarence William, l leaE, 18CF, 931 NW 20th St, OklaCity

    McGUIRE Thomas Walker, 36PE,Box 112, Belcher, La

    McINERNFY Henry Bernard, _39( ;E, 2145 NW 15th St, Okla City ;cng & estimator Reinhart & Don-ovan Co

    McININCH Vonic Glenn, 39EPh,127 Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY

    McINTIRF I larold L, 25BA 29 OILFIELD MGMT 30MnE, 2012 N


  • Eric St, Kansas City, Mo ; EthylGasoline Corp

    McINTIRE Rudy Lee, 25EE, 309Park St, Sapulpa ; O G & E Co

    McKENNA Charles E, P, 32GE,Drawer 188, League City, Texas

    McKFNZIE Malcolm Walter, 36ME37PE,, 3131 NW 20th St, OklaCitv

    McKINLEY Carroll Black, 35EE,525 Gcncssc Bldg, Buffalo, NY

    McKINLFY Dee (;, 39ME, Aparta-(lo 35, Cuidad Bolivar, VCnCZUe-la, S A

    McKINLFY Joe 'Pain, 35EE., 125 W19(1, St, Ada

    McKINNEY Carl M, 40PEMcKINNEY Edward, 26CF, MadillMcKINNF.Y Howard E, 3()MI?, ]lox

    157, Temple, Okla ; computingstaff Petty Geophysical Eng Co

    McKINNON Herman K, 3-11'1?, Box787, McCauley, Texas; (list engShell Oil Co Inc

    McKINNON J Alexander, 21CE, FtMiley, San Francisco, Calif

    McKINSEY Mark Howard, 31EE,314 Wheeler St SW, Ardmore;geophysicist Shell Oil Co

    McKITTRICK -John E, 35CE, Car-ter Oil (:o, St Elmo, Ill

    McLANE Charles L, 20EE, O G &E Co, Bristow

    McLAUGHLIN Paul M, 39PEMcLEAN Thurman Oliver, 39PE,The Texas Co, Salem, III

    McLERNON George J Jr, 39PE,Magnolia Pet Co, Denver City,Texas

    McMAHAN Charles Robert, 38C1iE,Sunray Oil Co, Allen

    McMANUS Warren (:lark, 34CE,229 S 12th St, Muskogee

    McMULLIN Elbert Ferrell, 34EE,Box 611, Port Lavaca, Texas;Coronoda Corlt

    McNALLY Harold J, 32 OIL FIELDMGMT, 201 S 7th St, Fairfax

    McWADE Carl Donald, 34ME,Continental Supply Co, Conti-nental Bldg, Dallas, Texas

    McWHIRT Burr B, l3BA 32geol33PF, Rill 32,32 Int RevenueBldg, Washington, DC ; valuationeng, income tax unit, US TexasDept

    McWILLIAMS Lawrence Lively,34PE, Box 776, Seminole

    MEACHAM Philip A, 37PE, Box566, Lake Charles, La ; sales engHughes Tool Co

    MEADERS Frank Bartlcy-, 35CE,521 S Bdwy St, Ada

    MEADOWS Glenn, 20ME, 210Wavcrly Dr, Tulsa

    MEIXNFR Alvin Carl, 30EE, 34Summer Ave, Forest Hills, Pitts-burgh, Pa

    MENDOZA Felix Alberto, 37PE,Dept of Petroleos, Ministerio dela Economia Nacional, Bogota,Colombia, SA

    MENDOZA Pablo E, 40PE, ShellPet Co, Tulsa

    MENGE Francis Dodd, 39PE, 5101Dryadcs St, New Orleans, La

    MENNINGER George Stokes, 33ME, 1401 D West 11th St, Ama-rillo, Texas

    MEATZ Valentine, 40ChE, PhillipsPet Co, Bartlesville

    MERWIN Stuart Randolph, 37(:1:,1166 N Main St, Tulsa

    METCALFE Walter T ., 28EE, 2140NW 28th St, Okla City

    MICHAEL John, 35ME, Natl Sup-ply Co, Hays, Kansas

    MIDEKE Jack Anthony, 31ME,2728 NW 15th St, Okla City

    MILAM Hinman Stuart, 30PE, Peteng Phillips & Milam, Chelsea

    AUGUST, 1940

    MILES James N, 33ME 34PE, divneng, Wesm Kans Divn, CitiesScrv Oil Co, Great ]lend, Kansas

    MILES Meredith, 29PF (deceased)MILLER Bruce R, 38PE, Box 268,

    Salem, III ; Lane-Wells CoMILLER Cecil E, 38PE, ]lox 870,

    SeminoleMILLER David MauriCC, 32GE.,Box 711, Beeville, Texas

    MILLFA Farl 1?, 32EE, c/o EugeneGunun, Scy Okla Bnkrs Assoc,Okla City

    MILLER Ivan, 32FF, 1 .314 NE 15thSt, Okla City ; road plans StateHighway Dept

    MILLFR Jack Meredith, 31PE, Box1271, Corpus Christi, Texas

    MILLER Kenneth War(], 40EE, Air-port, Dallas, Texas

    MILLER Mark Edwin Jr, 36AF.MILLER Martin Gilbert, 35PE, Box

    631, Liberty, Texas ; supt SouthOil Co

    MILLE,It Robert 1', 37EE, 3504Jackson St, Amarillo, Texas; asstresults eng SW Pub Service Co

    MILLER Stuart Coulter, 31ME,3918 9th St NE, Washington,D( ; ; assoc eng US Navy Dept,Bureau of Ordnance

    MILLER Wavnc E, 23CF, Box 26,Prvor; proj insp WPA

    MILLIKEN John Clyde, 20CE,263(, NW 15th St, Okla City

    MILLS Fred Z, 27CF1, Lake Charles,La

    MILLS James Everett, 36ME, USMarine Corps Base, San Diego,Calif; 1st Llent

    MILLS Joe Marshall, 37CE, 513 SFlood Ave, Norman

    MILLS Robert Lockhart, 29PEMINER Major Harvey, 35MEMINER William Harvey, _3413E, Box

    83, 1070 W 2nd St, Odessa, Tex-as ; sales eng Lufkin Fdry & MachCo

    MINNIG Max Andrew, 40NGE,Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co,Kansas City . Mo

    MINTER Lee, 33ME, Box 373,Bradford, Pa ; Pet eng Belmont &Quadrangle Drlg Corp

    MITCHELL Guy Sibley, 21ChE25M.CIi1 ;, chief chein, Bareco OilCo, Barnsdall, Okla

    MITCHELL Robert Thurston, 37BA 39CF, 2711 NW Ilth St,Okla Citv

    MTTCHF:LL, Roy Clyde, 15BA 15CbE 18ChF, 1600 S Central St,Terre Haute, Ind

    MITCHELL Wilbur Clifford, 39ChE, 1123 S Main St, Findlay, Ohio ;res che(n Natl Refg Co

    MITSCHRICH Herman Charles, 28FE, 216 N Independence St,Enid ; distr mgr SW Bell Tel Co

    MOFFETT LcRoy jr, 29E1", 69 So-per Ave, Baldwin, Long Island,NY ; development engNatl Broad-casting co

    MOLINA RaiuA(ndo Albcrto, 361'E:, Std Oil Co of Venezuela, Cu-marcbo, Estado Falcon, Vcnezuc-la, S A

    MONSALVE Casado Jose Abel, 331'E., Maracaibo, Venezuela, S A

    MONSOUR Fred, 29CE, 1300 W10th St, Okla City

    MONTGOMERY George Haywood,27BA 27EE, 51-1 NW 24th St,Olda City

    MONTGOMERY James V, 35MS,Box 2351, Okmulgec

    MONTGOMERY L McDowell, 25EE, Rt 5, Shawnee

    MONTGOMERY Melvin M, 33PE,Stanolind Oil Co, Culf Bldg,Houston, Texas

    MOODY I1crbert H, 33FF, dev eng,Geophysical Dept, ContinentalOil Co, Ponca City

    MOON Craig L, 37E;E, 4932 Pros-pect St, Kansas City, Mo ; chic(instructor First Natl Television &Radio Institute

    MGORE Clint, 32MI", Rt 6, E.Ido-rtulo, Ark; (list eng Phillips Pet

    MOOM? Fred W, 35ME, Box 254,Crescent

    MOORF. Robb Westbrook, 33AF 34Aft, C/o Haralson & Mott, FtSmith, Ark

    MOORE Robert Scott, 38CF, 756Culasado Blvd, Denver, Colo

    MOORF, William Phillips, 24CE,2902 Bowman Rd, Box 718, AUS-tin, Texas

    MOORE Warren Wathen, 32CE,Harrington & Cortellyou Engi-neers, Ports(nouth, N Hatnp

    MOOItHEAD Ralph 11111-gess, 37ChE, 627 Sinclair Rcfg Co, EastChicago, Ind

    MORIAN Stanley (:, 34PE, 1209Shell Bldg, Houston, Texas; (listeng I)owell Inc

    MORRIS Frank Carlyle, 40PE,Black, Sivalls & Bryson, OklaCity

    MORRIS Frank C, 26AE 30AE, FacExch, Norman ; Univ of Oklafaculty

    MORRIS Wesley Dixon, 36PE, 828Linden Ave, Shreveport, La

    MORRISON Ross Williams, 28AE,310 Hightower Bldg, Okla City ;mgr l lightower Bldg

    MORROW Joe A, 22ME, CarmenMORROW Orville Enfield, 38ChEMORT Thomas Eugene, 40PE,2425 Bdwy St, Great Bend, Kan-sas

    MORTON James Harrod, 40CE,Kidd Hotel, Eufaula; Dept ofAgri

    MORTON Randall Ryder, 40PE,1352 E: 17th place, Tulsa

    MOSEY Allen Leon, 37EE, 11 NPoplar St, Sapulpa ; jr eng O G &E Co

    MOTLEY Clifford Ivan, 32ME,4308 F,I Campo St, Ft Worth,Texas ; American Airlines

    MOTSENBOCKER James O Jr, 39ME, Derby, Kansas

    MOUCK Fred Rot', 35MS, MurrayState School of Agri, Tishomingo

    MOUSER Arthur Milton, 35PE,1930 S Wheeling St, Tulsa

    MOYE'R William Copland, 37ChF.,

    5311 Savannah Ave, Port Arthur,Texas

    MULLMAN Otto Fliner, 34ME, 7-01NW 27th St, Okla Cit\ ; Mag-nolia Pet Co

    MUNNEKF A Stiles, 32EE, 1929N ])(,liver, Tulsa

    MUNSON Adrian B, 22EE, 1101Telephone Bldg, Okla City

    MURPHRF,E Buren Thomas, 36PE,Rt I Box la, Kaw City

    MURPHY B Harry, 29PE, 305 Fc(I-cral Bldg, Casper, Wyo; (list Peteng US Geol Survey

    MUSGROVE Pierce Clyde, 39PE,Marshall

    MUSSON Charles Edward, 33EE,Muleshoe, Texas

    MYERS Richard, 39PE:, Box 900,Dallas, Texas; Magnolia Pet Co

    NNAIFE,H Sam Charles, 39P1, 215

    Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids,Mich ; gas tester Pent-Hex Corp

    NAPIER Thomas S, 34EE, 317 6thSt, San Antonio, Texas ; partychief Petty Geophysical Engr Co

    NASH Ira Leroy, 34EE, The Texas

    Co, Cuidad Bolivar, Venezuela,SA

    NATION William Benjamin, 37PP, Peru, Kansas

    NAVARRE'I'E Guillcrmo, 40ChF,Carter Oil Co, Tulsa ; ColombianGovt

    NI?AL Chesley Wade, 20ME, O G& E Co, Okla City

    NEAT. Floyd M, 23ME1, 206 S 8thSt, Ponca City ; O G & E

    NEAT, Jesse, 31ME (deceased)NEAL Joseph Louis, 25EE, Rt l,

    Roselle, IllNEFF Charles Harold, 33CE, Apar-

    tcdo 35, Cuidad Bolivar, Vcnc-zucla, S A

    NEPTUNE Frank Ii, 31PE, 47Roselawn St, Hammond, Ind;supt Chicago I' L Terminal, Phil-lips Pct Co

    NEPTUNE Millard Kirk, 34ME 37LLB, Box 1204, Bartlesville ; pro-ratio]) en,", Phillips Pet Co

    NF'11CK Frank James, 31GE, Cerro(lo Pasco Copper Corp, Lima,Peru

    NEWKIRK John T, 40PE, Ame-rada Pet Corp, Vernon, Texas

    NEWTON Fred O, 34BA 34ME,4th & Cleveland Sts, Chandler

    NIBLEY Preston Parkinson, 40PE,Ohio Oil Co, Tulsa

    NICHOLS Bruce Benjamin, 37NGE, 120 N Il St, Blackwell

    NICHOLSON Taft, 39EE, 1450NW 42nd St, Okla City

    NIELSEN E(ncrv H, 38ME, 1307N McKinley St, Okla City

    NIGLSE;N Lewis, 26CE, 1305 NMcKinley St, Okla City

    NIGHSWONGER Harrison Worth,12CF 13BA, 1441 NW 40th St,Okla City ; operations divn, StateOffice, WPA

    NOBLE George T, 39PE., Okla OilCorp, Nowata

    NONWEILER Oscar Clifford, 21EE, 649 Dudley Dr, Slu-eveport,La ; chief ell, Std Oil Co of La

    NORMAN Richard W, 36EE, 423B St NW, Ardmore

    NORRIS Fred Allen, 33PE, testergas & gasoline divn, The TexasCo, Burden, Kansas

    NORRIS George Robert jr, 39GnE, Natl Supply Co, Grayvillc, Ill

    NORTON Richard Anderson, 29C11, 30-12 S Detroit St, Tulsa; su-pervisor Penn Mutual Life Ins Co

    NORVILLE (*fen Smith, 28GE,828 NW 38th St, Okla City

    NOWEIky B M Jr, 37PE, Box 487,Vivian, La ; Union Producing Co

    NUIIFFR Prank C, 35PE., 633'1 SLiberty St, Parkersburg, W Va

    NUHFFR Lco Ravinond, 31PT. 34MnE, 545 William Penn Way,Pittsburgh, Pa ; Peoples NaturalGas Co

    NUNN William Roy jr, 39CE, 510S Houston, Tulsa ; US F.ng Of-fice

    OAKES Herbert Lal"ern, 26CF.,1209 Belford St, Okla City

    OAKFS Malcolin Christi(,, 16EE 19BA 22MS, 524 W Synunes St,Norman ; field geologist Okla(;cot Survey

    ODFRMAN Harry S, 16ME 27M.ME:, 6247 Grand River St, De-troit, Mich ; pres Detroit City Ice& Fuel Co

    O'DONNELL Frederick Robert, 36EE, 414 B St, Rock Springs, Wyo

    OKERSON Glenn Woodrow, 35EE,Avant

    OLIVER A Dee, 31ME, 2138 NBath St, Okla City

  • OLIVER William Howard, 28AE(deceased)

    OLIVEY Harold Arthur, 32PE, GulfOil Corp, Seminole

    O'LOUGHLIN Reginald Martin, 37PE, Stanolind Oil & Gas Co, Re-fugio, Texas

    OLSON Howard Leo, 35GnE, Brit-ish Am Oil Co, Okla City

    O'MALLEY Charles Townes, 30BA 30ChE, 1521 Sherwin St, Chi-cago, III

    O'Neill Lewis Patrick, 29PE, Gen-eral American Oil Co, Glade-water, Texas

    OPEL Lawrence G, 40EEORR Milo M, 20GE, Laredo, Texas ;

    consulting engORR William Pratt, 40ChEOSBORNE Thomas L, 39PE, Phil-

    lips Pet Co, Corpus Christi, TexasOSTER Clifford Carl, 16EE, 5 Sel-ma Court, Webster Grove, Me ;SW Bell Tel Co

    OTTE Edwin T, 39ChE, 2200 Proc-tor St, Port Arthur, Texas ; asst(hem Gulf Oil Corp

    OVERSTREET James Emerson, 37PE, H F Wilcox Oil & Gas Co,Tulsa

    OWENS Jack C, 40EE, BethlehemInternational Supply Co, Tulsa

    OWENS Marvin Franklin, 37PE,Drawer T, Arp, T