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Engineers Australia Careers Expo

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Victoria Division

Text of Engineers Australia Careers Expo

  • Engineers Australia Careers Expo | Thursday 21 March 2013

    Sponsorship Prospectus

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    About Engineers Australia pg 3

    About the Campaign pg 4

    Be part of the Largest Engineering Careers Expo in Australia! pg 5

    Partner Benefits pg 7

    Media Channels pg 10

    2012 Exhibitors pg 14


    Amanda Rodgers

    Marketing Manager Vic

    03 9321 1716 | 0409 383 651

    [email protected]

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    About Engineers Australia

    Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional

    development of our members. This year we reached our target of in excess of 100,000 members (4.5%

    growth) embracing all disciplines of the engineering team, Engineers Australia is the largest and most

    diverse professional body for engineers in Australia.

    Membership value is derived through facilitating knowledge sharing and networking; ongoing professional

    development opportunities for individuals and the profession; participation with government and industry

    on issues of public policy and concern and the promotion of engineering practice for the common good.

    Our Purpose

    Advancing the science and practice of engineering

    Cultivating lifelong learning

    Educating our members and the community

    Facilitating the development of knowledge and competency

    Partnering with Government, Industry, Education and the community

    Maintaining high professional standards

    Leading in advocacy for the profession

    Celebrating engineering excellence

    Our Members

    We engage directly with our 100,000+ members throughout their career journey from students through to

    senior engineers.

    We provide the prime source of professional and career development and an extensive network, ensuring

    members interests are communicated.

    We are a leading voice across the engineering community.

    Our Key Messages

    Engineers are critical players

    Engineers work to build Australia for future generations

    Engineers work to protect Australian communities

    Engineers have standards and integrity so Australians do not suffer

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    About the Campaign

    Engineers Australia Careers Expo is an annual exhibition that engages Australias finest engineering organisations, universities and recruitment providers within the profession.

    Objective To deliver a world-class exhibition that promotes the employment opportunities in engineering, celebrates Victorian engineering excellence and advocates the importance of engineering leadership within the profession.

    Background Engineers Australias Careers Expo was developed in Victoria in 2006 based upon a strategy to fill the recruitment gap that has grown in the engineering profession. Over the past six years, the expo has promoted to the public the value of engineering by recognising how engineers Make It So in all aspects of everyday living. The expo provides a platform for those seeking employment in engineering and supports of engineering leadership in the community. Over the years the expo has grown from strength to strength to become the ultimate event for corporate and educational representatives who can showcase their engineering capabilities to those seeking career path advice and employment information. The expo has been held at Etihad Stadium for the past four years after it out grew the Melbourne Town Hall.

    Target Audience The primary target market for the Engineers Australias Careers Expo are those who are aged between 18-24 years old undertaking an undergraduate engineering course at university. The secondary target market are high school students looking to pursue a career in engineering, young professionals in the industry that seek assistance with their career choices, teachers/lecturers and corporate bodies who associate or are within the engineering industry.

    2012 Engineering Careers Expo

    2012 Engineering Careers Expo

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    31% 6%



    Demographic Breakdown of Attendees

    Total Undergrads

    Total grads/post grads

    Total Parents/teachers

    Total secondary schools


    The Largest Engineering Careers Expo in Australia

    Engineers Australia Careers Expo Thursday 21 March, 11am 7pm Etihad Stadium, Docklands Engineers Australia are excited to deliver an even bigger and better event that promotes employment opportunities in engineering. The exhibition enables the engineering community to showcase their organisations brand as an employer of choice and advocates the importance of engineering leadership within the profession.

    In 2012, around 8,000 people attended the event. The chart below offers a graphical representation of the demographic breakdown of attendees. Last years event attracted a record number of exhibitors representing industry, government and education and promoted engineering as an ideal career choice, enabling exhibitors to showcase current products and services. With an abundance of networking opportunities and free presentation sessions, event partners have the opportunity to promote their organisation and engineering best practice. We expect that the Engineers Australia Careers Expo will attract an even wider audience, providing even

    greater opportunities for attendees to gain valuable access to prospective employers, career development information and a unique insight into the diversity and vitality of the engineering profession in Victoria.

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    Stand Out from the Crowd BE A PARTNER!

    Capitalise on this cost effective and low resource branding opportunity. It

    is the ideal way to market to a captive audience that is sure to meet your

    specific recruitment needs.

    With over 80 organisations expected to exhibit at this major event, a partnership package offers you an

    exclusive employer branding opportunity that will serve to distinguish your company from your


    Sponsorship will not only drive your brand recognition and position your company as an employer of

    choice, but also demonstrate your companys commitment to the development and sustainability of the

    engineering profession into the future.

    Value Proposition As a Premier Partner, your organisation

    will be profiled and promoted across the full range of advertising and promotion mediums.

    Please refer to Premier Partner Benefits for a more detailed schedule.

    A marketing communications and advertising strategy will be implemented to profile the event, encourage

    attendance and promote sponsor alliances.

    The media will be approached and informed about the Engineers Australia Careers Expo via a series of

    multimedia marketing campaigns. Please refer to the list of Media Channels on page 10 for more


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    Partner Benefits

    In consideration of the support offered to Engineers Australia, the following

    suite of benefits is available and sure to offer you excellent promotional


    Schedule Engineering Careers Expo Advertising Premier Partner

    Major Partner


    E E



    FM Radio Station (company name mentioned)

    - 10 day campaign leading up to exhibition - Value: $26,170

    Outdoor Media (logo to be featured)

    - Advert for a 4 week campaign in Melbourne - Value: $5,940

    Major newspaper (logo to be featured) In 2012 Fairfax supplied Engineers Australia with: - 5 x T24 (Quarter Page Horizontal) advertisements to appear in the Engineering & Mining sector. - 1 x T24 (Quarter Page Horizontal) advertisement

    to appear in The Graduates Guide (Saturday 3 March, 2012)

    - 1 x T24 (Quarter Page Horizontal) advertisement to appear in the Engineering Expo advertising guide.

    - Value: $3960 (inc GST) per T24 advertisement - Total Value: $27,720

    Event Media Release (company name and logo

    to be featured)

    Event DL Flyer distributed to high schools,

    universities/TAFEs, libraries, Victorian University Career Expos, councils, corporations, community hubs and via the Careers Education Association Victoria mailing list (logo featured)

    Event A2 Poster distributed to high schools,

    universities/TAFEs, libraries, councils, corporations and community hubs (logo featured)

    Social media including Facebook and Twitter

    Engineers Australia, Victoria Division - Numerous Posts and Tweets (company name mentioned) - 6 weeks out from exhibition date

    Inspire Magazine (logo to be featured)

    Edition: January 2013 Advert: 1/3 page horizontal Circa: 7,000+ Value: $1,200

    UTimes Magazine (logo to be featured)

    Edition: February 2013 Advert: page horizontal (logo to be featured) Circa: 36,000+ Value: $1,100

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    Schedule Engineering Careers Expo Advertising Premier Partner

    Major Partner

    Engage with EA (logo to be featured)

    Engineers Australia, Victoria Division Weekly e-news Advert: banner across the e-newsletter x 4 Circa: 28,000+ Event Campaign EDM to Vic Div members x 2

    (logo to be featured) Circa: 22,000+

    Young Engineers Victoria E-News (logo to be featured) YEAV E-News targeted to members 18 35 y.o Editions: February and March 2013 Circa: 14,000+

    APESMA E-News (logo to be featured)

    Edition: February and March 2013 Circa: 7000+

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