English 9 Final Exam 100 Points Total OUTLINE & STUDY GUIDE.

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<p>English 9 Final Exam 100 Points Total</p> <p>English 9 Final Exam100 Points TotalOUTLINE &amp; STUDY GUIDELiterature/English Conventions Section- 55 pointsSECTIONSMultiple choice questions- A Raisin in the Sun questions on important quotes and plot, symbolism, characters.Multiple choice questions- Animal Farm questions based on quotes, rhetorical strategies in characters speeches, features of Dystopian SocietyMultiple choice questions- Twelve Angry Men questions based on evidence/important quotesMultiple choice- based on revision work with fragments/run-onsMatching questions- characters in texts weve covered second semester.</p> <p>WHAT TO REVIEWStudy the notes you took in class during quarter three and four.These notes should already be organized and stored in your binder as instructed on a daily basis.Characters to Study for Matching SectionFrom Raisin in the SunWalter LeeTravisLenaBeneathaRuthMr. LindnerMrs. Johnson</p> <p>From Animal Farm and Twelve Angry MenJonesOld MajorSnowballNapoleanSquealerBoxerMollieBenjaminMosesJurors listed in review notes</p> <p>Vocabulary Section25 points-selected vocabulary from units 9-12</p> <p>Lesson 9- prognosis, feign, candid, drudgery, cubicle, inscribe, escalateLesson 10- languid, mire, diminutive, extemporaneous, exploit, adeptLesson11- recoil, statute, garble, concise, reek, quaverLesson12- contend, synthetic, temperate, blasphemy, lithe, blanch</p> <p>Written Response Section- 20 POINTSONE of the following prompts (to be chosen by teacher) about Twelve Angry Men: Compare and contrast Jurors Eight and Three. Use support from the play.What character traits make Juror Three give in at the end? Think about what he has said and done throughout the jury deliberation.Explain why most of the other jurors turn their backs on Juror Ten during his monologue.Prompt for Rhetorical Analysis (based on a reading section of exam)</p> <p>Suggestions for PreparationContinue taking good notes on the novel were reading- when youre provided with note sheets, fill them out as you read at home. If I review certain notes in class, be an active listener and take note of additional important information; we wont have time to review things repeatedly in class, so pay attention. Create a Quizlet account and make flashcards for the vocabulary words; take the practice tests on the words more than once. I will offer one-to-one assistance after school from 3:30-4:15 p.m. on May 23, 27 and 28; take advantage and come and see me with any questions. </p>


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