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My work of the english class! Enjoy it!

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My compositions

My compositions Castro Zavalza Manuel509

ContentIntroduction3Learning reflexion.4Unit 1 Individual & society -Profile of my friend............5Unit 2 Eating & Drinking -My favorite restaurant..7Unit 3 Art & Music - Review of a book and a movie 9Unit 4 Hopes & Fears - E-mail and reply.12Unit 5 Work & Leisure -E-mail in reply to one advertisement.......15Contact page...17IntroductionThis is a recopilation of my work in the class of English, in total are five compositions, in each one the theme and de resources change and every compositions turns in a original and fresh new informations.The first one is a profile of a friend, well the profile of my best friendThe second is a description of my favorite restaurant El rincn del pibeThe third is a review of my favorite book and movie White Fang and Blue valentineThe fourth is a e-mail to my friend with the reply The fifth one is a e-mail, but isnt to my friend is a reply to one advertisement of a conference of sportWell, Enjoy it!Learning reflectionIn this year, the English class turns to a challenge for me because I dont have the necesary skills for the class. But with help of the theacher Maria Elena Delgado I feel more confidence when I speak or write in English. I read a book in the class of English and Im proud of me for thisHow do you learn English? Its easy you need write, speak and read english, live the english, and the class of miss Delgado get this.The English is a great tool in the life and Im commited to dominated this language.Unit 1 Individual & society -Profile of my friend

-Name: Emanuel Juarez.-Position: Student.Emanuel is a highschool student. He is in 5th grade in 509 group.His friends call him Ema.Emanuel was born in Mxico, and he is studying English in highschool, because English opens the doors to many opportunities. He enjoys English but sometimes the grammar looks very difficult.His dream is to be an Engineer.-In his free time he likes to practice skateboarding and sometimes free running.Finally I would say: He is a very funny friend, because in every class he makes me laugh.I hope that this text is not so bad so the teacher give me an A.Unit 2 Eating & Drinking -My favorite restaurant

La esquina del pibe is located on the streets of Bolivar and Republica de Uruguay in the historic center of the city.When you see the place you fall in love, the decoration is very nice. The piano plays beautiful tangos and the smell of meat brings character to the restaurant.Talking about food,the specialty of the restaurant is the meat. If you come to try the meat, you taste the most delicious meat of your life, its soft, juicy, smells good, and the condiments add more flavor.Another reason to visit this place is the service. You always feel at home. You can have the typical talk after the food, and, if you're lucky, you can talk with the lovely owner of the restaurant.

And this is why it is my favorite restaurant.Unit 3 Art & Music- Review of a book and a movie

MovieThis is a story of two lovers, who tell their lives, their problems and relationships.Its a sad story. One women didnt love her husband, only her daughters and a little child is the reason for her relationship, she will escape, be free.The soundtrack in the movie is awesome and the actors shine with their spectacular performance.I love Ryan Gosling (playing character of husband) because of his expressive forms and his natural talent.BookThis is a history about of a wolf. The author tell us the life of the wolf, how it was born, the fight to survive, the fight for the food.Jack London is the author. In this novel he writes about the cruel life, the abomination of some people, nature and they destruction. A sad an eye opening story.This is my favorite book, I read it when I was eight years old, and re-read it at fifteen.Unit 4 Hopes & Fears- E-mail and reply

E-mailTo: [email protected]: [email protected]


Emanuel the conference of LoL (League of Legends) its here in south korea, Im working here and I invite you to come.I hope you dont have any inconvenience to come. I will pay you your tickets, and you will stay in my new house.Dont worry for the food and money, my assistant will do anything for you.Well, If you come, take a taxi at the airport and give him my address, its Avenue of the dragon next to the street of sushi. You will see my house, its the biggest of the street, ring the bell and my wife will open the door for you.Come before of 27th of July.PD: Our team play in the conference xDManu

ReplyReplyTo: [email protected]: [email protected]

Manu:I dont have any inconvenient to go of South Korea, in this moment I take my jet to go.Today is 24th of July, I arrive in time for the conference, will you play with your team? Remember you are the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) te most important player in the teamand the game is lost without you think about it.I call you when I arrive, you number still its 55-49-81-76-48?, well I suppose itsSee you on Monday P.D: Bring me a good breakfast in your nameEmanuel Unit 5 Work & Leisure -E-mail in reply to one advertisement

To: George EllisFrom: Castro Zavalza Manuel ([email protected])

Hello Mr Ellis:I write this e-mail because Im very interested in the job. I love sports. When I was six years old I learn all the names of the teams from the world football championship.Well, my level of English isnt excellent, but this job opens the door to practice and improve English, and I can speak with new people. I enjoy meeting people.I'm available for this job from the 5 of July , because I am on vacations at school.I'm not 18 years old, but I have permission from my parents to work in this event. I wish my age isnt an inconvenient.Looking forward to you answerManuel CastroContactFor contact with the author of this compositions look at his pagesFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManuS.AdeC.VAudioboo: look for ManuelCastro509E-mail: [email protected] for reading my compositions c;