English Literature Paper 2 Mid-Year (Form 1)

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English and Literature Paper 2 Mid-Year for Form 1 (Selangor and KL)- - Mr.Nobody , The River , Flipping Fantastic.


<p>SECTION A : GUIDED WRITING[ 25 marks ]</p> <p>Your School has just finished the annual uniformed body camping. Write aletterto your friend telling him/her of the camping programme.1. School field-decorated with colourful flags-students-getting ready for marching2. March-past-smart-their uniform bodies-Negaraku3. Marching events-follow leaders commands- no mistakes-very proud4. Winners-prizes-everyone enjoyed-grand affair</p> <p>You may use all the points given.Elaborate all the 4 points.Your writing must not be less than 120 words.</p> <p>SECTION B : SUMMARY[ 10 marks ]Read the passage and complete the following task.Students safety is top priority in our school. The Principal and all teachers in school are putting an effort to ensure students are safe while studying in the school. Here are a few steps to be safe while in school.First, be in class during school time. Students also like to make a visit to the toilet during periods and they are taking too much time there. A lot of criminal cases happen when a student is truant from schoolBe in places where there are people. When you go to the toilet, be with your friends. Third, stay at the canteen while waiting for the bus. Loitering outside the school will expose you to risks. Loners are the targets for bad influences or they may be they want to make fun of you. You can also be accused of a disciplinary case even if you do not commit it.After that, tell the disciplinary teachers if you see or know there are students who break the law. Do not interfere or punish them; you do not have the authority to take actions. Plus, you are endangering your safety as well as the bad students will take revenge on you.Make sure there is a teacher in charge of the class. There is a chance of student fights occurring in unattended classes. Tell the office after ten minutes the teacher does not show up. Before a teacher arrives, the head of the class takes charge by controlling the students.That is all to ensure students safety in school. I hope these guidelines will help them to study safely.Based on the text above, write a summary on the 5 ways to be safe while in school.Your summary must: not be more than 60 words, including the 10 words given below be incontinuous writing( not note form ) be written inoneparagraph</p> <p>Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning.Begin your summary as follows:The very first step students should take is to be ...</p> <p>SECTION B : LITERATURE[ 15 marks ]Questions below are based on the stanza that follows</p> <p>I know a funny little man,As quiet as a mouse,Who does the mischief that is doneIn everybody's house!There's no one ever sees his face,And yetweall agreeThat every platewebreak was crackedBy Mr. Nobody</p> <p>`Tis he who always tears our books,Who leaves the door ajar,He pulls the buttons from our shirts,And scatters pins afar;That squeaking door will always squeak,For, prithee, don't you see,We leave the oiling to be doneBy Mr. Nobody</p> <p>The finger marked upon the doorBy none of us are made;We never leave the blind unclosed,To let the curtains fade.The ink we never spill; the bootsThat lying round you. SeeAre not our boots they all belongTo Mr. Nobody.</p> <p>1. In stanza 1, how is Mr Nobody like a mouse?_______________________________________________________________________(1 mark)2. In stanza 1, who is wereferred to?_______________________________________________________________________(1 mark)3. In stanza 1, why are the plates easily broken by we?_______________________________________________________________________(1 mark)4. In stanza2, why is it important to oil the doors of the house?_____________________________________________________________________(1 mark)5. Name two things Mr Nobody does in the housei)_______________________________________ii)_______________________________________(2 marks)6. In stanza 3, why are the curtains faded?_______________________________________________________________________(1 mark)</p> <p>(7 marks)Questions below are based on the stanza that follows</p> <p>The rivers a hoarderand he buries down deepThose little treasuresthat he wants to keep.</p> <p>The rivers a baby,he gurgles and humsAnd sounds like hes happilysucking his thumbs.</p> <p>The rivers a singer,as he dances alongThe countryside echoesthe notes of his song.</p> <p>The rivers a monster,hungry and vexedHes gobbled up treesand hell swallow you next.</p> <p>7. What character denotes to the sense of hearing?i)______________________________________ii)______________________________________</p> <p>(2 marks)8. In stanza 1, what does a river do when it hoards?_______________________________________________________________________(1 mark)9.In the last stanza, what is the rivers character ?_______________________________________________________________________(1mark)</p> <p>10.In the last stanza, why does the river wants to gobble up trees?i) ______________________________________ii)______________________________________</p> <p>(2 marks)</p> <p>11. Name one character of the river best describes you? Give a reason._______________________________________________________________________(2 marks)</p>