Enhancing your professional development using new technology and online resources. DIGITAL CPD

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Digital CPD

Enhancing your professional development using new technology and online resources. Digital CPDTwitter- Micro-bloggingWordpress - BloggingYoutube/ video blogs/ TEDITunes UDrop Box

Professional WarningIf you follow the following rules you will be able to use these sites productively and hassle free.Keep your professional accounts professional and your personal account separate As you would with email.Do not post anything or behave in anyway online that would be considered unprofessional.Do not communicate with student directly via these sites Always use your school email. Follow the school ICT code of conduct.Report and block inappropriate content. TwitterTwitter is a micro-blogging website. This means people share short chunks of information and links.

The basic principles of twitter are:You search for tags (#) containing key words.You follow people who you find interesting.People follow you if they find you interesting.Twitter has billions of users and many famous thinkers, leaders and celebrities have Twitter accounts allowing you direct access to their posts, thoughts and resources.

The most common first follow on Twitter is Stephen Fry!

Compose a tweet in less than 140 characters

Add someone in a post using @

Search for a topic or tag your own posts using #

All posts tagged #edchat will appear with this search

Search for other twitter users

Check updates from your favourite tweeters in your newsfeed.

WordpressWordpress is a blogging site.Blogging is a form of journalism where users write about the topics that interest them.You can find millions of blogs on every subject imaginable.You can blog/ follow and share with others and search for detailed resources and articles on anything.BloggingBlogging is a fantastic way of consolidating your ideas, research or thinking and sharing it with others.

It is, as with everything in this presentation, completely FREE. I-Tunes U

Apple i-pad/ i-phone users only.ITunes U is an virtual and online university that contains videos, books, course notes, audio recordings and podcasts on university courses from around the world.

It is completely free and has all of the major universities from around the world offering thousands of courses and learning experiences.

It allows you to make your own notes, plan your time and check of completion of units.

Video sites

TED talks

DROP BOXA simple and free service that allows you to securely save and access files online, on your phone or on your tablet/ computer.

Sign up for your free account and simply drag and drop files to save and transfer them.

With video sites you have instant resources for both teaching and learning as well as CPD.

Look out for ratings on videos the higher the views, the higher the ratings the better the content quality.

The next stepsAll of these websites/ apps/ blogs are simple to sign up to (remember to use school email for professional accounts).

Once you have absorbed the resources provided by others why not submit and contribute your ideas to the global pool of information and resources.


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