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Inspiring musical achievement The Annual Review 2012 Enriching lives by inspiring musical achievement.

Enriching lives by inspiring musical achievement. - ABRSM

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Enriching lives by inspiring musical achievement.
1The Annual Review 2012 1The Annual Review 2012
ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music.
We have been supporting and promoting the highest standards of musical assessment and learning since 1889.
1The Annual Review 2012
03 Who we are About ABRSM
04 Chief Executive’s statement A year of growth and positivity
06 Our global reach Highlights from around the world
08 Exams and assessments Expanding horizons
12 Professional development Supporting teachers
18 Syllabuses and resources Syllabuses, digital and published materials
24 Supporting music education Donations, scholarships and sponsorship
32 Chairman’s statement The final word
34 Celebrating achievement New diploma holders
Scholarships and bursaries
Thank you/Obituary
Who we are About ABRSM
ABRSM delivers over 650,000 exams every year in more than 90 countries. Our exams are designed to motivate students at all levels and ages, providing realistic goals and tangible rewards for achievement.
We believe that good foundations in performance and theory create rounded and confident musicians. So, we aim to encourage a love of music through our stimulating syllabuses and objective and respected assessments.
We offer exams for more than 30 instruments, singing, Jazz, and ensembles, as well as Music Theory and diplomas. We also provide other assessments, such as the Prep Test, the Performance Assessment and our popular Music Medals assessments for the youngest learners.
As part of our commitment to inspiring musical achievement we provide a rich range of resources for teachers, students and musicians. In particular, we are committed to supporting teachers worldwide through high quality, innovative digital and printed resources as well as through face-to-face events.
To build on more than 120 years of inspiring generations of musicians, we work with a variety of organisations in the UK and around the world, providing donations, scholarships and sponsorship.
We believe that good foundations in performance and theory create rounded, confident musicians.
4 Inspiring musical achievement
When reflecting on ABRSM’s achievements and activities during 2012 it became clear that this had been a good year for us as an organisation, but not one without its challenges.
This was a year of healthy entry figures for our exams and assessments. In particular, our Music Medals assessments continued to grow in popularity in the UK, while internationally we recorded our highest number of exams taken in any one year, and in China entries grew by 38%. The good news was not just restricted to exams and assessments, and over the year we sold well over two million books and CDs.
We continued to review and refresh our syllabuses and administrative systems. We published new Brass and Piano syllabuses, with a host of supporting resources, and began the process of revising the marking criteria for our instrumental and singing exams at Grades 1 to 8. We also launched a new user-friendly website and, for the first time, undertook research to find out what candidates and teachers think about ABRSM exams.
People have always been and always will be at the heart of ABRSM ... brought together by music. — Leslie East, Chief Executive
We supported a variety of music education organisations and charities in the UK and around the world, while continuing to offer ABRSM scholarships, both at the Royal Schools in the UK and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. As ever, we provided significant funding for the four Royal Schools of Music with whom we are so closely linked.
Against this growth and positivity we recognised that certain areas of our operations, particularly the systems supporting our drive towards administrative and customer service excellence, needed review. We also faced an exceptional set of financial challenges. We are now in the process of meeting these challenges – identifying weaknesses and ways to eliminate them, putting plans in place and making decisions about long term goals and ways to achieve them.
Chief Executive’s statement A year of growth and positivity
5The Annual Review 2012
None of this would be possible without people. People have always been and always will be at the heart of ABRSM as an organisation – from the teachers and candidates who use our exams and resources, to the examiners, representatives and staff who play such vital roles in the ABRSM success story. In the context of this review, I’d like to thank and welcome respectively two people in particular: Guy Perricone, who stepped down as Chief Executive at the very beginning of 2013, and Colette Bowe, who became our Chairman during 2012.
Of course, there is one thing that brings us all together – music. And it is music that gives ABRSM its reason for existing and its mission: to inspire musical learning and achievement, participation and enjoyment. This is something that will never change.
Leslie East Chief Executive
Bringing teachers together More than 800 teachers attended our teachers’ conferences in Birmingham, London and Manchester.
Spreading the word We attended events
and conferences hosted by a wide range of music
education organisations and providers around the UK.
International trade We exhibited at many of the world’s major trade fairs, including the Frankfurt Musikmesse and Music China.
Our global reach Highlights from around the world
Supporting teachers Our Centenary Travel Grant
fund provided scholarships for three teachers from South
Africa. They spent a term studying jazz at the Royal
Northern College of Music.
from our International Sponsorship Fund. These went
to inspirational organisations in India, Jamaica, Malaysia, the
Philippines and Uganda.
7The Annual Review 2012 7The Annual Review 2012
Celebrating success Successful diploma candidates from Hong Kong, Macau and South and East Asia celebrated at ABRSM award ceremonies in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Syllabus presentations We introduced teachers to our new Piano syllabus at events worldwide, including seminars in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Making connections We held two conferences for our international representatives, bringing together key contacts from Europe and the Arab States.
International growth ABRSM exam entries in China grew by 38%. There was a 2.6% rise in exam entries in Malaysia and we also saw a 7.2% increase in the number of exam applicants outside the UK and Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
Professional development Teachers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK took our CT ABRSM Plus professional development course.
Effective teaching We ran our Teaching Music Effectively course, designed to help teachers develop skills and confidence, in Indonesia and Malaysia.
New exam centres We opened new centres in China (Baoding, Dongguan and Shenzhen), India and Nepal.
In translation We published more books and resources in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese than ever before. Our Music Theory exams are now available in 17 different languages.
8 Inspiring musical achievement8 Inspiring musical achievement
Our core activity is the worldwide provision of high-quality music exams, and this continued successfully during the year. There were 672,000 ABRSM assessments taken in 2012–13, an increase of 2.5% on the previous year. Practical graded music exams remained the most popular.
Exams and assessments Expanding horizons
We know that to maintain our high standards we must continually review, and where necessary improve, all aspects of the ABRSM exam experience.
9The Annual Review 2012
We continued to train new examiners and support our existing team through courses, conferences and new resources.
UK and Ireland During 2012, 357,000 assessments – graded music exams, diplomas and Music Medals – were taken in the UK and Ireland. This represented a 2.8% increase on the previous year and was the highest number of UK and Ireland exam entries since 2006.
Our diploma exams remained popular, with the number of entries exceeding our expectations for the year by 16%. Theory entries also exceeded predictions by 2.5%, while entries for Music Medals were up 8% compared with the previous year. There were declines for some instruments within the woodwind and brass families, however. Overall, Piano and Singing exams were the most popular.
Around the world A total of 315,000 assessments were taken internationally – an increase of 2.2% on the previous year. We saw particularly strong growth in China with entries up by 38%. Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore now account for 61% of our international exam entries and overall our income from international activities increased by 4% in 2012, compared with the previous year.
Examiners We held Initial Training and Assessment Weekends for trainee examiners in February, June and November. Sixty-six musicians
attended these courses and 36 have since joined our examining panel. Our June training session was, for the first time, held offsite. This allowed us to accommodate more trainees and was so successful that we are now planning further offsite training in the future.
We also organised jazz training for examiners. Twenty-three attended the workshop and, as a result, 18 are now dual jazz and classical examiners.
A total of 641 classical, jazz and diploma examiners worked for us in 2012. In addition, 90 Music Theory examiners marked ABRSM exam papers.
We also updated many of our examiner reference materials, producing a new examiner role description and person specification, application guidance notes and a new Code of Conduct. We also developed online examiner tools for viewing and downloading candidate lists and ordering mark forms, and a range of audio visual resources for use during examiner training.
We replaced our usual small-scale regional examiner seminars with four large-scale conferences in Manchester and Reading. This new approach meant that we could run different sessions simultaneously throughout the day, with a wider range of content and more presenters.
Music Theory In response to customer feedback we introduced faster access to Music Theory results. They are now available online after four weeks, as opposed to six weeks. We also published our Music Theory marking criteria online.
UK and Ireland This was the first full year of our new exam timetabling framework in the UK and Ireland – the first step towards future customer service developments. We continued to work hard to improve customer service and efficiency on a day-to-day basis and, at the end of the year, launched a major initiative to encourage more online exam bookings.
Around the world 70% of our international representatives are now using our new online administration system – ExAM.
Exams and assessments
10 Inspiring musical achievement
Researching the exam experience More than 2,200 candidates completed our online survey after taking an exam. We wanted to find out how they felt about taking an ABRSM exam, what the experience was like for them, and what we might do to improve it.
The majority of participants had a good exam experience. They felt welcomed at their exam centre and rated ABRSM staff and examiners highly in terms of friendliness. Candidates were also happy with the pace of the exam itself. Unsurprisingly, many were nervous before the exam but they also felt ‘determined’ and ‘excited’.
In 2012 we conducted our first ever survey of ABRSM candidates to find out what they thought about their exam experience, from arrival at the centre to the exam itself. Flyers at exam centres throughout the UK were used to invite candidates to take part.
On leaving the exam room, they felt relief together with a range of positive emotions – they were ‘happy’, ‘satisfied’, ‘relaxed’, ‘proud’ and ‘cheerful’. The majority of candidates were keen to go on to take another exam, and saw ABRSM exams as an important part of their learning.
The survey confirmed that what makes all the difference to candidates in the exam situation is the manner of the examiner. Candidates welcomed a ‘calm and supportive’ atmosphere, and noted when an examiner did everything he or she could ‘to make the exam as relaxing as possible’. Other candidates referred to friendly examiners who helped to ‘get rid of nerves’ or to ‘being made to feel at ease’.
Later in the year we carried out a survey of teachers in the UK and we will be continuing with similar research involving candidates and teachers in 2013 and beyond.
83% of candidates said they wanted to take another ABRSM exam in the future.
Taking an exam gives me something to aim for. Without that I wouldn’t have the incentive to work so hard.
11The Annual Review 2012
In revising our marking criteria we aimed to maximise consistency, while promoting transparency and objectivity in our exams.
Exams and assessments
HLRs in focus This was a year of significant focus on our Honorary Local Representatives (HLRs) and stewards – our external network of ‘volunteers’ who play an essential role in the successful delivery of our exams. We now have more than 300 HLRs, and 2012 was the first full year of operation for our dedicated HLR Administration Team. We also introduced a new HLR focus group to draw on their significant expertise and revised our HLR induction process. At the end of the year HLR numbers had risen to 314.
Music Medals As we moved into 2013 we passed the milestone of 60,000 Music Medals candidates since their launch in 2004. Entries continue to grow, with Violin being the most popular instrument. A growing number of teacher-assessors used Music Medals for the first time, following online or face-to-face training. During the year we held free Music Medals training sessions for more than 400 teachers at 16 music services.
Revising our marking criteria Over the year we spent a considerable amount of time on research and consultation regarding our marking criteria. As a result, we have since published a set of revised marking criteria for instrumental and singing exams at Grades 1 to 8. These will be used from January 2014 by all ABRSM examiners when awarding marks in our exams.
The criteria are fundamental to the consistency and integrity of our marking, so it is essential that we review and revise them from time to time. We took a long, hard look at the criteria to see how we could refresh and improve them.
In revising the criteria, we retained what works well, making changes only where there was an opportunity to bring greater clarity and consistency. We also took great care to keep the standards exactly the same. This means that everyone involved can be absolutely confident that in terms of assessment, nothing will change. The exam experience for candidates will not be affected in any way.
Overall we aimed to produce a set of criteria that maximises consistency of marking, while also promoting transparency and objectivity in our exams. For all concerned, we wanted the criteria to be more logical and straightforward to use, simpler to understand, and easier to read at a glance. For teachers and candidates especially, we wanted to provide helpful information about how marks are awarded in each category of result, and in each section of the exam, all in an easily accessibly format.
12 Inspiring musical achievement12 Inspiring musical achievement
Throughout 2012 we continued to support teachers by providing innovative courses, online learning opportunities and a range of short workshops and seminars. These included a series of 12 continuing professional development (CPD) workshops in Manchester and London on topics such as teaching in groups, developing aural skills and the art of accompaniment.
Professional development Supporting teachers
We continued to support teachers by providing innovative courses, online learning opportunities, workshops and seminars.
We also organised courses, workshops and seminars for teachers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, our CT ABRSM Plus course had another successful year in the UK and abroad.
Online learning continued to prove popular. Being an Effective Teacher, our bespoke online course, has now been taken by more than 200 teachers around the world since its launch in 2010.
13The Annual Review 2012
Centenary Travel Grant fund In September 2012 three teachers – flautist Ilke Lea Alexander, trombonist Justin Sasman and pianist and saxophonist Hayley White – travelled from South Africa to Manchester, thanks to ABRSM’s Centenary Travel Grant (CTG) fund. They spent a term at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) studying jazz, from its performance and history to effective methods for teaching improvisation and motivating beginners. They also gained from advanced instrumental coaching and access to Manchester’s vibrant cultural scene. The scholars, selected by audition and interview, were at different stages in their teaching careers.
Justin, who had worked for nearly seven years as bass trombonist with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, recalled that he had no idea what to expect from the CTG programme. ‘I thought let’s go along and see what happens. I’m so glad I did.’ He admitted that after four years away from the orchestral workplace, his playing skills had grown rusty. Individual lessons and a place in the RNCM Big Band rapidly revived Justin’s enthusiasm for practice and appetite for improving his performance.
‘After holding down an orchestral job in Cape Town, I thought I could play trombone,’ he said. ‘And then realised how much there was still to learn! The approach to playing and teaching the instrument was different and things which seemed impossible, like lip-slurring between first and fourth or fifth position, turned out to be very possible indeed!’
ABRSM is committed to working ever more closely with music teachers to help them bring out the best in every student.
At the RNCM I realised how much there is still to learn! — Jason Sasman, CTG scholar
14 Inspiring musical achievement
ABRSM’s support allowed me to reconnect with the fundamental values of teaching. — Hayley White, CTG scholar
As part of their studies, the CTG scholars also visited Scotland to explore jazz teaching with renowned jazz educators Richard and Morag Michael. Ilke Lea Alexander, the youngest of our 2012 CTG recipients, was certainly inspired by them and by her pedagogy and teaching studies at the RNCM.
Having graduated in music from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 2011, Ilke had been teaching in schools and privately but had never been trained as a teacher. ‘I didn’t think teaching was something that you could learn – that’s not the idea I was exposed to in Johannesburg. All my friends teach part-time but none of them studied music teaching. I took back tools from the Royal Northern which made me better able to teach my kids, such as ways to make lessons more creative and interactive. This experience opened my eyes to how much there is to learn and how much further I can take my teaching studies.’
Hayley White’s Manchester experience was stimulating and demanding. Although many of her pupils, at a school outside Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, had expressed interest in learning jazz, she was unsure about how to teach them to improvise. Individual lessons and classes at the RNCM helped her demystify improvisation and acquire the skills to teach it.
‘The learning experience there was challenging and even humbling at times but I really made progress. My experience in Manchester was refreshing and ABRSM’s support allowed me to reconnect with the fundamental values of teaching and think about the future evolution of my own teaching practice. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve received.’
15The Annual Review 2012
Networking Our conferences in Manchester, Birmingham and London gave hundreds of teachers in the UK the opportunity to network and to explore new repertoire, resources and teaching ideas through presentations and workshops. Around 800 teachers attended these events.
Flexible learning The CT ABRSM Plus course combines two highly respected qualifications – the Certificate of Teaching and our DipABRSM Principles of Teaching diploma. This is a part-time course which provides teachers with the opportunity to spend an extended period of time exploring, reflecting on and developing their teaching with the input of specialist mentors. In 2012 we ran the CT ABRSM Plus in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.
Working with teachers
Workshops We held many workshops for teachers around the world during the year. These included: sessions on the new Piano syllabus in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore; training to support preparation for our LRSM Teaching diploma in Hong Kong; and a Music Theory workshop in Singapore.
International conferences Our international conferences included a weekend event for CT ABRSM holders from Hong Kong and Singapore. Teachers explored a range of topics, including choral singing, developing advanced aural skills and leadership in education.
16 Inspiring musical achievement
17The Annual Review 2012
ABRSM’s innovative and farsighted work has never been more important or relevant to the music education world as a whole. — Darren Henley OBE, Managing Director of Classic FM and ABRSM trustee
18 Inspiring musical achievement18 Inspiring musical achievement
Syllabuses and resources Syllabuses, digital and published materials
We are committed to actively supporting high quality music making, learning and development throughout the world, and to producing the best possible resources for music teachers and students. In 2012 we published a range of books to support our syllabuses, including a new suite of Piano Exam Pieces, as well as Shining Brass, an innovative series for beginner brass players. Throughout the year we also focused on developing digital resources. We produced our first app, Aural Trainer, and developed a mobile version of our Speedshifter practice tool, launched in 2013.
Our social networking communities continued to grow rapidly throughout the world, giving us the opportunity to engage with ever more teachers and learners. We also launched a new website, which drew on feedback from extensive research and user testing to offer a more user-friendly experience.
We provide a rich and varied selection of supporting materials, including syllabus publications, online resources, apps and films.
19The Annual Review 2012
Music and CD sales In 2012 we sold well over two million publications and CDs worldwide.
Bowed Strings Revised repertoire lists for Violin came into use in January 2012, along with new scales and sight-reading for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.
Piano and Brass We published new syllabuses, featuring refreshed repertoire lists for Piano, Horn, E flat Horn, Baritone/Euphonium and Tuba. These came into use in January 2013.
In 2012 our Publishing and Syllabus teams worked jointly on a number of major projects, from our annually published Music Theory Past Papers and Model Answers to new volumes of Piano Exam Pieces to support the 2013 & 2014 Piano syllabus.
With the publication of new syllabuses for Horn, E flat Horn, Baritone/Euphonium and Tuba we brought out books of repertoire for brass players at all levels - Shining Brass and Principal Horn. We were delighted that Shining Brass, one of our most exciting publications of 2012, was shortlisted for the Best Print Resource award at the inaugural 2013 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.
We also published a range of other books, including Joining the Dots for Guitar (Grades 1–5), Aural Training in Practice (Grades 6–8), Music in Words (2nd edition), and Spectrum for Piano Duet, the ninth book in our Spectrum series of contemporary albums for players of all ages.
ABRSM is one of the UK’s leading music publishers. Our publications not only support our exam syllabuses but also provide additional repertoire for teachers and learners.
Syllabuses and publications
A highlight of the year was the expansion of our Chinese language books, produced with our partner, PMPH, in Beijing and showing our commitment to this developing market. During 2012 we published Chinese editions of Piano Exam Pieces, Piano Scales & Arpeggios, Specimen Aural Tests, and Music Theory Past Papers as well as a translation of our Violin syllabus.
Finally, at the close of 2012, Boydell & Brewer published ABRSM: A Social and Cultural History, by David Wright. This fascinating volume plots the development of ABRSM from 1889 to the present day.
We listened to brass teachers and extended the syllabus to include more choice and more instrument-specific music. — Nicky Daw, ABRSM Brass syllabus consultant and Head of Worcestershire Youth Music’s Brass and Percussion Faculty
20 Inspiring musical achievement
There is something here for everyone ... a selection of the most varied pieces you could ask for. — Anthony Williams, ABRSM Piano syllabus selector and examiner and teacher
21The Annual Review 2012
Joining the Dots for Guitar Grade 1
Shining Brass, Book 1 Part Book with CD & Brass • ? Brass • ? Eb Tuba
ABRSM 24 Portland Place London W1B 1LU United Kingdom
Part Book with CD
Shining Brass is an exciting series of graded repertoire pieces and studies that can be played by any brass instrument. Book 1 contains 18 pieces in a variety of attractive styles, specially commissioned from seven of the fi nest composers of brass music writing today.
Key features:
• two pieces from each of Lists A, B, and C of Grades 1–3 of the ABRSM 2013 syllabus for Eb Horn, Horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba
• a single part book that can be used by treble- and bass-clef brass including Eb Tuba
• CD featuring performances and all backing tracks
• separate Bb, Eb, and F piano accompaniment books
Shining Brass, Book 2 and piano accompaniments
Shining Brass, Book 1 piano accompaniments
The following resources are available from the ABRSM app centre: www.abrsm.org/appcentre
ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music. We are committed to actively supporting high-quality music-making, learning and development throughout the world, and to producing the best possible resources for music teachers and students.
Audio downloads Speedshifter Aural Trainer
Music in Words
Selected from the
2013 & 2014 syllabus
In October 2012 we launched our new website. Developed using feedback from extensive research and user testing, the site provides visitors with quick and easy access to information and resources.
22 Inspiring musical achievement
Some of the most innovative and far-reaching work we undertook in 2012 was in the area of digital and online learning.
Aural Trainer We continued to develop digital resources to support teachers and students. Launched in 2012, our Aural Trainer app now has more than 30,000 users in 88 countries and regularly ranks among the top 30 education apps in the UK.
It was nominated for the Best Digital Resource award at the 2013 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence and won the Life Tools App Award at the 2012 Meffy Awards. The Meffys recognised Aural Trainer as ‘setting a benchmark for how apps can be used to create useful and immersive experiences, helping students achieve their educational goals.’
Using mobile recording and touch screen technology, Aural Trainer offers a new way to practise aural skills. Through a series of interactive challenges, students can develop their ability to identify and describe musical features quickly and accurately.
The app covers all elements of our aural tests at Grades 1 to 5, including sight-singing and the echo test, while also providing comprehensive feedback and a page for tracking progress. We are now working on an Android version of the resource.
A new website As a result of the 2012 redesign, our website now features localised content for every country in which we operate, devoted pages for every instrument and grade, and a new exam support section providing tips and guidance for teachers and candidates.
The ‘hub’ pages for each instrument and grade allow users to download syllabuses and find all relevant supporting resources from a single location. New exam guidance materials, videos, podcasts, resources and applications are also available. The website layout now adapts itself automatically to work effectively on popular mobile and tablet devices.
These website changes have resulted in a 23% increase in pages viewed per visit and a 6% increase in the average length of visits. Visits on mobile devices are up by 46%. In total, our website was visited over six million times by approximately 2.5 million unique visitors between January 2012 and July 2013.
23The Annual Review 2012
The new ABRSM website was visited over six million times by approximately 2.5 million unique visitors between January 2012 and July 2013.
Newsletters by email The number of applicants receiving our regular enewsletters continued to grow. We now send these to more than 68,000 applicants every month, providing the latest information about our exams, products and services, and teacher support activities.
Social media We saw major growth in the number of people using social media to connect with ABRSM. We now have more than 85,000 Facebook fans and 8,000 followers on Twitter.
During the year we added several films to our YouTube channel, including an introduction to our Brass syllabus and three films about our Music Medals assessments. The channel now offers a variety of useful resources and short films.
24 Inspiring musical achievement24 Inspiring musical achievement
Supporting music education Donations, scholarships and sponsorship
We support music education through charitable donations, scholarships and sponsorship of organisations and initiatives around the world.
A large proportion of our charitable donation goes to support four Royal Schools of Music in the UK: the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In 2012 we also provided scholarships and bursaries to 72 outstanding junior, undergraduate and postgraduate students at these colleges.
We also awarded new scholarships to students studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) and at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). The first recipients of our RWCMD scholarships were Welsh undergraduate cellist
Luke Millard and Chinese postgraduate harpsichordist Chubing Wang. Eventually awards will also be made to younger musicians at the college’s Junior Department. In Hong Kong, pianist Andy Chung Hok-chun was awarded a scholarship for his four-year course at HKAPA.
Through sponsorship we supported a number of organisations in the UK and around the world including: Music for Youth; the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain; the Mayor’s Fund for Young Musicians; the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Youth Mentoring Scheme; and the Chamber Music New Zealand competition. This was also the first year for our International Sponsorship Fund.
In 2012 we awarded new scholarships to students at the RWCMD and HKAPA.
25The Annual Review 2012
Our International Sponsorship Fund is open to individuals, groups or organisations outside the UK and Ireland engaged in activities that inspire people to participate in music.
International sponsorship In 2012 we awarded our first International Sponsorship Fund (ISF) grants to the following recipients: the Kampala Music School (KMS) in Uganda; the Mandaluyong Children’s Choir in the Philippines; Musica Sinfonietta in Malaysia; the Providence Heights Community Band in Jamaica; the Tender Talents Magnet School in Uganda; and the India National Youth Orchestra.
The Kampala Music School used its grant to implement a teacher development programme designed to further the skills of staff and other teachers in the region. The programme included instrument-specific teaching workshops as well as covering general musicianship, sight-reading and aural skills, exam preparation, performance practice and instrumental lessons. ‘We also hope to organise training from beyond Uganda for our teachers,‘ explained Natasha Chong, Deputy Director at KMS. ‘The teachers here have so much drive and commitment and long to have the opportunity to progress,’ she added, ‘but until now neither KMS nor the teachers themselves have been in a position to pay for such development. We hope that in the long term this funding will help the school to grow, providing more work for teachers and new musical learning opportunities for young people in Uganda.’
The teachers here have so much drive and commitment and long to have the opportunity to progress ... this funding will help the school to grow, providing more work for teachers and new musical opportunities for young people in Uganda. — Natasha Chong, Deputy Director of Kampala Music School
26 Inspiring musical achievement
The Mandaluyong Children’s Choir, works with underprivileged but musically talented children from Mandaluyong City. The choir used its funding to support a wide- ranging education programme, while Malaysia’s Musica Sinfonietta was able to host a five-day intensive ‘music camp’ that brought together 80 music educators and performers. Formed in 2010 by a group of music educators and performers, the Sinfonietta promotes music-making and the arts in Penang, and across the wider Malaysian community. ‘As a non-governmental organisation we’re always looking for sponsorship,’ June Ong, the Sinfonietta’s President, commented. ‘We took the opportunity to apply for ABRSM’s help to make a better camp, with more tutors and better facilities.’
Funding from ABRSM also helped Jamaica’s Providence Heights Community Band to launch a new Community Recital Programme and to repair and purchase instruments. ‘Before receiving the grant it was challenging to conduct a rehearsal,’ Music Director Dwayne Haughton explained. ‘Our instruments were second-hand and donated, and their condition had deteriorated. We had no funding to repair them or buy new ones. ABRSM’s support made this possible. It also meant that some of our students could take part in seminars and local programmes. Our grant has changed the future of the band.’
ABRSM’s grant allowed us to buy musical instruments and start a concert band. We’ve already bought a five-piece drum-kit, a bass guitar and amplifier, ten music stands and percussion instruments. — Providence Heights Community Band
This sponsorship is all about strengthening our engagement with the international music education community. We have been delighted by the difference our funding has made to those involved.
27The Annual Review 2012
Music for Youth In 2012 we continued our long term sponsorship of Music for Youth. Its Regional Festival Series (RFS) took place in February and March with around 70 festivals held in more than 50 UK venues and involving some 50,000 young musicians. These festivals offer young performers playing in groups of all sizes and in a wide range of styles the chance to perform to each other and gain valuable feedback. The Music for Youth year culminated in November with the celebratory Schools Prom concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall.
National Youth Orchestra We sponsored the National Youth Orchestra’s (NYO) Inspire Days across the country. In April, 50 young musicians joined NYO principals for an Inspire Day in Durham, working on Tchaikovsky’s Suite No. 3 and Bernstein’s overture to West Side Story. The NYO also held further Inspire Days in London and Derry later in the year.
Supporting music education
The full rehearsals were electrifying and it was incredible to see how much we’d achieved in just one day ... lots of players said they couldn’t wait to go away and practise and hopefully audition in the future. — Lily Whitehust and Laura Rickard, NYO Inspire Day participants
28 Inspiring musical achievement
For many children the experience of performing is a first step away from the margins of society towards a future where they have a contribution to make. — Jeremy Bradshaw, Musequality/Tender Talents Magnet School
The ISF also meant that Uganda’s Tender Talents Magnet School for deprived children could continue with its music programme, set up by charity Musequality. Since 1999 the school has taught around 450 students at Kasangati, near Kampala, thanks to the vision of its founder Frank Katoola and his wife, Brenda.
Dependent entirely on donations, the school teaches young people from the most deprived parts of the community. ‘We urgently needed funds to continue with our music education programme,’ said Frank, himself a choir trainer at the school. ‘With ABRSM’s help we’ve been able to support the music teachers who come to us from Kampala Music School and buy a piano we’d been renting.
‘The school has shot up the table of academic achievement in Uganda and we believe music has been a key element in promoting that. Learning a musical instrument or to sing provides the discipline, practicality and sense of personal responsibility that then spins off into academic subjects.’
29The Annual Review 2012
Mayor’s Fund for Young Musicians In June 2012, we began working with the London-based Mayor’s Fund for Young Musicians (MFYM), funding scholarships over four years. MYFM works with music services and local schools to identify and support talented children who show outstanding potential and commitment to learning an instrument.
Federation of Music Services We continued to support the Federation of Music Services in 2012, sponsoring workshops and masterclasses, in particular as part of the organisation’s annual conference.
Singapore Symphony Orchestra At the start of 2012, we launched a new initiative with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra: a Youth Mentoring Scheme for promising instrumentalists who have excelled in ABRSM’s diploma exams. The scheme is continuing in 2013.
Supporting music education
Finally, we supported a residential course for members of India’s National Youth Orchestra (INYO). Launched in 2010, some 150 musicians, representing 12 different Indian states, have since become involved with the orchestra Key to the orchestra’s development is training for players, but also ongoing professional development for teachers. The INYO yearly schedule includes a 10- to 15-day course, which in 2012 was held in Bangalore. ‘We received enough funding from ABRSM to get our musicians from Kolkata and Kalimpong to Bangalore and also to pay for their accommodation,’ said Sonia Khan, INYO Managing Director. ‘Intensive training has meant rapidly improving standards which in turn have widened horizons. Our musicians have had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with German, Austrian, Italian and Canadian orchestras.’
30 Inspiring musical achievement30 Inspiring musical achievement
ABRSM has played a key part in helping Music for Youth support many thousands of young musicians and teachers through the provision of professional-standard performance platforms and live music-making events all over the UK. — Judith Webster, Chief Executive of Music for Youth
30 Inspiring musical achievement
31The Annual Review 2012 31The Annual Review 2012 31The Annual Review 2012
32 Inspiring musical achievement32 Inspiring musical achievement32 32
Chairman’s statement The final word
In July 2013 the UK government pledged £292m to support young peoples’ engagement in cultural activities until 2015. The announcement led to an interesting debate over the future of music education, as well as the arts, in this country. We were, of course, encouraged by many elements of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Cultural Education document, particularly the recommendation that all young people should have the opportunity ‘to learn about, take part in and enjoy the cultural life of our country’.
We all know that music, of all kinds, is central to young peoples’ cultural experience, but we believe it’s an essential part of their education too.
ABRSM is well placed to use its expertise, experience and influence to secure a positive future for young musicians in the UK and around the world — Colette Bowe, Chairman
At a time of significant change in our sector, ABRSM is well placed to use its expertise, experience and influence to secure a positive future for young musicians in the UK and around the world. However, we cannot do this alone. It’s increasingly important that we continue to build partnerships globally with those who believe in giving developing musicians the skills they need to get the most from music and their music-making. So, we are putting in place new ways to strengthen our relationships with teachers and candidates, and with those who have a positive impact on music learning and participation more broadly. Together we can make a real difference.
The coming year will see us continuing to carry out our work to the highest standards. Our passion for music and music education, and commitment to integrity and innovation are fundamental to ABRSM’s continuing success.
I’d like to thank you for your continued support as we seek to strengthen our position as an exam board with a global reach and reputation – one that is intent on inspiring musical learning and achievement. Colette Bowe Chairman
33The Annual Review 2012 33
Patron Her Majesty The Queen
President His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
Governing Body Colette Bowe Chairman
Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood Principal of the Royal Academy of Music
Darren Henley OBE
Professor Colin Lawson Director of the Royal College of Music
Professor Linda Merrick Principal of the Royal Northern College of Music
Philip Ramsbottom
David Roper
Tony Travis
Professor John Wallace CBE Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Nicholas Ward
Executive Directorate Leslie East Chief Executive
Lincoln Abbotts Director of Strategic Development
Tim Arnold International Operations Director
Robin Barry Publishing and Product Development Director
Sue Cambridge Executive Director: Finance and Administration
Vicki Fruish Human Resources Director
John Holmes Chief Examiner
Nigel Scaife Syllabus Director
Ben Selby Marketing Director
You can find lists of all our current examiners, representatives and contacts at www.abrsm.org.
Examiners, representatives and contacts
34 Inspiring musical achievement34 Inspiring musical achievement
Each year we celebrate the achievements of students and teachers who have worked hard to develop their musical or professional skills. We congratulate many people, from those who have gained an ABRSM diploma, a Certificate of Teaching (CT ABRSM) or an ABRSM scholarship or bursary, to those who have performed exceptionally in graded music exams.
Celebrating achievement
These are the people who make ABRSM what it is.
35The Annual Review 2012 35The Annual Review 2012
Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
ABRSM diplomas are designed to encourage a diversity of approaches to performing, directing, and teaching music and to stimulate achievement through acquiring skills, knowledge and understanding. These highly respected and letter-bearing qualifications carry worldwide recognition. ABRSM diplomas are available at three levels – Diploma, Licentiate and Fellowship – and in three subjects: Music Performance, Music Direction and Instrumental/ Vocal Teaching.
China Manshu Cai Wing Yin Winnie Chan Roseanne Ruo Xi Chao Chen Jin Meilun Chen Cheung Tsam Jenny Chiu Man Him Joshua Cui Amanda Chuxuan Hong Bok Thoe Wallace Huang Ren Ke Huang Shih Ting Huang Yin Ru Law Chi Teng Michelle Hang Yee Lee Jack Li Jiajun Li Li Xin Zi Wen Li Liang Yin Yan Lin Yi Liu Yu Xin Lu Rui Ngiaw Jing Tian Alexander Chen Pan Shen Yue Su Peng Ting Gloria Yujin Yi Ting Wong Wu Xinyi Hao Tian Yang
Zeng Wen Tao Zhang Lin Zhang Si Han Zhao Jing Wei Zheng Xian Rui Jiale Zhou Zhu Mei
Cyprus Amanta Andreou Giannakis Kalogirou Konstantina Maimari Lambis Pavlou Christina Themistocleous Maria Zenonos
Denmark Mikkel Lundkvist
France Ka Lun Cheung François Etchebarne
Germany Gudrun Tomlinson
Greece Despoina Skandalaki
Hong Kong Wai Ling Ang Chak Ching Yi Chak Sin Oi Chi Kit Chan Chan Ho Ying Ivan King Heng Chan Jason Yiu Ho Chan Chan Kai Yin Kit Ying Chan Chan Kwan Pui Lai Fun Chan Chan Lok Yan Chan Mei Yee Chan Pui Yee Suk Wah Margaret Chan Tsun Heng Chan Chan Tsz Yan Chan Yet-Chung Christopher
Australia Alexandra Brewington Margaret Buck Loreen Chui Silvia De Almeida Catherine Jensen Letao Jian Daniel Sidney Francis Johnson Sarah Ruth Leard Alicia Limasa Jack Johnstone Main Laura Alice Morell Melissa Voyias Wan Yuen Yee Samantha Jane Williams Man Yau Wong Nancy Yao Yu Sze Ling
Belgium Sarah Lebrecht
Canada Chang Wei-Han Wan-Ju (Angela) Lee Phan Han Anh Khiet Bernard Chi-Hay Szeto Rachel Tandun Rhythm Tang Amy Yen
Wun Ming Chan Cheng Chi Wah Hong Cheuk Cheng Cheng Ka Shun Cheng Kwan Kit Lap Ting Cheuk Ho Cheung Cheung Ho Ching Cheung Ho Ting Chris Cheung Hoi Ching Cheung Cheung Mei Yi Ray Yeung Cheung Suen Kong Raymond Cheung Sin Yue Cheung Tsing Lam Christy Cheung Chi Wai Ching Andy Choi Yim Kee Christine Choi Yuen Tsing Yuk Wan Choi Man Fei Ivy Chou Choy Man Wai Angela Chu Ka Hing Nog Qin Chui Chung Ji Hin Chung Pui Man Chi Ching Ingrid Fan Fu Ho Cheong Kat Ho Fu Kin Tsun Fung Fung Kwan Lok Fung Wai Ting Tiffany Lok Hang Ho Ho Miles Yue Kiu Sin Ning Shannon Ho Ho Yan Tat Hon Yee Leung Hsu Ming Fen Angel Hui Yiu Tung Yee Hung Kam Ka Him Kenneth Yin Wai Wailly Kau Wai Fung Ko King Lam Kwan Kwan Wan Yi Kwok Hoi Kit Kelly Kwok Kwok Pui Yee Kwok Wing Yin Yi Tak Kwok Kwong Ho Ching Wai Ting Kwong Chung Foon Lai Lai Yin Ting
An Ning Lam Hau Man Cecilia Lam Lam Hei Yu Ho Yin Lam Lucas Chadwick Lam Lam Pak Lai Lam Pak Lun Lau Kwan Lam Lau Yik Ching Jonathan Dominic Law Lee Cheuk Yan Fung Yee Lee Lee Lai Man Leung Chi Ho Jonathan Leung Chun Tao Darren Ho Yat Elliot Leung Hui Ling Leung Leung Ka Ming Kwai Fan Leung Pui Ying Leung Leung Siu Hey Michael Leung Wai Man Leung Yi Ting Yiu To Leung Ho Ting Li Li Nap Ki Li Siu Lun Tsz Ki Li Li Yuk Lok Li Zi Jun Ho Ka Claudia Lin Liu Tung Bo Lo Chi Pang Lo Siu Kee Lo Tsz Ching Wing Sze Lo Lui Chit Ling Jeanie Ma Hin Yung Ma Kei Yan Karen Yip Wah Anwar Ma Mo Man Tina Mak Mok Siu Wai Winnie Wai Ling Mok Wai Man Nam Ng Cheuk Sze Jessy Ng Chi Ho Wallace Ho Ching Ng Ng Man Yui Ng Wing Yan Wing Yee Queenie Ng Kei Foon Ngai Chung Hin Pang Kit Yan Rebekah Poon Poon Wing Yan Suki
36 Inspiring musical achievement36 Inspiring musical achievement
Pu Jessica Huan Jia Kwan Wai Cheng Ka Yan Shiu Hiu Shan Siu Hiu Tung Siu Siu Wai Chee Siu Yeung Yiu Szeto Chun Kin Tam Ho Wai Choi Yi Joyce Tang Hiu Sze Tang Suet Man Tang Yi Lam Tang Tao Yilan Ting Hon Man Tsz Wai Edith Ting Tong Ka Wun Kong Yan Tong Tong Ming Chak Tong Wendy Tsang Ho Ting Jeremy Wing Lam Tsang Tsang Yip Ho David Tse Wing Sheung Tammy Tse Ka Chai Eric Tso Tso So Yee Tsui Sheung Tsun Tsui Yee Man Elaine Wang Wong Ching Laam Wong Ellis Ho Ching Hiu Wai Wong Wong Kar Ho Toby Karen Wong Wong Kin Cheung Wong Nga Yin Cecilia Sin Hang Wong Sui Xin Daphne Wong Wong Tin Yan Carina Wong Wang Shun Wing Yin Wong Wong Yin Ho Wong Yuen Wai Yung Hong Wong Woo Angel Wu Tsz Hin Elton Dan Xie Bertram Ross Yap Chie Annie Yeung Ho Yan Annette Yeung Yeung Hoi Ching Ka Wai Yip Yu Man Bill
Yu Po Yan Grace Yu Tsz Ching Wan Ting Yu Yuen Lai Ming Serena Tsui Ying Yuen Chi Nga Yung Zhao Wei
Iceland Margrét Árnadóttir Þorhallur Barðason Björg Birgisdottir Ásdís Björg Gestsdóttir Ása Björg Guðlaugsdòttir Maria Vigdis Kjartansdóttir Salka Rùn Sigurðardóttìr
India Cheon Enok Ye Jin Kim Karnajit Laishram Ryan Matthew Lewis Sarah Mathews Rim Zion Aching Shaiza Christopher Williams
Indonesia Devi Adiwinoto Elsa Angelie Katherine Arianti Metta Faurizka Ariono Anita Djunaedi Fifi Embut Gracia Halim Juuke Hartana Tanoto Jeremiah Constantine Leonardi Joewono Koslinda Ricky Indra Kusuma Miriam Chandra Maleeva Lestari Daniel Marihat H Pasaribu Reynaldi Raharja Lucas Sebastian Karina Setiawan Angelia Soegito Irine Soesanto Alice Theodora Subrata Dessica Sandra Surya Lilian Suwandi Muliaty Syary Carol Natasha Tamara
Cindy Andrio Putri Chris Tanto Billy Tanujaya Geraldine Megan Tauran Gloria Teo Geoffrey Sartona Lumban Tobing Mercillia Widodo Mrs Yulisetiana
Ireland Brid Cannon Adeleh Davis Aisling Douris Edmond Michael Dwan Ciarán Elster Eveline Glynne Jones Caitriona Hegarty Alena Kabylianets Rachael Keating John Kehoe-Roche Deirdre Lynn-Rodgers Toni Martin Declan McGoldrick Elvie Miller James O’Doherty Mary Quinn George Rice Alan Shinkins Nathan Thompson
Italy Vittoria Avogadro Francesco Banchini Lianka Bedeschi Filippo Scarafia Maaike (Alfreda) Van Ingen Paola Zambetti
Jamaica Regnarene Brown
Kenya Grace Nanjala Nangabo Corrine Towett
Korea Hyunji Kim Amy Ryu
Kuwait Heui Sung Kim
Macao Che I Kei Cheong Man Chong Han Ji Won Ieong U Kei Kok Hio Lok Ka In Lei Ling Seng I Lo Zaneta Lok Weng Cheng Sam Ka Lon Tam Iat Hin Zhou Cheng Lam
Malaysia Bong Fui Choo Charissa Li San Chan Dawn Chin Shen Peng Chyn Thong Chong Clarissa Mei En Chan Alistair Brian Hamilton Heng Bee Lee Amy Kok Yet Lin Bosco, Khun Hung Lai Qiao Ying Leong Pang Khai Shuen Ling Sze Mei Ong Ee May Caterine Seah Luoh Chuin Tan Ching Tan Elaine Heather Ashley Chien Wen Tan Megan Gail Rumbaoa Ventura Winnie Ling Chai Wei Wong Sheu Fan Yeo Hui Lin
Malta Kevin Azzopardi Miryea Borg Petra Magri Gatt Sarah Mercieca
Mexico Juan Carlos Lara Lara Ana Paula Sanchez Barragan Jacques Zafra Garcia
New Zealand Mark Edward Bevin Catherine Bracegirdle Ellen Charlotte Callister Austin Hong Chun Chan An Ran Chen Benjamin Chen Yeonhee Choi Bethany Sharon Cox Dawn Ee Rebecca Grimwood Zhinan Hu Tiger Huang Jack Humphrey Carolyn Irons Gian-Luca Kane Anne Yuen Mon Kei William Kingi Koh Esther Yi Li Ye Ji (Julia) Lee Grace Leehan Islay Louise Leov Harris Pok Hei Leung Tom Levy Tianwei Liu Richard Yuchen Lu Li Yang Luo Clare Mcdonald Choong Won Park Juno Sung Woong Pyun Anna Roznawska Isaac Logan Shatford Tina Tian Yang Sun Nicole Ting Tracy Tsai Alexander Van Laar-Veth Rebecca Whalley Marilyn Jin Yie Woo Gen Woods Briana Lucy Wu Shirley Yueling Xu
Nigeria Ezekiel Adedoyin Oluwafemi Emmanuel Ayodeji Oluwaseun Daniel Oluwabusuyi
37The Annual Review 2012 37The Annual Review 2012
Yap Yun Xian Yap Jia Yu Joey Grace Marie Yeh Yip Ting Yuan Darren Seung Won Winston Yoo Zhang Wenhan Zheng Kai Zheng Qiao Zheng Zhongxi
South Africa Nicolaas Jacobus Allers Adam David Campbell Jennifer Chuan-Hwa Chang Alice Clegg Alanna Ann Davy Claudia Dehnke Jaydene Du Preez Karin Groenewald Cathryn Anne Galliers Okuhle Mahlangeni Ndumiso Manana Belinda Meyer Takunda Rukanda Deirdré Strauss Judy Twycross Pieter Van Zyl Clare Vandeleur
Spain Agustin Camino Beta Maria Victoria Navarro Serrano Pedro Abelardo Rodríguez Pérez Claire Smith
St. Vincent Kendol Bacchus
Tanzania Olga Van Doorn
Oman Intisar Al Wahaibi
Portugal Francisca Coelho Aires Mateus Ana Catarina Bernardino Costa Renata Maria Silva Oliveira
Singapore Ang Wei Yang Daniel Ang Wei En Chan Ling Ying Lynn Cheung Wei Sum Benjamin Chew Min Hao Chia Tui Ling Caroline Chia Ying Yin Chng Ee Pheng Arlene Chong Chian Chin Choong Lee Wen Chua Peng Peng Margaret Ms Dyana Go Ling Hong Goh Javier Goh Jing Yi Goh Ping Audrina Goh Rui Qi Rachel Goh Teck Koon Mathea Goh Xinyi Jordan Alexandra Junyi Hadrill Han Rong Zhou Ryan Alison Margaret Harvey Ho Yoke Fun Audris Nabillah Binte Jalal Khoo Mei Ling Ko Pei Chyi Koay Hao Yan Kwa Chu Hsian Tiffany Kyaw Han Lau Yan Shan Law Jun Wen Lee Hong Xuan Lee Hui Ling Lee Jia Ying Lee Mian Jun Lee Mi-En Lee Shao-Wei Lee Ting Hui Lee Yu Tse Sandra Lee Yan Mun Lieu Tze Ern Samuel Lim Jia Yu Anne Maria
Lim Nicole Lee Lim Wei Xuan Nigel Lim Zhan Feng Christel Lim Shi-Rui Charmaine Lim Wan-Qing Lesley Evita Lin David Lin Kewei Liu Ziyuan Lo Jia’en Carolyn Loy Zhi Jun Lum Zhi Yong Aaron Solomon David Ng Ng Sze Wei Melissa Ng Li Ling Kevin Ng Man Hon Ng Xin-Yu Nicole Ong Ai Ling Ong Hui Ling Emmerlyn Ong Min Chen Eileen Phua Huijie (Pan Huijie) Poh Jer Lin Quek Chiew Kwee Evelyn Quek Shui Herng Quek Yu Chern Nicholas Quek Wei Sheng Soh Ker Sing Soh Kian Bin Niall Yang Sohan Song Yueyao Livia Sutrisno Tan Chun Kwang Aileen Tan Ai Ling Joel Tan Junyao Alvin Tan Wei Ming Meri Tan Wei Yan Zantha Tan Xuanlin Shenny Tantarica Tay Shu Wen Tay Yih Shiang Tanya Christopher Tay Joshua Teo Siew Ting Teo Sue Ying Thong Ying Xuan Timothy Thong Zhi Ming Meyliana Tjoe Toh Si Yin Hilary Too Hwee Ling Charlyn Tseng Hong Kai Wong Ee Peng Wong Kin Leng Wong Poh Ling Xu Cheng Yin Yap Mian Hui Yap Qian Hui Stephanie
Weerapitch Panlertkitsakul Saratham Saranya Phapimol Yoovidhya
The Netherlands William Harry King
Trinidad and Tobago Sameer Alladin
United Arab Emirates Michael Rex Bacarra Zoryana Herun Abhimanyu Joshi Amir Sarrafi Zandjani
United Kingdom Joshua Howard Abbott Emma Abell Karen Adamson William Aitchison Ailsa Aitkenhead Milena Albrecht Benjamin Aldren Clare Aldrich Catherine Al-Ghabra Dawn Allen James Alster Forbes Anderson Amanta Andreou Eliana Andreou Kate Apley James Arnold Terence Au Mary Backholer Alistair Backhouse Catriona Baker Harry Baker Karen Baker Lorraine Banning Janet Barbour Fiona Anne Elizabeth Barker Peter Baumann Michelle Bee Joseph Beech Philippa Beeson Thomas Edward Bell Stephen Bennett Deanna S M Bernthal Thomas Binnie Gabriel Bintley Edward Birchinall Elinor Bishop
Charles Black Emily A Blackledge Melinda Blackman Thomas Blomfield Claire Marie Boleat Isaac Booth James Bowstead Anthony Boyle Fiona Brindle Alice Brooks Savannah Brown Harry Brownlie Maryanne Bruce Ellen Brunet Amy Bryce Konrad Bucher Thomas Buckley Samuel Buckton Laura Buntine Claire Burgess Frankie Burrows Mary-Jane Byrne Orlando Byron Peter J Cain Jennifer Susanne Caisley Hannah Caldecott Heather Calow Katherine Alice Sarah Carr Michael Cavanagh Luke Cave Samuel Chadd Laura Chan Pui Ling Chan Aditya Chander Florence Chapman Grace Elizabeth Chapman Daniel Ze Chen Nicholas Sikun Chen Vanessa Cheung Emily Lok-Yee Ching Philip Christian Joshua Cirtina David Clappison Kirsty Clark Dermot Clenaghan Lydia Catherine Clough Caitlin Coady Isabelle Lydia Cochrane Laurence Cochrane Julie Collins Leo Collins Jolene Cook Sinead Cook Rachael Louise Cosslett
38 Inspiring musical achievement38 Inspiring musical achievement
Christopher Coulter Bethany Victoria Crockett David Crook Katja Cross Evangeline Cullingworth Charlotte Curwen Elizabeth Jane Cuttell Robin Danaher Elisabeth Daniels Mary Daniels India D’arcy Amelia Davies Laura Davies Lowri Davies Mathew Colin Davis Hilary Dawson Ellen Day Minyan Deng Elizabeth Ditmanson Rosalind Dobson Sophie E Dodds Ruth Dodridge Fiona Donaldson Michael Karl Doroszenko Sylvia Dowgill Helen Elizabeth Downes Joseph David Dransfield Frances Emily Drew-Batty James Duff Wayne Duffell Owen Duffey Bríd Dunne Elisabeth Dunnett Lewis Dunsmore Julie Dustan Elizabeth Edgley Renos Efstathiou Rhiain Isabella Elliott James Ellis Josie Ellis Hannah-May Elmasry Imogen Ely Laura Penelope Embrey Catherine Emery Joseph Ereaut James Robert Evans Ruth Evans Catherine Fagan-King Luisa Faraguna Jonathan Farey Bethany Farr Victoria Fenech John Fitzgerald Heather A Fleck
Robert Fleming Morgan Daniel Foley Bryony Ford Kate Ford Mark John Fortnum William Foster Camilla Foster Mitchell Andrew Fowles Jemma Freestone Alice French Daniel Friend Claudia Elizabeth Fuller Joni Amelia Fuller Louissa Galenski John Gamble Ashley Thomas Garfitt Jacob George Elizabeth Giannopoulos Andrew Gifford James Gilbert Thomas Gimson Ilaria Giovannoni James Girling Esha Ami Glen Helen Goldsmith Byung-Hyun Gong Jemima Goodall Rebecca Goode Joshua Vincent Goodey Luke Michael Gowen Nathalie Green-Buckley Huw Griffiths Emma Kate Grimsey Iliana Jane Gutch Marinov Styliani Hadjineophytou Dominic Hales Emma Hall Freya Hall Iain Hall Louisa Hall Matthew Hall Simon Hall Ruth A Hamm Sarah Hargrave George Harliono-Evans Andrew Harrap Ruth C Harris Thomas Harrison Johnathon Lee Hart Andrew Philip Harvey Michael Hatch Samuel Hau Morwenna Hawkins Athena Hawksley-Walker
Katharine Haworth Fiona Haysom Jonathan Hayward Bobby Boyi He Benedict Johannes Heinen Phillip Henderson Alicia Higgs Christopher James Hill Susannah Hill Theodore Alexander Hill Jeremy Chi Chun Ho Lucy Hoile Elizabeth Hopkins Jasmine Hopkinson Monique Horlings Jennifer Horrigan Fern Horsfield-Schonhut Frederick Hosken Rebecca Howell Yuzhi Hu Samuel Hucklebridge Alex Hughes Meredith Hughes Nicholas Elias Hughes Jasmine Huiqing Blundell Gareth Humphreys Melissa Humphreys Stephen Hunter Jessica Louise Hutchings Alis Mills Huws Anuli Igbesoko Alison Irvine Nicola Irvine Elizabeth Isles Phillip Jackson Bridgett J Jeffrey Juliet Alice Jeffries James Jenkins Fay Jennett Elise Jennings Clare Johnston Emily Jones Jennifer A Jones Richard T Jones Andrew Jordan Neslihan Jordan Mayuri Kandasamy Esther Kay Rachel Kay Gareth Paul Keachie Vincent Kehoe Alexander Kelly Mary Kemp James Kennedy
Emma Kerr Diana Lynn Kibble Hannah King Martin King Stephen King Jemima Kingsland Lydia R Kitchener Malcolm Knapp Elizabeth Kurton Maryna Kuznyetsova Debbie Laing Daniel Laking Annalise Lam Katherine Lambeth Charlotte Lamont Darius Latham-Koenig Amy Le Rossignol Sanha Lee Richard Lewis Susan Elizabeth Libera Peter Lidbetter Kristin Lien Chloe Anastasia Yue Li Lim Emma Josephine Lisney Sophia Liu Simon Lloyd Andrew Lofthouse Joanne Ludlow Jayne Luy Alice A F MacRae Meera Maharaj Madeleine Makepeace Michelle Jane Manley Hayden Manuell Lydia Marshall Charlotte Matthews Teresa Matthews James Maund Lucy Mawson Nichola Jayne McCloy Harry McGhee Nicholas McLeish Thomas McMahon Ceylan Mehmet James Micklethwaite Julia Elizabeth Middleton Josephine Miles Byoung-In Min Neil C Molony Liz Monument Peter Moody Keith R Morgan Jennifer Moss Thomas Motley
Protik Moulik Jenni Moussalli Timothy Muggeridge Francis Mullaly Hannah Munday Hannah Murphy Ellen Murphy-Clarke Eleanor Myerson Amy Naddermier Trojan Nakade Mari Nakazawa Trevor Naughton Ruth Nelson Emily Newman Jessica Ng Emma Nibloe Leah Nicholson Miriam Nohl Fiona Norden Hannah Norman Hannah Obasaju Dominic O’Connor James Orrell Lucy Osborne Chantal Osindero Jane Osmani-Pearce Aaron O’Sullivan Lucy Oswald Margaret R Outen Rei Owada Jemima Holly Palfreyman Pamela Palmer Dean Parker James Alastair Parkinson David Charles Parry Joanna Patrick Lizzie Peacock Claire Anne-Marie Pearcy John Pearson Sonia Perez Baeza Electra Perivolaris Mary-Louise Petrie Phoebe Pexton Joanne L Phillips Sarah Phillips Sophie-Louise Phillips Tom Alexander Pickles Christabell Pidduck Alexandra Pippen Isabel M Platt Diana R Platts Daniel Michael Plewinski Dawn Ponniah David Poole-Bailey
39The Annual Review 2012 39The Annual Review 2012
Elliot Pooley Alice Poppleton Phoebe G Potter Jennifer Prentice Lyn Procter Lucy Claire Proctor Beauchamp Alexander M J Pullinger Alyssa Ralph Jasmine Ramsay Gray Jonathan Rawlinson Edward Reeve Olivia Renney Peter George Bedford Rickett Frances Ridley Arinah Rizal Emma Roberts Frances Elizabeth Roberts Lisa Robertson Thomas Rodda Briony-Amber Naomi Roper Ben Rose Victoria Rowcroft Anna Rowlands Alistair Rutherford Jonathan Ryder Rebecca Ryland-Jones Gideon Salter Christina Sanderson Edward Sanderson Kathryn Saul Thomas Saunders Susannah Savage Hannah Savignon-Smythe Rosanna Schwarzacher George Scott Nathan Sebastian Steven Segaud Tony Seprenji Peter Sewell Lucy Seymour-Dale Madeleine Shackleton Anna M Shaw Constance Shaw Thomas Shelbourn Susan Catherine Sherratt Zhen Yu Shi Laurence Shore Ellie Shum Pui Yee Shum Emma Sibley Karan Singha Shreya Singhal
Laura Singleton Nadezda Sinnett Angela Elizabeth Slater Bethany Slater Hannah Elizabeth Smalley Clare S Smith Sophie Fleur Smith Polina Sosnina Oliver Sourbut Clare Spencer Xenia Spencer-Milnes Lewis Spring Andrea Staniforth Guy Steed Katie Steel Katherine Stonham Rachael Storr Natsumi Sugimura Hannah Suh Sarah Suh Annika Suhr Miranda Summers- Pritchard Xiaohe Sun Abbey Sykes Tom Taffinder Lowenna Taylor Maxine Alexandra Carmen Taylor Miles Taylor Sophie Elizabeth Grace Taylor Kathryn Tebby Bethany Christine Tempest Eleanor Thompson Humphrey Thompson Lisa M Thompson Lesley M Thurley Daniel Thurston Tiana To Mary J Toft Isaac Tolley Ruben Tomlin Bridget Tomlinson Mark Tomlinson Tamar Torossian Oliver Simeon Tran Jonathan M T Trim Philip Trudgeon Andrew Tubman Amy Turk Alexander Turner Esme Alexandra Turner Josephine Turner
Jane Upperton Araceli Valdez-Ramirez Ariane Van Hoof Ana Vandepeer Michael Vasmer Michael James Veazey Bianca Von Oppell Ruth H D Wacholder Leon Waksberg Lucy Helen Walker John Walkinshaw Patricia Waller Riana Walsh Bowen Wang Claire Ward Ella Ward Oliver Wass Samuel Simon Watkin Tara Watkiss Alfred Weedon Ellen E Weeks Linda H Westcott James Westlake Alex Weston Emma Weston Robert Wheatley Jennifer Whitby Brian White Emily R Whiting Ronan Whittern Edward Wignall Zena P J Wigram Samantha Jane Wilcox Kaitlin Wild Claire Louise Williams Simon Williams Stephen Williams Simone Willis Edward Willson Alexander W G Winter Bethan Winter Joshua Winter Yu Hing Wong William Wood Kathryn Woodhead Rachel N Woods Sarah Woollatt Elizabeth Worth Sarah Thelma Alice Worthington Ben Wright Daniel Wright Sarah Wright Yudi Wu
Grace Yan Angela Yang Chantelle Yau Zhilan Ye Stephanie Yim Harang Yoo Mee-Young Yoon Alexandra Young Alison Young Amy Yule Zizhou Zhang Anna Zisimatou Katalin Zsubrits
United States of America Robert Douglas Lecaine Agnew Faith Chan James Chen James Chen Katherine Chen Cheng Chung Hon Michael Casey Chien Cassandra Chung Katie Dam Marton Demeter George Fang Clothilde Giacomoni Crystal Han Jason Han Rosemond Ho Jeffery Huang Jin-Hee Kim Jovian Cheukwing Lam Brandon Lee Cynthia Lee Hau Bin Lee Jenny Lee Lucia Lee Alice Li Phoebe Lim Ting-Yun Evonne Lin Elaine Liu Matthew Liu Wesley Knox Ramsay III Roseanna Shafer Derek Shu Brittany Smith Selynna Sun Rozanna Thompson Yi Jessica Wang Joyce Wen Alexandra Wong Richard Woo
Rachel Winsho Wu Linda Yang Pan Yang Austen Kong-Wen Yueh Jennifer Zhang
40 Inspiring musical achievement40 Inspiring musical achievement
Australia Benjamin Tze Hern Chia Sabina Im Yuen Yung Nicola Lee Yun Hang Lee Gregory Hamilton Smith
China Julia Yujie Deng Luo Danlu Yoanita Maria Kartadihardja Yuwei Song Wang Wei
France Nicolas Piquet Emily Spagnol
Hong Kong Au Yeung Chai Cathay Chan Man Yuet Chan Ming Chak Chan Shi Kai Jeffrey Tak May Chan Chang Wen Yi Audrey Chau Kei Lok Cheng Tze Yan Chu Pui San Charlotte Chui Yan Ting Ching Yin Ho Ho Dick Ka Ho Yin Fong Hung Po Lai Ka Man Carmen Koo Lai Yuen Lam Yuen Hang Lau Michael Bowen Law Yu Hin Law Leung Ho Ming Leung Yim Kau Leung Yuen Mei Amy Man Yuk Andrew Lim Mok Chung Yiu Sin Suet Ning So Tsz On Lok Yan Charlotte Tang Tso Ka Yee Tso Wing Sum Cheuk Chi Wong Wong Pak Chiu Wong Sze Nga Crystal Wing Yin Wong Yuet Wong Ching Laam Yeung
Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music
Sze Hang Yim Yu Chiu Yim
Iceland Halla Marinósdóttir
Indonesia Andreas Librawan Harsono Anthony Hartono Andre Nathaniel Grace Wibowo Yuyun Yuniastuti
Ireland Elspeth Hayes Damian C G McCormack
Italy Andrea Scaffardi
Jordan Mounir William Ennenbach
Luxembourg Roger Kelly
Macau Wan Huixin
Malaysia Jacqueline Tiong Liq Lin Low Chyh Shen Andrew Wen Hao Ng Ng Siew Shan Jackie Tang Tung Jack Alice Mun Sien Wong Wong Poh Lee
Malta Josef Grech Jose Vicente Perez Perez Connie Frances Zerafa
Mauritius Christel Elodie Darion Mike Hansley Felicite
New Zealand Timothy Carpenter Joseph Chih-Chien Chen Leo Jong Ha Shin
Oman Vusala Amirbayova Matanat Azmanli
Singapore Chong Berwyn Joel Chua Shi Ying Chua Zhe Xuan Giam Yue Ling Hong Siyu Koh Kai Jie Lieu Kah Yen Loh Wei Ken Deanna Lye Shuyan Sarah Ng Hwee Peng Ong Shu En Nicole Qiu Yonghui Joan Quah Mei Yin Sit Kwan Yee Queenie Crystal Soh Li Ping Tan Hwee Min Michelle Tan Jing Yi Joshua Tan Mei Yang Tan Si Pei Meri Tan Wei Yan Seth Tan Xun Yu Teo Wei Ting Clarisse Elysia Widjaja Lynette Yeo Yan Teng
South Africa Sarah Elizabeth Acres Jorn Friedland Erika Jacobs Chanie Jonker Bongile Lecoge-Zulu Jerome Quentin Mecloen Luke Newby
Spain Juan Bautista Bernat Alcaide Sandra Castelltort Jorge Arturo Castillo García Julio Corella Montaner Pablo Fernández Rojas Rui Fernando Fonseca E Costa Ángel González Martínez
Manuel Alejandro González Cruz Manuel Granado Rodriguez Pedro Hernández Garriga José Lodeiro Gesto Jose Martínez Colomina Maria Del Carmen Mas Arocas Rafael Mayayo Giménez Miguel Moreno Guna Roberto París Martínez Luis Miguel Perez Garcia Felix Ruiz González Silvia Sampere William René Vergara Saula Ernesto Rodríguez- Monsalve Álvarez
Taiwan Chang Shen-Yi
The Philippines Yu Jovelyn Que
United Arab Emirates Andriy Khomyakevych
United Kingdom Julie Aherne Alexander Aitken Richard William Allum Jack Anscomb Andrew Blight Adam Boeker Emily Braverman Adrian James Breen Hamish Brown Jade Bultitude Richard Burton Catherine Butler Timothy Carter Stefan Catto Neil Chapman Christina Clunies-Ross Julian Cook Benjamin Cork Thomas Crane Anthony Davison James Donaldson Julie Elliott Jonathan Ellse Laura Erel Alastair Finlay Ayane Fujiwara
Sarah Kate Gardner Alexander James Garrett David William Gaunt Estelle Gouws Ariel Gragnani Samuel Hairsine Anthony Hardwicke Claire Elizabeth Hennie Christopher Hoggarth Laura Hudson Benjamin Hulme Benedict Kearns Stephen Laidlaw Clarence Lam Jack Cameron Ian Lapthorn Claire Lawrence Daniel Lewis Matthew E Lockwood Shu Han Loh Edward Longstaff Jamie MacRae Kenon Man Sarah Marinescu Antony Matthews Ruth Minton Simon Leslie Nevitt Emily Padfield Julie Parker Rebecca Parnell Nigel Penfold Meg Perry-Duxbury Fingal Plumpton Richard Sandham Paula Shoobridge Robert Smith Andrew Tait Rachel Helen Taverner Douglas Mackenzie Thornton Frances Thornton Kristoffer Ching Him To Francesca Vella Robert Peter Webb Kei Tao Katie Wong Christopher Xuereb Chi Yuen Yip Christine Zhou
United States of America Peter Crookes Michelle Li
41The Annual Review 2012 41The Annual Review 2012
Australia Chan Hok Chun Sabina Im Justin Kenealy Eric Hui Hoon Law
France Helen Ella
Hong Kong Yin Ming Cho Poon Oi Yan Sit Tsz Ho
Macau Júlio Miguel Dos Anjos
Oman Ammar Bin Ali Al Awaisi Jokha Said Al-Naabi
South Africa Maxine Jessica Matthews
United Kingdom Charis Yer Yan Cheung Robert Guy Richard Harvey Matthew Koumis Kyran Matthews Colleen Muriel Ross Newton Mary Noden Jonathan Pether Annien Van Der Linde Blanc Chun Pong Wan
Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music
42 Inspiring musical achievement42 Inspiring musical achievement
The following students were awarded scholarships for courses of study beginning in 2012.
Royal Academy of Music Junior Miyu Kudo (UK), Piano Undergraduate Ruan Baartman (South Africa), Double Bass Cristian-Ioan Sandrin (Romania), Piano Joshua Wilson (UK), Bassoon Postgraduate Srdan Bulat (Croatia), Guitar Christina Gansch (Austria), Voice Nicholas Scott (UK), Voice
Royal College of Music Junior Darryl Noel-Davila (UK), Clarinet Undergraduate Yen-Ho Anny Chen (Taiwan), Violin Pedro Merchan (Spain) , Bassoon Elizabeth Tocknell (UK), French Horn Postgraduate Aleksander Dermanovic (Slovenia), Piano Anna Federova (Ukraine), Piano Dinara Klinton (Russia), Piano Cecilia Sultana de Maria (UK), Harp
Scholarships and bursaries
Royal Northern College of Music Junior Marcus Reynolds (UK), Piano Undergraduate Brendan Garde (Ireland), Violin Tyler Hay (UK), Piano Adele Xiang (Australia), Cello Postgraduate Chase Hopkins (USA), Voice Eda Seppar (Estonia), Repetiteur Katie Williams (UK), Flute
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Fiona Sweeney (UK), Flute Undergraduate Olivia Harrison (UK), Bassoon Ciprian Serban (Romania), Voice Xizi Zhang (China), Piano Postgraduate Dominic Barberi (UK) , Voice Luperci Henrique de Souza (Brazil), Voice George Talmaciu (Romania), Oboe
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Junior Luke Millard (UK), Cello Postgraduate Chubing Wang (China), Harpsichord
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Undergraduate Andy Chung Hok-chun (Hong Kong), Piano
Macklin Bursaries The following outstanding ABRSM scholars were awarded bursaries to assist with further studies or the launch of professional careers. Royal Academy of Music Chiyan Wong, Piano Royal College of Music Agata Darashkaite, Violin Royal Northern College of Music Mengjiao Zhang, Double Bass Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Eva Demeter, Piano
43The Annual Review 2012 43The Annual Review 2012
The following candidates from the UK and Ireland received awards for exceptional results in a practical exam at Grade 6, 7 or 8 during 2012.
Gold Awards Aditya Chander, Grade 8 Viola Elliot Corner, Grade 8 Viola Isabel Hall, Grade 8 Bassoon Jessica Mitchell, Grade 8 Alto Saxophone Jens Singleton, Grade 8 Violin Raddon Stephenson, Grade 7 Piano Sawa Ward, Grade 8 Piano Robert Wheatley, Grade 8 Piano
Silver Awards Samuel Bartram, Grade 8 Violin Sarah Bence, Grade 8 Oboe James Carrabino, Grade 7 Violin Eleonore Cockerham, Grade 7 Singing Richard Cooper, Grade 8 Tenor Saxophone Jennifer Espin, Grade 7 Violin Isabel Hall, Grade 8 Piano Caroline Halls, Grade 8 Singing Thomas Harrison, Grade 8 Singing Toby Hession, Grade 8 Piano Laura Hocking, Grade 8 Singing Antonia Howard, Grade 8 Singing Claire Lilla, Grade 8 Singing Edward Reeve, Grade 8 Organ Joe Smith, Grade 8 Alto Saxophone Ashley Thorpe, Grade 6 Piano Sawa Ward, Grade 7 Piano
Gold and Silver Awards New CT ABRSM holders
The following teachers were awarded the CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching) in 2012.
Hong Kong Chan Tsz Yan Chan Wun Ming Chang Amy Cheng Kwan Kit Cheng Sau Wan Cheung Yee Mei (Emily) Choi Olivia Sze Man Fung Kwok Yee Connie Ko Sin Ying Lam An Ning Lee Wai Yin Angel Liu Pui Sze Lo Siu Kee Mak Kar Kei Poon Wing Yan Suki Shiu Ka Yan Shum Ka Yan Joan Siu Hiu Tung Tang Hiu Sze Wendy Tong Tsui Sheung Tsun, Rebecca Tsui Shuk Ying Wong Lok Yan Wong Shek May Chu Maggie Yow Wing Sze Bessie
Singapore Khai Tzee Chan Che Yi Xuan Choo Ling Ye Emily May Lin Choo Elizabeth Ee Fung Wai Man Goh Teck Koon Hilary Alison Margaret Harvey Ho Chee Lee Yeny Lynette Lim Ching Lo Jia’en Carolyn Li Xia Jamie Ng Tze Jiun, Felicia Ong Winda Priskila Saranya Saratham
Seah Shi En Genevieve Tan Boon Teng Tan Chee Hui Silvia Tosabella Shumin Wong Yap Brigette Yeow Wan Wei
UK: London Sofia-Irena Asbjornsen Helen L Cope Claire F Dwyer Timothy R Fairweather Daniel Friend Elizabeth A Giannopoulos Samantha Gill Susan D Honnor Susan E Libera Sheenah Lintott Rachel Maloy Fiona Norden Alessandro Paolillo David Parry Lizzie Peacock Theodora Stamoulaki Mark Tomlinson Gheorghe Dorin Tuca Ruth Wacholder
UK: Manchester Rosemary A Andrews James Barnett Leanne Cody Joe Dykes Joanna Jeffels Kristin Lien Keith Morgan Jemima Holly Palfreyman David Robert Poole-Bailey Alyson Schofield Katherine Southby Rachael Storr Julie Turner Elizabeth Wallbank Blanc Chun Pong Wan Julia Williams Emma J Yates-Butler
44 Inspiring musical achievement44 Inspiring musical achievement
UK and Ireland prize winners
Ashburton The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 7 Piano Raddon Stephenson
Birmingham The Ivan Cousins Memorial Prize Grade 6 Piano Enoch Cheung The David Riley Memorial Prize for Guitar Grade 8 Guitar Oscar Denihan The Beryl Chempin Prize Grade 7 Piano Jedidiah Cheung Blackburn The Marie Earle Prize for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano Chloe Haylock
The Frances E Walker Memorial Prize for Instrumental Music Grade 7 Viola Anya Charlotte Shore Eyres
Blackheath The Philippa Nankivell- Aylett Memorial Prize for Pianoforte Grade 4 Piano Annoa Abekah-Mensah
Bournemouth The Edie Marr Prize Grade 6 Piano Alexander Cox
Bradford The Irene Martin Prize for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Alex Thewlis McKenzie
Brighton The Amina Lucchesi Memorial Prize for Violin or Viola Grade 8 Violin Jennifer Hreben
Bristol The Sylvia J Frost Memorial Prize Grade 6 Piano Sarah Bence Grade 7 Piano Frannie Millar
Cambridge The Vivienne Scott Memorial Prize for Pianoforte Grade 4 Piano Stephen Moore
Cardiff Central The Dorothy Grace Atkinson Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano Dafydd Chapman Grade 7 Piano Dafydd Chapman Rhodri Jones Katherine Shi
Henry, Edith and Constance Haddon Memorial Prize Grade 7 Piano Dafydd Chapman
The Mr Jeffreys and Mrs Christina Jeffreys Memorial Prize for Wales Grade 7 Piano Rhodri Jones
Cardiff North The Dorothy Grace Atkinson Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Morven Graham Ethan Mark Pathuri Harris Annabelle Oliver
Colwyn Bay The Mr Jeffreys and Mrs Christina Jeffreys Memorial Prize for Wales Grade 8 Piano Jonathan Roberts
Crewe The William Henry Wilcox Memorial Prize Grade 7 Piano Jamie Thompson
Croydon The Marjorie Baldwin Bequest Grade 5 Piano Lydia Akaje-Macauley Grade 6 Piano Amiri Harewood Grade 7 Piano Colm Molloy Grade 8 Piano Joshua Madine
Dereham The Frances M L Willden and Margaret D Willden Prize Grade 8 Violin Tiffany Rose Rivett
Dublin Philip F Walsh Memorial Prizes for Ireland Grade 7 Violin William Ormiston Doyle Grade 8 Violin Colma Ní Bhriain
Dundee Nora C Leggatt Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano Jamie Mather Grade 7 Piano Jae Jang
Dunfermline The Alice Calder Memorial Prize Grade 7 Piano Hannah C Fleming Grade 8 Piano Carlo Ladd
Durham The Margaret Harle Memorial Prize for Woodwind Grade 6 Flute Ben Clowes
Edgware Marguerite Swan Memorial Prizes for Violoncello Grade 8 Cello Aoushka Sharp
These prizes recognise high achievement in practical graded music exams taken in the UK and Ireland. They are made possible by generous donations from a range of organisations and individuals. Congratulations to the following candidates who were awarded prizes for exams taken in 2012.
45The Annual Review 2012 45The Annual Review 2012
Edinburgh The Elizabeth J Ehrlich Prize for Singing Grade 8 Singing Claire Parker
Finchley The Dorothy Fryer Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 5 Piano Sebastian Lee Alex Man Ai Niimura Grade 8 Piano Tian Qi Ling
Glasgow The Lindsay Lamb Memorial Bursary Grade 8 Piano Yasemin Zaremba The Nivena Macduff Prize for Pianoforte Grade 2 Piano Hannah G Mackenzie
Gloucester The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano Laurence John
Grimsby The Alma Machin Prize Grade 4 Piano Jacob Thinnesen-Sanders Paul Turrell
Harrogate Lloyd Hartley Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte in Harrogate Grade 6 Piano Lucy Ireland Grade 7 Piano Imogen Mary Morgan Grade 8 Piano Andrew Maxwell
The Audrey Pass Memorial Prize for Singing Grade 5 Singing Marie Handa Williams
The Audrey Pass Memorial Prize Grade 5 Piano Hugo Benjamin Holland
Haverhill Ann Barbanell Prize Grade 8 Piano Alexander Wilson
Huddersfield The David Cawthra Memorial Prize Grade 4 Piano Rebecca Stubbs
The Bessie Brearley Prize Grade 8 Piano Nina Jarman
The Elsie Roberts Prize for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Nina Jarman
Huddersfield District Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 5 Piano Luke McNeill Kate Victoria Ruttle
Isle of Man Alan Pickard Prizes for the Isle of Man Grade 1 Piano Jack Alan Morton Grade 6 Singing Katarina May Holmes
Kendal The Peter & Elizabeth McEwan Memorial Prize Grade 3 Piano Alex Morgan
King’s Lynn Saxton Noble Memorial Prizes Grade 6 Piano Ashley Thorpe
The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano Ashley Thorpe
Lancaster Patricia Willis Prize for Piano Grade 8 Piano Marion Bettsworth
Lloyd Hartley Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte in Lancaster Grade 8 Piano Iona Branford
The Vinnie Willis Memorial Prize for Violin Grade 7 Violin Iona Branford
William Simpson Rickaby Memorial Prize Grade 7 Violin Shuhui Ren
Leeds Lloyd Hartley Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte in Leeds Grade 6 Piano Jake Jones Grade 7 Piano Christopher Nehaul Grade 8 Piano Jasmine Simons
Liverpool Miss Margaret Wethered Prizes Grade 4 Singing Sophie Clarke Grade 6 Violin Jordan Garbutt
The May Frizzel Memorial Prize Grade 8 Cello Eliza Carew
London Central The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 7 Piano Ivo MacDonald Grade 8 Piano Sawa Ward
Manchester The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Toby Hession Robert Wheatley The Besso Memorial Prize for Pianoforte Grade 5 Piano Alexander Jackson
Melton Mowbray Marguerite Swan Memorial Prizes for Violoncello Grade 6 Cello Emma Farmer
Middlesbrough The Derek Henderson Memorial Prize Grade 6 Flute Hannah Beth Peverell
Milton Keynes Philip F Walsh Memorial Prizes for Clarinet Grade 8 Clarinet Liam Forster
Monmouth The Gwent Foundation Award Grade 7 Organ Jordan Yuet Ming Wong Grade 8 Trumpet Sam Pierce
Muswell Hill The Dorothy Fryer Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Eliza King Lassman Jonathan Lack
Newcastle upon Tyne The Sir William Bigge Memorial Prize Grade 6 Clarinet Adam Carter
Northampton Philip F Walsh Memorial Prizes for Clarinet Grade 7 Clarinet Chloe Percy-Smith
Norwich The Frances M L Willden and Margaret D Willden Prize Grade 8 Violin Rosie Baines The Evelyn Rose Phillips Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Alexander Little
Nottingham The Nellie Greenhill Memorial Prize Grade 5 Piano Isobel Thompson Grade 6 Piano Duncan Gallagher Grade 7 Piano Roy Cunnington Grade 8 Piano Jeneba Kanneh-Mason
The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 8 Piano Jeneba Kanneh-Mason Konya Kanneh-Mason
Oxford Marguerite Swan Memorial Prizes for Violoncello Grade 8 Cello Ruth Friedlander
The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 6 Piano James Edmiston
Paisley Marguerite Swan Memorial Prizes for Violoncello Grade 7 Cello Verity MacInnes
Peterborough The Maxima Mercer Memorial Prize Grade 6 Piano Ansel Swindells
46 Inspiring musical achievement46 Inspiring musical achievement
Plymouth Mrs Hamilton Akaster Prize for Strings Grade 5 Violin Claudia Bredemeyer
Preston The Florence Purdy Memorial Prize Grade 7 Violin Grant Lindsay
The Horatio Waywell Memorial Prize Grade 8 Alto Saxophone Sean O’Sullivan
Sheffield The Winifred Liversidge Prizes Grade 8 Piano Jeremy Wilkinson
Sheringham and Cromer The Evelyn Rose Phillips Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 7 Piano Andrew Kenney
Saxton Noble Memorial Prizes Grade 7 Clarinet Kiesha Rice
Shrewsbury The Sheila C Freeman Cello Prize Grade 8 Cello Jack Jones
St Albans Miss Edith Oulton De Pauley Prize Grade 7 Singing Emily Almond
St Andrews The Alice Calder Memorial Prize Grade 6 Piano Lily Hua
Stockton-on-Tees The Frank Tiesing Memorial Prize Grade 5 Cello Amy Sotnick
Sunderland The Arthur Dickeson Memorial Prize Grade 5 Piano Andrew Walker
The Amy Mills Robertson Prize Grade 6 Piano Alice Lauren Buhaenko
Sutton Carshalton Music Prize Grade 8 Piano Frankie Gritton
Swansea The Ism South Wales Centre Prize Grade 8 Singing Osian Hedd Dafydd
The Don Preece Memorial Prize Grade 8 Violin Tom Congdon
Taunton The Vicars Close Prizes for Pianoforte and Violin Grade 6 Piano Emilia Grace Allwright Grade 7 Violin Amy Shaw Daniel Seow
Thanet The Thanet Prize for Pianoforte Grade 7 Piano Oliver Vince
The Leslie Wheeler Prize Grade 6 Piano Natasha Lanceley
Tunbridge Wells Marguerite Swan Memorial Prizes for Violoncello Grade 1 Cello Andrea Hutson Grade 8 Cello Selina Buser
The Sheila Mossman Memorial Prizes for Pianoforte Grade 7 Piano Teresa Jiang
Watford The Laura Marco Prize Grade 8 Flute Matthew Higham
Wells The Vicars Close Prizes for Pianoforte and Violin Grade 6 Piano Elise Coward Grade 7 Piano Elizabeth Bevan Grade 8 Piano Annabel Green Grade 8 Violin Samuel Bartram
Wolverhampton The Ralph Bassett Prizes for Wolverhampton Grade 5 Cello Antonio D’Souza Grade 8 Violin Yuna Lee Grade 8 Double Bass Patrick Phillip
The Fred Southall Prize Grade 5 Piano Chloe Godfrey
The Beryl Chempin Prize Grade 8 Piano Claudia Grinnell
Worthing The Mimi Scharrer Memorial Prize for Voice Grade 8 Singing Matilda Dichmont
Yeovil The Vicars Close Prizes for Pianoforte and Violin Grade 6 Piano Oshi Corbett Grade 8 Violin Sofia Tavener
48 Inspiring musical achievement48 Inspiring musical achievement
Sir John Burgh, 1925-2013 It was with great regret that we learnt of the death of Sir John Burgh who was Chairman of ABRSM between 1987 and 1994.
Sir John was a child refugee from Nazism who, following work in a wartime aircraft factory, joined the civil service and was eventually appointed as Director-General of the British Council. He went on to be President of Trinity College, Oxford.
Sir John’s great passion was for music. He played the piano and served as Secretary to the opera committee of the Royal Opera House and as Vice-Chairman of the Yehudi Menuhin School. Sir John was a huge supporter of ABRSM and made a lasting contribution to the organisation. He will be remembered by all who worked with him.
ObituaryThank you
The following ABRSM representatives and contacts retired or resigned in 2012, and we thank them for their dedicated service.
International epresentatives and contacts Marie Clarke, Jamaica Elizabeth Druitt, Vietnam Margaret Mackenzie, Qatar John Masson, Australia Jerome McBarnette MBE, Grenada Gregory Smith, Australia Capt Rod Taylor, Bahrain Lirica Yamase, Norway Simon Yiga, Uganda
HLRs (UK and Ireland) Christine Bishop, Chesterfield Jeff Blewitt, Scunthorpe Victoria Cran, Harrow Pamela Dunkley, Sidmouth Peter Dunkley, Northampton Ann Fleet, St Austell Sybil Greed, Lincoln Anne Holmes, Grimsby Nigel Guzek, Bristol Richard Leach, Worksop Sheila Mansfield, Woking Sheila Middleton, Nottingham (Bramcote) Angela Moffat, Burton-on-Trent Geoffrey & Brenda Rainbow, Stoke-on-Trent Elizabeth Sampson, Melton Mowbray Pauline Sparrow, Bath Sylvia Stables, Chippenham Marjorie Utting, Sutton Anne Ward, Sunderland
We also sadly note the death in 2012 of Sheila Colchester, who was our HLR for Epsom.
49The Annual Review 2012 49The Annual Review 2012
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