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  • 1. lean . enterprise . middleware Enterprise Use CasesSelecting an Enterprise Service Bus Chris Haddad Technology evangelism, strategy, and roadmaps Follow me @cobiacomm on Twitter Read more about our ESB Story at http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/tag/esb/ WSO2 2011. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.
  • 2. Wide area, multi-spectrum perspective Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI (for details, see Image Use Policy).
  • 3. Enterprise Use Cases: StarDate 2012 AD
  • 4. Selecting an Enterprise Service Bus Monitoring Requirements and Analysis Production Enterprise Use Cases Middleware Adoption Process Evaluation Development Framework Vendor Proof of Concept Comparison
  • 5. Selecting an Enterprise Service BusService Oriented Architecture Focus Areas1. Interoperability2. Resource location virtualization3. Separation of concern4. Abstraction5. Loose coupling6. Declarative policies and platform independent models
  • 6. ESB Evaluation FrameworkEvaluation Framework Features Common features Routing Protocol bridging Message transformation Service agent hosting Advanced features Resource adapters Composition Orchestration Reliable message delivery Event processing Transactional integrity Message Exchange Pattern (MEP) mediation Dynamic location and binding, load balancing Message validation Capability mediation Security mediation (federation) Tooling
  • 7. ESB Evaluation Framework Mind Maphttp://wso2.org/library/webinars/2012/08/wso2-advantage-webinar-esb-evaluation-framework
  • 8. Selecting an Enterprise Service Bus Use Cases Understand process to implement common use cases Endpoint connectivity Message validation Message transformation Content routing Exception handling Security Demonstrate Ease of Development Provides Graphical ESB Development Workbench Cloud Integration platform offering (iPaaS) Cloud connectors and legacy adapters Evaluate composable architecture and enterprise fit Cross-component use cases Facilitates SOA Governance practices Security and Identity Management Validate performance
  • 9. Understand Process to Implement Common Use Cases
  • 10. Understand process to implement common Use Cases WSO2 Mediators Sequence: invoke a named set of sequences Send /Event : send a message or event Callout: external blocking service invocation Filter: Filter a message with a given Xpath In/Out: predefined filter sequence Switch: conditionally execute mediators based on regex match XSLT / Smooks/ Xquery: message transformation Enrich: run specific actions DBLookup: augment message contents Route: content routing Clone / Iterate / Aggregate: message copy, splitting, and aggregation Cache: reduce back-end request load Validate: validate message content Rewrite: re-write URL Header: set header values Throttle: limit endpoint usage Log: Log a message DBReport: write to database Fault: post exception Drop: stop processing Enqueue / transaction: message queuing and transactions Entitlement: apply XACML policy OAuth: support OAuth authorization
  • 11. Demonstrate Ease of DevelopmentWSO2 ESB Provides Graphical Development Workbench http://wso2.com/products/developer-studio/
  • 12. Evaluate composable architecture and enterprise fithttp://wso2.org/library/webinars/2012/09/wso2-carbon-wso2-stratos-summer-release-roundup
  • 13. Validate Performance Axiom 15.00 13.00 11.00 BinaryLatency (ms) 9.00 Relay 7.00 5.00 3.00 Passthru 1.00 -1.00 10 25 50 100 250 500 Concurrent clients
  • 14. Vendor ComparisonRequest for Proposal Sections Requirements Features Interoperable Specifications Use Cases Performance and Quality of Service Vendor Profile [Finances, community, professional services]
  • 15. Selecting an Enterprise Service BusCommon Enterprise Integration Proof of Concept1. Expose and consume services 1. Ease of deployment 2. Interoperable protocols2. Connect to legacy back-end systems 1. Message transformation 2. Protocol mediation3. Secure message traffic 1. Authenticate, authorize, and audit 2. Enforce security policies4. Performance and scale to meet expected load and latency requirements 1. Benchmark latency and throughput 2. Integrate into standard management consoles
  • 16. Selecting an Enterprise Service BusSOA Governance use cases Service Lifecycle management Create, deploy, version, deprecate, retire Service versioning Approval process Versioning scheme and tracking Promotion Checklists Environment deployment Run-time management Enforce security policies Comply with Service Level Agreements
  • 17. Enterprise Deployment Use Case
  • 18. ESB Comparison CategoriesPerformance Load Balancing and Failover built-in Pluggable models can include affinity based LB Full REST Support (XML and JSON) Especially used in Mobile environments Can bridge into SOAP or other enterprise systems Message Relay Mode and Relay Transport Excellent performance for 100% streaming Priority Execution, Cache and Throttling Manage workloads within the ESB as well as throttle backend Cache content locally if appropriate Service Chaining Asynchronous lightweight orchestrationSecurity and Identity Management Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) based on interoperable security model (XACML) Integration with Identity providers Flexible OAuth authorization model
  • 19. Real world case study - Memory Usage at eBayhttp://wso2.org/library/webinars/2012/06/wso2-ebay-case-study-ebay-uses-open-source-wso2-esb-process-over-1-billion-transactions-day WSO2 2011
  • 20. Choose the right architecture component ESB Shared services Centralized mediation, logging, and routing Integration framework Traditionally a library facilitating endpoint connectivity embedded within application Re-cast as lightweight proxy (similar to WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer, WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway, and WSO2 API Gateway) Message Broker Message store and forward component with reliable, guaranteed delivery Data Services Transform data into RESTful entity services API Gateway Efficient consumer on-boarding Security and QoS management at the edge Endpoint promotion, discovery, and documentation Governance Registry Manage service lifecycle Enable late-binding on endpoint location and policy definitions
  • 21. ResourcesProduct Page http://wso2.com/products/enterprise-service-bus/Webinars ESB Evaluation Framework How eBay Uses the Open Source WSO2 ESB to Process Over 1 Billion Transactions Per Day 2012 Summer Release EnhancementsCase Studies eBay uses 100% open source WSO2 ESB to process more than 1 billion transactions per day WSO2 Middleware Ensures Alfa-Bank a Promising Future in SOABlog http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/tag/esb/
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