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  • ATENEO PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS LIBRARYRockwell Drive, Rockwell Center Makati Cityhttp://apslibrary.ateneo.edu

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  • Defi nitions

    Entrepreneurship is a term that has been used in di erent ways. One usage views entrepreneur-ship as concerned with the processes leading to new venture crea on, without regard to the type or poten al of the organiza ons created. Another view sees entrepreneurship as primarily concerned with developing innova ve ventures, whether these are independent or occur within already established organiza ons. Entrepreneur-ship inside organiza ons has some mes been termed corporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. Both usages emphasize the role of the entrepreneur as one who organizes a venture and bears some degree of risk in return for rewards.

    For many individuals, entrepreneur-ship has been the vehicle by which they pursue personal goals and achieve independence. In countries which have been moving from state-owned to private enterprise, entrepreneurship has been supported as a means to transform these economies. In regard to corporate entrepreneurship, managements of large organiza ons have recognized that one of their greatest challenges is to become more innova ve and more responsive to changes in markets and technology.

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    Small business ManagementNew business enterprise

    A. BOOKS (Located at the General Collection Shelves near the Circulation Section)

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